Valinta le Strange

Valinta le Strange

Valinta, by Kiri
Date of BirthSeptember 1, 2009
Age16 months
Subspecies100% Canis lupus communis
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeMoscow, Russia
Current packCercatori d'Arte

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Current Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining dateNovember 13, 2010[1]
RankPromotore di Corpo

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Valinta le Strange is a current member of Cercatori D'Arte.


Valinta LeStrange was raised by a distant relation to her mother, as both of her parents died when she was young. Valinta's mother, Gloria, a Luperci from the area formerly known as Russia, died giving birth to Valinta. Her father, Markus, also from that area, died in a pack battle. Valinta was adopted by Margaret. Just Margaret. Margaret died shortly after Valinta turned twelve (eight months). Though she was raised to be a civilised young woman, Valinta quickly reverted to ways that her family would've loathed to see. She possessed a keen survival instinct that hardened her, and aged her beyond her years. Because of her survival instinct, she prefers her Secui form highly, although will be seen in her Optime form when she's being less animalistic, more humanoid, although she retains a more feral life-style. Despite her feral life-style, she loves to dance, and is rather talented at it.


Valinta is very introvert, and doesn't like to talk to people much. Very rarely does she open up to someone, and if she does, it's because she trusts them with her life. When she trusts you and really, truly loves you, Valinta is prone to babbling. Harboring a very deep-rooted sense of self-hatred, Valinta is very prone to doing things that can get herself injured or killed. She usually doesn't care if she gets hurt, only if people she respects or cares about do. She tries to find if there's any chance of a mate for her, but she has constant doubts at her sexuality, and that habit of self-loathing, so, while she is hopeful of finding someone to spend her life with, Valinta doubts that she will. She has an intense survival instinct from her time alone, and it grates against her self-harming acts. She always shies away from things that she knows will definetly be fatal. Valinta is also very maternal, despite the fact she's still rather young. She doesn't know if she wants children, but knows, more instinctively than concsiously, that she'd be an ideal mother.



  • ParentsGloria and Markus

Adoptive Family

  • Mother — Margaret


Valinta, by Kitty

Valinta is a small Luperci, being about 26 in (66 cm) tall in her Secui form. She has black fur on her back, that fades to a more cream color on her belly. She has yellow eyes. In her Optime form, her mane is pitch black, and she has it down and straight, although she has a few small braids throughout it. She has no adornments on her. Valinta has a small necklace made of zinc that is a jigsaw piece. Assume that she's in Optime form, unless otherwise stated.