Once part of Malus's gang of loners, Szenne is now property of Anathema and Lukos Greyfire. Her group once called The Trenches their home before Anathema chased them out of their home and claimed the lands for themselves. After continuously taunting the borders of the new pack, Szenne and her fellow group members were eventually captured and forced to fight for their lives in Anathema's amphitheater for entertainment. Szenne's only option was slavery or death, and while she didn't like it, she was saved by Lukos Greyfire, who claimed her at the end of her fight with Lithia Napier.

However, in January 2017, her and Ronan escaped Anathema two days before they abolished slavery. Szenne and Ronan stole some of their supplies and two of their horses, which they tracked to the edge of Seabreeze Brink to reclaim. Szenne and Ronan settled down in a warehouse in the Thornhill District to attempt to live their previous lives without their traitorous friends.






  • Date of Birth: 19 April 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Residence: Halifax
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: None (Jan 2017)
  • Rank: --
  • cNPC: None
  • yNPC:
    • None
  • --



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Szenne is a light-colored cream wolf with tawny accents throughout her body. She has a dark head of hair and light, piercing green eyes. While pretty humanized, Szenne doesn't wear clothes except for a belt with pouches, a canteen, and two daggers to utilize on her travels. She's more practical than she in vain, and most often her hair in unkempt and she may have blood smears on her fur from previous scraps or kills. She is rather tall in her optime form, peaking in the high 6-foot range, and often looks down on other Luperci. She uses her height and weight to an advantage in fights, and tends to fight on the dirtier side than most.


Sisal (#D8D2C4)
Indian Khaki (#C5B393)
Mongoose (#B9A57F)
Limed Oak (#B09057)
Leather (#9E7552)
Birch (#3C3323)
Mine Shaft (#1F1F1F)
Pine Glade (#A4CC8A)


The feistiest one out of the group, Szenne easily takes charge of any situation. Becoming someone's slave was a rude awakening for her, one that she still struggles with. Her strong personality does not click with that of being a slave, and she is often mouthy, aggressive, and rebellious against her master, Lukos Greyfire. While Lukos gives her a lot of freedom, he does keep her in check by keeping her mother's jewelry pieces under lock-and-key. Being that these pieces are very important to her, Szenne will not leave Anathema without them.

Being strong-willed, she often refuses or complains about the tasks she is given, and tries her utmost hardest to either avoid her tasks or get around them somehow. Even as a slave, Szenne still thinks she has freedom. She is a hard soul to tame, and doesn't acknowledge her slavehood unless physically reprimanded.

Generally, Szenne's attitude is sour and filled with angst. Given her background and current situation, understandably, Szenne has a lot to be angry and skeptical about. She also has trust issues from living alone in bad places such as Tampa and the general wild, and from knowing just how cut-throat life could be. Szenne rarely ever smiles unless she is being sarcastic, but even then it is not genuine.


  • Ranged Weapons (Projectiles): Szenne's choice weapon is a bow, when she is granted the ability of using one.
  • Bladed Weapons: She is also capable with weapons such as swords and daggers.
  • Tracking/Scouting: As one of the lookouts in her former group, Szenne is patient enough to observe and track.
  • General Labor: Being the only woman in her former group, Szenne was often tasked with odd labor jobs here and there.
  • Horsemanship: She knows a lot about their care and behavior, though its unclear how she has actually learned this.
  • Leather-working: She knows the process of treating, drying, and crafting with leather.
  • Cooking: Szenne's cooking skills are very elementary. She knows how to prepare, season, and cook meat, but not much else.


Szenne was born and raised in northern New Orleans with her mother and sister, Lyreia. They were wanderers for much of their lives, but often became allies with local packs for shelter during storms or for nearby trade routes. Szenne's mother was very charismatic and she had a way with words that made the meanest Luperci tolerate her in an instant. That was mainly how they made it as loners. They were always surrounded by friends.

Szenne's family shelter consisted of a camp by a hollowed out tree, where Szenne and Lyreia slept until they were too big. Her small family had an explorative nature, and often wandered around either socializing, scavenging, or trading.

However, one particular night Szenne's family campsite was raided. Upon trying to hide her daughters from the grubby hands of her captors, Szenne's mother told Szenne and Lyreia off to hide in the forest. In the morning, Szenne returned to the campsite to find blood staining the ground and all their belongings ravaged and broken, and their valuables gone. The scent of her mother was faint, but trackable.

Eventually, Szenne came upon her mother's body by the swamps - dismembered and marred no doubt by the local alligators that inhabited the area. Her mother's necklace and rings were gone, pried off of her fingers by the thieves, and she was left for dead. Despite the gaping hole, it was evident that her mother fought to the very end. There was a large gash in one of her legs, and Szenne assumed the gators had been too quick for her.

Leaving her home with both a heavy sadness and a burning rage that fueled her desire to rip the thieves' heads off, Szenne set out for Tampa, where she eventually found and killed the thieves, and recovered her mother's jewelry. She had hoped to find her sister there as well, but the two siblings never crossed paths again.

After struggling for a place in Tampa for a year, Szenne decided that she would leave her homelands behind and travel north.

Szenne eventually found a place within Malus ' gang of loners, and surviving with them for a few months really helped her forget the pain that still weighed heavily on her heart. But like all good things, even that soon came to an end when Malus and his gang were captured and enslaved by Anathema.



With her mother dead and her sister, Lyreia, gone, Szenne believes that her whole family is dead. She had since unknowingly replaced them with Malus' street gang and becoming close with her comrades Ronan, Malus, Ocke, and Briston. These were the people she had to survive with, and they had all grown to be the only ones she can truly trust and relax around.

However, despite once having a strong respect and fondness for Briston, Szenne no longer trusts him and believes he's a traitor. When granted his freedom, Briston willingly joined the ranks of his captors, and in Szenne's eyes, this meant he openly supported their ways and the imprisonment of his group members. Szenne's opinion is further flared by Briston's lack of proactivity. Since his freedom, he has not tried to release his other friends either, further confirming her hunch and his treason against them.



  • Ronan: Ronan is the only loyal friend Szenne has left in her perfect little world and is her right hand in all endeavors. Szenne and Ronan have a dynamic relationship, both of them are snarky and both of them enjoy each other's company.
  • Malus Reinhart: For a while, Szenne idolized Malus in an odd sort of obsession. She held him in the highest power - he could do no wrong, even after he left to do his own thing in Midnight Shores. After a while of elongated absence, however, Szenne started to see the bigger picture.
  • Minor Relationships: list some here.


  • Briston: Szenne lost all her respect for Briston when he pledged his loyalty to Anathema, the pack that kept him and his friends slaves for years.
  • Ocke: Szenne was wary of Ocke when he, too, decided to join Anathema instead of leave. Any slave that decided to join their captors were untrustworthy after that. Szenne refused to believe Ocke was just as much of a traitor as Briston, even though all the facts were laid out in front of her.
  • Lukos Greyfire: Szenne's relationship with Lukos was always rocky, but it got rockier towards the end when she left him and Anathema behind. She always held onto the grudge that she had with him. When she was able to steal her mother's necklace back and duplicate the ring he hid from her, she continued to pester him about the ring (the duplicate) he never returned to her. When she found him in Halifax, she robbed him of his things and told him that if he decided to come back, to bring her ring in exchange for his things.
  • Kentaro Lykoi: As the face behind her enslavement, she had every intention of killing him.
  • Charletter-Ebony Leishman: Almost killing her during a spar sparked a colorful hatred between these two. After Szenne left Anathema, she and Charlie fought it out a few times in Halifax. Both females have every intention of killing each other.
  • Minor Relationships: Gabriel Moonbright, Izual Massacre


  • A huge thanks to Alaine for letting me use her template! <3


2 0 1 5

  1. (NPC) I don't want to be in your arms (18 Oct)
    Drifter Bay, with Ombre

2 0 1 6

  1. [M] don't look at me with those eyes (05 Jun)
    Anathema, with Lukos Greyfire.
  2. [M] This wasn't what you wanted, was it? (14 Jun)
    Anathema, with Havoc Creed.
  3. who is the lamb and who is the knife? (14 Jun)
    Halifax, with Virue.
  4. [M] Always Slaving for Something (17 Jun)
    Anathema, with Ronan.
  5. [M] Tell me where our time went (18 Jun)
    Anathema, with Briston.
  6. [M] open your chest, look down, reach in (19 Jul)
    Anathema, with Lukos Greyfire.
  7. Ya Haven't Got a Prayer (13 Aug)
    Anathema, with Lukos Greyfire.
  8. Those Who Travel (26 Sep)
    Western Tangles, with Addler.
  9. Rose and Sage on the Wind (07 Oct)
    Anathema, pack celebration.
  10. [M] Don't struggle too much now (25 Oct)
    Anathema, with Liir Altav.
  11. the mind of a savage kind (27 Oct)
    Seabreeze Brink, with The Bull.
  12. We shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era (25 Dec)
    Anathema, pack meeting.
  13. Choking on the ashes of jealousy (13 Sep)
    Anathema, with Charletter-Ebony Leishman and Lukos Greyfire.
  14. [M] I fell in love because you kept it real (22 Sep)
    Drifter Bay, with Malus Reinhart.
  15. old stomping grounds (07 Nov)
    Black River Reserve, with Altair Amarok, Rio Marino.
  16. I see you in all the pieces of my life (12 Nov)
    Anathema, with Lukos Greyfire.

2 0 1 7

  1. the sun ain't even really out (02 Jan)
    Anathema, with Lux Einar.
  2. [M] Can I have a nickel for a say? (02 Jan)
    Anathema, with Charletter-Ebony Leishman.
  3. [M] Low on self-esteem, so you run on gasoline (06 Jan)
    Halifax, with Ronan.
  4. They never clipped your wings (10 Jan)
    Anathema, with Ronan.
  5. steady as we go (25 Jan)
    Drifter Bay, with Bayani Grimm.
  6. I lay in a bed of resistance (26 Jan)
    Anathema, with Ronan.
  7. come fall in love with the sound (28 Jan)
    Seabreeze Brink, with Ronan & Malus Reinhart.
  8. [M] Race to the finish (30 Jan)
    Seabreeze Brink, with Lelouch Amarok, Aeron Ganesa, Conquest, Avinalora Phoenix, Charletter-Ebony Leishman, Greed Lykoi, Lukos Greyfire, Nyx Greyfire, Kassius Grim, Ronan.
  9. [M] Curiosity killed the cat (14 Mar)
    Thornhill District, with Inca.
  10. blindan þarf at læiða. (22 Mar)
    Amherst, with Stjarna Helsi.
  11. [M] Haven't slept since the summer (05 Apr)
    Halifax, with Lukos Greyfire.
  12. [M] now's the only time I know (08 Apr)
    Halifax, with Azalea de la Cyra.
  13. Dollar days (08 May)
    Halifax, with Louis Oegaire.
  14. [M] Right under you, grinning in the dark (23 May)
    Halifax, with Izual Massacre, Charletter-Ebony Leishman.
  15. [M] into your precious, ruptured skull (17 Jun)
    Halifax, with Izual Massacre.
  16. drawn by a stick in the sand (09 Jul)
    Seabreeze Brink, with Dove Reverie, Salvador Sadira.
  17. You put the feather here... no that's not right (15 Aug)
    Northern Tides, with Gabriel Moonbright.
  18. [M] You Have to Learn to Walk Before You Can Run (21 Sep)
    Sticks and Stones, with Marsha.
  19. What do you know? (24 Sep)
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  20. [M] Smile, now you're all set (06 Oct)
    Halcyon Mountain, with Moon Moon Damaichu.
  21. At night we assemble the hunt for our prizes (11 Oct)
    Flanders Fields, with Skoll Haskel.

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