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Usually, I'm a laid-back with those who I adopt my characters out to, unless of course the character has specific traits or a specific purpose - or has been played a certain way before. I will only have a couple adoptables at a time - most of them being puppies, but family members are fun too! I'm a huge fan of letting potential adopters test-drive adoptables just to see how they would roleplay them, and if how the characters are played is what I'm looking for.

Please read over the adoption information below, as it explains what I expect from you as a potential adopter, and what you must do if your interested, curious, etc. Thanks :)

Contract Terms

  • Strict Contract These adoptables are generally either children, previously played, or plot-intensive. They usually have pre-planned personalities, histories, and relatives/friends that I'd like the adopter to really stick to. Ideal players for these characters would be, but are not limited to, someone who is active, writes well, and shows commitment. I will most likely request a test-drive roleplay with a potential adopter for these characters. They always come with guaranteed interaction.
  • Moderate Contract These characters may already have a personality, back story, and can be plot-intensive. They are generally open for development and adopters don't have to stick directly to the suggested points. These can be good characters to adopt if the adopter wishes to have some kind of back story to work off of, but doesn't want a strict contract to deal with.
  • Relaxed Contract These adoptables have open terms. They could either be ones that only have basic details given, made for the adopter to expand upon, or they can be adoptables that have been up for adoption for a while without luck. These characters are best for those who generally want to 'create their own', but want ties to a specific family and/or plot opportunities.

Current Adoptables

  • Meridia Lykoi (LN)
  • Female, hybrid, 6 years.
  • I am a relaxed contract adoptable!
  • Status: AVAILABLE
  • Ruin D'Angelo (LN)
  • Male, hybrid, 6 years.
  • I am a moderate contract adoptable!
  • Status: AVAILABLE
  • Talys Massacre (LN)
  • Female, hybrid, 2 years.
  • I am a relaxed contract adoptable!
  • Status: AVAILABLE

Adoption Information

Pre-Adoption Changes

For characters without development (e.g., they have not appeared at 'Souls yet):

You are free to discuss pre-adoption changes to their history, backstory, appearance, etc. I'm typically open to those kinds of changes. Whatever makes it easier for you or most fun to play them!

For characters with development (e.g., they've appeared at 'Souls already):

Changes are less likely possible, especially regarding their appearance, backstory, and personality. I prefer not to allow changes to these characters because they have active roleplay history, even if you're only looking to alter off-board history.

Post-Adoption Development

  • Generally, you do not need my permission to do things with an adoptable, unless certain things are specified. Develop your character how you want :)
  • Some stricter characters may have more stringent terms! Character development that just happens is understandable, but if its your goal from the get-go to take a character in a different direction than I envisioned, please let me know beforehand and we can discuss!
    • Ex. If you're applying for one of my darker characters, and you plan to take them in a more light-hearted direction from their general plan for whatever reason (which includes edits to their history to make them less dark, etc.), you should let me know when you apply.
  • I am not looking to control every little aspect of our characters' interactions. However, for some characters, I may have stricter requirements about what I want from them plot and thread-wise.



I work hard to make my adoptables appealing -- some of them come with art and table goodies, and I also try to put thought into their appearances and biographies. So, in cases where a player doesn't stick around very long, it is possible that I will find a new player for them. Generally, if you've adopted a character from me and you've dropped them or disappeared, don't be surprised if I find a new player for it D:

Specific Terms

I may choose to re-adopt the character if you have:

  • dropped them for a long period of time (6+ months since character was dropped)
  • dropped them without at least 6 months of active roleplay
  • dropped them with inadequate play (unfinished threads and plots, errors in interpreting pre-set character history or personality, etc.)
  • disappeared from or otherwise permanently departed 'Souls (2 years or more)
  • been permanently banned from 'Souls
  • broken a specific term of the adoption contract

Your Stuff

  • All baubles (art, titles, icons, etc.) originally given with the adoptable return with the character.
  • Gift art and gift graphics (signature, tables, etc.) are considered reclaimable with the adoptable. However, if you've become particularly attached to a table or something, let me know; we can work something out :)
  • Commissioned and bought art is considered your property. New players must request your permission to use the art customized to that particular character.
  • Titles and icons
    • ... earned via game points, contests, etc. are considered your property; however, you must request removal/transfer in a timely manner after dropping the adoptable or they become property of the new player.
    • ... purchased via the 'Souls store are considered your property and may be removed/transferred to your own character at any time.


I'd prefer you to contact me through either PM through the site, or Email. Please do not contact me via AIM regarding adoptables.

Please include:

  • Your preferred nickname:
  • Character:
  • Why the character interests you: A simple explanation consisting of 1 or 2 sentences will do!
  • A RP or other writing sample (e.g., from a previous game): Not necessary if you currently play at 'Souls.
  • Any plots or ideas you've gotten for the character: OPTIONAL!
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the contract terms on my adoption page as well as the individual contract terms for this character?:


I greatly appreciate adopters who are patient, strong and active roleplayers, etc. I may not adopt to players who:

  • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
  • Who constantly ask for adoptables, then fail to join with the adoptable.
  • Show severe streaks of inactivity, constant absenteeism, etc.
  • Are not going to join with the adoptable as soon as possible.
  • Have adopted from me before, only to have the situation go awry in some way.

Don't be intimidated -- it's just a warning! :) If you're interested, ask anyway -- the worst that will happen is getting rejected. I'm pickier about some characters than others - but asking can't hurt if you're interested :)

Past Adoptables

This is more for personal reference than anything!



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A great big thank you to Raze & Alaine for indirectly helping me throw this page together :D And to Sie, for the template!

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