Helotes Lykoi

Helotes Lykoi

Helotes Lykoi, by Nat

Name MeaningCorn
Name OriginSpanish
Date of BirthFebruary 28, 2007
Age> 6 years
Subspecies50% Canis latrans thamnos, 18.75% Canis lupus familiaris, 18.75% Canis lupus, 12.5% Canis rufus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Alignment:Chaotic good
Birth placeQuebec
Current packInferni

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DatesOctober 13 - present
RankPrimi Bellum
SignificanceFirst Warrior

Helotes was a high-ranking member of Inferni, and the father of many illegitimate and legitimate offspring.


Helotes' lupus form, by Raze

Because the majority of his heritage is coyote, it is what he most looks like, though he is more on the larger side. However, besides the build and markings patterns, he does not have the usual coyote coat and is made up mostly of dark and light grays.

Helotes is nearly always in Optime form, and is in tip top shape. He is extremely lean with dense muscles; this makes him both strong and heavy. He is not the swiftest because of this, or the most light-footed, but he is not one for sneaking anyway. His mane is kept long and usually dyed crimson near the tips.

Helotes has a myriad of scars over his body but none stand out save for the bite out of his right ear. Helotes also has the Lykoi chaos star branded on his left shoulder and tattooed red.


  • Mondo (#403129): base fur color.
  • Crowshead (#140b05): Saddle, socks, ears, mane.
  • Cement(#8d7e65): chest and belly; under eyes and eye dots; inner ears.
  • Dark burgundy(#671809) : snout blaze; tattoo.
  • Vesuvius (#a03e09) : eyes.





60 lbs
30 in

150 lbs
40 in

280 lbs
6ft 5in

Looks like a larger than average coyote.

Looks like a hefty wolf, long canines, overly large ears.

Lean yet bulked up with muscle, Helotes looks very much like a fighter and in great shape. He walks straight with no hunch. He keeps his long, straight hair in a pony-tail or braid.


Helotes is rarely seen outside of the Optime form and will only shift down to the lesser forms if special circumstances deem it necessary.


Helotes is reserved and cool and also somewhat arrogant. He can nearly always be seen with a cheshire grin on his maw. In his younger years he was crude and crass, but as he has aged he has become a little more tight lipped on his immediate opinion of others.

Helotes is extremely loyal, in contrast to his chaotic nature, and puts the relationship of family, friends, and pack-mates above all else. Being a warrior he believes it is his duty to train and protect those weaker than himself.

Helotes makes friends easily, if the other party is willing to see past his initial "charm". He is a shameless flirt, and will come on to anything with boobs. Having only mated once, and had children, Helotes feels he has accomplished those life goals and has no problem going back to romantic gallivanting like he had in his youth. As a coyote coming into the late summer of his life, he is beginning to calm and become religious, seeing that he has done right enough with his life to earn the blessings of God.



  • Likes: Combat training, horses, offspring, Inferni, pretty women, alcohol, tea, Catholicism, languages
  • Dislikes: Assholes, villains, spies, sneaks, liars, those that remind him of his younger self


Sly, sarcastic, warm-hearted, spiritual, jovial.

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, neutral
  • Alignment : Chaotic Good


  • Distrust, usually in the form of those above him distrusting him and assuming his intentions are something other than good.
  • Death of his children, old age and frailty, uselessness


  • Protection of his children, Inferni, the weak, and other friends, family, and comrades
  • Preserving the welfare of Inferni
  • Being useful and passing his knowledge to others
  • Keeping his family name preserved


  • Gender: More tolerant of and willing to aid women.
  • Free-loaders: Sees those that mooch off of the prosperity of the clan without putting anything into it themselves as a disgrace.


  • Bi-sexual with an extreme preference of females.
  • Will only engage in sexual activity with other men if alcohol is involved.


  • Indulges in smoke-able drugs (Marijuana, tobacco) when it is available
  • Loves to drink, especially with friends!


  • Catholic -- has adopted the religion of his mother, and practices it openly and often.
  • Sometimes can be seen praying with a rosary or crossing himself.



  • A tenor voice, perfect for singing Spanish ballads
  • Usually speaks very informally, curses often


  • Inferni scent: salt, honeysuckle, marshes, horses, coyote, Lykoi
  • Dusty scent, mold: Comes from living within the mansion
  • Musky man smell, also cigarettes and alcohol


Key Relations

  • Vesper is Helotes' best friend. They used to be much closer, but now that Vesper has become second in command of Inferni and the Aquila's mate, he does not get to hang out with her as much as he'd like. When they're together however he feels like she is like a brother to him, and he can talk with her about anything. They're relationship started out rocky, but that shitty beginning became like the fertilizer for a beautiful friendship.
  • Basilio Lykoi & Azucena Lykoi, his oldest children. They are now coming into adulthood and their relationship with him is beginning to mature. He loves having them around, and loves them deeply.
  • Timori de le Poer is somewhat like Helotes' adoptive son, as he was the one who raised him from a pup. He originally was given to Zan to care for, but after she left the responsibility of raising him was left to Helotes. Now that Timori is grown, they are great friends and rely on each other for day to day responsibilities.
  • Yegua & Potra are Helotes' horses and he is as much friends with them as he is with other coyotes. These two horses were giving to him as a gift by Zana and with their help he has become a skilled horseman and has learned equine lowspeech.
  • Ilusion Lykoi & Jacinto Lykoi are Helotes' living siblings and both reside in Inferni. They are his blood siblings and he values their friendship and love greatly.
  • Kaena Lykoi is Helotes' grandmother and he attributes the positive changes in his life to her. Without the acceptance of the Lykoi matriarch, Helotes would never have bothered to change from his crude ways.



Minor Relations

  • Nathaniel King: After saving Nathaniel from freezing to death in the winter of 2011, he became somewhat of Helotes' errand boy, and the Lykoi male will sometimes send him out to Halifax or other places to fetch him things.
  • Valkyrie de le Poer is one of Helotes' many romantic interest and he fathered a child by her (Kára Lykoi).
  • Willam la Chemin is Helotes' friend and spiritual partner. They will often pray and have bible study together; he also fathered a child by her via artificial insemination (Versace Inferni).
  • Terra is another romantic interest.
  • Aeron Ganesa and Charm Sawtooth both have had offspring by Helotes, as they requested of him to impregnate them for strong children. Toshiro Ganesa, Kentaro Lykoi, and Isolde Sawtooth.

Former Relations

  • Zana Avaya Lykoi was Helotes' first mate and true love. The fiery pigmy 'yote was one of the reasons Helotes' changed from his wicked ways and became a down to earth man. After their first litter was born however, Zana disappeared and has yet to be seen, taking a large part of Helotes' heart with her.
  • Columbine Lykoi was Helotes' older brother and the one he identified most with growing up. The two of them were the strongest of their litter, so they were often at the brunt of their father's viciousness. A few months after Helotes' joined Inferni, his other siblings arrived as well, but Columbine was a changed man, and had become dark and twisted like their father. Helotes' ended up killing Columbine to protect Ezekiel de le Poer, the Aquila at the time, from an assassination attempt.
  • Halo Lykoi was a former romantic partner as well as a mentor. This relationship died as soon as she became handicapped.
  • Enkiel Lykoi Helotes was beginning to form a respectful friendship with the healer, but this relationship ended as soon as he left with Ezekiel.





  • Combat: Helotes is the head warrior in Inferni for a reason. He is a master with the bow-staff and spear, and adept with short swords. He is also very good with hand to hand and horse-back combat. Part of his responsibilities as Primi Bellum is to help train others combat and defense skills.
  • Horse-back: Helotes is adept at horse-back riding and other horse-related things. He has earned the co-rank of Vaquero, horse-man. He knows how to break, train, and breed horses and also keeps track of the whereabouts and condition of the Bay Horses
  • Low Speech (Equine Dialect): In order to work with both his own and Inferni's horses, Helotes made it a point to learn equine low-speech. This was made much more easy by the fact that his two mares were more than willing to learn to communicate with him. Now he is fluent in it, and communicate with all horses effectively.
  • Spanish & French: Helotes grew up bilingual, his mother being of Spanish origin. He can speak fluent Spanish and English, and due to his upbringing in French-Canadia, he knows a bit of French as well.
  • Dance Helotes knows how to Salsa and Flamenco dance.


  • Pride: Helotes is proud of a few things -- and extremely defensive and explosive if those things are threatened.
  • Narcissism: Helotes is very proud of his health, physique, and looks and takes great offense if these things are insulted. He sees himself as never becoming old and ugly, and feels great fear when he knows these things are inevitable.
  • The Seven: Helotes has an addictive personality, and therefore has a much higher chance to succumbing to the seven deadly sins; especially lust, gluttony, and pride.



Helotes Lykoi was born in the cold months of 2007. He was second in a litter of four, two brothers and one sister. He was raised by father Kerberos Lykoi and his mother Leticia Lykoi. His mother was caring yet harsh in her discipline and his father had a quick temper and was distant from the pups. His puppy-hood was typical and he fit in well with the rest of his family.

In adolescence the family began to move about and they were joined up by several other canines, all with coyote blood. Kerberos, the leader of the group, took upon another a mate, a young purebred coyote girl named Valla. By this time, Helotes’ mother Leticia was too burdened by tending to the need of him and his siblings to really care. But when Valla became pregnant, Kerberos became increasingly hostile towards Leticia and the pups, sometimes violently running them off before cooling and accepting them back into the pack again.

One day, when Kerberos was being especially vile to his mother, Helotes along with his two brothers attempted to defend her. They succeeded in driving off their father but Helotes lost a portion of his right ear in the struggle.

Before Valla came completely to term, Leticia and the pups, who were now fully grown, left the group on their own. Helotes decided to head towards ‘Souls lands to find his relatives, of which his father spoke often. His mother and siblings promised that they would one day follow.

Helotes came across Inferni and was accepted by Ezekiel de le Poer on October 13, 2011. He was quick to cause some trouble, sleeping around and finding fights. But after settling into the society of the clan, Helotes began to calm, and focused on becoming a skilled warrior. He trained under Halo Lykoi and became romantically interested in Zana Avaya Lykoi.

Soon, his three siblings arrived with grave news; his mother had died of an illness. One of his siblings, Columbine Lykoi seemed to have changed for the worse and was dark and angry. Eventually, Columbine attempted an assassination on Ezekiel, which ended in Helotes taking his life.

Helotes then took Zana on as a mate, she soon became pregnant, and on June 3, 2012, Helotes' first children were born; Azucena Lykoi and Basilio Lykoi. Not soon after however, Zana disappeared without a trace and any attempts at finding her were fruitless. Heartbroken, Helotes put all his effort and attention into his children, spoiling them and defending them fiercely against anything negative. It took some time, but eventually he came to terms with his mate having left him, though his heart was hardened thereafter.

It was around this same time that Aeron Ganesa, the then third in command in Anathema, came to know Helotes and found him to be a suitable male to breed. She asked him to impregnate her mate Charm Sawtooth as well as herself, as they could not conceive without a sperm donor. Helotes agreed, at in October 2012 the deed was done. But they were not the only females to bear new offspring by Helotes, for he also impregnated Valkyrie de le Poer around the same time. The prospect of new children, both close to home and in neighboring packs, helped the Lykoi male to beginning opening up to new relationships once again.

With his children growing and beginning to be able to take care of themselves, Helotes began to focus more heavily on his role within the clan, lending any aid to Vesper and Myrika that he could. Because of this, he earned the title of Hydra Rex, the second coyote in Inferni to claim the Rex title after only his grandmother, Kaena Lykoi. He held this title for only a short time before rising to the rank of Primi Bellum, top warrior and third in command of Inferni. Around this same time five new children were born with he as their father; Kára Lykoi, Versace Inferni, Kentaro Lykoi, Isolde Sawtooth and Toshiro Ganesa.

In the summer of 2013, Helotes learned that his dear friend Willam la Chemin was having trouble raising her children, one of which was fathered by him. He became extremely worried for her, and somewhat depressed over her seemingly self-deprecating behavior. He promised to help her take care of her children, but just at that time he was informed that Zana had returned, and then quickly disppeared once more. Helotes got into a funk, and also began having trouble hearing in his left ear.

One day, Helotes, Timori de le Poer and Basilio decided to take the horses out on a day ride. As they neared the borders of Inferni, they were jumped and attacked by bandits. Helotes' was thrown from his horse and his arm was broken, and the three Inferni males surrendered to the bandits, who took them and the horses away.


Currently, Helotes' whereabouts are unknown.


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