Art by Sie
Name MeaningNourishing
Name OriginSpanish; Latin
Date of BirthApril 25, 2008
Age3 years
Subspecies50% Canis latrans latrans Plains Coyote
50% Canis lupus nubilus Great Plains Wolf
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeMidwestern plains of the United States
Current pack Inferni
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining date Sept. 16, 2011
Joining Rank Tirones
Most Recent Rank Armorum
Significance Armory Keeper
Co-Rank None

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Before 'Souls
    2.   1.2  After Arriving to 'Souls
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
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    4.   3.4  Acquaintances
    5.   3.5  Enemies
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   5.2  Modifications
  6.   6.  Notable Threads

1.  History

1.1  Before 'Souls

Alma's mother was a wolf in a small, rather traditional pack - none of them were Luperci. Her name was Ivy. The pack consisted of Ivy's mother, father, and her siblings. They claimed a modest amount of territory for themselves (in what used to be the Midwestern plains of the United States), which they were fiercely protective of. Alma's mother was a little more than a year old when she met her father.

Ivy was patrolling their borders one morning when she spotted a coyote pacing around the edge. She was suspicious of him; there were coyotes packs nearby that would doubtless love to take a bit of their hunting territory for themselves. He was, however, alone and behaved respectfully. He went by the name of Joaquin. He did not appear to want anything; he simply talked politely with her for several minutes, then excused himself and left.

She told her parents of this incident, and they were on alert for a while - but nothing happened as a result of his visit. Two weeks later, he appeared again. Her brother Aden found him this time. Joaquin was trying to trade a few items: jewelry, bows, knives and a few other weapons. Aden stated that he had no interest in them, and told him to get lost. Word of the coyote's presence spread among the pack, perking Ivy's interest. She volunteered to patrol the borders frequently, in hopes of seeing him again. She did eventually - once again, he tried to trade, but she had nothing to trade with except food from a recent hunt - and trading something as important as food to an outsider for a few useless trinkets would be unacceptable. They simply talked.

The coyote reappeared many times over the coming months, though only to visit her. He had learned to avoid the rest of the pack. While her parents knew of what Luperci were, they had not taught any of their children their knowledge. It was therefore unsurprising that she found his ability to change shape intriguing. She wanted to learn it. Joaquin knew a way...

Sometime later, Ivy started to show signs of being pregnant. Normally this would call for her to be kicked out of the pack, but her father and mother were getting older and knew it would soon come a time when they would have to step down from their positions as Alphas. They were willing to overlook her 'mistake', for she was loyal, confident, and had a way of getting her other siblings to support her - with the exception of Aden.

Once Joaquin heard that Ivy was pregnant, he stopped traveling and joined the pack. They were wary of him, but Ivy convinced them to trust him. With his help, she challenged her parents and proclaimed herself and her mate the new Alphas.

She and Joaquin prepared for the arrival of her puppies. There were five in all, two males and three females. Alma was the one that bore the closest resemblance to her father, and for this reason he chose her name.

Alma's life as a pup was fairly normal. She, along with her other siblings, was taught her to shift when it came time. Alma spent much of her time in her Optime form, climbing trees and playing with rocks, sticks and anything she could get her paws on. When she showed a talent for making stone tools and working with wood, her father began to teach her what he knew. She was also taught to hunt with both weapons and with tooth and claw, though she showed more interest in making objects than in using them.

At 10 months of age, her father disappeared. Much confusion is caused by this, and panic spreads through the pack. Ivy tried to reassure them, but she was as concerned as the others were. Aden proclaimed that Joaquin had run away to join another group.

At first, no one believes him - then, two months go by without Joaquin's return and a nearby coyote pack takes advantage of their panic to encroach upon their territory. After pushing the attackers out of their territory, the pack - with the exception of Ivy and her offspring, turns its support to Aden. He and his mate challenge Ivy for her position.

Ivy was forced to step down. She left the pack to go look for her mate, and is not seen again. Two of Alma's siblings follow her, while Alma stayed behind in hopes that her father might return.

Though her strength made her useful to the pack, she was often lazy and increasingly insubordinate. She made it clear that she did not like her Alpha and uncle, Aden. For this, she was made an Omega.

Alma left soon after. Like her father, she became a drifter and trader. She searched for both him and her mother, but she found no trace of them anywhere. Her travels led her steadily northward, until she found herself in what was once Nova Scotia.

1.2  After Arriving to 'Souls

(Not enough to put here yet.)

2.  Personality

Lazy (and a little resistant to following orders), at times, though determined when she wants or needs something. Traveling alone and being forced to hunt for herself has put that trait into hibernation. It may or may not reappear when she joins a pack.
She is friendly and diplomatic, for traveling between different packs’ territories had forced her to be so. Even though experience has taught her to distrust wolves, she tries not to outwardly show it.
Aside from visiting packs or cities to trade her goods, she spends most of her time alone. Consequently, she has trouble talking sometimes and pronounces words carefully and deliberately. This sometimes gives others the impression that she is slow of mind as well as slow of speech. She finds this annoying, but will sometimes play it up for her benefit. For example, if she’s trying to cheat someone on a trade, she’ll pretend not to understand that it is unequal or unfair when caught – she’ll simply look at them with a face that conveys ignorance.
Another result of being alone is that she doesn’t often speak unless she wants something, so her body language usually conveys more information than her words.
She doesn’t get angry easily or at least, doesn’t show it or announce it. Certain things do irritate her, however: comments on her slow speech, words that imply she is stupid or simply any wolf that reminds her of her uncle Aden – either in appearance or in personality. She tends to show her displeasure in the most indirect or passive-aggressive way possible. ‘Accidentally’ dropping a rock on someone’s foot, for example...

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Ivy - Canis lupus nubilus verto (Great Plains Wolf)
  • Father: Joaquin - Canis latrans latrans ortus (Plains Coyote)
  • Uncle: Aden - Canis lupus nubilus (Great Plains Wolf, non-Luperci)

3.2  Friends


Ithiel de le Poer


3.3  ??

Ezekiel de le Poer

The former Aquilla occupies an odd space between 'acquaintance' and 'friend'. He's not someone she knows or understands very well, but she respects him nonetheless.



3.4  Acquaintances

Zana Lykoi

She used to consider this short woman as an enemy because she insulted Alma for being afraid that the D'Neville would fall down on top of her. It's been some months since then, and Alma is now more indifferent. She doesn't see a point in picking a fight with a pack member when there are other enemies to be concerned about.

Bambi Lafron

Alma once traded with this quiet dog for a pair of eggs, which unfortunately did not hatch due to not knowing how to properly take care of the eggs. She doesn't blame the trader, though, and would probably trade with her again if given the chance.

3.5  Enemies

Amy Sunders

Alma found Amy attacking a coyote carrying a sack of puppies. She assumed that the puppies were his and tried to rescue them. She ended up gaining a dislocated arm instead.

4.  Skills

Will be added later.

5.  Appearance

She is a little more stocky and thickset than a normal coyote, but otherwise indistinguishable from one. Her ears are overly large, which earned her the nickname of 'big ears' as a pup. Her coat is rust-colored, with some brown and black near the top of her back, tail and around her snout. Her legs are a lighter shade of rust, while her underbelly fades to white. Eyes are yellow.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Alma is usually found in her Optime form.


Her coyote heritage shows up in this form more than any other. For this reason, she uses this form most often around coyotes, or when she simply wants to be small and inconspicuous. When speed and distance is her priority, she travels in this form.


She uses this form to look impressive, or when confrontation cannot be avoided and she has to fight - or when trying to appear more wolf-like for whatever reason. She may also use it to hunt if she doesn't have access to her tools. Aside from being larger, there's not any difference in her appearance - same colors, same over-sized ears.


The form Alma is most comfortable with. Like all her other forms, she's stocky, rust-colored and has over-sized ears. She has four small braids, two of each side of her neck/head, though she has left the rest of her mane unstyled. Despite the fact that is she is slower in this form than the others, she uses it most often when traveling; she's usually in no hurry to get anywhere. That, and she can't easily carry her spear and bow in her other forms.

5.2  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it?
  • Tattoos:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it?
  • Piercings:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it?
  • Other:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it? Example: Missing toes or a chip in their ear? Do they dye any parts of their fur? Dyeing might be given its own section, if it occupies many parts of their fur.

6.  Notable Threads

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