Ramona Marino



by Nat


  • Full Name: Ramona Marino
    • Pronunciation: N/A
  • Date of Birth: 29 Feb 2016
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: --
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (June 2021 - Present)
  • Rank: Recruit
    • Co-Ranks: N/A


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  • Minor NPCs:
    • -- (Species)

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OOC Assumptions

Cavaliers may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • seeing Ramona around the territory and having brief small-talk with her
  • knowing general information about her, such as her name, her rank, and when she joined


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Ramona is the daughter of cousins, Rio Marino & Aro Marino, born alongside her late brother, Varis Marino on Feb 29th, 2016. She resided in Cour des Miracles with her mother and brother until it disbanded, and the family parted ways. She still kept in close touch with her brother, Varis.

In March 2021, she lost her brother in a hunting accident, and is still very distraught about it. Later that year in June, she joined Casa di Cavalieri, but instead of it helping her get over her brother's death, being around others just seemed to make it worse. Plagued with anxiety, gorey flashbacks, and panic attacks, Ramona later left the pack to live out in the woods in solitary.

1.  Appearance


Ramona is comprised of many muted brown and tan tones, which are thought (by her mother) to be inherited from her grandfather's (Ehno Marino) genes. Ramona's has bright green eyes that take on the tones of the stems of fresh flowers.

Ramona's body is lean with a boyish shape with the slightest curvature around her hips. Her face is pretty and angled nicely, leading to large, foxy ears that rest at the top of her head. She's known to have an expressive face, often leaking emotions from her eyes despite how much she tries to hide it.

Ramona's fur is soft and velvety as well as her Optime hair, which is a muted brown color with long, tight, spiraled ringlets. She's average height, standing at 6'3" in Optime (not on her tippy toes, either!), and usually carries herself confidently.


  • Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) 63 lbs (29 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) 119 lbs (54 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 4 in (72 in / 10 cm) 202 lbs (92 kg)

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

  • N/A


Ramona's humanization is high as she prefers to wear pretty clothes and utilize tools and weapons that make her life a bit easier. She's often found dressed with Luperci-made garments and jewelry, choosing to flaunt fashionable clothing over purposeful clothing.



  • boop


  • Longbow
  • Carved Antler Hunting Knife

Color Palette

NOTE: Colors may be artistically exaggerated in other depictions!


 Silver (#C0C0C0)

 Bronco (#ABA196)

 Squirrel (#908277)

 Kapul (#635147)

Optime Hair

 Kapul (#635147)

 Squirrel (#908277)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

 Spicy Pink (#7F6767)


 Asparagus (#81a362)

1.1  Gallery

(hover for credits, click for full size!)

by Songbird The-Sei-Hound by Nina by Dark

2.  Personality


Ramona's strongest qualities are her positive attitude, sassy nature, and protective impulses. Often found in a positive mood, she is often a good egg to be around. Most find her company enjoyable, and find her easy to get along with. Much like her mother who she spent a lot of her life with, Ramona is a kind soul with a big attitude and a ferocious drive to protect those she loves and cares about. She's righteous by nature, and always strives to do the right thing -- but sometimes, she's misled either by false information or just her own ideas about the world.

Being raised in a family that practiced Voodoo, Ramona tends to turn to her religion in times of conflict only. She's not devoted to the gods in any means, and only performs rituals and prayers when she has something to ask of them.

In contrast, there are times when Ramona can be impulsive and childish. She has a tendency to (half-jokingly) argue about stupid things, perhaps refusing a task for a dumb reason or otherwise. She has an affinity to follow the beat of her own drum, and unintentionally acts disobediently to authority at times. Her heart's usually in the right place, but she doesn't always realize she's outright breaking rules until someone tells her.


  • Demeanor: gregarious, assertive, sometimes rebellious
  • Speech: Medium-pitched and upbeat, similar to Anna from Frozen.
  • Scent: forest, wood, leaves, flowers
  • General Posture and Body Language: confident + always seeking adventure

2.1  Traits


  • Likes: flowers, horses, working on skills, learning
  • Dislikes: family moving away, death, blood

Motivations and Fears

Ramona's motivator is family, and being surrounded by it. When she was younger and still lived in her birthpack, she remembers being surrounded by her mother and half-siblings. It was one of the happiest times of her life, and the feel-good nature of that is something that motivates her to make close ties with others and remain surrounded by good friends.

One of Ramona's biggest fears came to life just months before she came to Casa... a family member, her brother, was killed. Ramona hasn't experienced a ton of loss in her life - aside from her mother leaving her and her home disbanding - so this blow hit her especially hard. Other fears might include public embarassment and overall failure... though, this is to be seen.


Pansexual in nature; Ramona hasn't had much experience in the love department to know whether she has a preference for either sex, though there have been a few that have come and gone. Nothing special :|


Raised with Catholicism and Voodoo in her life, Ramona is mostly not religious by default. She tends to only turn to her faith - Voodoo - when she wants to request something from the gods or needs guidance. Most often she is ignored or turned away, due to her negligence of them.

3.  Relationships


Notable Relations

Ramona has had a positive relationship with her mother, Rio Marino, throughout her life, but unfortunately, has not seen much of her father, Aro, at all and doesn't have any sort of solid relationship with him. Most of the memories of her childhood and young life are positive, surrounded by family and friends - her mother's doing. She strives to be like Rio in many ways.

3.1  Other Relations

  • Positive Acquaintances: --
  • Negative Acquaintances: --

3.2  Minor NPCs

A Name


image by TetaSue (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

image by Tetasue (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

  • Gender: N/A
  • Species: N/A
  • Date of Birth: ~ ???


  • Appearance: --
  • Personality: --


Cavaliers may assume:

  • --

4.  Skills

Main Focus: Combat
  • Combat:
    • Armed (Medium Level of Experience): Taught by her mother with a sword (scimtar to be exact), Ramona learned the way of the sword alongside her brother growing up. Granted, she prefers to avoid fighting at all costs, but if caught in one with a sword nearby, she can neatly handle herself until an escape opens up.
    • Hand to Hand (Low Level of Experience): Almost as clumsy as she is in feral form, Ramona isn't quite as much as seasoned fighter. She actually prefers to avoid it at all costs, but will go down kicking and screaming if she must... and bleeding probably, too.
    • Feral (Low Level of Experience): Like a baby deer that just came out of her mother's womb, Ramona is clumsy and awkward when fighting in her four-legged form. Jaws chomping on air, legs kicking out, bouncing out of the way only to miss... Yeah, it's not a pretty sight.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Language and Literacy :
Ramona is skilled in Spanish, English, and Italian, and can read and write in these languages, too.
  • Animal Care:
Familiarized by taking care of her siblings' animals when she was younger, Ramona got the hang of this earlier on. She's apt to ensuring there is food and water for whichever creature is in her care, and knows how to muck out a stable for a horse or farmland animal. She even knows a little about shearing sheep.
  • Hunting :
Living on her own, Ramona learned how to track prey and make use of the different materials of her prey to make the most out of living on her own in the wilds.
  • Other
    • Swimming (Medium)

5.  Thread Archive


Barely a year old, Ramona visits various packmates during this period, intending to make a few friends.

  1. NOV 26 | and she's been living on the highest shelf
    Ramona is feeling rather ill, and Willow brings her some tea.
  2. DEC 09 | but I got a lump in my throat
    Ramona visits Basil Butler to bring him some treats and ask how he's doing.


Ramona gets involved with several underground avenues to try to rid her home of Mistral's invading source.

  1. JAN 01 | [M] The kings need a victory, so they sent me
    Cour des Miracles Pack Meeting.
  2. JAN 01 | [M] Taught her a lesson she won't forget
    Ramona, Rio, and Varis return home to find their house has been ransacked, furniture broken, and their home in shambles. Ramona immediately knows it was that mercenary bitch that bullied them into Mistral's meeting.
  3. JAN 06 | [M] I am the quiet theories in your head
    With Dove Reverie. Ramona catches Dove and Chaska having an argument outside the stables. Chaska attempts to ride off with his horse, but Ramona throws herself in front of the animal, blocking his path and making him speak with them. He reveals that he's not even that loyal to Mistral delor? in the first place.
  4. JAN 07 | And he sang about what I'd become
    With Virue, Rialu Avarice. Ramona is exploring the city when she comes upon Virue and Rialu. After some small talk, they agree to explore together.
  5. JAN 17 | We duel with our hearts on our sleeves
    Ramona joins Kalypso's underground coup training session, and offers to train anyone who wants to learn how to use a sword or a bow.
  6. FEB 08 | London Bridge is Falling Down
    Kalypso organizes a "ball" for the new queen. Ramona and a few other Courtiers around her gang up on Treska and kill her.

2018 - 2021

Ramona lives with her brother Varis in the Dampwoods, making a simple life for themselves.


After her brother's traumatic death in March, Ramona is left on her own for the first time in her life. She doesn't like it, and it's especially tough because the memories keep haunting her. Against her better judgment, she decides to try and join a pack, hoping having others around would make her feel less empty inside.

  1. JUN 06 | it comes alive in the nighttime
    Ramona unwillingly thinks of her brother's death and begins to have a panic attack. Unsure what to do, she rushes towards the door of the courthouse, and runs into Kai. Kai helps calm her and offers her some tea. The two women share a moment together, but Ramona doesn't divulge much about why she was freaking out.
  2. JUN 11 | Scrapheap, Trash, or Treasure
    Ramona assists Guinevere with cleaning up and out the weapons storage closet.
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