Ehno Marino

Ehno Marino

Ehno, by Erin
Name Meaning"Protector," "of the sea"
Name OriginItalian
Date of BirthMay 1st, 2006
Age3 years
Birth placeItaly
Current packCrimson Dreams

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateSeptember 21st, 2008
Previous RanksLieutenant

Previous Pack

Twilight Vale

Joining dateAugust 1st, 2008

Ehno is a silly Italian wolf that left home and bummed around Europe for a year, before setting sail with a bunch of Spanish sailors and eventually getting stranded on the shore near Twilight Vale.

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    1.   1.1  Early childhood
    2.   1.2  Eurotrip
  2.   2.  'Souls Time
    1.   2.1  Twilight Vale
    2.   2.2  Crimson Dreams Founding
    3.   2.3  Drama Llama
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Relationships
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    2.   4.2  Love
    3.   4.3  Friends
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  5.   5.  Skills
    1.   5.1  Language
  6.   6.  Appearance
    1.   6.1  Luperci Forms
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1.  Life Before 'Souls

I'll put something here when my brain decides to wake up again.

1.1  Early childhood

Ehno was born into a traditionalist wolf pack in Italy, with two sisters: Savina Marino and Ghita Marino. Their sire, Serge Russo, disowned the little family at their birth because he and their mother Amata Marino were not mates, and Serge was in a higher position in the pack structure. Amata made due, raising the three little bundles of energy on her own. As Ehno grew older and learned of what their father had done, he grew to resent the man greatly. The young pup took it upon himself to be the protector of his family, determined to watch out for them. When Ehno reached his first year, he made the decision to journey outside of the pack. He could hardly stand seeing their worthless sire every day and eventually his curiosity for the unknown could not be contained. Ehno left his small family behind, promising that he would return to them one day.

1.2  Eurotrip

Yeah, so, info about Ehno's fantastical journey across Europe will go here.

2.  'Souls Time

Ehno's magical pirate ship stopped along the shores of 'Souls because there was a massive storm. When it seemed to pass, he had an amazing drunken pirate party and got left behind, boo hoo. T_T But then he was reunited with his sister and joined Twilight Vale, yay! ^_^

2.1  Twilight Vale

Ehno began his time in 'Souls living in Twilight Vale, near the end of the pack's fall. The Italian boy was so grateful to be so luckily reunited with Savina, so he seldom left the packlands. He spent most of his time around Haven Manor and Rabbit Lake, or with his sister. She shared with him the tragic news from Italy of their mother's passing and their sister's miscarriage and subsequent disappearance.[1]

It was during this first month at 'Souls that he met and befriended Naniko D'Angelo, the current leader of the pack. He met a few other souls who called the Vale home, along with Dahlia de Mai's leader Cercelee, who had taken refuge in Twilight Vale during the Dahlian War.[2]

2.2  Crimson Dreams Founding

Not long after Ehno's arrival in Nova Scotia, there was talk of Twilight Vale disbanding and another pack taking it's place. On September 21st, 2008, Ehno helped form Crimson Dreams alongside Naniko, Savina, Pilot Haddon, Urma, Jazper Rhiannon, Anu, and Kansas Sadira.[3]

The new pack florished. Ehno spent much of his time during Crimson Dreams' first few months getting to know the territory and his packmates. One early October morning, Ehno is approached by Kansas, who requested the Italian man's permission to ask Savina to be his mate. While Ehno did not know the creamy hued male all that well at the time, he could tell that he cared for his sister deeply and he granted Kansas permission.[4]

Ehno gets a bit of wanderlust after a few months, taking frequent and increasingly lengthy trips to the human city of Halifax. Eventually Ehno begins to pick up carpentry as a hobby, and before long he falls in love with the task. He sets up a little workshop inside on of the rooms in the mansion. This new hobby quelled his wanderlust, providing him with something that could absorb all of his attention there in the packlands. He started numerous projects, enlisting the help of a few of Naniko's children when they showed interest. [5] [6]

As February begins to near its end, Savina approaches Ehno to tell him that she is soon to be a mother.[7] Ehno is overjoyed by the news, happy to discover that their little family was growing larger. This news also helps root Ehno to the pack lands, as he would not want to miss a moment with the little ones that would join them soon.

In another pleasant and surprising work of fate, the wayward Ghita joins the pack. Her timing was perfect, allowing her to be there for the birth of her nieces and nephew. The whole family was together at last, and for Ehno, everything was perfect. Ghita on the other hand, was still plagued by the thought of her own miscarried litter. She slips away one night without a word, leaving Ehno filled with worry. In his distraught emotional state, Ehno gets into a fight when he finds an intruder on Crimson Dreams lands. [8]

Ehno takes off to the city for a few days to calm himself, meeting new and old friends while there.[9] [10] Eventually he returns to the pack and life resumes its normal pace for a while.

2.3  Drama Llama

All of the good fortune Ehno experienced while in the land of 'Souls had to eventually come to an end. The quiet Crimson Dreams was shaken to its core during the middle of July 2009. The once-great leader Naniko had chosen to walk a dangerous path, falling into drug addiction. Ehno's niece Cambria, being a curious young girl, managed to get into a pack that Naniko had left on the floor in the manor. Anu and Savina find the poor girl and go to confront the leader about the substance, but Naniko shows no remorse for what happened. Angry words fly, and Naniko is striped of her rank. Outraged, the pale woman storms out of the packlands.

The Italian man found out what had happened shortly afterwards from a frantic Savina. Ehno, desperate to confront his friend with both his anger and worries, took off after Naniko. He chased her without rest to an old, dusty house in Halifax. What he found shocked him. Naniko was a desolate shell of her former self. He knew then that the drugs had changed her, made her reckless and uncaring. Despite her wrong-doings, Ehno decided that he would help her. He wouldn't be happy until the old Naniko returned.[11]

Things remained dreary for those involved for a while after the event. Ehno drifted through the manor like a ghost, thoughts heavy with worry for his slowly recovering niece and for his ex-leader and friend, out alone in the city to battle her drug addiction. The Marino takes off to check up on her in the city and unexpectedly finds her on the darkly hued shores of Witches Cauldron. They seek shelter from the approaching storm in one of the nearby caves and seek comfort in one another, ending their night with unexpected passion. [12]

Stormy weather floods the lands for a couple weeks, preventing Ehno from leaving the pack lands to see Naniko again. When the weather finally permits him to see her, he finds that the night they had shared together led to something more, but not in a way Ehno expected. Naniko was pregnant. The Italian man was shocked, but not unhappy. He would happily raise those pups with Nani--he could never be as cold-hearted as his own pathetic sire. But Naniko did not plan on returning to Crimson Dreams. Ehno was left with a tough decision. Would he leave the family he loved in Crimson Dreams to be with Naniko and the pups?

3.  Personality

Ehno is generally a light-hearted spirit. He loves striking up conversation with new and old acquaintances alike. One of his favorite things to do is make jokes with close friends and family, throwing in some good-natured teasing whenever the opportunity strikes. Ehno believes strongly in loyalty, and he will do nearly anything to protect his friends and family. [unfinished]

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

4.2  Love

  • Nani is his baby momma! o:

4.3  Friends

  • I'll get to this.

4.4  Acquaintances

  • I'll get to this.

4.5  Enemies

5.  Skills

  • Being bilingual!
  • Being too friendly!
  • Being silly!
  • Average reading/writing skills
  • Carpentery
  • He knows his way around a ship lol

5.1  Language

Ehno is fluent in both Italian and English, though an Italian accent is heavily sprinkled over his use of the second language. He also learned a moderate amount of Spanish during his stay in Santander, but lack of use has led to him forgetting much of it.

6.  Appearance

Ehno is fairly average in size for an adult male, just barely tipping into a large size. His coat holds fairly typical wolf markings with colors ranging from light and dark browns, to creamier hues and whites. Generally his darker fur resides around his back and the top of his head, ending at the tip of his tail. The lighter hues take over below that, ending with a mix of cream and white on his underside.

He spends nearly half his time in his Optime form, finding it more comfortable after his year-long journey. His bipedal form is usually used when he’s working or adventuring, and his four-legged form is often preferred when relaxing. Just as when in Lupus form, when shifted, Ehno’s height lingers between average and tall and his fur patterns remain the same. His mane, dark brown in color, is kept a little on the lengthy side. He keeps it slightly layered and it usually has an almost messy look to it, and his bangs nearly reach his eyes. His hair has a slight natural wave to it.

If out adventuring in this form, Ehno usually carries his worn tan travel bag.

Ehno now sports a fresh pink scar on his left shoulder, courtesy of Heath.

6.1  Luperci Forms


Ehno spends half his time in his lupus form. To him, it is the most comfortable of all of his forms, as he had grown up with this mindset in a very traditional pack. Nowadays, the majority of his relaxation time is spent in this form.


Ehno seldom uses this form, as he finds it bulky and uncomforable. This form is best suited for hunting large prey and fighting. Since Ehno is not much of a fighter, this form is only used when hunting.


He spends the other half his time in his Optime form, finding it more comfortable after his year-long journey. His bipedal form is usually used when he’s working or adventuring. Just as when in Lupus form, when shifted, Ehno’s height lingers between ‘average’ and ‘tall’ and his fur patterns remain the same. His mane, dark brown in color, is kept a little on the lengthy side. It usually has an almost messy look to it, and his ‘bangs’ nearly reach his eyes. If out adventuring in this form, Ehno usually carries his worn tan travel bag. The Marino's budding interest in carpentery requires him to use this form more often than usual.

7.  Notable Threads

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