Ookami, by Vannah
Name MeaningWolf
Name OriginJapanese
Date of BirthNovember 7, 2009
Subspecies100% Canis himalayensis
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeShadow Strength pack
Current packCercatori d'Arte

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Previous Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateDecember 22, 2010[1]
Previous Rank(s)Loas, Genus, Locum

Shadow Strength

Joining dateNovember 7, 2009

Ookami was formerly a member of Phoenix Valley, Ichika No Ho-en, New Dawn, and Cercatori D'Arte. He was mated to Adonia Demos, but their tumultuous relationship finally ended when she willingly bore the pups of another male, Zalen Damaichu.


Ookami was born to a pack called Shadow Strength. The other members of his pack stared at Ookami with wondering eyes. He was a bright gold while the rest of them were black. In his pack the others seemed to be able to sort of, blend in with shadows. They all needed to be dark in coloring so that they were able to do that.

Very few people liked Ookami. They all considered him an outcast and he often was attacked by random packmates just because they got bored. Nobody allowed him to do any activities but Ookami made due. He showed off his strength in hunting and eventually was going out on hunts by himself. Everyone relied on him to bring the pack food. Ookami was hunting at the age of 6 months because he was big and strong enough to do so.

As he reached 7 and a half months he was leading the hunts. Eventually he gained the respect of a few fellow hunters, though they never shared this with Ookami or eachother. Growing up without any friends was difficult for Ookami. He was such a gentle and social wolf. No body ever did anything with him.

When he was eight months old he stood taller than the Alpha. By a lot actually. Probably by two feet. The Alpha was intimidated by the size but he didn't do anything to Ookami yet. He knew better than to pick a fight with the wolf that was bringing the pack food every other night.

When Ookami was 9 months old the Alpha finally got tired of not messing with him. He began to attack Ookami over the littlest mistakes. Often Ookami was so badly wounded that he would have to make a three day trip to a cave a ways away from the packlands to visit a Shawomen who always helped heal Ookami. That was the only friend that Ookami had. He would tell her all of his secrets and they would confide in eachother like Ookami never could with anyone else.

When Ookami was ten months old he was supposed to start training for his shadow ability. Ookami of course didn't posses this ability so the Alpha became angry and attacked him again. This time he beat Ookami up so bad that he couldn't make the trip to the Shawomen's cave. She had to come to him and heal him. She took him away from the packlands, pulling him with all her strength.

Ookami finally healed when he was eleven months old. The Shawomen didn't allow him to come back to the Shadow Strength pack so he traveled two months to the 'Souls land.

now-On Feburary 6, 2011 the Luperci virus was transfered to him in a rescue attempt. He had been buried in a collapsed tower and Jace Wolfe had saved him. She broke the skin as he was dragged for over half an hour away. A little of the virus was transfered then but it was complete when she began to clean his open wounds for him, transfering her saliva directley into his blood stream. He is barely ever caught in his Optime form and he favors his Lupas form. He finds that the Secui form comes in handy for hunting larger animals.

Ookami met a girl, Adonia Demos. Eventually they fell in love and decided to become mates. She disappeared for a while during the time they were apart of Phoenix Valley. She eventually came back. Soon though, PV would be merged with another pack to create Ichi No-Hoen where Ookami would follow with his mate and best friend, Jace. Adonia seemed to vanish again and Ookami stayed in the pack with Jace. Eventually he went out to find her, they were away from the lands for a while, but soon they ran into eachother again where they refreshed their mateship and joined New Dawn together, seeing as how their past pack had disbanded. Ookami wasn't around much, he was kind of missing his old life in Phoenix Valley and soon Adonia had had enough. She called off their mateship, leaving Ookami devastated. They met up a while later where Adonia said she would give him another chance. Ookami had joined Cercatori D'Arte in the time they were apart and it was hard for him to leave the pack to go and visit Adonia.. But when he did, he discovered she had mated with her alpha and was carrying his pups. He left in an angry state, eventually becoming a depression where he went into a state of self-harm. He cut anywhere he could and resulted in many scars. Him and Adonia had another meeting where he got the closure he needed to stop his self-harming. He is currently working on getting his body built back up, muscles and strength.


Ookami is very kind. He isn't afraid to stand up for himself or for someone else. He hates when people are being made fun of. He doesn't care how much people talk about him, but bring in his family or friends and Ookami is sure to attack. Ookami has a strange temper that rarely shows. People don't get on his nerves too easily but if someone doesn't make a good first impression to him his temper shows whenever he gets around them. He won't attack but he will often use harsh words and maybe even get up to a yell. He cares so much for his friends and family and isn't afraid to show his affection for them.




Jace Wolfe, J'adore Austral, Jefferson Soul.


Temo Wolfe, Carwyn Zazkex, Pendzez Zazkex.


Lucifer Sawtooth


Lupus 195 lbs. 4.5feet@shoulder. Secui 245 lbs. 5.5feet@shoulder Optime 350 lbs 8.11 feet Preferred Form: Lupus


Ookami is almost always in his Lupas form. Unless it is stated otherwise. He is a very large wolf, reaching about 4 and a half feet at his shoulder. His large paws are in comparison to his size. In his Lupas form Ookami weighs in at about 195 pounds. He has a very large build, muscles are packed onto his body. He has very thick fur all over his body. It is a deep orange color, fading down to a creamy color on his underside and legs. His eyes glow auburn and his tail is bushy and full. His ears stand up straight and are the same cream color inside of his ears. The back is golden orange though. Most of his muscle is hidden beneath his shaggy coat but during the summer when it thins out a bit you can see his muscles rippling under his skin. Ookami's nose is coal black and the fur around it is a milky-cream color.


Ookami's Secui form is also large. A lot bigger than his Lupas form. He easily reaches five and a half feet at the shoulder. His appearance doesn't really change when he shifts. Ookami likes to use this form to hunt, as it is easier to take down bigger prey. Ookami seems to get even more muscular in his Secui form. His build is almost doubled and when his fur gets wet his muscles are clearly defined. Ookami weighs in at around 245 pounds in his Secui form.


Ookami rarely is in this form unless it is absolutely necessary. He is quite tall and his fur is alot thinner, though it still keeps it's gold color. Ookami rarely slouches, unless trying to reach the height of another and when standing up straight he reaches 8 foot 11 inches at the tip of his head. When he does slouch though he reaches 7 foot 6 inches. Ookami weighs in at around 350 pounds in his Optime form. His hair is quite tame in this form, falling neatly to his shoulders. It can get shaggy at times but he likes to keep it neat..