Fia Marino-Knight (ADOPTABLE)

Fia is currently up for adoption.

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Fia Marino-Knight

Fia, by Kiri
Former PlayersSunny, Brianna
Name OriginItalian
Date of BirthOctober 31, 2010
Age~ 3 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCrimson Dreams
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateOctober 21, 2011
SignificanceFounding member

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateOctober 31, 2010
SignificanceBirthpack; member

Fia Marino-Knight is the daughter of Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. She was born into Crimson Dreams and followed her family to Casa di Cavalieri.


Fia was born to Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight in October 2010 in Crimson Dreams. As a pup, Fia always loved to romp around and get down and dirty with her brothers. She was a big ball of trouble, always loving to explore and wonder off. She's the only female of her litter, so she was a bit of a tomboy.

As a young teenager, Fia began to mature and become more of a girly-girl, thanks to her mother. Her brothers began to take on different interests in boyish things, which left Fia alone. Having her sister not being around and just brothers, the young Knight looked to other faes in Crimson Dreams to play with and explore with. Though, at one point, the Aniwayans came and attacked. They had managed to capture Fia along with others. Ever since then, Fia has been scarred and wont ever forget the memory. It still haunts her in her dreams, day dreams. It still floats about in her mind, teasing her. It was horrifying, not knowing what was happening or if she was going to die. That was what scared her the most. Was if she was going to die or not. The girl was confused at why her father didn't just come and kill everyone, saving her and the others.

Managing to slowly recover from the incident, Fia grew into a beautiful young adult. She's still pretty much a pup at heart, but she is mature enough. In the last stages of finally recovering from her kidnap, her parents split. Fia was devastated. Even the mention of the word 'love' would make her break out and start crying. She felt as if the split was her fault, because she hadn't been a good enough daughter for her mother. The Knight girl couldn't understand why her mother had left. Why her mother had stopped loving them. Why her mother said goodbye.

Soon, the girl began to recover. Her heart still hurt, and of course still fragile, but it was taped and sewn together. Soon, the realization of needing to step up and be the strong, responsible woman she is set it. Her father left and made a new pack, with new opportunities, and a new life. Jazper had always had the dream of being an Alpha of his own pack, his own family. Fia saw that as a chance to start a new life, recover and get away from the hurt and reminders of what was and left Crimson Dreams. There, she met a loner named Gunnar, and at first sight, they fell in love. The head-over-paws-in-love girl convinced the brute to join the pack, so he did. After hours of twirling her paws in her hair, blushing, going out for walks, laughing, giggling, Gunnar finally told her that he loved her. Recently, he proposed to little Fia and she happily accepted. With the past in the past, the fae could finally move on. Of course the hurt and pain of what was still was a dull ache in her heart, but it was often forgotten about.

The young woman is ecstatic to think of what may lie for the couple in the future. Though, she's unsure of how her family is taking it, especially her father, Jazper, and her brothers, Lorenzo and Tony. Hopefully life will be as simple and happy as she hopes it will be with her new found love. That's what she had wanted, right? A simple, happy life. Free of tears. Free of pain. Free of heartache. Of course Fia still greatly misses her mother and her birth home, though life in this new pack is a new adventure, a new place just waiting to be opened and read. Sometimes, she'll often daydream about how life is back in Crimson Dreams and wonder what would have happened if she had stayed. Does she want to go back? Maybe, only to visit and say hi. But she's happy in her new home. Safe, sound, and surrounded in the loving, strong arms of her precious Gunnar, which the two are now happily married and loving life.


Fia is a loving girl, with a kind and caring heart. She loves life. You'll find her in the forest, picking flowers or just sitting and enjoying her surroundings. The girl is a former pup at heart, though she only shows her real self with either her family, or Gunnar. With Gunnar, she's her crazy, loveable, bubbly self. If your looking for her, don't be surprised to see Fia with her arm around his waist and a smile on her face.

Though, before she met Gunnar, the fae had been held hostage by Aniwaya. After that, Fia had become withdrawn and quiet, scared even. She had never really wanted to talk to anyone, becoming shy. But, when he came along, all that changed. Though Fia can still be a bit withdrawn and quiet at times, just not as much. That side of her rarely surfaces.

This fae has a bit of a quiet voice. Though, at times she can be loud and outgoing. Her voice is silky soft, velvet even. When showing respect to an Alpha or elder, she usually pays her respects, but isn't crazy afraid submissive. She's learning to be a firm, strong young, maturing woman. And this young girl isn't afraid to stand up for what's right.

Though, Fia doesn't exactly like wolves who think their all that. Cocky, straight forward, 'Meet me at eight o'clock' type of wolves. She doesn't quite like being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. She likes being on her own and trying to figure it out herself. She learned this independence from her mother, learning to be strong and tall. Though learning to be proud from her father. Really, really large wolves scare her a bit though. Along with ropes. Since the time she was kidnapped back in Aniwaya, ropes to this day scare her. She still has the scars to prove it, both inside and out.


Member of the Marino, Knight, and Damaichu families.



Fia has pure white fur, broken only by dots of black on her eyes, toes, tip of her tail, and rims of her ears. Her eyes are a light turquoise.

In her Optime form, Fia has jet black hair, with beautiful blue eyes. She normally wears ripped or shorts with a t-shirt that represents either her mood or her personality. She has pink scars and cuts on her wrists, neck and ankles from when she was kidnapped and held hostage against her will. The fae is rather short and small, which she doesn't find very attractive about herself. But, to her advantage, it makes her quick and stealthy. Her siblings are rather tall, especially her brothers, them having inherited the tall trait from Jazper.

In her Secui form, she's a bit more fluffier, her white fur thicker. Though the woman is still not as large as her father, in fact much, much smaller. Though she's still pretty big in this form. She looks more like a 8-10 month old Polar Bear cub in this form. Though Fia doesn't really use this form. She mostly stays in her Optime form.

In her Lupus form, she looks like an Artic Wolf. She is a bit small, but is able to run quickly and skillfully. The female is great at finding things, and some would even call her a huntress, though Fia is not that good at hunting. Winter is the best time for Fia, because she can easily hide and stalk prey while hiding herself in the snow.

When Fia presents herself to others, she's a bit quiet and shy if your not all too familiar. Though once you get to talking to her, she's very open and likes to adventure. Don't be surprised if this girl asks you to go explore somewhere or do something.