Dystopia Massacre

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Lineart (c) Edeliliah

Dystopia Massacre is one of four siblings born to Izual Massacre and Charletter-Ebony Leishman on July 13, 2017. She was born in Anathema, but escaped with her family before shit hit the fan. She lived for a little while with her family before wandering off on her own and living with The Order for a while. There she learned how to fight, but never really made a connection.

In January 2020, she collected her brother from his quiet campsite and together they joined New Caledonia to seek out a better life. At the present, Dystopia is taking a page out of her brother Aidan's book and trying to live a "normal" life.

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  • Date of Birth: 13 JUL 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence:
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: New Caledonia (Jan 07, 2020)
    • Rank: Privelaged

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Dystopia is tall and slender with a lean frame. She retains the thin physical form of both of her parents, but leans more towards her father's height. At a glance, it would seem she takes more after her father like most daughters do - in physique, colors, and attitude. Her coat consists of muted browns and tans, but her face takes on a darker tone, likely a stray trait from her mother's side of the spectrum. Her eyes are a deep red - resembling blood - most likely a trait from her Massacre family.

Dystopia's humanization is pretty high - she adorns clothing, hairstyles, weapons, and jewelry in her Optime form - and rarely leaves this form as it is. As far as body modifications go, she has none, but is not against the idea should something arise in the future.


 ZORBA (#A4968D)
 CEMENT (#856F5F)
 SOYA BEAN (#64564A)
 QUINCY (#6B4237)
 DUNE (#2F2925)
 ROSEWOOD (#5E0000)


  • Fur: Primarily CEMENT, ZORBA, and ROMAN COFFEE
    • Markings: DUNE and QUINCY
    • Underbelly: ZORBA
  • Eyes: ROSEWOOD
  • Optime Hair: DUNE
    • Nose and Paw Pads: COD GRAY

96 lbs (43.5 kg)
38in (96.5 cm)

156 lbs (70.8 kg)
49 in (124.5 cm)

206 lbs (93.44 kg)
6 ft 7 in (72 in 17.8 cm)


  • Speech: how does your dude talk, son?
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

THE GOOD: charming, ambitious, blunt
Dystopia only lets others see what she wants them to see. Her charm is fake at its base, though she's rather good at making it believable. Coming off as smooth, engaging, and friendly, she can easily gain one's trust and make them believe she's kind and just a little weird, maybe. Sometimes, she shatters these facades with her unapologetic bluntness, though.

Ambition had always been engraved in her brain - if she wanted to be noticed, she'd have to gain some kind of power. For a while, it was power over her victims as she claimed many of them while living as a Loner. Nowadays, it's climbing the ranks in her pack. With such a given power, it is unknown what Dystopia would do with it.

THE BAD: apathetic, impulsive, irresponsible
Lack of empathy and emotion are one of Dystopia's most obvious traits. She lacks the spark behind her eyes, as if she's a corpse with no soul. She does not have remorse for her actions, no matter how brutal. In short, she's careless, unwilling to go the extra mile because it doesn't matter enough.

She acts on most things with an impatience and impulsivity that'd suggest that she just doesn't care much for the outcome - whether favorable or not. She doesn't like waiting and thinking to solve a problem or resolve a conflict.

THE UGLY: manipulative, narcissistic, pathological liar
Anyone who gets to know Dystopia learns quickly that it's all about her. Rarely considering anyone else, Dystopia strives to be the center of attention and will do many cruel things to get there and stay there. She puts on a bullet-proof facade that makes her seem wanted, worthy, and kind; and trying to take down that facade could show a side of her that not many want to see.

She listens well, but any kindness she offers to others is a guise for collecting information about them. She seeks to find the weaknesses of those around her so that she can use against them later.

If caught or found out in some way, she is prone to make up fantastical stories to keep up appearances. Doubting her lies would send her in a defensive rage, which would likely produce more lies. Like most liars, Dystopia truly believes hers.

She mostly lies to seek attention or sympathy.


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • "You shall pursue all forms of pleasure, including killing."
    • "You shall lie whenever convenient."
    • "You shall give in to a sinful or chaotic impulse."
  • Tropes:
    • Boop
    • Boop


  • personal gain, blood, inflicting pain onto others
  • Izual Massacre was a huge motivation to her because he was something like an idol. Dystopia was awestruck in many of the things he did, and sought to copy his ways.


  • death, empty graves


  • Likes: gardening, lying, poisonous plants, stealthy ways to kill
  • Dislikes: fish


  • Black Canines: Being around black-furred canines make Dystopia uncomfortable because they remind her of her mother, Charletter-Ebony Leishman.
  • Age: She has little patience for children, and much would rather steer them to their doom than deal with them at all.


Bisexual - While it's not likely that Dystopia will ever be capable of a loving relationship, it's more likely that she would partner well with another female over another male.

Dystopia tends to use sex as a weapon, putting her pawns in the right places and bring their walls down. Everything is exposed in times of intimacy, including intentions. When approaching a potential sexual partner, Dystopia is very forward about it. There's no shame in her game.

When it comes to sexual partners, Dystopia doesn't have a particular gender preference, though does find males much easier to control. Sexual relations with Dystopia often end in obsessions and hostage situations.

It is more likely that Dystopia would pair up with another for political reasons rather than for an actual romance, given that she is likely incapable of love or caring for another Luperci.




Dystopia isn't against trying anything... but will often refuse or pretend to take something when in the presence of one of her potential victims.

2.1  Skills


  • Swordsmanship (Daggers) (Dabbler): Learning very little from training with packmates of Anathema, Dystopia later trained with The Order and became a bit better. She's not very proficient in her blades, but at least knows how to hold them right and knows to proper way how to stab and slash. She doesn't know any technique, nor fighting style as of yet.
  • Strength (Journeyman): Brief description on interest level and training.
  • Strength (Accomplished): Brief description on interest level and training.
  • Strength (Master): Brief description on interest level and training.


  • Dystopia tends to get obsessive about things that interest her. These are most often other Luperci who show vulnerable traits.
    • She has a thing for weak-minded men to which she captures, tortures, and tries to brainwash them into thinking they need her or love her.
  • Tends to use her power in a cruel way, such as dominating others or using her position to take out the competition.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Characters is an important fellow and I'm gonna tell you why

Positive Relationships

  • Sebastien Stone Dystopia thinks they're on good terms, and that's a completely one-sided assumption. When she first met him, her father had made the brash decision of taking the man hostage with the intent of killing and eating him later. However, much younger then, Dystopia pleaded with her father to let him live and let her take care of him. Well, he eventually escaped after she mentally tortured him. Now, whenever she sees him, she greets him like an old friend, and poor Bastien just can't get far enough away fast enough!
  • Izual Massacre He was her father and her idol until he went and got himself killed. A witch's brew is boiling inside of Dystopia; it whispers tales of revenge, but she hasn't made any moves yet.

Neutral Relationships

  • Characters made a big happy impact because reasons
  • Characters is also worth knowing and here's why you should know lalala

Poor Relationships

  • Serana Massacre? Dystopia thinks she's a know-it-all snark and can't stand the tone in which she speaks to her.

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

credit, location, whateva

Consisting of one main room, a bathroom (storage), and two bedrooms, this house is big enough to fit two adult Luperci. At the moment, the house is pretty empty. There are crudely cut furs covering the windows to keep out the chill and a pile of furs in each room for makeshift beds.

(more detailed description coming soon!)

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5.  History

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a r c h i v e s

2 0 1 7

  1. NOV 02 : Paper Craft
    Maelyx Nocturne teaches Marcelline Sawtooth? how to make paper, while Dystopia watches.
  2. NOV 14 : [M] I'll bow for your king when he shows himself
    A strong scent of blood and an echoing voice wakes Dystopia in the night, and she goes downstairs to find her mother cutting up a dead Luperci.
  3. NOV 18 : Spirit Speak 101
    Dystopia and Serana attend Maelyx's educational session on divination.
  4. NOV 23 : [M] We're in-between, on the fence
    Dystopia and Serana find a injured bird in the yard and argue over how to kill it.

2 0 1 8

  1. JAN 12 : I can see through your eyes
    Dystopia meets up with Maelyx for lessons on Divination, just for fun.
  2. JAN 20 : [M] Begin this timeless song
    While waiting for her father to come back, Dystopia makes a new friend. They eventually decide to keep him, so they tie him up and torture him. He becomes Dystopia's new project.
  3. FEB 04 : [M] Your other faces
    With the help of her father, Dystopia takes Sebastien Stone as her first victim. Though, after his initial beating and torture, she merely ties him up and locks him away in a cabin in Seabreeze Brink. Here, she brings him a hunk of meat and feeds it to him, and shares that she cares for him deeply.
  4. FEB 18 : [M] but you're that girl with the sharp teeth
    After losing Sebastien, Dystopia stalks off towards the Tides in hopes to find him; however, she gets taken hostage by a slaver who intends to sell her. They stop in Amherst and the slaver offers her as payment to Guillen for allowing him to stay the night. What happens afterwards is no one's business...
  5. MAR 05 : [M] Who ya gonna call?
    Travelling home from the Tides, Dystopia stumbles upon a man and what she believes to be his companion, though it is quickly revealed that the two of them might've just seen a ghost.
  6. MAY 28 : [M] she grabs at walls and pulls me down
    While exploring Amherst, Dystopia finds a hungry Bastien and offers to hunt for him.
  7. SEP 08 : Ensayos de edad
    Dystopia toys with the decision to help or take advantage of an old man's accident.
  8. OCT 04 : [M] A cool sweet kinda place
    While enjoying herself at the bar, Dystopia attempts to seduce and kill a drunk Virue.

2 0 1 9

  1. NOV 20 : [M] I'm insane it's your fault, so sly
    Dystopia and Serana disagree over how to deal with a dead body and the man's belongings.

2 0 2 0

  1. JAN 04 : [M] Heavier than the mountain is our sin
    Dystopia is poisoned while trying to manipulate a potential victim. In this instance, the predator becomes the prey.
  2. JAN 08 : there will be mountains you won't move
    Dystopia and Fennore explore the resort during a blizzard.
  3. JAN 17 : [M] here it's never ending; can't remember when it started
    When exploring Fort Cumberland, Dystopia is attacked by a hungering (and apparently diseased) Loner. Spartacus( Simone Ulrich essentially saves her, and the two eventually decide that they'd make a game out of putting the diseased woman out of her misery.
  4. JAN 20 : [M] losing my mind searching for explanation
    Dystopia gets into a fight with Zsorthia Mercedes at Biffs Bar.