Dusk Rephaim

Dusk Rephaim

By Sie
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Name MeaningDusk: the darker stage of twilight
Rephaim: a biblical race of giants
Name OriginEnglish, Northwest Semitic


Date of BirthFebruary 1, 2011
AlignmentChaotic Good / Chaotic Neutral


Birth placeNew Brunswick, Canada
Subspecies50% Northeastern Coyote
50% Plains Coyote'
LuperciYes (Ortus)


Joining DateSeptember 8, 2012
RankTiro Bellum
MeaningFighting subordinate

Dusk Rephaim is the younger sibling to Chapel Morte and littermate of Scion Addiction. Dusk joined Inferni in September 2012 after getting into an argument with his littermate, Scion. He eventually left the clan, winding up in New York.

Dusk was raised learning about the Addiction family's culture, which emphasizes strength, violence, and brutality; and therefore is a very dark, if principled character.

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1.  Appearance

Dusk is a lean and sinewy figure in all his forms. While he's a bit larger and heavier than average, his tall and narrow frame keeps him from being especially intimidating. True to his coyote blood, Dusk relies on wits and stealth more than brute strength.

His coloration is unremarkable; his belly fur is a gentle dove gray, and moves to a longer, coarser charcoal on his sides. A line of dark gray starts on his forehead and continues along his spine. He has the standard points of honey brown on his ears, snout and legs, but his "knuckles" are shadowed with the same dark coloration of his dorsal stripe.

Black markings around his eyes emphasize their fiery orange color.

Lupus45 lbs (20.5kg)24 in (60 cm)
Secui165 lbs (75 kg)36 in (91.5 cm)
Optime5 ft 10 in (179 cm)175 lbs (79.5 kg)

Dusk's fur is dominated by a mix of the pale colours of wafer and clam shell. His overcoat and top layer of fur along his back is interspersed with armadillo at its darkest and a lighter shade of dorado. His underbelly is dominated by bon jour and soft amber. His legs are a rich tussock, but fade to antique brass on the inside. He has a bold streak of brown rust along his nose. His eyes are a vibrant fire bush orange.

1.1  Goodies

Wikipedia imageBill Bouton @ FlickrA table by SieAn avatar by Sie
Dusk sanding a toy horse, by HalLineart by Siewildphotons @ Flickr

2.  Personality

Dusk is a somewhat-introverted young adult, but as he grows, this may change. He is rational and logical and prefers to develop his own opinion about things, if at all. While he does understand there is some truth to his familiy's ways, once he is exposed to other ideas, he will likely begin to form his own ideas and values. Currently, however, he believes the teachings of his family simply because it is all he knows. He is eager to learn more, however; he is always asking questions and is compelled to explore the world around him. Being under his hovering parents for much of his childhood has given him a rebellious streak. He sees his "acting out" as him escaping the control of his family and creating his own identity.

While he is not necessarily a quick learner, he can understand the theory behind ideas, but is not always able to practically apply them. Most skills come easily for him, and as a result, he can be lazy and unmotivated. Currently Dusk is exploring his passion as a craftsman. While his slow improvement is frustrating, he is discovering the rewards of pursuing something he genuinely enjoys as opposed to activities his family pushes him into.

He is adventurous and thirsts for new excitement, in addition to new knowledge. The status quot is a boring, grueling existence for him, so he prefers to create his own fun. Dusk can be quite mischievous if he takes the notion, and while he rarely means any harm, his brashness can get him into heavy trouble if he goes too far. He can seem a huge jerk in his playful moods, but those who know him will know not to take his jabs seriously.

He is generally loyal, but will develop into someone who is loyal to himself and what he believes to be right and not what others dictate to him. That is not to say that he is a prude, but that he will have a strong sense of justice and morality. However, his loyalty can be shaped through his experiences because he relies on his senses (what he sees, hears, and experiences) to shape what he believes. However, he is also very interested in others and curious to know what they think so he often asks them how they experience things to better understand how he experiences things, too.

He can be rash when stressed, but is otherwise generally level-headed. However, he dislikes sharing his feelings when he is feeling anxious or upset, so it may seem as though he is prone to fits of rage when it has been a long time building. When asked about himself, he can become cagey and often tries to turn the focus of the conversation over to the other person. He prefers to observe rather than being observed. While he seeks recognition as an individual, he dislikes attention.

3.  Skills

  • Unarmed Sparring — Journeyman
  • Hunting — Journeyman
  • Spying — Journeyman
  • Scouting — Apprentice
  • Craftsman — Dabbler

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

5.  History

Dusk was born alongside Scion in New Brunswick, Canada during a trek to Nova Scotia. Dusk and Scion had two other littermates; a fox killed one littermate and Scion Morte killed the other puppy when it became clear that it was too weak to make the journey. Dusk grew up mostly with his mother and two other adult coyotes, both of whom assisted for the first few months' of Dusk's life. About a month after Dusk was born, his father Sanguine returned from his journey to northern Nova Scotia with Chapel and they lived more or less as a family. Dusk did not grow up knowing his older sister, Chapel very well and sees Chapel as something of an enigma.

Dusk and Scion became very close during their early life. Since their family unit was quite small and since they were the only puppies, they generally found ways to keep themselves amused. From a young age, Dusk and Scion were indoctrinated into the Addiction way of life, which emphasized a violent form of strength. Of the skills, Dusk excelled as a spy, but not necessarily as a scout. He found that he wasn't particularly sneaky in a physical sense, but rather, in a verbal sense. His parents were quite proud, but rather dismayed by his lack of initiative. Since many things came to him naturally, he became lazy, which went against the grain of his training.

When he was six months old, his apathy began to show. He got into arguments with his parents, who wanted to enhance his training, but he wanted to instead learn how to craft trinkets and small objects. Since they were not weapons, his parents objected; he did not need to fill his head with such trivialities, they argued.

He continued to resist as best he could until about his ten-month birthday when he decided to leave the group. He traveled for a week and eventually returned. His parents were furious, but Scion was rather taken with his display of foolhardy bravery.

The arguments between his parents only intensified after his return. In July 2012, when he was one year and seven months old, he decided to leave for good and find Chapel. He wanted to be an individual and follow his own course. He got into a heated argument with Scion, who felt that he was betraying them--and their family. Dusk disagreed and asked Scion to join him, but Scion was still loyal to their family. He spent two months traveling around the area before he decided to find Inferni and see if he could find his older sister, Chapel. He was disappointed when no one had heard of her, but decided to stay in Inferni and carve out a future of his own.

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