Adonia Demos

Adonia Demos was a longtime member of New Dawn, formerly of Phoenix Valley and Ichika No Ho-en. She is the mother of Zalen Damaichu's sons, Kerrian Demos and Keylo Damaichu. After being demoted to Pariah and miscarrying her litter with Whispers Neonite, Adonia died in June 2013. Her body was found by her sons on the outskirts of New Dawn, mauled to death by either a cougar or a bear.[1]

Adonia Demos

Adonia and Zalen, by Nat
Date of BirthMarch 13, 2009
Date of Death~June 2013
Subspecies75% Canis lupus
25% Canis familiaris
Birth placeGreece
Current packNew Dawn

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Previous Pack

New Dawn

Joining date
Most Recent RankPariah
SignificanceDishonored Member

Ichika No Ho-en

Joining dateJuly 1, 2011
Most Recent Rank
SignificanceFounding Member

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateApril 6, 2010[2]
Previous RanksLoas, Genus, Tenens, Locum
Most Recent RankSenex


Joining dateMarch 21, 2010[3]

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1.  Personality

She can be shy at first, but soon comes out of it showing her true self. Adonia is actually quite silly, and odd. Ever since puphood she was deemed weird, and that does not bother her. She still is jumpy at times and can be easily made nervous when yelling is heard, along with when she senses others being upset or angry. Adonia will almost do anything to avoid upsetting others.

Don't let that fool you though, she knows fairly well what is wrong and right. She is not afraid to stick up for herself when it truly matters. Adonia is truly quite complicated, and to really get to know her personality one has to get to know her.

The young female is a sucker for romance. Anything romantic would quickly turn her into puddy, and have her crushing on the romantic. She is has a very tender heart and loves baby critters other than her own kind. She gets very awkward around puppies unsure how to react to them, but attempts to. This behavior of hers makes her doubt ever having pups of her own, making her be on the fence on the subject. Some days she would love pups then other days she says she will never have pups.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Lovers

Whispers Neonite, Zalen Damaichu, Ookami, Domonick

2.3  Acquaintances

Pendzez Zazkex[4], Pontiac D'Angelo, Jefferson Soul, Kian Tadhg, Ehno Marino, Shadowfang

3.  Appearance

She is kind of on the smaller side of height. In her full Optime Form she is only 6'7, in Secui Form she is 35 inches, then in Lupus Form she is 25inches, however, she is a little on the stocky side. Her fur is quite silky on the outer texture, then a very downy soft undercoat. At a glance one would not suspect she is not full blood wolf, however, once looked over it is obvious she is not all wolf. She is considered a black sable; her undercoat is white and she has an almost husky like printing. Her eyes are a very interesting color, and quite unique; turquoise near the pupil, and a dark blue gray on the outside, throughout the iris brown flecks are noticed when close up, face-to-face with her.

4.  History

She was born in Greece on March 13, 2009 to a husky/wolf mother and a pure wolf father. Life was great, she had an older brother who she followed and looked up to. He was born hours earlier than her, and seemed to always be prized. The other family members never really paid her much attention, he was always in their minds and thoughts. She felt that if she were to follow his footsteps she could get their attentions as well. As she came upon 2 months she began to realize that her father had always been more protective of her, and she began to lean more and more onto her father as her brother began to distance himself.

Just around that same time a fight broke out between her mother and father. She didn't quite understand, but felt she needed to protect her mother. In doing so, she bite her father's neck, he lashed back throwing her against a tree. When he realized what he did, he was startled. In his shocked state her mother took this time to leave. Forever, Adonia's brother was upset with their father, not because of what he did to his sister, but because he blamed their father for their mother leaving.

For two months their mother was gone, until one day they came back from a hunting lesson and there she was with gifts. Adonia did not care for the gifts, she missed her mother. Her brother soaked it all up. Taking both her and her brother, they lived with various lone wolves. After a few weeks their mother returned them to their brokenhearted father. From that point on their mother was in and out of their lives. When they did visit she was never with the same male for long. They all ended the same way with the other male abusing their mother.

Adonia and the red dog, by Requiem

All of this did not affect her the same way it did her brother, who became bitter and wild. That was the only thing that bothered Adonia, who did not lean on her mother as much as her Father. She could see the torn relationship between her father and brother, and how it hurt him. She didn't just lean on her father because of his stable life, but because her mother abused her throughout the visits; throwing things at her, playing mind-games, and embarrassing her around others. She never understood why her Mother did these things.

Eventually, Adonia told her mother she would no longer see her. She was 7 months when she did this. Things were rough for her around that time. She had a new 'mother' figure in her life, and she wasn't sure what to think of her. She wasn't mean to Adonia like her real mother but she didn't seem to understand Adonia's close relationship with her Father. She would always wedge herself between Adonia and her Father. The only thing that reminded her of how her and her Father had been was the stuffed human toy he had given her a day after her birth. A stuffed dog. It's ears red and so were the undersides of its paws, and the entire tail. Somehow though she managed to keep it nearly snow white. It's nose one time red but she had bit the red leather that had been covering the black nose.

At 9 months she said goodbye to her father as the new mother had not become his mate and she did not want Adonia around when she gave birth to his offspring afraid Adonia would become jealous and kill her pups. Adonia knew she wouldn't, but she left to make the woman happy, knowing ultimately it would make her father happy. Taking to sea, she landed upon Canada where she traveled until she came to the Nova Scotia. She wondered around until she found herself home within Phoenix Valley. It was a wonderful beginning to her new life.

In Phoenix Valley, she had met Domonick, a blackish brown wolf who she had befriended and at one point hoped to have become his mate. They became extremely close and she thought they would, but before it happened he had disappeared and she felt herself go into a dark hole within her mind. She began to become sucked into the negative feelings and thoughts she kept locked up deep within her, but as things felt like they would never change, and she'd be alone with a pack of so many, Echo came to the borders exploring. He seemed odd, but quite friendly. She thought he was trying to pursue her as a mate, or something of the like, but again it ended without such an outcome. Adonia didn't think anything of it, as within a few weeks after Echo had left, Ookami came to the borders of Phoenix Valley. He came seeking to join. He was quite handsome and strong looking. She felt herself instantly curious of him, but she didn't know he felt the same.

After months of being friends and going through ups and downs within the pack. A harsh winter, and so much to do on the Ranch of Phoenix, she couldn't tell you when exactly, but it was the most happy and exciting day of her life. Things though felt not right between them, but again so much was going on. Phoenix Valley was no longer, taken over by new leaders and dubbed a new name, and given a new location. Ichika Ho-en. She didn't care for the pack, but she stayed. Ookami was no longer around as much and Adonia was becoming once more depressed wondering why he wasn't around as much, and she didn't like her new job. She had never had to butcher anything when it was Phoenix..but Ichika was different. It only made things worst when she had to for a celebration. Ookami was no where...but he did show up for the celebration. He seemed upset too, but it wasn't the place to get caught up. She tried to find him afterward, but was no where to be found.

Adonia and her sons, colored by Nat

After a few months she realized he wasn't in the territory, she attempted to find him with little to no success. Trails were old and sometimes washed away by the harsh weather. She finally gave up thinking her mate was gone...just like Domonick. It wasn't until she was near a shore talking to a strange, but playful coyote that somehow her mate found her. She was so excited to be reunited with her long lost mate.

Things had taken an awful twist with her and Ookami. In late August she broke it off with the sweet and kind male. She was feeling neglected and couldn't handle it any longer. After a week or two she ran into him and decided to give him a chance to prove himself. During that period her and Zalen got to know what another. The alpha confessed that he might try and mate with her. Adonia was okay with it. After her season came Zalen stayed with his word. He again made sure she was okay with this. He staked his claim to her during that period and made it a point not to let any of the single males try anything with her. Adonia became pregnant with his litter. The alpha made sure they were his, verbally getting confirmation from her. After the realization sunk it Adonia made an attempt to find a den. She was beginning to feel the safety of her offspring was compromised by being near the communal den feeling that others weren't happy with Zalen and her producing offspring after the recent lost of the alphena's litter. With the lost of the alphas' litter came the lost of the alphena. Zalen had seemed to come to terms that the Alphena wasn't coming back. Adonia also in mourning it was just natural for them to seek one another's affection. Adonia felt the others didn't understand it, and hated her for this. This lead her to search for a den. While doing so she was attacked by a badger. Palaydrian one of her pack sister's came to her aid. Adonia feared the omega would be hurt and she acted to defend putting her safety and unborn at risk. It was a risky act that lead her face to become wounded.

After being demoted to Pariah and miscarrying her litter with Whispers Neonite, Adonia died in June 2013. Her body was found on the outskirts of New Dawn, mauled to death by either a cougar or a bear.