Severus Poer de Angelo

Severus Poer de Angelo

Severus, by Lin
Date of BirthAugust 1, 2011
Age2 years
Subspecies85% Canis lupus lupus
15% Canis latrans
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAnathema

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Joining dateMay 23, 2011[1] - October 2011
RankKinshou Yokai

Severus Poer de Angelo is the son of Naniko D'Angelo and Barrett, born into Anathema the second of the three Witnesser brothers between littermates Octavius and Judas. Severus represents Hear No Evil and is a current loner.

He remained in Anathema well into his adolescence until he began to display symptoms of schizophrenia. It is believed that these voices and tendencies helped force him from Anathema packlands, as well as a one-year absence pact made with his brothers.

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1.  History

Severus was born into Anathema to Naniko D'Angelo, the pack's leader at the time, and Barrett Poer de Aika XIII on August 1, 2011. He was the middle child of three brothers, and like Octavius helplessly witnessed much of the abuse on his youngest brother, Judas, by their mother, who thought the runt possessed by a demon. Despite it, the three brothers formed a considerable partnership, watching each others' backs when possible. The brothers underwent the Anatheman coming-of-age ceremony called the Rast together, and Severus presented a hawk sacrifice, representing "swift and merciless skills".[2] Shortly thereafter, it came time to leave Anathema, the trio leaving as one group but to separate destinations. Unlike Judas, who sought worldly knowledge, and Octavius, who sought adventure and experience, Severus wished only for freedom and a land where he could create a new reputation for himself. Severus spent most of his one-year absence in and out of a number of throughout the country. He has not returned since.

2.  Personality

When possible, Severus tends to stick one of his siblings, as the three have formed a unique bond. As a child, with his brother Judas around constantly causing trouble, Severus learned to gain negative attention. As a pup he often put himself into dangerous situations or by acted out or causing some kind of trouble, showing a lack of self-control and trying to mimic his younger brother, but without Judas's high intellect to secure his actual safety. Quick to cry or whine, Severus strove for his mother's approval, only to be blatantly ignored; Naniko visibly favored and doted on Octavius, while she lashed out at Judas. As a result, Severus grew into an bitter but anxious adolescent, quiet in the presence of strangers and much too self-reprimanding of himself and aiming his abilities to impossible standards.

Deeply troubled and at odds with his own self-esteem, Severus is stoic and private most of the time and apt to mood swings between avarice and depression. He is not at all unfriendly, but choosy with his acquaintances, and slow to reveal himself or open up. He still struggles with schizophrenia, although to what degree would be the player's decision; what has been described here would be considered his "true" self. He is increasingly anxious due to the voices in his head, often depending on the severity, and at times persuaded by them into very uncharacteristic behavior. With the voices forcing him into action at times, Severus fills the niche between actor Octavius and thinker Judas, allowing him for an equal portion of each, and consequently allowing him the most balanced of the triplets. Though, with his self-esteem, it must just go to waste...

As a side note, Severus possesses perfect pitch and is extremely musically talented -- perhaps even moreso than his polymath brother Octavius -- but fails to acknowledge his own ability as it still falls below the standards he has set for himself.

3.  Appearance

As he has grown, Severus's pelt has settled into a medium gray coloration with a slightly darker mask over his face. His eyes are a bright silver color, standing out from his darker pelt. His other features will be determined by his player.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Octavius and Judas

The second of the Witnesser brothers, the triplets prioritize one another above all else. As the middle child, Severus idolizes both of his brothers: Octavius for his power and valor, and Judas for his intellect and cunning. While normally shy, Severus is able to come out of his shell around his brothers, and tends to be a follower for any quest of Octavius's or scheme of Judas's, regardless of the cause. Weak-willed and shy, Severus relies heavily on his brothers to get him through situations, and often resorts to how he thinks they would react when faced with an issue alone -- and usually replicates their reactions poorly.

4.2  Family