Rio Marino

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Rio Marino is the daughter of Naniko D'Angelo and Ehno Marino. She was conceived in Crimson Dreams where her father remained, but was born and raised in Phoenix Valley and Anathema alongside her mother and siblings. She later returned to Cour des Miracles where she resided with her mate, Liam Catori, and her children Valencia Catori, Aithne Marino, Varis Marino, & Ramona Marino.

In January of 2014, Rio set sail with a small ship that she built with Tal's help. She intended only to sail around the country to get her mind off of things for a while, but the trip didn't go quite as planned. Because she left during the winter (a bad sailing season), she was eventually swept away from Nova Scotia's shores during a midnight storm and lost at sea. Eventually, she wound up in Spain where she made a new life for a short time. She met Etienne, a coyote who taught her many things. With Etienne, she also conceived Ruin D'Angelo.

Due to the scandalousness of the situation, Rio tells her family and friends that Ruin is her cousin who she took in from a neglectful situation in Spain. She sometimes references him as her adopted son, so the lie isn't completely deceitful.

At the beginning of 2020, Rio boarded a boat and headed back to Spain. It was her wish to live out her old age and die there; for it was Spain where her heart belonged.






  • Date of Birth: 22 Sept 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Chien Hotel
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Cour des Miracles (21 Sept 2015)
  • Rank: Chevalier



  • Adopt Aithne Marino for some mother/son conflict!
  • Adopt Ruin D'Angelo and decide whether he will accept Nova Scotia as his new home and learn new things, or reject it and wish he could go back to Spain!
  • Adopt Lucia Marino, Rio's long lost sister!

Cour des Miracles members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Rio or Ruin around the territory together or alone
  • Assume seeing Rio training, harvesting the garden, or making medicines

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Rio is a full-blooded Wolf, and this is evident by her smell as well as her facial features. She has large, fluffy foxy ears.
  • Fur: Soft, short, and velvety black fur. Her Italian Wolf heritage contributes to the length of her fur.
    • Optime Hair: Extremely long, falling in soft spirals down to the small of her back. Her bangs have grown out, thus making most of it the same length.
  • Facial Features: Rio has a slender, angular face, consisting of a thicker muzzle, prominent cheekbones, fox-like ears, and bright eyes.
  • Build and Size: Thin, void of curvature, but of above-average size.
    • Lupus: As mentioned above, Rio is thin, but fluffy in this form. She is also above average in size.
    • Optime: Relatively tall, but thin and void of curvature. Her best feature is her beautiful, angular face.
  • Humanization: High — Rio utilizes a lot of left over human technology, such as weapons, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and techniques such as medicine-making, literacy, use of horses, etc.


Coloration and Palette

  • Fur:
    • Mineshaft (#201D1C)
    • Accents: Burnt Umber (#8F3926) & Platinum (#E5E4E2) ticked throughout fur
  • Markings:
    • Each paw dipped in White (#FFFFFF)
  • Eyes: Periwinkle (#809BC6)
  • Optime Hair: Black (#000000)
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black (#000000)


General Colors
White (#FFFFFF)
Platinum (#E5E4E2)
Burnt Umber (#8F3926)
Mineshaft (#201D1C)
Black (#000000)
Eye Color
Periwinkle (#809BC6)

Image (c) Nat

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Chest, 3-inch slice from a dagger from Kára Lykoi.
    • Chest, stab wound from a dagger from Kára Lykoi.
    • Right cheek, 3 claw marks from Kára Lykoi.
    • Right forearm, 2-inch slice from a dagger from Kára Lykoi.
    • Left outer tricep, 2-inch slice from a dagger from Kára Lykoi.
    • Right thigh above the knee, slice from a dagger from Akira Youali.
    • Left side, small dagger slice over ribs, from Akira Youali.


  • Sword: Only used when engaging some serious battling (or training).



  • She wears a flowing, red maxi skirt, a white peasant shirt with a brown corset over her midsection, as seen in here.
  • Sometimes wears a white dress with a mesh midsection, as seen here
  • On special occasions, she will wear a flowing purple dress


75 lbs (31.8 kg)
35 in (88.9 cm)


Due to Rio's natural slenderness, her ribs sometimes show through her skin. However, she is not underweight; she just has a naturally thin frame. She only uses this form to hunt.

135 lbs (61.2 kg)
44 in (111.7 cm)


Rio is oddly proportioned in this form, and never uses it.

170 lbs (88.5 kg)
6ft 8in (72 in / 20.3 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

In Optime, Rio is tall, thin, and void of curvature. Her curly hair falls to the small of her back, but she sometimes ties it up to get it out of the way. She often wears clothing when in this form, see accessories for outfits!


  • Speech:
  • Sweet, feminine voice
  • Slight curl of a Spanish accent with some words
    • After speaking nothing but Spanish for a year, she finds it hard to sometimes separate it from English.
  • Scent: horses, flowers, herbs, old books, saltwater, grass
  • General Posture and Body Language:
    • Confident. Rio is confident in herself and her abilities. There isn't much that can get Rio down.
    • Busybody. Rio's always active doing something, whether it be training, exploring, socializing, scavenging, gathering herbs, making medicine, etc., she always tries to keep herself busy with something. She doesn't like sitting and waiting around.
    • Friendly/Social Butterfly. Rio is very friendly and genuine when she meets others. She rarely has ulterior motives when trying to get to know someone else, and generally keeps a positive outlook of those she meets. Rio will talk to anyone, no matter where they're from or what they look like!


2.  Personality

Assertive · Hard-working · Kind · Social · Respectful · Independent

On the outside, Rio is a respectful, kind Wolf. When meeting with others, whether they are friends or strangers, she is often courteous, kind, and generally curious about them. When socializing, Rio rarely has ulterior motives like fishing for information or collecting information for her pack. Instead, she prefers to learn as much as she can about a new acquaintence or friend. Due to her kind-hearted nature, Rio often appears nurturing or caring to others. If someone needs help, she'd be willing to lend a hand. If someone just needs an ear to talk, she'll provide one with confidentiality.

As mentioned, Rio does not have dark motives. She talks to others for the sole purpose of learning (to be less ignorant of the rest of the world) and gaining friends. However, if someone she's speaking to is uncomfortable with something she said or asked them about, Rio knows when to back off and give them space.

  • Rio does not like to gossip, and instead prefers conversations that share knowledge of either Nova Scotia, the outside world, or new cultures.

Even though she's somewhat of a social butterfly, Rio prefers to work or finish tasks on her own because she feels that they get done in the fastest, most eficient way. Because of this, Rio tends to be hard-working and determined when tackling work or tasks, and does not give up until finished.

Stubborn · Aloof · Reactive · Agressive · Arrogant

Being as stubborn as a mule, Rio fights tooth-and-nail for something she wants. It takes a lot to just move Rio, whether it be to persuade her on a specific topic or task. Rio tends to look at something from all angles, and if she's not comfortable with it or if something feels off, she won't do it or won't participate in it.

Rio is generally kind to all, but there are a few exceptions. First and foremost being her bastard son Aithne Marino, who she despises because of the way he was brought into the world. To Aithne and a few others, Rio can be very aloof and almost mean to them. When she gives the cold shoulder, the recipients get frost bite.

Rio's respectful, but her temper is like a firecracker that you don't want to set off. Rio can be verbally or physically aggressive, depending on the situation and her anger level, and will not usually back down from a fight.

2.1  Ideals


Ambitious, nice, polite, peaceful

  • Outlook: Optimisitc - tends to keep an open mind and positive toughts looking forward to something.
  • Sociability:
    • Extroverted: Rio speaks her mind and is usually outgoing with those she doesn't know.
    • Assertive: Rio knows her place in a hierachy, but is not always submissive. With a strong personality, sometimes Rio needs to speak her mind, and she has no problem doing so.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • You shall honor those who honor you.
    • You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.
    • You shall advance yourself without harming others.


  • Family/Friends
  • Goals
  • Bettering herself
  • Traveling
  • Knowledge


  • Failure
  • Rape
  • Death of a family member
  • Becoming lame
  • Hexes/Curses put on her


  • Anathema: Rio will always support Anathema, despite the changes in the pack and its new rule. It's the only thing that still exists that is a direct connection to the memories of her mother. In her eyes, Anathema can do no wrong.
  • Age: Rio respects her elders despite their uselessness, and thinks puppies are adorable.


Rio is strictly heterosexual (Kinsey 0). She's subtly flirtatious, but often easily falls into familiar promiscuous tendencies. If she has a mate, Rio is capable of being loyal to them and only them, but sometimes finds outside sources tempting.


  • Likes: horses, puppies, jewelry, prepared food, work, the sea, traveling, pirates
  • Dislikes: insects, laziness, Aithne Marino, injuries


Rio drinks alcohol occasionally.


Being in Spain for a while allowed Rio to see life as a Catholic; her Spanish lover, Etienne, was raised Catholic, and her son with him, Ruin D'Angelo, grew up familiar with Catholicism as well. The experience there, as well as the superstitious Coyotes she was surrounded by, dimmed her Voodoo beliefs somewhat, but she still believes and follows them. Since her return to Nova Scotia and Cour des Miracles, she has since picked back up with a few rituals here and there.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: D'Angelo, Marino

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Ruin D'Angelo is her son, born to her and a man in Spain. Rio babied him as a child, but as he grows older, she expects him to be more independent. She expects him to learn things on his own now that he's in a new place. Ruin's name possesses a double-meaning that only she knows about.

Positive Relations

  • Sabine Perrin du Lac taught Rio about Voodoo. While Rio considers the woman a friend, Sabine only tolerates her company long enough to earn her end of their trade - whatever it is that day.
  • Valencia Catori is Rio's first, favorite, and only daughter. She is proud of how Valencia grew up and loves to spend time with her. Despite Rio's abrupt leave and the differences that separate them now, Rio hopes to work towards returning their relationship to how it once was.
  • Aro Marino and Rio have put aside their differences and history since her return. Rio no longer cares about violating her family code, and they have slept with each other on numerous occasions. Rio is drawn in by Aro's charm and good looks.
  • Naniko D'Angelo was once the fierce leader of Anathema, but more informally known as her mother. She had a decent relationship with her, even though she initially blamed a lot of things on her. Naniko passed off Anathema and left early 2012, and Rio still searches for her.
  • Ehno Marino was her idol at a time, and where much of her Italian heritage and obsession of the sea came from.


  • Aeron Ganesa took over Anathema after Naniko left. Rio has mutual respect for Aeron because of the burden she bore. Rio had last visited the pack in 2014, bringing the leaders Voodoo Dolls for good luck and protection. She will probably visit again in the future.
  • Malakai and Rio met in Halifax after he somewhat threatened her. Rio doesn't know much about Malakai; only that he showed her respect once she told him that she was the, then current, Angela's daughter. Rio thinks Malakai is rude and arrogant, only showing her respect out of the courtesy of his leader.
  • Liam Catori was Rio's mate before their falling out and her eventual leave from Nova Scotia altogether. Their relationship went downhill after she was forced to have Mirutes' son, Aithne. She had not liked that Liam treated the child as his own, and was very bitter about the whole situation. She is neutral about him now, but doesn't see him the same way anymore.
  • Sidra Pheonix was Aro's mate at the time of their first incest-related encounter. She met the woman on Casa's borders one day, and they had an aggressive argument. However, afterwards, when Sidra knew Rio did not want Aro in that way, they seemed to reconcile what little of a relationship they had.
  • Nero Napier is not particularly trusted by Rio because he is Axelle's brother. However, she can see that he's a nice guy from the outside.


  • Axelle Napier was eating a dead wolf's heart when Rio saw her for the first time. Rio thinks Axelle's batshit crazy and neither trusts nor likes her at all.
  • Mirutes Mwinyi pollinated her during a not-so-consensual encounter while she kept hostage in the Blackmoor Castle. While the Jackal hadn't been particularly forceful towards her in any way, she still thinks she was kept against her will.
  • Aithne Marino is her son, produced from a non-consensual encounter with Mirutes Mwinyi. While she had planned to miscarry Aithne all along, he wound up being born a happy and healthy pup. Rio ignores him and doesn't show him the love and affection that she gave her other pups. She barely tolerates Aithne and becomes easily agitated when he's near her.
  • Alister Callow-Knight was a friend of Sidra's, and demanded Rio tell him what happened between her and Aro. This erupted in an all-out screaming match, eventually causing Rio to leave. Even though he came forward with an apology later on, Rio still gets a bitter taste in her mouth when she thinks of him.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills

4.1  Abilities


  • Voodoo (Journeyman): Since taking lessons from Sabine Perrin du Lac about the Voodoo religion, Rio has taken it upon herself to learn rituals and spells. She uses these both for punishment and personal gain, but is willing to help others using her 'magic' as well. She believes she is able to protect herself and those she loves with spells, rituals, and certain talismans.


  • Archery (Journeyman): Rio is good enough with a bow to hunt successfully with one from time to time.
    • Swordsmanship (Journeyman): Since her visit to Spain, she learned that the men there did not respect boundaries. Her mate, Etienne, taught her how to defend herself. Rio knows a little bit of hand-to-hand and is getting better with the sword each day.
    • Lying (Journeyman): Lying was never a strong point for her, until she met Etienne, the coyote. He was sly and snark, and he taught her the best things about lying, which eventually allowed her to blossom with the skill.
  • Low Speech (Proficient): Only uses Low Speech to communicate with birds and her horse.


  • Even though Rio was trained to fight and everything, she's still built like a girl and can't wield anything too heavy. She doesn't have the capability for upper-body (or any kind) strength yet.
  • Due to her determination and drive, Rio sometimes gets frustrated to the point of anger. If failing in succession with sparring or missing her target repeatedly, Rio will become agitated and begin throwing a fit of some kind.

5.  History

Born and raised in Pheonix Valley with her family, her life was simple. She enjoyed time with her family, and even though her mother wasn’t around much, she grew up fairly well. She made up for the lost time and met a lot of other wolves from her pack and played with other pups.

It was only when her mother left for good that things started going downhill. She learned afterwards that her brother, Harlowe( D'Angelo, was thinking of leaving her too. She tried to stop him, only resulting in him raping her and leaving anyway. After that, she was never the same. She lived with Haven Aatte in Cour des Miracles for a while, but soon ran away from there too.

When she ran, she lived on her own for a while, but being so young, she wasn’t able to care for herself efficiently. She was kidnapped by a Coyote couple who took her in as their own because the female had been infertile. They took care of her for a while, but she ran away from them, too. She remained alone, on her own for a while, now a little more knowledgeable of the dangers out there. She made sure to avoid almost everyone she came across, knowing that they could either take her, hurt her, or kill her.

On her travels, she met a few interesting characters who taught her different things. She once met a Gypsy who taught her the basics of herbs and natural remedies. However, no matter where she went, she always felt the need to come back to her homeland. Even though, things aren’t the same, she was always able to find her way back to her mother and the rest of her family in Nova Scotia.

5.1  Timeline


Rio returned to Souls in June of 2011. She came back to her mother in Anathema, finding it by trial and error. She wasn't thinking about all the things that her mother had done when she was younger (leaving, not saying anything, etc.) She had put it all behind her for a new beginning. Being raped by her brother, Harlowe D'Angelo, in July of 2010, made her question life and leave Souls' territory as well in hopes to find something far away. Well, her travels didn't go as expected and she wound up being kidnapped by a coyote family. They kept her hostage, but cared for her as their own. She couldn't stand it there, and escaped successfully. After that, she couldn't stop thinking about her homeland and made a trip to come back.

The whole half of the year, she adjusted to pack life again. She was happy to be somewhere where she could feel safe, surrounded by her family. Soon after, her sister Caprica D'Angelo returned as well. Her and Caprica developed a good relationship and Caprica helped her get over the feelings she was feeling for Harlowe. (She was sad that he was gone, angry because he raped her, guilty because she felt that she provoked him, etc.) As for her mother, Naniko D'Angelo, she kept a decent relationship with her, though she didn't see her as often as she was the Angela of Anathema.

During October, she met up with her Dad, Ehno Marino. He was excited to see her, and she only saw him once before returning back to Anathema. The visit was too short, but she was confident she would see him again soon.


Rio gets over her feelings about Harlowe early in the year before it could consume her because it was starting to. She meets interesting people, while in search of a mate and a new home. She feels alien to the lands of Anathema, only because everyone else isn't like her. Sure, she was raped, but she had never killed anyone or hurt anyone on purpose. She was incapable of it, and she felt that she needed to be somewhere where she wasn't surrounded by killers.


In this year, Rio rekindles relationships with some old friends (Jaden Ohanzee, X'yrin Exultare), gets tutored in Voodoo by Sabine Perrin du Lac, and makes the terrible mistake of almost sleeping with her cousin, Aro Marino. By the middle of the year, Rio is kidnapped and inseminated by Mirutes Mwinyi, and later has his child, Aithne Marino. She gives Aithne the surname because he is only part of her bloodline - her naivety was the emblem of his birth.

On a lighter note, the second half of the year was when Rio really focused on building and getting her boat finished by Taliesin dir Rhiannon in Cercatori d'Arte. Towards the end of the year, Rio finds her long lost half-brother, Scorpius D'Angelo and they exchange what they know about their mother's whereabouts.


While this is a year of puppies and abundance for Rio - she also decides that she will prepare for a trip to go out to sea around the country. She figures this will subtly satiate her thirst to travel by boat, and heads out in the middle of winter. She falls asleep that night during a storm, and when she wakes up, she realizes she very far away from home...

Rio finds a place called Spain, and eventually a coyote man called Etienne takes her in. Etienne teaches her how to use a sword, a bow, and how to lie like a professional. She teaches him what she knows about horses - and they call it a done deal. While her mate and her children were always in the back of her mind, she fell deeply in love for the man that took her in - enough to allow him to put a child in her. She winds up having the puppies, with only one surviving, and calls him Ruin D'Angelo; Ruin as in both disaster and ancient treasures. She decides that she will eventually return to Nova Scotia with Ruin, and tell everyone that he's her cousin.

Later on during the year, Etienne leaves her for another piece of coyote ass leaving Rio and Ruin alone in Spain. By this time, Rio already knows enough to defend herself and her son from anyone that should want to start trouble. Luckily, there were only a few instances.


coming soon...


  • Aug/Sep: Rio acquired bottles, herbs, and oils through Nadya in exchange for local herbs, a gris-gris, and a Voodoo mixture for protection