Just me.
BirthdayDecember 10th
LocationCasper, WY
OccupationDomestic Goddess aka Mom

There's not a lot to say about me, really. I'm the proud mother of three girls: Judy, Tina, and Gibbs. I'm a pansexual, polyamorous, pagan woman. I love dying my hair, usually red. (Redheads have more fun, afterall.) If I have a character who does something or knows something, I study it so I know what they are talking about. I love painting my minis, and am always found doing that, or working on colors, or working on a new design. If I'm taking too long to reply to a thread please don't hesitate to poke me, whether it's over Discord or not. Feel free to add me on facebook!

Anyways, I've been on Souls off and on for forever. I joined back in April 2004 with a Mary sue named Kyler. My favorite character will always be Deuce, she's been the most fun to play, until she got older and mellowed out. I still love her, but she's old and crusty, and just needs to be shelved for a while.

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