Mido is a master-level ranked warrior and Rakeeb (sub-leader) in Anathema. He is the father of Havoc Creed, Aether Creed, and Vendetta Massacre.


Mido by Kiri

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Date of BirthJuly 8, 2009
Age> 3 years


Birth placeUnknown
Subspecies100% Domesticated Dog
Breed50% Siberian Husky
50% Labrador Retriever
LuperciYes (Ortus)



Joining DateAugust 24, 2011
SignificanceSub-leader, member

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1.  History

On July 8th 2009 Mido was born into a group of canines that in no right could be considered a pack. His father was a pure white Siberian husky named Ellan, and his mother an entirely black Labrador known as Celile. Originally they were located in the most Northern portion of New Hampshire in North America. Celile. He had been raised by his mother with no help from his father or any of their other family. Ellan decided to not be part of their lives for his own personal unknown reasons. When the boy was eight months old, Celile shacked up with a good for nothing male that was gracious enough to provide them with another addition to their family. The female infant was named Sakran and was now part of the equation. Sakran’s father thought it was a good idea to leave them just days after his daughter’s birth, leaving the three of them to fend for themselves.

As a family they were never able settle down and get comfortable. The trio constantly moved from place to place within the United States never leaving the country. The communities and packs they encountered were always disrespectful and looking down on them. Schooling or any form of education was always brief between moves, never more than a month at best. The two children never got the opportunity to gain any finite skills. After so many moves Mido had enough, and decided it would be best to leave; his absence would allow Celile to focus on taking care of Sakran. He didn’t have any friends and no love to hold onto, so he left his family without looking back, knowing they would be alright.

He was sure the journey would bring him to a much better place and give him the self fulfilling experience that he yearned for, as he would have to fend for himself. He started in central Washington, with no set destination; he had no clue where he would end up. He moved eastward only stopping from time to time. Life was turning out to be very different and more difficult than he imagined it would, looking after himself with no help from anyone else. During his time alone Mido found he had an unusual talent for movement and fighting, fighting wasn’t originally something he did, the more he fought the better he found himself becoming. For what he imagined was five months of travel, he crossed large mountain ranges, great bodies of water and dense forests. He made minimal contact with other packs that he came across, only dealing with the ones he had to. His adventure put him in a place he had never heard of, known as Souls.

2.  Personality

  • Kind of Quiet at first
  • Generally a happy a canine
  • He can be a real goofball
  • Can be too serious at times
  • Good at causing trouble
  • Bipolar(He doesn’t know it though)

3.  Relations

4.  Appearance


110 lbs32"

225 lbs40"

250 lbs6'6"

Mido’s genetic composition is exactly half Labrador and half Siberian husky. Although he is half and half the lab in him really doesn’t show, except maybe in his weight. His physique is extremely bulky and lean; he has lots of muscle, and little to no fat. In comparison with other Huskadores he is over the normal weight bracket by a considerable amount. His fur is short-medium in length and is double-coated, his fur flairs out on his upper hind legs and near his elbows and shoulders when not in Optime form. His primary body color is an all covering snow white. The markings that litter his body are blend of both halves of the genes he carries. He has the lab back stripe that is tan running from the top of his head in between his eye brows to the end of his tail. His lower limbs are an earth brown, from the elbows and knees downward. His paws are seemingly enormous, the toes on all his feet in Lupus and Secui form are webbed. His tail is thick, bushy, and curled getting fluffier closer to its end. His ears stand straight up in attention, rarely ever do they fall. The male’s eyes are ice cold blue with the exception of his left eye that is brown on its top half. Heavy shades of black are patterned around his eyes and mouth.

In optime he has medium to moderately long brown hair with blonde highlights. Mido spends the majority of his time in Optime form; otherwise he makes the change from Optime to Secui or Lupus form whenever necessary.

4.1  Gallery

By Nat

By Nat

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by Zyn

By Sugarpoultry

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