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Sparrow was a member of Inferni for three years, a scout and helpful face around the clan. A shy canine, she eventually came into her own and left to pursue a new life.

She is the sister of the pack's Centurion, Vesper, and was born in Mer Bleue as a non-Luperci loner. Her childhood was stolen away from her by her abusive father, Marcel Moineau, until she fled when she was turned Luperci. She joined Inferni in the spring of 2012, in the midst of the Boreas Conflict, and contributed to the pack's archery projects. She left Inferni in the spring of 2015, following the flood.





  • Date of Birth: 28 Oct 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Verto

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Sparrow appears mostly coyote in her slim, exaggerated features, if not coloration and coat.
  • Fur: Her fur is thick and plush with a wolfish double coat. Her tail is very fluffy.
    • Optime Hair: Short bob with bangs and two long locks framing each side of her face.
  • Facial Features: She has large ears and a narrow, dainty muzzle -- clearly coyote.
  • Build and Size: Smaller than average for a coyote. She is lean and long-legged, and her muscle is subtle and trim.
    • Lupus: A wolf-pelted, small coyote.
    • Secui: Her shape is more wolfish, with a long-legged and lean runner's build.
    • Optime: Her Optime body is short and slim. She is small-chested and without a voluptuous figure, yet very feminine in a dainty, girlish way.
  • Humanization: Yes -- unusually comfortable and humanized for a Luperci Verto. She wears some accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Her base color is Yellow Metal.
    • Iroko is mottled into her fur in a typical timber wolf pattern.
    • Her underbelly is mostly Tan.
  • Markings:
    • Iroko tips her ears, paints the top of her muzzle, and accents her eyes.
    • Her legs and subtle accents beneath her eyes are Tan.
    • Concrete splashes her chest and tips her tail.
  • Eyes: Candy Corn
  • Optime Hair: Iroko


Yellow Metal (#71553A)
Iroko (#4A3523)
Tan (#CFAA83)
Concrete (#F3F3F3)
Candy Corn (#FAF053)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Small cuts along neck and legs; covered with fur, most evident in Lupus.
  • Long, thin slash over inner right arm; most evident in Optime.
  • Few nicks on right shoulder/neck area; only seen in Optime form and otherwise fur-covered.


Sparrow doesn't wear anything that's not practical or sentimental, and usually foregoes gaudy accessories.

  • Worn, hooded cloak that was obtained from the Boreas Conflict.
  • Wooden cross necklace (bottom half broken off; forms a "plus") -- always worn.
  • Corded necklace adorned with a pair of small, white seashells that was given to her by Delilah.


Sparrow is typically found in Optime form, since it is the convention in Inferni and required for her crafting. Despite her comfort in the two-legged form, she prefers her Lupus form and reverts to it when sleeping, alone, or among other Lupus-formed canines. Secui is only used in hunting where her other two forms will not do.


  • Weight: 25 lbs (11 kg)
  • Height: 20 in (51 cm)


  • Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • Height: 30 in (76 cm)


  • Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • Height: 5 ft 4 in (162.5 cm)


  • Speech: Soft and feminine, generally quiet and submissive. Her voice distinctly relaxes when she is with someone familiar.
  • Scent: Rope fibers, prairie, forest, honeysuckle, lavender.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fidgets and keeps hands busy -- ties knots in a rope, plays with hair, tugs at cloak.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She holds herself in an upright, if relaxed, stance. She defaults to submissive body language when uncertain or self-conscious. Her expressions and body movements are very expressive; it's easy to read her current mood.

2.  Personality

  • Quiet, Reserved, Shy:
    • She avoids social confrontation and rarely, if ever, initiates conversation with strangers. She is especially wary of males and wolves.
    • When approached by strangers, she can be difficult to talk to; she has a tendency to close herself off to others and offer short responses.
  • Gentle, Compassionate, Thougthful:
    • She warms up well to patient canines and, while always quiet, is distinctly more relaxed with her friends.
    • She loves to assist others, especially in hands-on projects. She is kindly and humble and rarely thinks negatively of others.
  • Sensitive, Scarred, Depressed:
    • She exhibits symptoms of depression, often falling into spells of negative thinking (toward herself), inactivity and lack of motivation or joy, and occasionally irritability.
    • She is triggered by simple and seemingly trivial things, from unexpected physical contact to water. She occasionally has emotional "fits" where she becomes frightened, irrational, and occasionally violent; these spells take a heavy toll on her emotional health.
  • Curious, Quick, Hardworking:
    • She seeks knowledge about many things, from personal interests such as human culture and spirits, to a strong thirst of knowledge that can help Inferni.
    • She is a quick learner thanks to her photographic memory, a jack-of-all-trades. She is also a patient teacher herself, finding joy in sharing her knowledge with others.
    • She strives to be as self-reliant and productive as possible -- which is sometimes bad. She sometimes stays quiet about her own issues when there are "more important" things to worry about, and sometimes pushes herself past her physical limits.

2.1  Details


Quiet, compassionate, anxious, sensitive, thoughtful, curious

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Self-reliance, bettering herself and becoming less dependent and more confident
  • Contributing to Inferni, being useful
  • Promoting peace, living a peaceful and calm life
  • Vesper and her family (including niece/nephews, Myrika), being useful to them


  • Abuse is her worst fear, since she has suffered emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her father. She is sensitive to abusive behavior; looking for this behavior is still an unconscious factor in her thinking.
  • Water, not being useful/being proven worthless, death of her family


  • Polytheistic -- believes in possibly multiple higher deities, but none specific
  • Belief in Heaven and Hell
  • Belief that spirits can roam the earth, after meeting AniWayan spirit guides


  • Gender: Comfortable around women, wary of men.
  • Species: Wary of wolves and avoids forming significant relationships with them. Very against holding other intelligent species (ravens, bears, etc.) as pets or slaves.


  • Gray-asexual; panromantic
  • Afraid of sex and avoids it, though feels desire under specific and limited circumstances.
  • Oblivious to her own and others' romantic feelings; prefers close friendships to romantic ties.
  • Preference for strong yet gentle canines regardless of gender.


  • Curious and may try small amounts of alcohol or other drugs in trusted company
  • Contemptuous of drunkards -- pointedly avoids becoming intoxicated and helpless


  • Likes: Scouting, rope-tying, ravens, staff combat, reading, non-Luperci, spirituality
  • Dislikes: Water, invasiveness, being static or useless, violence, aggressive individuals, emotional manipulation

3.  Relationships


  • Extended: Distant cousins and other relations through the Moineau family. Considers the Lykois to be a sort of extended family, especially due to relationship with sister-in-law and nieces/nephew.

Positve Relationships

  • Vesper: Sparrow looks up to her sister and finds inspiration in her strength. However, she also worries whether she is "good enough" for Vesper.
  • Skel: Her raven companion and personal cheerleader. Skel makes up for Sparrow's timid, quiet nature with her chattering, and encourages Sparrow to be more outgoing and active with her mischief.
  • Myrika Tears: She is friends with Myrika, who taught her how to read and helped her with her shifting. She thinks the Aquila is fair and kind, and she is totally a MyriVes shipper. She loves Myri's children with all her heart.
  • Micah Lykoi: A kindred spirit -- Sparrow adores soft-hearted and timid Micah, and feels very comfortable around him.
  • Delilah: Her friend and roommate -- it's complicated.
  • Inferni: She generally favors her clan mates, especially those who have been in the clan as long as she has. She is a little wary of newcomers.

Neutral/Negative Relationships

  • Brumaire Moineau: She knows that he is her half-brother, but she feels uncomfortable around him and is jealous of his relationship with Vesper. She is, however, extremely fond of Nathaniel and their sons.
  • Messiah de le Poer: Sparrow befriended Messiah when he was a young, awkward coyote who felt out of place in the clan -- but he quickly showed his true colors as an abuser.

4.  Skills

  • Memorization (Master): Sparrow is blessed (or cursed) with an eidetic memory. She is a fast learner because of this. Her memory is not perfect -- but she can recall images and knowledge very quickly, especially when aided with scent or other familiar environmental factors.
  • Rope (Master):
    • She is excellent at knot-tying, able to fashion very strong knots and various knots for various purposes. She is often seen fidgeting with a small length of rope, practicing her knots -- she's very fast.
    • She has also learned how to create and braid rope, provided the proper fibers.
    • She has become quite proficient at trapping, thanks to her knot-making. She had to rely on trapping when she was "stuck" in her Optime form after her very first traumatic shift.
  • Reading & Writing (Journeyman): Sparrow was taught by Myrika Tears and became a very quick learner. She has small, precise handwriting and is a quick reader due to her memorization, easily picking up new words. She does, however, struggle with any abstract concept.
  • Combat (Apprentice):
    • Sparrow is able to wield a staff in combat. Her way of fighting relies more on self-defense than outright assault, and she favors disarming opponents with precise strikes to hands and feet.
    • Asher Thompson and Max Klein have tutored her in archery. She is still learning!
  • Animal Care (Apprentice):
    • Thanks to Vesper and Skel, Sparrow knows a little bit about the ravens. She remembers their favorite foods and knows how to interact with the friendly ones, but she cannot communicate with or train them.
    • She knows a little bit about horse care -- mainly their diet. She cannot ride horses and is occasionally nervous around the large animals, but she sometimes likes to help out with feeding and brushing the nicest ponies.

5.  History


In the autumn of 2009, Sparrow was born in Mer Bleue (alongside Vesper) to a lone coyote mother named Winter. The trio of non-Luperci lead simple and solitary lives, rarely apart, until Winter was injured in July and Vesper stepped up as sole provider for the family -- leaving Sparrow useless.

Near her first birthday, her father -- Marcel Moineau -- tracked down the children and killed Winter when she refused to relinquish them. Despite Vesper's efforts, Sparrow was kidnapped by her father. She was brought to her father's pack, Volés Ailes, but secluded herself from the others. Marcel quickly begins to abuse her, generally manipulating her low self-esteem. He occasionally escalates to violence, but no more than some bites and shoves -- at first. His abuse grows worse and worse, especially when he is drunk, and he seems to take out the stress of everyday life on the girl he deems useless and too dependent on him.

At some point, Marcel's touches grow invasive -- not enough to warrant suspicion for Sparrow, at first. It is a fateful September night after Marcel gains leadership of the pack that he tries to force himself on her. Sparrow fights back, fending him off long enough to turn his drunk interest into fury. They fight tooth and claw, violent -- and the mixed blood passes the virus onto Sparrow. She flees the pack, and shifts into her Optime form a few days later. Traumatized and afraid of injury, she gets "stuck" in her Optime form.

A small group of foreigners kindly teach her how to make small traps so she can feed herself. She spends much of her time by herself, secluded and fearful of her father.

In the early spring of 2012, Sparrow hears rumors of a coyote who sounds eerily like Vesper. She pursues these rumors and reaches Nova Scotia and, at long last, Inferni.


  • Spring 2012: Sparrow joins Inferni in the midst of the Boreas Conflict. Vesper accepts her into the clan for her protection, though they are awkward and estranged from each other at first. Sparrow contributes to the archery stand projects and slowly rekindles a relationship with her sister. By war's end, their relationship has mended, and Sparrow wants to stay in Inferni.
  • Autumn 2012: Sparrow finds a friend in Skel -- one of Vesper's ravens. Skel is intrigued by Sparrow's name and her timid nature, and they quickly bond. Soon, Skel rarely leaves Sparrow's side.
  • Early 2013: Sparrow comforts a distraught Vesper following an incident with Myrika Tears and CJ. She supports Vesper while she is coping with her mate's betrayal, and is overjoyed when Ves and Myrika become mates and announce their impending children. Sparrow especially takes a liking to their shyest child, Vicira Tears.
  • Spring-Summer 2013: Sparrow moves from Grimwell Caverns into the Great Village when Vesper invites her, so that she can be with her extended family. Shortly after, though, Brumaire Moineau joins the pack -- followed by Dartmouth, who reminds Sparrow too much of her father. She avoids meeting her brothers and grows quietly jealous of Brum and Vesper's friendly relationship.
  • Spring 2014: Sparrow befriends a coywolf outside of Inferni and, to her surprise, forms feelings for them. However, the canine is too wolfish to join Inferni comfortably -- and in a twist of irony is killed by a wolf for being a coyote hybrid. Sparrow discovers her friend's body along with clear signs of the struggle. She speaks of this event to no one, but shuts herself away, despite an attempt to reconnect with Vesper after Ves' troubles.
  • Fall 2014: Sparrow befriends Messiah de le Poer -- who turns out to be an abusive jerk. She is strung along and manipulated by him until his actions grow more overt -- from subtle guilt-trips to more aggressive put-downs -- and she at last confronts him with the help of her friend Micah. In late fall, Messiah is put on trial for these actions and dies.
  • Winter 2014: Sparrow withdraws a little after Messiah's death, finding a new friend and mutual comfort in Delilah, her new roommate. Late in the year, Delilah confesses feelings for Sparrow, who assures her that they'll "figure it out."



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