Pontiac Trickery-D'Angelo

Pontiac Trickery-D'Angelo

Pontiac, by Sie
Date of BirthJun 1, 2006
Age> 7 years
Birth placeChimera, Bleeding Souls
Current packAnathema
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Previous Packs

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateSep 5 2009[1]

Pontiac Trickery-D'Angelo is the daughter of Kaelyn Trickery and Roman D'Angelo, and littermate to Naniko D'Angelo and Helios D'Angelo. Pontiac is a former member of both Phoenix Valley and Anathema, where she was last seen before suddenly heading south to an unknown destination.


Pontiac was born in Chimera. After her parents took off, she was raised by Physe, her father's lover. Naniko departed from Bleeding Souls for two years in search of her parents, and Pontiac soon left as well in search of her foster mother, Fatin.[2] She returned to Bleeding Souls only to find it a charred mess, and headed south. She joined Phoenix Valley in September of 2009 and was greeted by Geneva.[3] Naniko arrived and while Pontiac recognized her sister, Naniko could not remember her due to trauma-induced amnesia. After joining, she encountered Ty, who offered her a place to stay while she settled in to her new pack.[4] Ty explained the pack to Pontiac and they talked about their past's together.

A week later, she met Pendzez[5] and Xeris.[6] Later, she was present at Naniko's birthing.[7]

In November, she encountered Daisuke scouting out the borders of Phoenix Valley. She attacked him for trespassing and let him out of the pack lands relatively unharmed and with a warning.[8] Later that month, she discussed humans and their beliefs with Geneva and Ty.[9] Later that month, she exchanged pleasantries and caught up with Pendzez.[10] Near the end of November, she met up with Ty to teach him how to make stew.[11]

In December, she sought out Xeris and the two talked for a bit.[12]

In March 2010, she encountered a new joiner: Domonick.[13] She was joined by Pendzez's son, Delwyn. She quizzed Domonick for a bit and then called for a leader, after which he was accepted into the pack. A few days after Domonick was accepted into the pack, Pontiac met him again. Along with Adonia, the they got to know each other and the pack.[14]



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Pontiac's previous appearance,
by Kiri

Pontiac previously had white fur with brown-tipped ears. However, her fur has slowly been darkening into a husky pattern. Brown fur dominates the husky pattern, while her underbelly is a white colour. Pontiac has bold steelblue eyes.