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Hiya! I'm Sammiie and I've been around here off and on since 2010. My longest played character on Souls was an OC named Axelle Napier, who I played for an upwards of eight years!!

You won't find me around the Souls chat much because I find it too distracting, but you are welcome to DM me on Discord! I am very friendly and, while I'm real rusty at plotting, I don't mind bouncing around thread or plot ideas with you! Or we can just shoot the shit and chat! Your call <3

When I'm not roleplaying on Souls, I'm filling up my time with video games (Xbox One!) and coding. If you have coding questions, I can probably answer them >.> Wanna add me on Xbox? Ask me for my gamertag! Maybe we can game together sometime :)


Discord – Sammiie#5655

  • This is my preferred form of contact! I am always on Discord, so this is the fastest way to reach me as well!

PM – Sammiie

  • Best to contact about Souls-related things! Art delivery is best here :)

Wiki Links

Roleplay Information

Posting and Threads

  • Plotting: I love plots! Have an idea? Let me hear it!
  • Post Length: Post lengths vary with muse and content, but usually tend to be on the shorter side (300-400 words).
  • Reply Times: These... vary with motivation and muse, though I try not to make anyone wait any longer than 3 weeks for a reply.
  • Requesting Threads: I keep my active threads very limited so I don't get overwhelmed; if you come to me with a thread idea and I'm already full up on threads, I'll stick you on my personal "wait list" and contact you when I have a spot for a new thread open :)
  • Closing Threads: I'm never opposed to OOC (or assumed) endings, especially for old threads where the main objective has been met or at least discussed and agreed upon!
  • Reviving Threads: I prefer not to revive archived threads, unless it was a pivotal plot that was left unfinished. If our thread has been locked and archived, please ask me first before reviving it!
  • LASKY: I will only take canon LASKY threads, though these will take lowest priority and will likely move slowly!

Content and Habits

  • Mature Content: I will roleplay gore, violence, drugs, and other mature-themes. I generally prefer not to play out explicit sex scenes and prefer to fade-to-black, unless my rp partner is someone I know well :)
  • Powerplay: I'm generally okay with minor powerplay, especially to move a thread along or natural gestures/movements, but please understand that there's always a chance I may ask you to change something if I feel it doesn't work with my character. If you're unsure, you can always reach out for clarification!
  • Assumptions: If we have characters in the same pack, I'm OK with most passive assumptions (knowing names, brief greetings, knowing general rank information, rumors, etc.). Please check individual Wiki pages for each character for specifically approved assumptions. For anything else, just ask!
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  • A great writer, always eager to plot every time I've had a particular plot with and definitely good at playing the maniacal Izual. <3 ~ Anon
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