Austral Family

The Australs are a small family stemming from Santander in the north of Spain. They are quadrilingual, fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian. The founding 'Souls member was J'adore Austral, a wolf in AniWaya. His brother Leon Austral is his second in command, and soon followed him to Canada.

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  3.   3.  History
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Austral Family Statistics

Total Members—10
Surviving Members—8
Active Members—0

Austral Family Foundation

First Member Location—Crimson Dreams
First Member Date—25 July 2010
First Member Name—J'adore Austral
First Birth Location—AniWaya
Founding Parents—Mizu Kuin x J'adore Austral
Founding Birth Children—Ferrari Austral, Iskander Austral, Subaru Kuin, Acallar Austral
Founding Birth Date—23 July 2011

Austral Family Tree

1.  First Generation

2.  Second Generation

3.  History

3rd March 2008, J'adore Austral was born alone, to Ayanette and Jandro Austral. In January 2011 he mated with Cercatorian, Valinta LeStrange. The union produced a single pup, Gloria Austral, who was albino. Who died shortly after birth, but giving enough time for the trio to bond and for her to be named. Only leading to more heartache. Gloria was born in the midst of a huge snowstorm, which may have played a part in her death. They adopted a male pup named Gunnar and later on another female pup, who was killed by Argul Razekel, who injured Valinta. After this Valinta took Gunnar and left for Russia. J'adore then became mates with Mizu Kuin and shortly after had a litter of four, two were murdererd by their uncle minutes after their birth, a male and a female and a living pair, the female named Ferrari and the male named Iskander.

February 9th 2009 Atanette and Jandro had another litter of two boys and one girl named, Arena, León and Isla. León later went on to produce a litter of 2 with an Italian female in 2010 only one of which survived, the strain of the birth also taking the female into death with her son. As soon as Analise was old enough to travel León took her across the ocean to find their missing family.

August 6th 2010 Ezio Soldato is born alone to Ayanette and Strategia Soldato after Ayanette is kidnapped and returned to the land of her birth where the arranging mating she had run from was forced upon her.

3.1  Traditions

4.  Tallado Encanto

Some Austral's have a charm which depicts an animal sacred to them. Normally it is just the person contributing the Austral genes, but Ayanette Austral Da-Scene was given one on the acception of her mateship to Jandro. This is an optional tradition. The are named by translating the name of the animal (Bull) into the Spanish equivalent (Toro). Charms are usually either put on chains or rope to use as jewelery, kept in a bag with their owner or kept in a safe place in the owner's home.

Known Charms-

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