DOB02 Apr 2011
Age2 years
Current packAnathema

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


RankAllu Cruciator
SignificanceCaretaker, Torturer


Born a twin, Malakai always felt that his brother, Rafael, was the golden pup, the one his parents doted on more. The young of two Alphas, Kai and Rafael were , for the most part, inseperable, despite Kai's slowly growing jealousy of his brother - not only did Rafael seem to naturally draw their parent's love and affection, but also others in the pack. During a playful tussle as the pups often engaged in, Malakai's hind leg was wounded by his twin, and wanting swift revenge, Kai attacked his brother with a little more energy than he had planned. Rafael's whining after Kai's attack had prompted a swift scolding.

Jealousy soon infected Kai, and during one lazy, calm night, he snuck up on his sleeping brother and attacked, this time with the intention and force of an adult male. Rafael was fatally injured from Kai's bitter attack, and expecting something like a slap on the back from his Alpha father, having proven that he was the stronger and more deserving son, instead the Alpha banished him from the Pack, demanding his vengeful son never to return, forbidding him the use of his proud family name, before chasing Kai to the borders of their land.

Telling himself he would make an exceptional loner, given his obvious strength and cunning, Kai set off on a new path, towards new pastures and challenges.


Arrogance is one of Malakai's most defining features. He is the son of an Alpha, destined to one day lead his own pack - the strongest, most powerful pack above all others. Confidence burns like a fire through his veins, as does the one thing that has driven him since the moment he was born - competition. Winning is winning for Kai, the method at how one arrives there has little or nothing to do with the result.

Jealousy is also quick to flood his being. If there is something he wants and he cannot have it, his quick, hot-headed temper rears it's ugly head and more often than not, will land him in trouble for it. Kai has little patience, especially in the heat of battle, but in contrast, there are other times when he has infinate amounts of it, for example when hunting. Until the right moment presents itself, Kai can sometimes remain still and silent for hours.

When he was a pup, it was instilled in him the importance of the Pack, of taking care of others within the tight community, for one day, he may need their help or guidance or protection. Kai had soon scoffed at such notions - he wouldn't need anyone else's protection! However, after his banishment, he quickly came to realize just how important the Pack really is to one's survival.


Malakai's feral eyes are certainly the most striking thing about his appearance, his gaze piercing and determined, echoing his nature. Their yellow, almost unnatural hue also mirrors the fact that he prefers the form of his ancestors, the wild wolves of the Canadian borders as opposed to the more civilized forms of those that walk on two legs.

His long muzzle is adorned with a number of small nicks and scars from fighting, although he does not have many other battle scars as he is not used to losing.

His whole body is dark in tone, shades of blacks and dark greys often making him stand out in the snow-covered winters, though his paws are slightly lighter in shade. The only other part of his tones physique that carries a lighter tone is that on his underside, along his belly and chest. Kai's fur is short, which he finds easier to maintain, and while it doesn't bulk out his form much, his muscle definition is such that he doesn't believe he needs the help. He has stocky, broad shoulders and flanks, a constant reminder of his good stock but at the same time, a reminder of what his birthright should be.