Physe Revlis

Physe Revlis

Name MeaningMeaningless; "silver" backwards

Physe Revlis was a previous leader of Chimera, Aremys, but later joined Storm.


He was born to two wolves that shared a mountain with a pair of mountain lions. The wolves and lions often fought over the boundaries. His parents eventually killed one of the lions, the male. The female lion then decided that she was going to kidnap one of the wolf pups, and kill it. She kidnapped one, Revlis, when he was out wandering on his own, but didn't have the heart to kill him. Instead, she raised him alongside her own son. He thought that he was a mountain lion.

The mother lion sought her revenge on Revlis' true wolf mother a few months later, when Revlis was fully grown. He helped the mother and son destroy the wolves, using sneak attacks, and other cool techniques that mountain lions know, because they're smarter. o.o He even ate some wolf meat.

When he'd been younger, the mother lion had taught him the way of plants, so he knew his way around the weed. I mean. herbs. A year or so after they killed off the wolves, the mother lion was killed by stray human hunters. Revlis tried to help her with the herbs, but it was no use. He gave up herbs soon after that.

Revlis went off on his own, wandering for another half a year, before he found Bleeding Souls. There he was found by Roman, one of the pack scouts at the time. Roman, with Ahren's howl, accepted him into the pack. He soon fell for the dark wolf, and they became mates a few months later. Soon after that, Roman cheated on Revlis with another wolf from the pack, a female named Kaelyn.

Roman admitted it to Revlis and Revlis forgave him, but things were never really the same. Throughout Kaelyn's pregnancy, Roman often visited her, which made Revlis upset. Roman chose to stay with his new family instead of Revlis, and they broke up soon after Naniko and Pontiac, Roman and Kaelyn's pups, were born.

Not too much longer after that, Ahren, Roman, Kaelyn, and many others all left the pack. Ahren left Chimera to Revlis. Revlis tried his best, but he couldn't keep the pack together. New joiners left, and their numbers dwindled. When his friend Phasma came up to visit him, he suggested that they merge their two packs together into one. It worked, and the two combined packs, Chimera and Syemv, became Aremys, with Revlis and Phasma as co-alphas.

There was dis-rest there, too, though, with the coyotes and with Hollow. Hollow, Summer's murderer, had returned to take his son Conri. He got the coyotes involved in it, and Aremys ended up moving to Chimera's old territory.

After an awkward meeting at the borderline, Revlis discovered that he had growing feelings for another wolf, a male in Storm named Gibraltar. Gibraltar was the alpha of that pack. Revlis realized that he'd had feelings for Gibraltar for a very long time, but that he was only now just discovering them. He met Gibraltar again, and admitted his feelings.



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