Ty Trenton Nasphrite

Ty Trenton Nasphrite

Ty, by Sie
Date of BirthMarch 2, 2008
Age>2 years
SubspeciesCanis latrans
Canis lupus arctos
Canis lycaon
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placePhoenix Valley
Current packPhoenix Valley
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateMarch 2, 2008; May 22, 2009[1]
Previous RanksFuehrer, Tutela, Praeas, Nuncio, Senex
Most Recent RankPraeas
SignificanceLead hunter

Tyrone "Ty" Trenton Nasphrite was a long-time member of Phoenix Valley between March 2008 and July 2010 and son of DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite.

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1.  History

Ty was born and raised a few months in Phoenix Valley. He was mentored by Jefferson Soul before he became a leader, while the pup was only a month or two old. However, from a young age he was swept away by his mother, along with his sister Skylar. But something happened that caused Ty to be separated from his mother, and they ended up without her at five months. As such he and his sister went their separate ways, his being the way of the ocean. He at first became a young cabin-boy, working hard as a young pup to fit in among the rough and tough sailors. Eventually he did, but it did take a bit of effort and such. The ship provided him with honest work for about two months, and by the time he was six months old he was a good worker.

However, that quickly changed when the ship was destroyed during a storm, and the crew was all killed. Ty ended up being thrown overboard in the chaos and tossed about by the currents. When he awoke, he found that the water had washed him up onto a foreign shore, under the care of some rather fearsome-looking warrior wolves and coyotes, a pack filled with hardened fighters.

The pack turned out to be a pack of nomadic mercenary wolves, who made their living by offering their fighting skills to packs at war with one another in return for being in their territory and eating parts of their kills. They had happened by Ty merely by chance, but they figured they could always have another wolf by their side, and offered him the chance to be a part of their pack.

Being alone and at their mercy, he accepted their offer, and was immediately trained by the older wolves to hunt and fight, along with certain aspects of diplomacy, as their entire existence was provided by dealing with other packs. Ty exceeded their expectations, immediately fitting in with the struggle, and barley at one year old Ty had already become an asset and friend to the pack. Ty ended up gaining many experiences with this pack, mostly ones of war and killing, after all, it was how they made a living, they had to kill for others to respect them. In their minds, killing was simply a way of life, nothing more, nothing less.

However, Ty decided that enough was enough, he decided that even though he enjoyed being a mercenary and warrior wolf, he wanted to live a childhood he never really had due to how his life had played out, before going back to hardening up again. So, after a few more months serving with the mercenary pack, he bid goodbye to them and sailed over the ocean back to the place he called Phoenix Valley, the place he was born but never really got a solid attachment to. But now that Ty is home, he has lost touch with himself, and become much more of a pansy, in need of a solid reality check.

2.  Personality

Ty, despite his rough and tough fighting background, is a well-meaning, charismatic, kind fellow with a friendly yet casual demeanor about him. He is the first one to offer help to any person he meets, being polite, yet somewhat rugged in personality. He is very down to earth when having a conversation, always maintaining a friendly smile and being complimentary. His warm and inviting nature has allowed him to gain friends easily anywhere he goes.

Ty is also quite the free-spirit, being very carefree and optimistic. He can take almost any situation with a smile and a joke, and will try to comfort others through their hardship, as he cares more for others then he does of himself.

However, Ty is a wolf who grew up fighting for a living, so the urges for combat are still strong within him, Ty's former greatest passion is the art of combat, the strategy of war. His experiences as a mercenary wolf have made him mature, and intelligent beyond his years. Usually Ty maintained a clear, cool, and calm head with dangerous situations, but his sense of heroism and youthful irrationality sometimes caused him to make hotheaded decisions, and his 'never-say-die' attitude didn't help either, make no mistake, Ty is a warrior at heart.

However, this was before Ty came to Phoenix Valley, and Ty has since become docile. While he still keeps his talents and teachings, he has had no reason to really use it as of late, and since become much more like a peach, which could be bad for him. Ty is also young though, so in that sense he still contains a bit of childish foolishness around with him. Despite being mature for his age, he will stilll go off and do silly things such as chasing butterflies or catching fish with his hands.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Sadira family for more information.

3.2  Friends

4.  Appearance

Ty's fur is a bright orange color, quite close to a dingo's fur. However, that is only the top part of his body, his underside is a bright white shade, though most likely slowly dulling over time. His eyes are a strange mix of gold and blue, both colors in each eye, a very unique color scheme. However, he also has rather shaggy fur, which while not blatantly noticeable does make his coat a bit heavier as it droops slightly, making his appearance rugged and

Although Ty originally looked like a very large coyote in his youth, it's apparent that he is very much pushed past the boundaries of a coyote build and has now moved into a more wolf-like stature in his ascension into adulthood, now being of above average height, but not much more than that. His musculature is very bulked up and well-toned over his training and battle from his work as a mercenary, making him a very attractive specimen to say the least. Though he did bring with him some scars from that trail of experiences, a claw mark from another wolf on his side, shoulder, and a bite mark on abdomen. A recent battle with a mountain lion has given Ty a large bite mark on his right forarm, and a large digging wound from a claw on his chest.