Helios D'Angelo

Helios D'Angelo

Helios, by Sylvey
Name MeaningHelios: sun
Name OriginGreek
Date of BirthJune 1, 2007
Age> 3 years
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeChimera
Current packLoner

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


DateMay 7, 2011[1]

Previous Pack


DateJune 1, 2007
Previous RankPuppy
SignificanceBirthpack; member

Helios D'Angelo is the child of Kaelyn Trickery and Roman D'Angelo. He was born in Chimera and is currently a Loner.


Helios was born of a planned pregnancy between Kaelyn Trickery and Roman D'Angelo whle they were still mates. Though unfortunate complications had led to Kaelyn fleeing to her birth pack. Not only had her womb taken to harboring the pups earlier than expected it had also departed of them prematurely as well. As can be told the pups had survived though the first couple of months had been quite rocky. The stress had caused Kaelyn to become ill, something that she still hasn't gotten over and eventually died from. His sister, Selene, had left to find their father and ended up in a cult.


Like a Gemini, Helios is dual-natured, complex, elusive, and contradictory. Having the grace of the flaws of the young and vulnerable, his mind's eye is still largely spry and lively. On the flip side, Helios is cunning, inquisitive, and tense. Not much of a "people-person" who actively searches to talk to others for the sake of talking, Helios does enjoy insightful conversations when the time is right and if the discussion is engaging. His communication abilities are astoundingly flexible, for one moment Helios could be witty and lively (the typical way he is) or be punctual or straightforward.



Please see the D'Angelo family for more information.


Helios' pelt is completely void of any other tarnish of color except for pitch black. Deep charcoal is witnessed in the brightest of sunshine as dull streaks of the sunlight; otherwise, Helios is greatly elusive in camouflage in the night hours and blending in with the shadows nearly to a tee. Beyond the obsidian black of his pelt, Helios' eyes carry the alluring and mesmerizing jade found in the D'Angelo heritage passed down from many generations.

His physique is lanky and slender at best, having no real brawny masculine stature about him. While there are some areas such as his arms, abdominals, and in the lower back that do have muscular definition (especially his abs), there is nothing overly robust about Helios. Vacant of any curves that might challenge his masculinity otherwise, Helios' figure for a male is compared on the feminine side of lissome.

A silver lip ring is positioned below his right canine. Below his lip and above his chin is a silver labret stud. A silver bar is also present in Helios' left eyebrow. Previously had a monroe piercing on the left side of his muzzle in the bed of his whiskers, but has since removed the monroe. Adornments other than jewelry consist of several faint lines of previous lacerations are on his right wrist, but are only seen in detail when up to close at face to face distance.

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