Adelindis LeStrange-Austral

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Adelindis LeStrange-Austral


Adelindis LeStrange-Austral is a severely mentally ill woman with a history of violence hailing from Spain, the product of incest, and looking for meaning in her life.

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Basic Info

Date of Birth25 Oct 2019
FamilyLeStrange, Austral
BirthplaceSantander, Spain



  • Nickname: Alsa, Lindi
  • Pronunciation: Ah-duh-LIND-iss Luh-strange Ow-strahl
  • Etymology: Noble linden tree (Ancient German), The strange, Stars
  • Epithet:
  • Alias: Blanquita (loner)


25% C.l communis
37.5% C.l signatus
37.5% C.l lupus

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  • Speech: Adelindis has a shockingly deep voice for a woman, and a thick Spanish accent. She tries to think before she speaks, and at times she is successful -- at others she is very much not.
  • Scent: Packs What does your character smell like? Maybe they don't bathe that much?
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She is very expressive and frequently talks with her hands. She braids and unbraids small sections of her hair when she's nervous.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Adelindis always stands extremely still, but a careful eye can see that she is always prepared to move in an instant if need be. She is aware of and well-versed in dominance/submission nonverbal communication and acts suitably for her rank -- for the most part.


Color Palette


Twilight (#EADBE8)
Bon Jour (#797b81)


Lemon (#fae80b)
Fog (#d9d2ff)
Melrose (#c8c0fd)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Terracotta (#e47165)
Carnation Pink (#ffa3b7)

Physical Appearance


Adelindis is, first and foremost, exceptionally large. She towers over most at 7'1" and has the bulk to fill out her height proportionally. Thanks to her entirely wolven genetics, she is built solidly with strong muscle beneath her long, plush fur. Her fur is entirely a soft pale grey color with a glossy white sheen, making her fur a stunning white that, in shadow, appears tinged with lavender. She is somewhat vain about her fur, as it is very soft and smooth in texture, and feathers out at her cheeks, elbows, and calves/ankles. She spends a portion of her day combing out the feathering to ensure it doesn't mat, and often braids them to protect them.

Her hair is long and has a slight wave to it but is mostly straight, and hangs down to well below the middle of her back. It is very thick and voluminous, and she typically keeps it with just the top part braided back behind her ears, or puts all of it into an elaborate braided style reminiscent of Viking plaiting, though that is typically only for occasions in which she needs to dress up. Her left eye is a bright lemon yellow, and she is missing her right eye. A large number of claw scars are on the right side of her face and cheek, with a lesser number of them on the right side of her neck. She also has some matching claw scars along the left side of her cheek. Her left ear is pierced twice and she wears simple golden hoops.

Adelindis is very humanized and almost always wears clothes. In her backpack she has a couple items of clothing that she rotates through and takes very good care of, as she does not know how to sew to repair them if they are damaged. She almost always wears a large, dark olive green canvas jacket with any outfit she wears. The exterior has been painstakingly coated with wax to make it water resistant and she hopes to find someone who can sew a fur lining to the interior.


100 lbs (45.4 kg)
39 in (99 cm)
Adelindis is almost never in her Lupus form as she prefers Secui for her four-legged business.


155 lbs (70.3 kg)
48 in (121 cm)
Her Secui form is not typically taken, but if she has to use four legs, she prefers this form and shifts somewhat beyond "halfway" to have greater range of motion and articulation in her shoulders.


255 lbs (115.6 kg)
7 ft 1 in (85 in / 215.9 cm)
Adelindis is almost always in her Optime form as she prefers fighting with her tomahawks and the greater ease of access to the world around her with hands and thumbs.



by somebody, probably

Adelindis's personality is affected deeply by the madness that has tainted her familial line. We know the malady as Borderline Personality Disorder, whereas to her and others like her, it has no name.

She often feels directionless, empty, and like there is no greater meaning to her life. She has searched for meaning in other people, believing that she herself is an empty vessel designed to be utilized by someone else for a greater purpose. She is not subservient nor submissive, but she feels a deep, desperate need to be in a position of taking care of someone. Her sense of self is incredibly unstable and her self-esteem is almost nonexistent due to this belief. She has a long history of unstable, intense relationships with the people around her, and often vacillates between idealizing and despising them, an act known as splitting. This has led to her often being left by the people that she has split on, leaving her broken-hearted and desperately attempting to prevent abandonment, whether it is real or she is just imagining it. She is also prone to a violent temper that is at times triggered by seemingly nothing, and while the anger often passes quickly, she struggles to remember what, exactly, it was that angered her. She knows that in group settings, especially packs, she must restrain her anger, so she has been working on methods to try and calm herself -- with mixed success. Due to the psychosis she experiences, Adelindis struggles at times knowing what is and isn't real, and tends towards her worsening temper as a way to try and protect herself from her confusion. She also dissociates somewhat frequently, and experiences extreme, fast-changing mood swings that sometimes exhaust her.

Outside of the symptoms of her mental illness, she tends to be calm, optimistic, and a little shy. She prioritizes happiness above all else, and believes that love is something that will cure her of all her problems and woes. She is extremely romantic and longs to woo someone and have a lifelong relationship. She believes she would be a good mother, but fears the possibility of passing down the madness she, and her mother, and her mother before her all shared. She also has a flair for the dramatic and tends to speak with extreme gravitas and with flowery language.


  • Observant: Adelindis is extremely observant to the point of hypervigilance. This extends to situational awareness as well as watching others around her, and she is typically able to notice tiny quirks or behaviors others tend not to.
  • Chameleon: After a lifetime of being rejected and excluded, she is a master at adopting the personality traits of people around her to better fit into a situation.
  • Emotionally Manipulative: She is very good at making people feel bad for her and taking advantage of people who want to help her.


  • Codependent: Once someone has become important to her or formed any kind of long-term relationship with her, she cannot exist without them and forms as close to a symbiotic relationship as she possibly can.
  • Temperamental: She has an extremely fast and extremely violent temper and sometimes blacks out in her anger. She struggles to remember why she was even ever angry in the first place.



  • Emotional Disposition:
  • Sociability:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • Is not concerned with politics, most likely.
    • Will keep her word, generally.
    • Has few close friends and would never betray those she has, unless circumstances are dire.
    • Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.
    • Will take risks if the benefits are great.
  • Tropes:


  • Packs: None (yet?)
  • Species: She isn't prejudiced against them, but coyotes make her nervous due to how much smaller than her they tend to be.
  • Non-Luperci: She doesn't understand why someone wouldn't want to be able to shift, but harbors no ill will towards them.
  • Gender: She finds it somewhat difficult to trust men due to the way they have treated her in the past.
  • Color: None (yet?)
  • Sexuality: None.
  • Age: Same as coyotes, Adelindis is somewhat uncomfortable around children just because of their small size.


Adelindis is firmly bisexual, experiencing attraction in equal measure to males and females. She is mostly drawn specifically to people that are kind to her or who make her feel as though she is serving a purpose.


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Familial Relationships


Littermates: Fridebraht LeStrange-Austral?, Godefrid LeStrange-Austral (deceased)
Paternal half sibling: Graie de los Justos-LeStrange?
  • Extended:

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  • Parents:
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Other Relations



Minor Relations

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  • Friendly: Salsola
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


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Adelindis has a large backpack in which she keeps her possessions, found below.

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Before Adelindis, there was her mother, and before her mother was her grandmother. had fled 'Souls territory and fled south, seeking fairer weather and a fairer life. She met a coyote, a kind man, and they wed. In late 2014, Valinta and her mate were traveling in Spain, where they had moved, and she stumbled upon a face from her past. , her first love, was in the same area, and they met. They met many times.

When she realized she was pregnant, she begged her mate to take her back across the sea and to America. They moved to the southern part of the United States, and settled down. In 2015, a litter of three was born. Two sons and a daughter, Graie. Valinta was a very distant mother, traumatized from her past and crippled by her own mind. The children were raised more by their father than mother, and as they grew, it became obvious that one of them was not truly his. The two boys were a mix of coyote and wolf, Graie purely wolf. He still loved her and raised her.

In 2017, Valinta commit suicide for reasons unknown, and left notes for her children. Graie's note carried an apology, an explanation, and a puzzle piece shaped pendant. With the knowledge of her true father and a pendant he would recognize, Graie set off to find J'adore. In 2018, Graie, with another version of the same mental illness as her mother festering secretly beneath the surface, found him. He knew she was Valinta's daughter, she looked so much like her mother, but she kept secret that he was her father. She had become obsessed with understanding her mother, desperate to know why her childhood was the way that it was, and decided the only way to understand was to become. She seduced J'adore and bore him a litter of three in late October, 2019.

Adelindis and her elder brother, Fridebraht, were large, healthy pups, but the younger brother Godefrid was sickly and weak. He survived long enough for the three of them to be old enough to shift, but he was too weak for it. He died in May of 2019, and Adelindis was heartbroken. Her older brother was a bully and her mother only cared about keeping her father's attention. When the two of them were a year old, in October 2020, Graie began planning their future with each other. She revealed to them that she was secretly J'adore's daughter, and that she intended for her children to enter into an incestuous matehood, believing it to be the best way for her family to stay together. Fridebraht was on board with their mother's plan, but Adelindis wanted nothing to do with it, disgusted and scared at the revelation and its implications. She fled in the night, having packed a suitcase full of prized possessions -- including her mother's puzzle piece necklace -- she wanted to take with her.

A grueling journey over the sea later, and Lindi was in new territory far away from her mother's terrible insanity and the well from which is sprang, unaware that her grandmother lived most of her life there. Adelindis traveled around, going from group to group, settlement to settlement, either running away for feeling rejected or being pushed out for her oddness. She experienced fugue states and acting without knowledge, coming back to herself and seeing a destroyed room or a sleeping lover or some other thing she didn't remember doing. In lieu of fixing whatever malady slunk about in her head, Lindi decided to pick up a hobby. She bartered for three fine tomahawks and spent all her time practicing until she became a master with the weapons, and with the newfound confidence of being able to protect herself and have something to focus with, she decided, in the late summer of 2021, to head further north, to a land she had heard talked about, called 'Souls.


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