Demi D'Angelo

Demi D'Angelo

Demi, by James
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 2009
'Date of DeathJuly 2011
Age> 2 years
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCult in New Brunswick
Current packAnathema

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Current Pack


Joining dateDecember 7, 2010
SignificanceFounding member

Demi D'Angelo is the daughter of Selene D'Angelo and sister to Ouija D'Angelo and Juju D'Angelo. She was a founding member of Anathema. She died in July 2011.


Early life was spent playing with her litter mate, as normal puppies would. But growing up in the occult isn’t your definition of normal. At an early age she displayed a very good ability to search out plants, use them in different combinations for different purposes. Early on she studied under the elder of her sect, before branching out on her own due to “Professional Differences”, while her mentor mainly used her knowledge for healing, Demi the little goddess loved testing difference substances on others. Which for better or worse kindled a fascination with experimentation within her oddly cultivated mind.

Early on her brother was the object of such testing before she decided against using her favorite toy as a test subject. It wasn't her fault that he decided to take all of the tablets she had found and mixed with her brew of LSA! but the mix caused him to be sent into convulsions, ending with him being put in quarantine. Afterwards she almost gave it up, she hated seeing her brother hurt, and hated even more the trust he had lost in her. Then on though she made sure she made every effort to re-gain his trust and love.

She moved on then to use her growing female assets to lure non pack members into trying a new concoction. It wasn’t until she learned how to read and discovered several books on different drugs such as ecstasy, lsd, opium that her world opened up into a glory of psychedelics and mind ******.

Pack life was really a drag for her, she enjoyed several aspects but most of them just didn’t appease her. After her family started leaving she decided it was time for her to do the same. Maybe she could find more willing experiments… ahem participants for her fiendish little fascinations.




Come with me, and you’ll be. In a world of pure imagination… Take a look and you’ll see into your worst nightmares. Floating like a angel, a voice as beautiful as her eyes, and yet underlining it all the demon in a petite little women’s clothing lies in wait. What do your eyes behold while your heart lies, the sweet seduction of a smile, and the devils grin. Meet Demi, stage right, standing on her pedestal, grinning as she beckons you closer. Forget the fact that it was too easy for you to approach, or just rather ignore and think you are blessed for once in your life. A blown kiss brings a tickle to your nose, to close you are as you taste the foreign substance on her breath. As the world turns grandiose colors, and images of your twisted minds playground swirl around she stares with that face showing who she truly is to you. That grin ever present, she has you just where she wants you.

Demi is a evil little women, armed with no weapons but her collections of drugs, powders, her own mix of LSA and her precious little mushrooms she devotes herself to. Since her brother loves her little shrooms so well she makes sure she has plenty for him when he visits, and oh how she enjoys reacquainting herself with her favorite kin. She also covets her opium seeds that she has yet to plant. Devoted to the mind opening side of life, she devotes much of her time studying the reactions certain plants have with willing or unwilling participants. While her craft also means she knows how to heal as well, it’s just not as well fun! She will however stifle her fun little endeavors for those she feels are to important not to treat. She is the Doctor you never wanted to visit.


Lupus Reference Demi has quite simple looks. She has an undercoat of white while her topcoat is a light brown/tan in coloration. She has the ice blue eyes of her mother. She always has a gris-gris around her neck. She shares her mother’s stature standing around 5'10". While her frame shares the same petite traits she filled out in quite a lot of the right places.

When working she wears a pink apron with matching poorly fitting rubber gloves. The little meth cook loves her choice in color along with the morning glory flowers she can be seen wearing in her hair in spring and summer. On occasion she is known to wear goggles to protect her eyes. With some help with cloth and tape she can easily fix them to fill in the gaps her wolf face has when trying to wear goggles designed for a human.

Otherwise she loves not wearing any other clothes. Liking to keep her beautiful coat out in full, having no need to hide it. Sometimes she will wear outfits themed with the visions she's trying to evoke out of someone, even masks. Almost always though it's more for play then science!

Prefers Optime Form

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