Abel Thirteen

Abel Thirteen

by Lin



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Date of Birth

30 May 2013



Name origin



"able eye-kah"



de le Poer
di Pasqua

Birth place

Rome, Italy


Wolf hybrid

50% Canis lupus (Wolf)
40% Canis latrans (Coyote)
10% Canis familiaris (Dog)




Pack Loners

Abel Thirteen is the son of Judas Poer de Aika XIII and Sofia di Pasqua, born in Rome but raised primarily at sea with his younger siblings Gethsemane Aika and Cain Aika. He is presently traveling northeastern Canada with his siblings.


Tentative design.


  • Optime Hair: Cod Gray (#171516), with highlights
  • Eyes: Teak (#b8a06a)
  • Pelt: Thunder(#33292b)
    • Cod Gray (#171516) marks his face, throat, chest, legs and tailtip.
    • Dorado (#5e514f) ticks in his saddle.
    • Cedar (#381b11) ticks in his saddle and eartips.

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?? lbs
(?? kg)

?? in
(?? cm)


?? lbs
(?? kg)

?? in
(?? cm)


?? lbs
(?? kg)

?ft ?in
(?? cm)

Species: Abel resembles an even mixture of wolf and coyote. Will prefer optime form.
Build: Very tall, but thin. Not built to fight, but to outwit if necessary.
Clothing: Modest, laid-back clothing. No armor, light weapon or two.
Facial Features: A darker face, with rusty golden eyes.
Fur: Thin, coyote-like.
Colors: Darker browns and blacks with silver and auburn highlights.


Abel is an introvert. He is calm, patient, even-tempered and seeks to set out a good example for his wily sister and lazy brother. The Thirteen is dutiful, hard-working, and eager to prove himself as an individual. He is not particularly strong and is best apt for easier analytical work, such as bookkeeping, archiving, monitoring storage, mediation, and organizing trades. He uses big words, loves to read and write, and enjoys teaching others however he is able. He prefers quiet to noise, is overwhelmed easily by talkative people, and has a big heart.

Like his father, Abel is extremely intelligent and a quick read of character and situation, but is ultimately insecure and tends to keep his thoughts quiet as he is mindful to offend others. He does not like to draw attention to himself and seeks to make deep and long-lasting friendships over acquaintances. Abel has a strong sense of justice and will stand up for it, though he is not the most suited in frame to fight.

Abel has adopted monotheistic Christianity from his mother, grandfather, and a number of ship sailors and is extremely devout. He has committed to chastity until he has found "the one," and avoids all substances outside the occasional sip of wine. Despite his spiritual devotion, he tends to bend under pressure, and can be forced into a lot of things only to suffer very heavy guilt later.

As the eldest of the three siblings, Abel wants to provide and protect his younger sister and brother but despite his efforts, they tend to run amok no less. Abel cannot follow the logic of Gethsemane whatsoever, though he has more faith in her than in Cain, with whom he very often gets into heated arguments.

Abel does not believe the father they never met loves them, else he would have been present in their lives. Abel has little interest in meeting him and seeks to maintain the familial relationships he does have.


Abel and his siblings were conceived under bizarre circumstances. Their father, Judas, accompanied a ship of Italian merchant sailors across Europe throughout the previous year, traveling with them between places like France, Greece, and Germany after they took him in out of pity on their trip home from the shores of Maine. Having sworn a pact to his brothers to return to Nova Scotia around summer of 2013, Judas found the ship would not be returning to relevant shores in time to fulfill his promise, and took action to ensure he would return on time.

Crafty and manipulative, Judas swayed the ship's captain in favor of western shores by charming his daughter, Sofia, an italian young woman that lived at sea like her father and Judas. Of similar age to the Aika, Sofia had grown and traveled with him over his year abroad and harbored deep affections easily stirred when the Aika very suddenly chose to reciprocate them. Their relationship was fast but hidden, the woman wholly devoted to a man who only pretended to be the same. Despite his indifference and asexuality, Judas took every measure necessary to influence Sofia to speak to the ship's captain on his behalf, and in time her father complied. They performed an extra exchange along their cross-continental trade route, where Judas swore a false but eternal devotion and a promise of reunion to Sofia before departing their company for Nova Scotia in time for the pact's fulfillment in mid-2013.

Naturally the Aika did not return, though Sofia never lost hope. Young but finding herself to be pregnant as result of their disingenuous tryst, she gave birth to Abel, Gethsemane, and Cain in May of 2013 while nearing port at Rome, and gifted them biblical names in honor of her spirituality and surnames out of misguided devotion to their father. The ship's devout captain (and several members of the crew) frowned upon the now-realized relationship, but raised the children as if one large family. The three were taught Italian before English, and raised happily, both at sea and in the di Pasqua family cottage on Italian mainland.

In 2013 their mother encouraged the three siblings to travel Nova Scotia, retrieve their father and return to her as a family, but...