Asher Thompson

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Asher Thompson was a member of Inferni, known as a master archer and a friendly personality in the coyote clan. He was the loyal confidant of Vesper until his death during the March 2015 flood.

Asher Thompson

by Raze


NPC of Raze


Date of Birth

31 Apr 2010




Birth place

Maine, USA


50% Northeastern Coyote
50% Dog (Border Collie Mix)




Pack Inferni
Rank Tiro Lumius

1.  Baubles

2.  Appearance

Asher looks like a border collie, and it takes more than a glance to tell that he’s a coyote hybrid. The only clues are a slight mutation of his colors (an otherwise typical tricolor collie coat), a feral kind of look about him, and his coyote-amber eyes.

His base fur color is black. His underside is white, including his legs, chest, and belly, but he lacks the white “ruff” around his neck common to border collies. His white, dark-speckled muzzle is somewhat asymmetrical, venturing further up his face on his left side; there is a very narrow strip of white between his eyes too. Lining the white around his face is a tan color, which also dots his eyebrows. The eyes underneath them are wild, unmistakable amber.

His build is a perfect balance between coyote and collie, and his gait is a natural blend as well, distinguished only by his perfect herder’s crouch. His fur is more doggish in that it sheds biannually, but it’s coarse enough to show it’s not altogether domestic. His ears are mostly erect, though one has the tendency to flop over.

2.1  Forms



Optime (Preferred)

40 lbs
25 in

165 lbs
36 in

175 lbs
5ft 10in

Blend between collie and coyote.

Average for Secui, with very long mane.

Looks taller than he is. Somewhat "thin"-looking, lean-muscled. Hair is stylishly messy, cut at about his jaw.

2.2  Other


  • Often wears leather straps for bow and quiver.
  • Necklace with wooden cross.


  • None yet!

3.  Personality

At first glance, Asher is a friendly and outgoing individual, quick to joke and smiles. He can be annoying with some of his friendly advances, but he responds good-naturedly to being reprimanded -- in fact, he responds good-naturedly to just about any abuse thrown at him. His main motivation in life is to stave off loneliness, and as such he's very eager to please in order to keep his "friends."

Besides being childishly friendly, Asher comes across as a bit of a ditz -- he acts naive and downright "campy" and flamboyant sometimes. However, this is just a ruse. The true Asher is very crafty and far more observant than one might think. He often acts like the stereotypical fool to make others underestimate him, while really he is a sly and intelligent individual, using his deception to benefit Inferni.

3.1  Details


  • Likes: Archery, Inferni, carving, crafting, friendship, interesting strangers, sexy men
  • Dislikes: Infidelity, cruelty, homophobia, loud cranky birds


Friendly, outgoing, helpful, eager to please, flamboyant, observant, sly

  • Outlook: Pessimistic, but acts optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted and submissive
  • Alignment : Neutral Good


Loneliness and ostracism -- the fear that others will reject him or otherwise ignore him. His greatest fear is simply not being loved. D'awwww. ;(


  • Keeping and making friends; not being alone
  • Helping Inferni and its leaders!
  • Self-improvement, both in skills and his attitude


  • Species: Treats wolves with suspicion, but does not inherently hate them.
  • Fidelity: Asher resents those that are unfaithful to their partners -- though he does a pretty good job of shutting up about it if someone in Inferni has been unfaithful. He keeps this bias very much to himself unless asked to speak about it, and he does lecture outsiders he's not interested in befriending.


  • Homosexual, and very much open about it
  • Values monogamous relationships; puts emphasis on fidelity
  • Appears to follow the (TV Tropes Warning) Promiscuous Gay Stereotype; compromises monogamous values to get attention :'(


  • Inexperienced!
  • May try small doses of substances in a social environment


Asher identifies as an agnostic theist. He "believes in the existence of at least one deity, but regards the basis of this proposition as unknown or inherently unknowable." So, essentially -- he thinks there has to be a god, but no one can truly know what that god is. He also thinks that every theistic religion is following the truth of this god.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Vesper is his best pal!
  • He is friends with all of Inferni, take that! >:C

4.2  Family

  • Mother: Abigail Thompson
  • Father: Harding
  • Siblings: Alaine Thompson, Axel Thompson, Avery Thompson

5.  Interaction

  • Speech: Asher's voice borders on the upper edges of "mid-range." He has a distinct American accent but no other speech quirks. He is often loud and friendly, but not overly dramatic; his voice does distinctly mature when casting off his persona, though.
  • Scent: Asher smells of Inferni as well as the must of the mansion. He often smells like wood after he's been carving! (And sometimes he likes to roll in mud but don't tell Vesper she thinks it's gross.)

5.1  Residence

Asher lives on the first floor, east wing of the D'Neville Mansion.

5.2  Abilities


  • Archery (Master): Asher is an expert archer, his natural talent for the bow reinforced by constant practice. He declares himself a "master at aim," and has proven this to be right a lot of the time! He especially loves to teach others!
  • Scouting (Master): He is very perceptive -- making both for a great tracker and border scout. His perceptivness extends to more than just the environment, however; he has the ability to read other Luperci and can often spot deception. Acting enough like a goof for others to underestimate him helps!
  • Crafting (Journeyman): Asher is attempting to extend his skills from wood-carving to other sorts of crafting. He is currently good at making wooden charms and arrows. He can also skin and cure pelts.


  • Physical Combat: Asher's fighting skills are weak; he relies so heavily on the bow that he utterly fails at close range. He is being mentored in both Lupus and Optime, however, and will likely excel faster in the former due to Vesper's constant teaching.
  • Loneliness: As already stated, Asher compromises a lot of himself in order to feel like he belongs, and choice words can cut him down faster than a knife could. This complex greatly affects him emotionally.

5.3  Inventory

  • Bow, arrows, quiver, etc.
  • Leather harness thing for the above!
  • Carving knife and chunks of wood.

6.  History

Asher Thompson was born in Maine to a single dog mother. His puppyhood was uneventful but short, as he and his siblings were soon overcome with the wanderlust that led their coyote father in and out of their mother’s life. It was no time at all before they, too, were on the road—proclaiming themselves as blood to the ends of the earth, a pack of siblings. It took one month for them to separate.

Asher remained with his sister Avery the longest, as they’d always been close. Together they hit Freetown, drawn by the bustling place. They traded their meager possessions mainly for food and, in some cases, lessons from those Luperci who passed; Asher took to archery in particular.

Both were completely taken by the charms of the place and the various foreigners who passed through, but Avery was more so than her brother. She left on a ship to Europe, but Asher tried not to feel too bad about it. He was lonely, however, and yearned for companionship beyond that of a meaningless sibling bond; he wanted something built through work rather than something unearned.

At first, the young adult shacked up with one of the Freetown traders for a wild fling, but he was cheated on. Asher grew wise to what loyalty meant, and he struck out north toward the wilderness for what he fancied to be an adventure. Reality struck him a second time, but he came out of it a harder and stronger individual, adeptly tracking and shooting various game and adapting to life as a coyote rather than the dog he’d been raised as.

Word of Nova Scotia and the infamous packs reached him, and Asher traveled that way, still longing for companionship.

6.1  Threads

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2013 (Inferni pNPC)

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