J'adore Austral

J'adore Austral

Ledgendary J'adore Kiritar, by the equally ledgendary Kiri
Name MeaningLove The Stars (roughly)
Date of Birth3rd March 2008
Age3 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus signatus
50% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeSantander
Current packAniWaya
'Souls Profile
Archive Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateDecember 19, 2010
Joining RankGata Hineyu (Decmber 19 2010)
Most Recent RankOtlvna Gata (March 2nd 2010)

Previous Packs

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateJuly 25, 2010[1]

J'Adore, by Requiem

Austral Family Tree

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  1.   1.  Overview
    1.   1.1  History
    2.   1.2  Before 'Souls
    3.   1.3  'Souls
    4.   1.4  Pack Life
    5.   1.5  Love Life
    6.   1.6  Fights
    7.   1.7  Personality
  2.   2.  Skills
    1.   2.1  Relationships
  3.   3.  Family
  4.   4.  Friends
  5.   5.  Romances
  6.   6.  Enemies
    1.   6.1  Appearance
  7.   7.  Spirit Guide-

1.  Overview

J'adore Austral is the patriarch of the Austral Family.

1.1  History

1.2  Before 'Souls

His life was pretty boring before 'Souls... J'adore was born in Santander. He grew up quad-linqual (English, French, Spanish and Italian). He heard about the settlement of Luperci' in Nova Scotia, so decided he wanted to see it for himself. He made a quick stop in various places, including Maranello, before departing from Lisbon. While in Maranello, he lived in the abandoned Ferrari HQ, One day he was chasing a rat around the place, when he knocked a 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS from the jacks it was placed on. Fortunately, he was unharmed, apart from gaining a large scar. A few weeks after joining Crimson Dreams, he ran off, due to the fact he found it hard to stay still after his year of travel. He went to the Soviet countries, where he learnt various Soviet languages and then on to Santander.

1.3  'Souls

1.4  Pack Life

J'adore joined AniWaya on 19th Decembr 2010, joining the fire tending rank, he was promoted to the second rank on March 2nd 2011, a day before his 3rd birthday.

1.5  Love Life

He mated with Valinta and produced a pup named Gloria, sadly she was weak and born during a storm so she died. He also had drunken sex with his enemy Alaki, he still claims its rape. He is now mated with Mizu Kuin.

1.6  Fights

He had a fight with Alaki on the Quartz Coastline which spured hatred between the two. He fought again with Alaki when he came across Anathema's borders. He also had a drunk one night stand with him which he claimed was rape.

Ferrari 328 GTS, from Google

1.7  Personality

  • His Motto - 'Viventis', wihch means the living in Latin.

J'adore is laid back and generally a nice person. He has his mad moments, but he's caring, sensetive and knows theright thing to say whenever, probably except for when he's really angery or really sad, which is like never. He's strong in mind and body. His voice is exotic but unplaceable.

2.  Skills

Capable of High and Low speech.

2.1  Relationships

3.  Family

  • Sire- Jandro Austral.
  • Dam- Ayanette Austral (Da Scene).
  • "Mate"- Mizu Kuin
    • "Children"-
  • By Mizu-
  • By Valinta

Gunnar (M, adopted) Gloria (F, Deceased) Graie de los Justos LeStrange

  • By Graie

Adelindis LeStrange-Austral (F)

  • ''Siblings'- León Austral, Isla Austral, Arena Austral
  • 'Neices & Nephews''- (León Austral X Kailypso Da'lykina) Analise Austral (F), Neerona Austral (M). Ayasha (By mutual agreement XD)

4.  Friends

5.  Romances

Girlfriend- Mizu Kuin Ex-Girlfriend - Valinta LeStrange

6.  Enemies

6.1  Appearance

Reference sheet by Kiri J'adore, in his Lupus form is a thin, dainty wolf with a tidy head and tapered muzzle. His legs are thin, yet are able to pack a punch. In his Secui form he bulks up significantly, his neck thickens and so does his legs, however the are still thin by some standards, especially his front legs. His muzzle widens and a thick dark mane grows down to his shoulders. His tail also becomes much fluffier. In Optime form, he is tall and thin, with hidden muscle and strong legs. His hair is cut uneven and roughly. His colouration in all of his forms consists of a thick, very dark chocolate dorsal stripe that colours his mane. It starts between his eyes, in a V shape and slides down his neck and back, finally covering the top of his tail. ON his shoulders there are small wing-shaped patches that run into his dorsal stripe. His main coat colour is a gingery brown colour covering everywhere his dorsal stripe doesn't. His stomach is pure white, a large patch that extends from the base of his neck to the back of his hind legs, stretching up from his belly to his side. Additionally, his eyes are a milky white and his nose is a chocolate-black to match his stripe, as are the rims of his ears and the flick under his eyes. His footpads are a light pink colour and he bears a large scar down the left side of his face. He is a lithe, elegant and thin wolf, but oddly strong, not the strongest though. His speed is phenomenal, he can out run most cainines.

7.  Spirit Guide-

Ptitsa, from Google
  • Name- Ptitsa
  • Name Meaning- 'Bird' in Bulgarian
  • Gender- Female
  • Species- Peregrine Falcon
  • Personality- She treats J'adore like a young boy. She acts likes his guardian and takes care off him well. Will generally help other canines aswell and will show herself to anybody.
  • Appearance- Regular Peregrine Falcon.

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