Emmanuelle Brenna is a current loner. She originally joined Inferni in 2012, and was a participant in the Boreas Conflict. She then withdrew from her clan mates thanks to an unplanned pregnancy by Ángel Fàbregas i Reus, who left her. She lost her pups because of neglect and life circumstances, and her sister Alessandra Von Sin rescued her from the same fate by bringing her to Vinátta. She stayed for some months before returning to Inferni, but left that pack as well to soul-search.

Emmanuelle Brenna

by Nat



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Date of Birth

Febuary, 18, 2011.





God is with us.
Little drop of water.






Birth place

Vancouver, BC


50% Northeastern Coyote
25% Dog
25% Red wolf




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Tiro Misceleri


Pack Ranks
Vinátta Frjáls

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1.  Appearance

The color of Emma’s coat is strictly coyote, her body is a muted TWINE color and her underside is GRAIN BROWN. The rest of her body save for her head is pretty normal, there isn’t much in the way of crazy markings except for MERLIN which stretches down her back in a stripe all the way to her tail, this color is also echoed on her forearms with a small stripe on each arm.

Her face however, is another story. It is a myriad of colors reminiscent of a wolf's many tones. She has dark OIL colored patched beneath her eyes, to make the GLACIER blue and the FERN green to stand out underneath her ROMAN COFFEE colored eyebrows and ears. In between her eyebrow patches is an area of MASALA which stretched down from her forehead to her nose. On either side of her muzzle, there is a rusty COPPER color which turns into PEARL BLUSH. This color goes onto her cheeks and stretches down to just above her breasts.

Her face is mainly coyote, she has the tapered muzzle and large ears. Her eyes are large and doe-like, and her wolf is echoed in her body. She has her feminine form, with a thin waist and toned legs and arms, and she carries a fair weight on her chest but it is all in proportion to her body which has most of her weight distributed evenly. Her fur in Luperci form is very soft and luxurious, she takes great care of herself and prides her appearance. You could say she is very girly that way, she keeps long blonde hair down to her waist, it naturally hangs in loose ringlets. She has medium length bangs framing her face, and long, thick eyelashes. Her hair is a light GOLDEN SAND color.

Sizing Chart





75 lbs
(48 kg)

18 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

40 in
(96 cm)


165 lbs
(82 kg)

6ft 0in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Lupus is Emma’s least preferred form, though only outside pack lands. When she was younger she was very small in this form and didn’t like her size being equated to weakness. However, she is very fast and agile in this form and will use it if she has somewhere to be quickly or needs to get out of a scrape by just escaping. She also uses this form if she wants to hide out in a small den she has hidden somewhere in Inferni for the birth of her pups.
  • Secui: Secui is the form Emma shifts into if she is fighting or it might be dangerous for her on her travels, she is ridiculously fast in this form but her bulk does slow her down some, she isn’t as agile as she is in Lupus. Her muscles are slick and powerful when she is Secui shifted and she holds almost no fear of anybody she comes across, even if they are much bigger she now has the means to defend herself. She also uses this form to make herself equal to wolves, her wolfish traits showing much more. The hybrid is no longer smaller then them and she knows it.
  • Optime: Optime is the form Emma loves the most, mainly because she looks the most attractive this way. Her coyote features come to play, giving her a tapered face and big ears with delicate features. Most of the time when you find her in this form she will be climbing trees, woodworking, leather working or training her bird. She loves to do things involving her hands and puts them to good use.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

Nothing yet, unless you count being pregnant as a modification/accessory.

2.  Personality

Since coming to ‘Souls Emma has changed. She was not the carefree, worry free soul she used to be. The coyote knows there are evils in the world now and she has become more hardened and mature. She is vastly protective of Inferni and those she holds close and will do anything protect the two. Since becoming pregnant her personality has changed from being ever sunny and social to depressed and withdrawn. The father of her children is the cause of this, she is unsure how to proceed around him and does not know if he wants her and the pups or would just rather be away from them. Thus far, he has been acting the latter. She will most likely suffer from post-partum depression as she struggles with the new responsibility of her children and their distant father.

However, the sunshine child always prevails and it is most likely that she will return to be her happy, social self. Emma loves her clan mates and strives to have good relations with all them as well as working hard to rise within the ranks. She is always bubbly and kind, offering assistance to those who need them and doesn’t take anything that is said to her personally, she simply brushes it off as them having a bad day. She is an optimist , always seeing things in a positive light and thinking everything will turn out better then it actually does. Due to her age, she is still naive but it starting to learn life’s lessons rather quickly.

3.  Relationships


Colibri Haki

Female wolf now residing in Vinatta. Ems has a girly crush on her after going seashell hunting on the shattered coast. They found shells, starfish and bonded.[1]



BRIEF description of relationship. If more than three sentences, consider moving to "Key Relationships" -- don't forget to reference threads, either. [2]

Various Minor Aquaintences

Alaki, Alexander Collins, X'yrin Exultare


Jiva Takekuro

Wolf from ND, Ems had a crush but then found out about another woman. Jiva was extremely disrespectful to Emma on Inferni borders, she cursed his name and sent him away. [3]

Tyko Amini

Wolf who raped her, after she healed him on the borders of Inferni. Partly responsible for her mental breakdown.

Emma has met lots of characters outside of Inferni and gets along with most everybody.

3.1  Key Relations

3.2  Groups


Describe how they relate to their pack here -- why did they join in the first place?


Describe how they relate to their pack here -- why did they join in the first place?

  • Ángel Fàbregas i Reus: Though she doesn't realize it quite yet, she loves him. The coywolf is attracted to his dark fur and rolling accent, she enjoys being around him. He is the father of her unborn children and though he is acting like a douche-canoe atm, she will forgive him for it later.
  • Alma: Emma thinks of Alma like a best friend/sister figure. She has offered support and fun ideas to the younger girl, which Emma appreciates. She really feels like she connects with the ginger-haired female and if Alma became in danger would fight to protect her. The older female is the closest thing to family Emma has had in a long time.
  • Vesper: The mottled coyote was the first to accept Emma into the pack and she has had a few interactions since then, finding her high rank somewhat intimidating. However, she would like to improve her relationship with Vesper as she looks up to the older, scarred woman and feels as though she is a good role model.
  • Myrika Tears: Emma met Myrika shortly after being accepted and found that she liked her immediately, the other teaching her on the finer points of leather working. Though now she is also slightly intimidated by her being the new leader of the pack, her interactions with her are still easy. Myri offered her assistance in building Em's house with her.
  • Sparrow: The coyote has had a few conversations with Vesper's quiet sister, but enjoys her company and is aiming to make the girl a friend. She taught her about healing and was excited that Sparrow showed interest.
  • Helotes Lykoi: They had a sparring session together where Helotes was injured by the slave Amy Sunders left in Inferni and healed him. She views him as a potential friend and a teacher.

Immediate Family

4.  History

4.1  Timeline



  • Emmanuelle was born with two siblings in Vancouver, BC. Her parents were the strict leaders of their traditionalist pack.


  • Tired of her pack, Emma takes advantage of the chaos of a wildfire and runs away from home to seek her fortunes.




  • Emma goes into heat and mates with Ángel Fàbregas i Reus, conceiving a litter. [Mature Thread] [4]
  • Emmanuelle reveals her doubts about Ángel and their pregnancy. [5]
  • Ángel promises to never leave Emma, and be father to their children. [6]


  • Heavily pregnant, Emma is sexually assaulted by Tyko Amini and cannot defend herself. [Mature Thread] [7] It marks the start of a deep depression.
  • Ángel breaks his promise and deserts Inferni. Emmanuelle quietly gives birth to her pups within the pack, then suffers a breakdown.


  • Emma deserts Inferni. She remains nearby in case Ángel should return, but grows ill and neglects the pups.
  • Her two sons die, and Nevada Fàbregas i Brenna barely clings to life.



  • Nevada quietly passed away despite Alessandra's best efforts.


  • Determined to save her sister from the same fate, Alessandra carries Emma to Vinátta for help. [10] [11] Emma joins the pack, and her sister nurses her back to health.



  • After a long recuperation, Emma finally feels strong enough to leave Vinátta and return to Inferni. Ángel is forgotten in favor of Helotes. [12] However, Emma does not remain permanently and instead travels on her own.


  • Emma drifts back as a loner and begins seeking out her old acquaintances.