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Liev Ivanovich Morozov was born into Czarova, a militaristic pack at the ruins of Tiksi, in the northern shores of Russia. During one of his meditations, he heard a calling in the cold wind, telling him to leave and head east. Believing it to be General Winter, a spirit of the north, he obeyed, and thus began his career as an unknowngly Knights Errant. After some wandering, he came to Nova Scotie, where he was a member of Anathema from December 2010 to May 2011, after which he left to Northern Canada after hearing the call of General Winter again.

He had plenty of adventures, but the most recent one had him join a pack of feral wolfdogs close to the Hudson Bay, and thanks to his skills and knowledge, Liev quickly worked his way to second-in-command and military expert, until a rebellion caused him to be attacked and seriously wounded. He was rescued by a couple of loyalist survivors, including his squire, Sandra. After healing from his injuries, Liev led them south and away from those warring lands. Liev returned to Nova Scotia, where now he just wants to find a place where he can live out what is left of his days in peace.






  • Date of Birth: 03 Jan 2005
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Wanderer
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Packs (DD MON YYYY)
  • Rank: Rank (DD MON YYYY)
  • Family: Morozov
  • Birthplace: Tiksi, Russia
  • Species: Wolf
  • Subspecies:



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Liev
  • Grumpy old man butt

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Liev is a wolf, born and raised among the freezing tundras, and it shows.
  • Fur: Thick and heavy coarse fur all around, even his summer coat is dense and he's sometimes forced to trim it down so he won't overheat.
    • Optime Hair: Once worn in a short style, the straight locks now grow long and usually tied up in a ponytail.
  • Facial Features: His face has strong and squarish features, most of the sharpness in them hidden by his fur.
  • Build and Size: Big, thick and muscular, even under all his fur Liev has a large frame, wide sholders and a heavy physique. He gains both fat and muscle fairly easily.
    • Lupus: Every bit the big wild wolf, he has wide paws for treading on snow, shorter legs and tail, and a bulky body. His ears are large for one of his kind, but they have yet to cause him too much trouble during the cold seasons.
    • Secui: The already thick fur grows massively dense along his neck, making it double in size, and goes shaggy on the back of his limbs, tail and shoulders. His paws grow wider and larger still, and his fangs poke out from his lip on the upper jaw. Because of the longer fur, some of his markings grow a bit more accentuated.
    • Optime: Buff and large, he tends to tower over most luperci, even when he's shorter than them, if only because of his confident and authoritarian posture.
  • Humanization: Medium - Liev is literate and is fluent on four languages, knows how to use multiple weapons, has body modifications and on occasion wears acessories. In recent years, he has adapted to a more feral lifestyle.


  • Fur:
    • Manatee with Quill Gray undersides
  • Markings:
    • Gallery fetlocks over Manatee socks
    • Silver Rust and Sisal gradients on flanks, tighs and tail
    • Copper and Muesli ears
    • Storm Gray over shoulders, back of neck and tail
  • Eyes: Smoky
  • Optime Hair: Sisal with Quill Gray and Gallery highlights
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Fuscous Gray


Storm Gray (#6e6e89)
Manatee (#8f8f91)
Quill Gray (#d9dad6)
Gallery (#ebebeb)
Sisal (#d7d0b9)
Silver Rust (#c8c1b9)
Copper (#9e6d33)
Muesli (#ac885d)
Smoky (#62547e)
Fuscous Gray (#545453)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Very faded scarifications on his left shoulder with Captain rank and the Lacerta quarter marker, from his birthpack.
    • Left side of face, over the muzzle, under the eye and towards the temple.
    • Large scar tissue from a tearing bite on right side of face, leaving traces on nose, cheek and temple; eye was torn out and scarred shut.
    • Right ear with torn edges.
    • Heavy scarring on right arm, from a mangling bite.
    • Many scars on left flank, shoulder and arm, from claw attacks.
    • A few smaller scars on right hip and left ankle.
  • Piercings:
    • Pierced ears and nose ring; no longer ears them.
  • Tattoos: None


Even before he he left Nova Scotia, Liev wore very little clothing and acessories. Only a scarf and a belt for his dagger and axe; now he doesn't even wear those. His piercings have closed up from lack of use.

Jewelry and Accessories: None

Clothing: None


109 lbs (49,5 kg)
40 in (101 cm)


Used sparingly, not as often as the others

160 lbs (72,5 kg)
50 in (127 cm)

Secui (Preferred)

Most used in recent years, and has grown comfortable with its bulky size.

280 lbs (127 kg)
7ft 1in (85 in / 216 cm)


Second most used form, usually when training with weapons or hand-in-hand, or doing something that requires hands.


  • Speech: Usually speaks with a croaky and deep voice, but when happy and laughing, it grows rich and pleasant. His words have a mixture of Russian and Canadian accent, which may sometimes be hard to understand, so he takes his time to enunciate his words.
  • Scent: Rust, cold, pine, musk, smoke.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: His expressions and gestures are very subtle and calculated, and hard to notice when not used to them. Licks the torn side of his mouth often in a tic. Sometimes his scars itch, and he has to do something with his hands to avoid scratching them too hard.
  • General Posture and Body Language: A proper military brat, he has a straight and proper posture, with shoulders back, wide stance and head tall. Even in Lupus and Secui, he cuts a dominant posture, tail usually held slightly up when not level to the ground. He has fluid and controlled motions, like he's aware of every single movemen his body makes. Even when his battle wounds trouble him, he doesn't show his pain or discomfort, at best only slowing his pace.

2.  Personality

Old Master · Sergeant Rock · Genius Bruiser · The Strategist · The Quiet One · Dented Iron · Good Is Not Soft · Brutal Honesty

Liev is wise, astute, and incredibly smart. Old age has not dulled his mind and tongue, and even though he could work on his deliveries, he has a humorous attitude. He may seem closed-off and stoic at best of times, but once you get used to his subtle cues and expressions, you'll find him a very agreeable and amicable old man. He is stern and grave when it comes to his students, serious to a fault and not accepting any fooling around when on the clock, but when he's not on duty, he's like a father to his men, caring and almost dotting on his younger pupils. He has a gentle heart to those weaker than him, and a respectable approach to those who are stronger. Honorable, but has been known to get dirty when he needs to in order to win a fight. Liev doesn't talk much and never indulges in small talk, but with a little prompting, he could go on and on about a subject if the listener is willing to learn.

2.1  Ideals


Intelligent, wise, honorable, fair, kind-hearted, hard-boiled, stern.

  • Outlook: Realistic, but slightly paranoid, and tends to always prepare for the worse.
  • Sociability: Introverted and emotionally-stable, slightly asocial, shies away from crowds.
  • Expression: Dominant, assertive, calm and stoic, a steady rock to lean against in troubled times.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral



  • Being alone: Liev has wandered through life and flashed through the lives of many people, but he was never truly alone. To live the rest of his days alone and forgotten takes away his sleep at night.
  • A Painful Death: He knows it's coming, but he has suffered and struggled through enough; all he wants is to go gentle to that good night.


  • Packs: Still has a soft spot for Anathemans, and might take it easier on them and try to talk first.
  • Color: Brown and black eyes in males give him painful memories, and may set off a wave of shell-shocked flashbacks.
  • Age: He can't help but feel a little jealous of luperci in the prime of their youth, and gets bitter when he sees them waste it all with trivialties like drugs and senseless hedonism.


Demisexual. Liev have laid with very few partners, and never mated nor had any children, too enamored by his work to care enough to pursue a romantic or sexual life. Most flirting goes right over his head, unless it's very blatant. He usually finds an excuse to refuse any proposition, or just downright says "thanks but no thanks".


  • Likes: Quiet companionship, bitter tea, bladed weapons, teaching, training, meditating, mild days, music
  • Dislikes: Hot days, noisy people, closed and crowded spaces, rusted spaces, his scars


Liev detests to impair himself with mind-altering substances, and frowns on those that overindulge themselves and put others and themselves at risk for it. Once upon a time he could drink moonshine just fine, but he has grown unnacostumed to alcohol. When his scars pain him too much, he chews on willow bark.


Liev believes in spirits and demons, but has a more eclectic view of them. He believes these spirits are as much separate beings from mortal ones, as they are a part of our minds and souls. A manner of spiritual miasma that envelops all creatures, and can also be projected by them into the world. A particularly angry luperci may sprout multiple wrath imps about them, a depressed can will many grief and sorrowful spirits into existence, and so on. He believes that it is the mastery of the mind that can control and bind such spirits into doing one's bidding. Spells, curses, hexes, and potions can help to target these beings more precisely. Alchemy and the process of the Great Work is but one path to master oneself.

3.  Liev's Companions

3.1  Sandra Tremblay

(Click for Ref)


Species Wolfdog
Date of Birth DD Month YYYY
Gender Female
Alignment Lawful Good



Sani, Lioness


"Protector of man", "of a place with aspen trees"


Liev's latest adventure saw him settle down with a pack of feral wolf-dominant hybrids by the Hudson Bay. He quickly rose to the rank of General thanks to his skills and knowledge, which quickly set the pack apart from the others. As they grew more militaristic, the Alpha went into a wave of conquests of nearby lands, raiding and plundering as they went. Knowing that this lifestyle would bring trouble, Liev counselled him to prepare. Two months later, the Alpha presented to him one of his bastard pups from one of his many adulterous relations and said "Here, teach this one what you know, so it may be my bodyguard." And thus, Liev found himself with an apprentice and squire in his paws. Despite being an heiress to the Alpha position, she was hardly noticed by her siblings, since she was the Generel's runt now. Liev was probably the only one who showed her even an ounce of respect and recognition, so she took to her role as his apprentice with all her heart.

During a very lean winter that sowed much discontent on the pack's rans, there was a rebellion and attempted coup led by one of her half-siblings and some of the conquered leaders that were allowed to live through the wars. The rebels ambushed the young girl and commanded that she be the one to kill or cripple Liev. Without him, there would be no challenge to killing the Alpha and usurp his kingdom. She couldn't say no, but she could not do this to her general and teacher. As soon as she met with Liev again, she told him everything and begged them to leave. Duty forbade him from leaving his post, but he had heard General Winter's call again. He agreed reluctantly, but only if they could bring the Alpha along. The rebels soon learned of her betrayal and tried to stop them. Sandra she tasted her first battle out of necessity. They barely managed to escape with their lives, though she had to decide on saving the Alpha or saving Liev, who was seriously wounded.

During his recovery and the travel south, she never left his side, and doesn't seem close to doing that anytime soon.





93 lbs (42 kg)
37 in (93 cm)

170 lbs (77 kg)
48 in (121 cm)

270 lbs (122 kg)
7ft 0in (84 in) (213 cm)

A shaggy-furred wolf in all matters, save the obvious traces of dog lineage in the colors of her fur and her pinkish nose and toes. She's a large and bulky canine beneath the thick pelt, but among her homeland she was rather average. (Armor Ref)

In her halfling form, Sandra grows bigger than expected based on her lupus form. The mane grows fluffier around her neck, but longer and shaggier on the top and back of her head, ressembling her optime mane. Her paws grow large and wide, and her loppy gait makes her look like a prowling puma. Her canines grow large enough to poke out of her lips and barely graze her chin. (Armor Ref)

Muscular and athletic, the muscles half hidden by her thick fur. Her mane remains short on her throat but grows progressively longer as it reaches to her spine, into shaggy wisps that grow all the way to the middle of her back. Her paws and hands grow larger still, and has a hunched posture and bent legs, like she's moments away from going to back to four-legged mode. (Armor Ref)


Little Miss Badass · Tomboy · Undying Loyalty · Right Makes Might · Honor Before Reason · Ensign Newbie · The Determinator

Sandra is obedient and disciplined without being a doormat, following orders of her superiors like it's second nature, except when it's not. She's not one to question orders, but when she finds something doesn't agree with her fiercely strong sense of morals, she'll point it out as kindly as she can. After a a humble 'permission to speak, sir?', of course. Sandra is very stubborn, in that once she sets her mind to do something, she'll walk through hell and back in order to do it. And don't bother trying to talk her out of it, you'll only fan her motivation. Despite her unshakeable belief that doing the right and honorable thing is her duty, she understands it's not exactly the easy thing to do. Mostly because she's slowly noticing that world is just shades of gray rather than black and white. Having to choose between her father and her mentor showed her that in a particularly cruel way, but she doesn't regret her choice; only that she was forced to choose. As such, she believes that everyone has a fate. Not that one's life is completely out of their control, but that they are fated to live certain things that are out of their control to stop. They postpone them, but never avoid them completely. Given her mostly feral upbringing, she's fairly unknowledgable of humanized lifestyles, and things such as tattoos, intricate clothing, music instruments and oher languages are alien to her. She doesn't look down on these things, just plain doesn't understand them and tends to avoid them. Humanized gestures and expressions fly over her head very often, and tends to communicate more with actions than words.


Wherever Liev is, so is she. Sandra doesn't like to leave him along for any stretch of time, but will do so if he commands.

4.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

4.1  Family: Families

4.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

5.  Skills and Inventory

5.1  Abilities

Fighting and Combat

  • Education and Learning: Thanks to its militarisctic influences, he learned many combat tehcniques in his birthpack, which through the years he has practiced and expanded upon.
  • Bladed weapons (Master): Short or longswords, hand axes, and daggers. Just put a blade in his hands, and he'll make it dance.
    • Smithing (Journeyman): Knows enough to sharpen and fix minor damages to metal blades in a pinch.
  • Archery (Master): An amazing shot in all ranges, prefers composite bows over longbows.
  • Hand-to-hand (Master): He doesn't need weapons to fight, and uses a patchwork of disciplines seen in military hand-to-hand combat training.
  • Feral (Master): Favoring Secui, he knows what he's body is capable of. How hard to bite, where to scratch, when to swipe a heavy paw.
  • Strategy (Master): A cunning and analytical mind that prepares for everything, and is always at least five moves ahead of you.
  • His battle wounds make it hard for him to actively participate in combat, so the lack of practice and sparring duels are starting to rust him a little bit.
  • Liev is still adapting to his single eye, so his shot isn't quite what it was before.

Magic and Alchemy

  • Education and Learning: Taught some spells in his birthpack to aid in combat, has expanded upon this after he joined Anathema. Blending his esoteric and toxicology knowledges, you have powerful tools to demoralize your enemies and gather strength and vigor to your own troops.
  • Toxicology/Poison-making (Master): Can recognize a number of poisonous plants, and how to turn them into poisons and toxins.
  • Curses and hexes (Journeyman): Throw your enemy a choice curse or hexing powder, sike devils to haunt his dreams through his drink, whatever it takes to give you an advantage.
  • Voodoo (Apprentice): Liev learned a few spells while in Anathema, and adapted them into his previous rituals for greater effect.
  • The lack of proper tools and apparatus to deal with most toxic plants in recent years has him a bit rusty on the practical act of poison-making.

Survival Skills

  • Education and Learning: Life happens son, these things you either learn or you die.
  • Hunting/Tracking (Master): He's been doing this for sometime, he can find and catch get his own meal and enough for others as well. Has lead sucessful bear and moose hunts.
  • Navigation (Journeyman): Can find his way through some rough terrain or weather. at least enough to find a safe place to stay until conditions get better.
  • Low-speech (Journeyman): He has a basic to average understanding of some dialects, and can get a general idea of what is being said most of the times. Mostly birds, herding prey, rodents, and felines.


  • Education and Learning: You don't live this long without picking up a few things here and there, you know?
  • Reading/writing (Master): Has been reading since he was a pup and writing since he could shift his paws into hands.
  • Multilingual (Apprentice): Can read in English, Russian, French, Chinese and a bit of Latin.
  • Music - Trumpet (Journeyman): It's been years since he's played, but there's still time to shake off the rust.
  • Astrology (Dabbler): Can recognize a handful of constellations in the sky, but he sometimes mixes up the names.
  • Books in languages other than English are hard to come by, so he hasn't had much pratice.
  • He's lost his trumpet during his travels, so unless he finds another or learn a new pipe instrument, there goes his soloist career :,c

5.2  Inventory


Liev knows jack about trading for a profit, but you can ask for things or some service and he'll ask for other things in return, they talk and work it out.

  • Offering: Assorted lessons, poisons, raw animal products, spells
  • Accepting: Weapons, herbs (healing or poisonous), tools for potion-making, other stuff (?)



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6.  History

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