Nora is a member of Casa di Cavalieri, and serves as their ambassador to AniWaya.


drawn by Nat



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Date of Birth

13 May 2012




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100% Northern Coyote




Current pack Casa di Cavalieri
Current rank Famiglia Seconda

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    2.   1.2  Clothes
    3.   1.3  NPCs
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Spirituality
    2.   2.2  Sexuality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Family
  5.   5.  Off-board History
  6.   6.  'Souls History

1.  Appearance

  • Pale gray eyes
  • Curly hair that reaches her mid-back
  • All-black fur
  • Soft voice
  • Moderately muscular
  • Long tapering snout
  • Large dish-like ears
  • Skinny tail

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Weight: 15 lbs (7 kg) Height: 18 in (46 cm)
  • Secui: Weight: 85 lbs (35 kg) Height: 24 in (66 cm)
  • Optime: Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg) Height: 5 ft (150 cm)

1.2  Clothes

In her optime form, Nora wears a cloth wrap around her chest, which leaves her midriff bare, baggy camouflage pants (meant for a small male soldier) and a pair of shades with circular rose-tinted lenses.

1.3  NPCs

Zookie (male caribou, 3 years)

Upon arriving in Nova Scotia Nora had found Zookie in the woods and decided to take him in; seeing that he was on his own. She sometimes rides on his back, very often since she prefers her optime form, and enjoys speaking to him in low speech - which she speaks fluently. Since she is almost always in her optime form, he is never far from her - meaning that it can be assumed he is always with her. Zookie is albino and, because of this, he has very poor eyesight. His devotion to Nora, his hard-working spirit and his docile disposition all make up for his lack of vision.

Doolittle (male squirrel monkey, 9 years old)

Nora found Doolittle in an abandoned log cabin, that had been occupied by a luperci that was his owner, after being in Nova Scotia for a little while. He is about 1 foot tall and weighs less than a pound. His long, skinny tail is about a few inches longer than his height (about 12.4 inches long). His fur is soft and spiky and it has a reddish tint to it in certain areas of his body. There is a shiny red ribbon collar around his neck with a tarnished silver tag on it that has his name printed on it - it was given to him by his previous owner. Since he had an owner before him, who came from Europe, he is very well-trained and friendly to all other animals. He even has his own sense of humor! It can be assumed that he is with Nora at all times and he is usually seen latched onto her back.

2.  Personality

  • Carefree, hippy-ish
  • Imaginative
  • Extremely paranoid
  • Humorous
  • Determined
  • Loyal

2.1  Spirituality

Nora does not know anything about religion, but she holds some semi-spiritual beliefs. She believes that whenever something good happens to her, that it is the spirit of her mother helping her. There is one star up in the sky that her mother called her lucky star, Nora talks to this star as if it is the spirit of her mother - she, without knowing it herself, believes that it is her mother.

2.2  Sexuality

Nora is bisexual.

  • Prefers to be in a relationship with one person; would become jealous in "open" relationships
  • Does not turn down advances from anyone - man or woman
  • Would play the more submissive role in a relationship
  • Does not make any advances herself, fears rejection

3.  Relationships

  • Jordyn - They're good buds c:
  • Aspirin - These two are friends as well, Nora even goes as far as to call Aspirin her "hero". Nora tried hitting on her once when they were both drunk, but things didn't work out since Aspirin was seeing Nora's packmate Ridpath Stelyan.
  • Ridpath Stelyan - He is, as stated earlier, dating Aspirin. Nora met him while in the Town Square of Casa di Cavalieri and they got along fairly well - they're friends. Who'da thunk?

4.  Family

She was the only survivor of her litter; her siblings were stillborn. Her parents are both deceased - the reason for her mother's disappearance remains unknown and her father was burned alive by a wildfire. Her mother shares the same name as her and her father's name is Noak.

5.  Off-board History

On May 13th, 2012, Nora was born to her mother; miles from the pack that her father ruled. Every day she would feel the warmth of her mother and hear her heartbeat - it's a fond memory that she has held onto her whole life, and it's something that always has its way of comforting her.

It wasn't long before Nora's mother very suddenly disappeared, never to see her beloved daughter again. A couple of scouts from her father of her child/father's pack found her while they were out patrolling the borders meeting up with her secret lover and cousin Nobe - who was a member of Noak's pack and also a luperci.

Nora's mother, who was also named Nora, was immediately taken back into the pack and chained in the "traitor pit" that was at the pack's center. Nobe was also thrown in the pit, and the both of them had their tongues cut out and were tortured to the point where they were barely even recognizable. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Nora's mother and Nobe were just starting to develop their own secret plan to destroy Noak's pack.

At this point, Nora had wandered into her father's pack and was placed in a lower-rank due to her small size. Like the other females of the pack, she was mistreated horribly and sexually abused by Noak - none of the other males of the pack were allowed to mate but him, and all of the females were mated to him. Strangely enough, Nora was infatuated with her father and wanted, more than anything, to serve him. Her opinion of him would only change long after his death.

A while after Nora got "settled" into the pack, her mother's plan became more thought-out. She purposely disobeyed the rules of those who were put in the pit, and drew as much negative attention from the superiors of the pack as she possibly could. Eventually she pretended to run off and try to escape, and this caused her to be sentenced to death; to be burned in a massive fire-pit and have only Noak and the other inhabitants of the pit watch.

Standing in front of the burning fire, Nobe sneaked up behind her lover and freed her from her shackles that she was in. The coyote who was sentenced to be killed ran up to the flames and bravely bit onto the end of a burning stick; then lighting an old locked-up shed, that was full of gunpowder, on fire as soon as Nobe was further away. This caused an explosion, which then created a massive fire that devoured the whole forest.

Nobe had been headed toward where Nora was left by her mother, to try and save her from the flames, but no one really knows what happened to her. She didn't find Nora, though, because she was in the pack's land - she escaped, though, and eventually found her way to Nova Scotia.

Nobe would have raised Nora, it was something that Nobe reluctantly agreed to, and the intent of their plan was to destroy Noak's pack - it had damaged generations of coyotes, even ones that were around before the apocalypse. Their plan was, for the most part, successful, but Nobe never found Nora. Again, her whereabouts are unknown - but it is very likely she is alive, thinking that Nora is dead.

Nora did not know who Nobe was, that her mother was brought back into the pack after she left her, or that she was the one who started the fire until she had a dream in July of 2013. The fact that her mother intentionally destroyed a whole forest upsets her, but she is still nonetheless proud to be her daughter - especially since she was the one who finally brought all of the suffering of the coyotes of Nunavut to an end.

Every night she feels her mother's warmth and hears her heartbeat in her dreams, just like she did when she was a puppy; it is a sign to Nora that the relentless, revolutionary spirit of her mother lives deep within her.

6.  'Souls History

Shortly after arriving in Nova Scotia, Nora met a friendly young luperci named Aspirin. Since the two shared similar pasts, they got along well. Nora, having been shocked by how much Aspirin had gone through, claimed that Aspirin was her hero. They became very good friends from just having talked for a short while. Days later, the coyote found a male squirrel monkey named Doolittle. The two became inseparable and, ever since then, Nora has had him by her side. Not long after this had occurred, Rémy Lebeau taught her how to use a bo staff and Vesper taught her some basic self-defense skills. Learning how to fight and meeting new people gave Nora the idea of joining a pack, so she, in March 2013, joined Casa di Cavalieri.

Once she became a member of Casa, Nora explored around the outside of the pack's borders and bumped into Jordyn, a member of Cercatori D'Arte who was looking to trade. Eventually Jordyn led Nora to her pack's borders since they were open, at that time, to outsiders who were also wanting to trade. Upon arriving in Cercatori D'Arte, Nora and Jordyn ran into Aspirin, Nora's good friend and "hero", and the three of them chatted and traded for a while. Later that night, Nora and Aspirin got a little drunk together and Nora began to realize that she had feelings for her. After the coyote told her that she liked her, she discovered that she, Aspirin, was seeing a man named Ridpath Stelyan. Embarrassed, Nora left the scene very quickly; but they still remained good friends. Early in the morning, Nora left to go back to Casa.

A couple months after being rejected by Aspirin, Nora decided to venture outside of Casa again and visited Halfiax (south of Casa). While she was there, she acquired a few clothing items (listed in the appearance section of this page); all of which she still wears. Ever since then, she has been using her lupus form less and less - her preferred form became her optime form. Shortly after acquiring all of these clothing items, Nora headed back up to her pack's territory. The day after she started wearing clothes, Nora, for the first time, met packmate Ridpath Stelyan - who was, and still is, the lover of Aspirin. She recognized his scent, having smelled it when she was in Aspirin's home, and immediately started addressing him by his first name; not having to ask for it. They got along pretty well and still remain good friends.

Not long after meeting up with Ridpath, Jordyn arrived in Casa di Cavalieri, upon Nora's request, to visit and check out Nora's new home. While she was talking with Jordyn that day, Nora brought up becoming an Ambassador for AniWaya and asked Jordyn if she'd like to come with her to visit the Great Tribe's land. Jordyn accepted her offer, and the two started their journey together the very next morning. After a couple days of travelling, they, along with Zookie and Doolittle, finally arrived at AniWaya's borders. Jordyn stayed inside the wagon, which Zookie had pulled, and Nora talked with Claudius Aston, the sub-leader of the pack. Soon after she gave him gifts for his pack, both her and Jordyn were allowed inside AniWaya's territory. Later that day Nora met up with Attila Aston, and they talked a bit about the pack. Then, the next morning, Nora chatted with Saqui Utina and headed back home with Jordyn; dropping Jordyn off in Cercatori D'Arte, then heading back up to Casa di Cavalieri. Nora became an Ambassador for AniWaya, and she was automatically bumped up into the Famiglia tier.