Skylar Jade Nasphrite

Skylar Jade Nasphrite

Skylar, by Requiem
Date of BirthMarch 2, 2008
Age> 1 year
SubspeciesCanis latrans
Canis lupus arctos
Canis lycaon
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placePhoenix Valley

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Previous Pack

Phoenix Valley

DateBorn: March 2, 2008
Rejoined: May 17, 2009[1] — June 15, 2009
SignificanceBirthpack, member

Skylar Jade Nasphrite is a former member of Phoenix Valley from May to June 2009. She is the daughter of DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite and sister to Ty Trenton Nasphrite.


Skylar was once a shy girl, but after being raped and falling in love with her pirate rapist, she gained a backbone. Her nature is optimistic and full of spark. She likes to find the good in her day, but she isn't afraid to notice the bad either. Skylar is highly emotional, but keeps them to herself.




Jefferson Soul was pleasant to her! :O Click here if you don't believe me!!!