Domonick, by ShannonLucifer
Date of BirthMarch 8, 2009
Age> 1 year
Current pack

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateMarch 19, 2010[1]
RanksGenus, Loas, Tenens, Locum

Domonick is a former member of Phoenix Valley.


Domonick was a abandoned shortly after his birth. He doesn't remember much of his parents. While still a pup he met a pack that raised him as basically one of their own. While with this pack he met a female wolf and the two hit it off greatly, everyone thought that they would end up being mates. At the age of 9 months someone framed him for killing a pack mate. The female was saddened, while he tried to talk to her she lashed out and bite his paw, causing the scar. He left the pack and has wandered ever since, scared to go back and scared to stay in one place for long. He hopes to find a place to actually call his home once again.

(Now) He found home in Phoenix Valley. He had only been passing through, but given the chance to find a new pack, to find new people to care for, he took the chance. He wants to try and find happiness once again.


He is a quiet being, shy to those he does not know. He is usually distant because of the incident in his past. Once you get to know him, he is a very loyal friend. He can't stand seeing others hurt and will strive to make someone else happy, even though it may hurt him in the process. Once he makes a friend he hates seeing them go and will do anything to keep a friendship going. If someone hurts his friend, or even if someone is hurt that doesn't deserve it, he can sometimes go into a fury, getting riled up and wants to get revenge for that person. He likes walking and running around and listening to the sounds of nature. He also likes to swim whenever he can. He can sometimes be childish and enjoys running with other forest life.





Fur Color

His fur is naturally a dark brown, usually mistaken for black. He has dyed the fur around his tail tip a deep shade of orange.

Eye Color

His eyes are a greenish blue, basically a shade of gray.

Lupus Form

Slightly average build, although his muscles are very lean on the account of the fact that he is always moving around. On his right paw are scars from a bite mark, acquired by an event he rarely talks about. Two of his claws on his left paw are white. His tale has been dyed orange at the tip.

Secui Form

Just bigger than the Lupus form.

Optime Form

His mane is rather short, hanging down into his face, giving it a "just out of the bed" look. He is 7 feet 8 inches tall. He is not a slim build, but he isn't bulky either. Basically he is of lean build. When he is in this form he wears clothes that he carries in his pack when not in this form. The clothes consist of a pair of worn out black, leather shorts that end right at the knee and a worn out, brown, ripped leather shirt. [He has of late stopped wearing the clothes, but will on occasionally put them on.]

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