Caprica D'Angelo

Caprica D'Angelo

by Kitty

PlayerRed, Open Character
Date of BirthSeptember 22, 2009
Current packNone
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Joining dateJuly 14, 2011

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateSeptember 22, 2009

Caprica D'Angelo was conceived in Crimson Dreams and born in Phoenix Valley where she grew up alongside her siblings. Her mother, Naniko D'Angelo, gave birth shortly after leaving leadership in Crimson Dreams and moving to Phoenix Valley. Her father, Ehno Marino, remained behind.


Caprica was born to Naniko D'Angelo on September 22, 2009 alongside three siblings. She lived in Phoenix Valley with her mother and siblings and was taken into the care of Xeris when her mother left to search for Caprica's aunt Selene off-board. Caprica soon left to follow her mother, but couldn't find her. When the summer of her 2nd year arrived, she decided to travel east to the mountains to attempt another search for her family, taking advantage of the warmer weather.

She found her mother and many siblings in a pack to the North and settled into the Anatheman caves, quick to bind her blood and sense of self to their dark and glittering depths.


She is very down to earth and sassy. Caprica has always been very upbeat and outgoing. She is sometimes caught by fits of insecurity, mainly about her body size and the fact that she looks different from other wolves, but when in the presence of her family or pack she shines brightly.


  • Fishing, hunting, trapping and foraging for forest food - all lessons well learnt during months of solo survival.
  • Crafting items from hardwood, willow, hazel, rushes, stone, twine and more besides. She can weave, carve and is learning to knit and crochet.


  • Anxiety and loneliness can easily strike if there is no one around to reassure her.
  • Caprica endured a traumatic event in her early years and her memory is rather messed up as a result, which effect she hides at all costs.



See D'Angelo and Marino for more information.

Colored by Sammiie


Caprica is tall with a broad frame and a full, rounded figure which goes a little way to concealing her extremely powerful muscles. Her fur is the same deep black as her grandfather Roman D'Angelo's, and she shares his jade green eyes as well.

In Optime form, she wears her hair short in a sophisticated but unstudied sweep across her forehead.

She owns a variety of human based adornments. She is most often seen wearing scarves and drapings such as cloaks, and as an obsessive craftswoman is constantly making jewellery, headdresses and accessories.

Two things she is rarely seen without are her sling, a simple brown leather square hanging on two leather cords which she often disguises amongst other necklaces and pendants, and her gris-gris, a small brown bag, holding runes and other charms she believes to be lucky or wield occult power.

She can sometimes be seen astride her thoroughbred mare, Rohan, a gift from the generous Frodo Silvertongue of Anathema. Rohan is bay: her main coat a nut-brown with a black mane, tail and legs.

Caprica's den is located near the visitors quarters in Anathema, being a sociable character she likes to get to know guests and newcomers. It is a low-ceilinged and comfortable cave, reaching further back than first impressions would seem, and lit by candles: decorated with phosphorescence. The floor is carpeted with furs, and the ceiling and walls are softened with hanging drapes, scented with smoke from past-burnt bundles of sweet-smelling herbs.