León Austral

León Austral

Lineart by Sie

More Information'Souls Profile
Name MeaningLion of The Stars (roughly)
Date of Birth9th February 2009
Subspecies50% Iberian Wolf
50% Common Gray Wolf
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeSantander


Mar 2011-Mar 2012
Elan Soquili
Animal Care

León Austral is the brother of J'adore Austral. From March 2011 to 2012, he was an Animal Carer (Elan Soquili) of AniWaya. During his time in the tribe, he participated in the counter-intelligence plot against then-despot and temporary leader of AniWaya, Maska Ahote.

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    1.   2.1  Relationships
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1.  Overview

Leon Austral is the second in command of the Austral family, he is also the heir to the position of Patriarch of the family if any thing should happen to his brother J'adore.

1.1  History

1.2  Personality

2.  Skills

Capable of Spanish, English, Italian, French and Low speech.

2.1  Relationships

3.  Family


4.  Friends

5.  Romances

  • Mate - ~Kailypso Da'lykina

6.  Enemies

  • None yet :3

6.1  Appearance

Leon is a light brown color with a darker brown colored underside, his tail is tipped with black and his mane is also black. His eyes are white like his brother, J'adore. Around his neck hangs a necklace with a small blue feather attached to it.

In his optime form he is roughly 7.5 foot tall and weighs a good 260 lbs although he does not look like he does due to his height. Like his brother he is lanky looking although one would not think he was weak. His musculature is well placed around his body with no part being over developed. His hair is grown long at the back and cut short at the front, and is usually either tied into a pony tail or plaited into braids.

In his Secui form he is 200 cm in length, 40 inches in height and 220 lbs in weight. In Secui form his mane grows to huge proportions hanging shaggily about his neck and upper back. In Lupus he is 84 cm in height, 60 inches in length and weighs 96 lbs. His mane is not as prominent but is still pretty long and dense.

7.  Personal Belongings

Caddaan Boqor