Tyko Amini is the father of Axelle Napier, Nero Napier, and Kimat Amini. Tyko found 'Souls after being separated from his youngest daughter, Kimat. Rogue wolves attempted to kill them, but they got away with a variety of wounds (physical and mental). Tyko was the only one to make it to 'Souls territory so far, and did so with a very infected wound to his right ankle. He was healed by an Infernian and sent on his way, though he never located Kimat.

He joined Salsola for a time, but returned to loner status when he drew closer to his goal of murdering Axelle, attacking her every chance he got. In his final days, he formed an alliance with Malakai of Anathema, and gained entry to the pack. He gravely wounded Axelle, but in the end, his daughter and her mate Itzal fended him off and killed him.[1]

Tyko Amini

by Kiri



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Date of Birth

12 Jun 2007

Date of Death

24 May 2013




Birth place

Ammon, Iran



75% Iranian Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf




Mate None?
Pack Loner
Rank None


Mates Anette Napier, Isis
Salsola (Nov 2012 - Mar 2013)
The Family



  • Optime Hair: Mineshaft (#252525)-colored Mohawk strip down his head and neck
  • Eyes: Wild Strawberry (#FD38A7)
  • Fur: Solid Mineshaft (#252525)

Art by

Tyko has black fur with no distinct markings. When in Optime form, he is very tall. He has magenta-colored eyes, which is the only outstanding feature on him. Plus whatever scars he has, too. He doesn't wear clothes and sticks mainly to either his Optime form or his Lupus form. Despite his Iranian culture, Tyko has thick fur, but not fluffy. It has a smooth, soft texture and is straight for the most part. Some parts are messy because he doesn't brush himself. It helps hide whatever scars and markings he has underneath.

Build and Species

Tyko is pretty tall, ranging at about 6 feet, and he's lean and well-toned. He has a thin body, but his athletic build makes his body well-toned and hard. He's prideful in what he does, which is whatever he wants, and ignorant of other things. His ears are always standing upright and alert because he doesn't trust his surroundings or anyone in them.





90 lbs (40.8 kg)
30 in (76.2 cm)

160 lbs (58 kg)
38 in (96.5 cm)

200 lbs (91 kg)
6ft 9in (20 in) (205.7 cm)

Tyko's fur is just black and his eyes are a rose-colored magenta. He has many scars that litter his body, but his thick fur covers most of them.

Tyko's muscles are more prominent in his Secui form, and he is a lot more bulkier - but that doesn't weigh down his speed either.

Tyko is very muscular (having large arms, thighs, and a well-toned abdomen) in his Optime form. His hair is short, and spiked up into a short Mohawk (only reaching to the tips of his ears).



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Above left eye, Inflicted from a fight when he was younger with his brother, Javed, over a female. Thrown and smashed his head against a rock.
    • Left shoulder, near his neck, Inflicted from a fight with his other brother, Gjord, over unknown reasons. A bite.
    • Right shoulder, above armpit, Inflicted by his father just because. A bite.
    • Right forearm, outer middle - 3 scratches, Inflicted by Rogue wolves. Claw marks.
    • Right forearm, inner wrist - an X, Inflicted by Rogue wolves. Multiple slices from a blade.
    • Stomach, abdominal - 3 scratches (4 in. long), Inflicted by Rogue wolves. Claw marks.
    • Hip, Inflicted by his father just because. A bite.
    • Left forearm, inner elbow, Inflicted by Axelle. Fang slice.
    • Left forearm, inner middle, Inflicted by Rogue wolves. A slice from a blade.
    • Left forearm, outer wrist, Inflicted by Isis. A slice from a blade.
    • Tail, middle, Inflicted by his brother, Gjord, because of something forgotten. A bite.
    • Left thigh, upper inside, Inflicted by Anette Napier. A bite.
    • Right ankle, inside, Inflicted by Anette Napier. A bite.


Tyko is a darkened character; he seems nice on the outside, but whatever goes on in his mind is what you must worry about. He’s every woman’s dream man, having all the strong qualities that good women look for in appearance, but he has a shitty outlook on women. He's not one to fall in love (nor does he even think about the possibility). He believes they’re just there to reproduce and then disposable – which would probably explain all the kills he made. He is extremely sneaky and clever at the same time. He knows when to act on something, and rarely makes mistakes. He is also very impulsive, especially when provoked. He doesn't hesitate when given the chance to fight, and won't back down easily. He’s very private and doesn’t trust anyone, even if he makes them think he does. He doesn’t like others getting into his business and would dispose of them if they ever knew too much. He’s a casual person, and makes his presence seem like a gift – careful to not give the wrong impression.


Tyko is a demanding, open, ignorant kind of man. He judges based on one's 'outside cover' as well as how they act around him. Tyko is very masculine and not soft at all. He's always rough around the edges at all times, and never expresses any signs of weakness. As stated earlier, Tyko doesn't hesitate to fight anyone and doesn't take shit from others either. He's very impulsive and doesn't think about the outcome of the things he does before hand because he just doesn't care. It's safe to say nothing scares Tyko. Nothing physical anyway - thoughts maybe, hidden emotions for others (his coyote hybrid daughter, Kimat), but never anything out in the real world. Tyko doesn't care about laws or right and wrong - he does what benefits him without thinking how it would affect others, but will follow laws if he was in a pack. He only cares about himself, not about Abella or anyone else. Sex greatly motivates Tyko, as well as gain (whether physical, or in ranking). Tyko enjoys solitude and privacy. He doesn't like sharing a lot about himself with others, and likes to keep information about himself secret, as well as other important information. He is willing to kill or disable anyone who knows something about him that they shouldn't.



  • Likes: Sex, women, human objects
  • Dislikes: Gays, traitors, Napiers


Demanding, arrogant, controlling, ignorant, horny, flirtacious, intelligent, sneaky, homophobic, impulsive, sexual

  • Outlook: Tyko is an Optimist, he has high hopes that good things will come to him in time.
  • Expression: He is dominant for the most part, but is able to be submissive when needed to be (ex. in a pack). He can be either an introvert or an extrovert at times - depends on the mood he's in. He prefers to be alone, but when surrounded by others, he's pretty sociable - depending on their company and attitude.
  • Alignment: Lawful evil - Methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and is willing to serve. He condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. He doesn't like to break laws or promises.


  • Mockery, failure, powerlessness, losing, his father, inability to please, death of Kimat Amini


  • Personal gain, power, chance of a kill, possessions, sex, promotions, hunting/tracking


Tyko is very judgmental - he always judges a book by its cover depending on how one acts and looks like before him.

  • Species: Tyko does not have any bad thoughts toward other species or pets. He sees prey as prey (deer, elk, etc.) and is willing to eat anything else if he's desperate. He could easily revert to cannibalism if given the chance.
  • Sexuality: Tyko is old fashioned and believes that if wolves are to have sex or be mated, that it should be a m/f kind of relationship. Though, he is fond of watching females fool around with each other, if he ever encountered a gay male, he would most likely attempt to rid them from the world.
  • Human Behaviors: Human behaviors/techniques interest Tyko and he follows many of them.


Heterosexual. He only deals with women. He's VERY against homosexuality and will become violent towards anyone who practices it near him or tries to on him. He was also incestic towards his daughter, Axelle Napier at a time. Tyko is a constant flirt - he flirts with anything with a vagina hoping to score. Tyko isn't a man looking to settled down, he just likes to have a fling here and there and be on his way.


Tyko is indifferent to substances. If in the mood, he would smoke a little weed or get drunk to have a good time. He wouldn't sink as low as trying hallucinogens or other crazy drugs. Though, he doesn't have any ill thoughts toward those who do.


Tyko does not follow any specific religion, but he does believe in a higher power than himself - Abaddon, which is most likely some form of the devil. He believes that Abaddon is constantly watching him and rewarding him for wrong-doings that he does, in the name of him. There are no rituals that Tyko does to offer things to his higher power, and only believes in doing bad things to please Abaddon. Tyko believes that if he does enough wrong, when he dies, Abaddon will take him as his second in command.


  • Speech: Tyko has a deep, loud clear voice with no obvious accent.
  • Scent: Anything he's around at the moment - more recently, usually blood.


Key Relations

  • Axelle Napier: Tyko and his daughter's relationship is VERY POOR. Axelle hates him because he killed her mother, and she believed a rumor that he slaughtered her brother Nero as well. She decided way before he returned to Souls that she needed to kill him to get revenge, and also to put her mind at ease. Tyko has like feelings towards her as well; his imaginary 'higher power' urges him to do evil, and Tyko believes that offering his own daughter to the demon he worships would bring him ultimate rewards in the after life. Tyko has made incestuous advances on his daughter in the past causing her to miscarry her and Malakai's litter, and isn't hesitant when given the opportunity to murder her.
  • Malakai]: Tyko and Malakai had a rocky relationship in the beginning when Tyko lent him Abella for sex, but he wound up torturing and kidnapping her instead. After that, Tyko held the worst grudge for Malakai, and eventually Malakai the same when Tyko caused Axelle to miscarry their litter. In the end, they wound up working together for both their benefit - though, Malakai wished to kill Tyko once he killed Axelle, but never got the chance because his plan backfired - Axelle killed Tyko.
  • Adonia Demos: Tyko first met Adonia in Fort Cumberland, and from then he thought she was the cutest woman he had ever seen. He continued to see her afterwards and they built a shallow friendship. Tyko always wanted to have sex with her, but there was something about her shy demeanor that kept him from pulling his usual games.

Family: Amini, Forssell

  • Mother: Dahlia Forssell
  • Father: Xerxes Amini
  • Siblings: Javed Forssell, Gjord Amini
  • Children by Anette Napier
  • Children by Isis

Minor Relations

Former Relations

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  • After his numerous and plentiful attacks on Anathema, Tyko went into hiding in Ashes and Ashes. Since the land is so barren, even so many years after the fire, Tyko found himself a cave in the side of the jagged Death Mountain, deep in the territory of Ashes and Ashes.
    • The cave is at the corner of one of the winding walkways up the mountains, jammed in the corner barely visible to one who's not looking for it. Although it looks shallow from the outside, its big enough to fit and hide a large wolf comfortably. Tyko is able to be covered by the darkness, his scent covered by the dank smell of a moist cave, and be able to see others before they see him.

Former NPCs


  • Species: Coyote
  • Age: 2 years.
  • Personality: She is quiet, and doesn't speak much. She usually keeps to herself, but is very aware of everything around her. She watches everyone and everything - and because she's so quiet, some even forget that she's there. She is very good a collecting information, and even stealing sometimes.
  • Description: Abella had cream-colored fur and purple eyes. Her body was slender and she was delicate.
  • History:

Abella was captured by a group of rogue wolves while hunting one day, and taken in as their communal whore. She was constantly chained up and raped by numerous men. Throughout the year that they held her captive, she miscarried 3 litters from 3 different men. As this treatment would normally spark a hate for wolves in general, Abella did not see it like that. Instead, she saw it as roudy men - good-for-nothing, roudy men.

Though, when she was rescued by Tyko, she vowed to give her life to him in thanks for saving her. Though, she knew the man was just as evil as the others were - she could see it in his eyes, she figured one man was better than a group of them. She was used for sex and normal tasks like hunting and serving Tyko and his friends when he requested her to. She followed him everywhere, joined Salsola and became a communal slave there for him.

She was the one to meet Tyko's daughter first because the woman's mate had decided to use her as a pin cushion and torture her until she cried bloody murder. Her views on Axelle were neutral; she was actually quite fond of her because she treated her so kindly and healed what she could of her wounds. Abella stopped Tyko from killing her once, and when she was released from Salsola after Tyko left the pack, she was sent to Axelle upon Deo as gifts to Anathema. Axelle recieved them, and allowed her to be free. She gave Abella the horse and allowed her to go back to where she came from, her family pack in the United States.

Taking the horse, Abella returned to her family pack and set the horse free, hoping never to return to her two-legged form again.


  • Species: Stallion
  • Age: 5> years
  • Personality: Very ill-tempered. He only had patience and respect for Tyko, but minimal tolerance for Abella because she was the one to feed and groom him.
  • Description: Light brown coat for the most part, with various white splotches and a pale-colored face.
  • History:

Deo was obtained from Amy Sunders, and afterwards lived with Tyko. He was well taken care of in Tyko's presence, but once he was taken by Abella and released, his life went downhill from there. He roamed the grassy plains for a long time before he injured his leg running from a cougar. Luckily, he wasnt eaten by the cougar, but he was later captured by a dirty wolf that brought him to the Outpost and starved him. Not only had his leg not healed right, his condition was deteriorating by the day. He was then cursed with a constant limp and starved for no reason.

He was saved, however, by Axelle. She came by the Outpost to pick up some horses for Anathema, and picked him and another brown mare who he did care for. Immediately recognizing the female as his owner's target, Deo fantasized about rearing up and kicking her in the head - killing her on the spot, just for Tyko. Unfortunately, he knew well enough that he didn't have the strength to do all that. She took him back to Anathema where he was fed and treated for parasites, but further deteriorated and later died due to unknown causes.



  • Tracking (Journeyman): Tyko is very good and finding others or tracking prey.
  • Stealth (Journeyman): Tyko sneaked into Anathema various times, and has gotten pretty far into the territory before he was caught.


  • Due to his weakness for women and prone to impulse, Tyko is very capable of getting himself into quite some trouble. The women, well, they are no problem unless he's dealing with a smart one, which knows what she's doing to manipulate him. Otherwise, his weakness for women just goes to show that he would do almost anything to get a woman to bed.

However, being prone to impulse is dangerous for him. Impulsiveness means that he acts on a whim without thinking much about consequences - such whims wind up getting him fatally injured and killed.



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He was born to Dahlia Forssell and Xerxes Amini with 2 other brothers (Javed Forssell and Gjord Amini) in Ammon, Iran. His father was abusive toward only him - probably because he was the oldest, but very unlike his father at the time. Xerxes was an alpha and as a father would - he wanted his son to take the thrown. Even though Tyko had been a dominant character from his birth, he had no interest in leading a pack. He wanted to learn how to be a warrior - and because of that, his father always challenged him. Tyko was not strong or skilled at that time and would always be abused because of this. He also did not get along with his brothers. They seemed to target him as the weak one, probably because of the way he was treated by his father, and thought they could get over on him, which ended in many fights between them. His mother, Dahlia, wasn't very useful. She was quiet and didn't meddle in the affairs of her children. She was only a means of reproduction, after all, for their father. She had no use in the world aside from that. After her children turned a few months old, she let Xerxes take over. After Tyko was about 1 year old, he left the pack.

He stole a boat the night he left and sailed across the sea. When he reached land, he found himself in North America. New Hampshire to be exact. He had been on the sea for months, it felt like. The last week he didn't have food - just what he managed to catch with whatever nets he found in the stolen boat (he wasn't skilled in fishing, but was able to catch a few small fish). Being on the sea for so long, he didn't want to get back on the boat and the new land seemed far away enough from his family. He traveled through New Hampshire and met his first mate, Anette Napier. They both made it to Ontario where they joined a small wolf pack and had a litter of two, Axelle and Nero Napier, both taking their mother’s surname. Tyko didn't like this too much, since he believed that all children should take his surname or else they weren't "pure", even though they solely came from his blood-line. He cast out both of them as soon as they were born, and never gave them much of his time.

After a year or so of staying with Anette, Tyko started to devise a plan. Anette was a strong being, and she didn't allow Tyko to treat her like a "vessel" for reproduction like he wanted, and fought him every time. In Tyko's simple mind (at the time) he figured the only way he would be able to leave her was after he killed her. One night, he lured Anette out into the forest with promises of a surprise. Being only a wolf at the time, he had no choice but to attack and maul her until she bled out. Tyko lured her far enough away from the pack so that no one heard the growling and yelping. He cleaned himself up after and returned to the pack. The next morning, she was found in the forest by a scout; they found her mauled, bloody corpse in the woods. Tyko was safe, but what he didn't know was that his daughter, Axelle, had heard him in the middle of the night take her mother into the woods. She thought nothing of it, but when she found out about her mother's death - she instantly became suspicious of him. She was afraid, and had confronted him one day - which resulted in a fight. She gave him a few scars, but nothing else. He began to pick solely on her, and one day she became sick of it and left.

After the death of his first mate, Tyko left the pack due to lack of interest. He could feel that others began to talk, and to avoid anything being blamed on him, he left with Nero tagging along with him, in search of a new life. They traveled for a while - he tried to lose Nero, but the adolescent kept close to his father. It soon became clear to him that the young male wasn't leaving, and so he began ignoring him. Soon after, he met Isis, a coyote. They fell in love almost instantly, and he joined her pack in Northern Ontario, Canada where they later had a litter of pups. Only one pup survived and they named her Kimat Amini, taking Tyko’s last name because he insisted. Being a Luperci, Isis also gave Tyko the ability to shift.

After he had the litter with Isis, though, Tyko began to get tired of her as well. He felt the easiest way to get rid of her would be to kill her, so he devised another plan. One morning, yet again, his mate turned up dead. Tyko quietly choked her to death, using his new hands, leaving bruises underneath the fur of her neck. Unlike Axelle (who seemed to be always on edge), Kimat hadn't heard anything or suspected much since she was young at the time, only being a few months old. Tyko took Kimat with him, and Nero followed - now having suspicion. They didn’t really have a destination other than anywhere else.

Nero hesitated to leave the man, who he didn't even call his father anymore, with Kimat. He didn't know his little sister much, as he was always chased away from her - but he still felt bad leaving her with the madman. Finally, after a night that he was once again chased off by Tyko and attacked severely, he left the two. He left in the direction toward Quebec and never looked back. Both Aminis were indifferent about his leave, and so during their travels, the small family encountered rogue wolves. They were a small clan on the outskirts of Northeastern Ontario, and Tyko thought that he and his daughter could join them. Instead, the rogues thought it would be fun to kill them, and enslave his daughter to become their communal whore. Tyko wasn't having that - and so he fought tooth and nail, telling his daughter to run - but unaware if she actually got away. During his fight, he saw a young coyote (who looked a lot like his mate, Isis) who pleaded for him to save her. He went the extra mile to free the girl, and they managed to get out of there together.

The coyote girl promised to serve him for the rest of her life because she was indebted to him for saving her, when he didn't even know if he saved his own daughter. Even though he was badly injured in the fight, he managed to get out of there safely and both he and Abella ran towards Nova Scotia, where they've begun to make their new home.




  • Arrives in Souls. X
  • Meets Malakai and Scorpius D'Angelo. X,X
  • Gets a horse from Amy Sunders. X
  • Meets Imhotept Aabt. X


  • Trespasses Anathema & is chased off by Malakai, Ottilie, & Aeron X
  • More stuff here.