Geneva Stockholm

Geneva Stockholm

Geneva, by Gwen
Date of BirthMay 2006
Age>4 years
Current packPhoenix Valley

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Most Recent RankTutela

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateNovember 7, 2008[1]

Geneva Stockholm is a former leader of Phoenix Valley and mate to Jefferson Soul. Having suffered from a degenerative muscle disease for years, in spring 2011 Geneva left her home decidedly with intentions to die of the disease alone. It is unknown whether she is dead or alive.

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1.  History

Not much is known about Geneva, including her parents and place of birth. She is known to have had a former mate named Jordan, of whom she loved dearly, who died while she was pregnant. Their only child, a girl, did not survive long past birth. Upon arriving in 'Souls territory, Geneva was a long-time member of Crimson Dreams, and a close friend of leaders Savina Marino and Anu Sheah.

An accidental visit to Phoenix Valley, where she met and argued with Patriarch Jefferson Soul--who was still badly mourning the recent loss of Iskata Sadira--and was inevitably intrigued by him. They met again, and Geneva soon requested to join Phoenix Valley and move from her old pack. Their relationship became very complicated, as the male was extremely closed off, but they eventually formed a mateship after months and months of "courting."

Geneva led the pack as sub-leader beneath Patriarch Jefferson Soul in the stead of former Savant DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite for quite some time; however, upon discovering her pregnancy (and fearing to tell her mate) she accidentally fell (or possibly jumped) several stories and permanently disfigured her face and body. Upon being discovered by Jefferson, who didn't know where else to turn, Geneva was rushed by horseback to AniWaya, a clan that had formed a very friendly alliance with Phoenix Valley long before, and to the knowledgable, healing hands of Dawali Amara and his subleaded, Ember Phoenix. Alive but permanently scarred and damaged, Geneva soon retired from her leader rank to the still-privileged, ex-leader position of Whilom. In June 2010, Geneva gave birth to the sole survivor of her miscarriage, Pripyat Soul.

2.  Appearance

Geneva is a gray, thin, and lithe wolfess. Due to the fall, her face is somewhat misshapen and disfigured, as is her shoulder region. She is not wrought with constant pain, however, like her mate Jefferson. Her eyes are a very delicate olive green.