Willam la Chemin

Willam la Chemin

by Copper?



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Date of Birth

15 August 2010





la Chemin

Birth place

la Chemin


50% Plains Coyote
25% Northeastern Coyote
25% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Inferni
Rank Scorpius Amici
Co-Rank: Huntsman


Ranks Tirones Lumen

Willam la Chemin was a member of Inferni, and mother to Versace and Cartier.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family
  4.   4.  History

1.  Appearance

The female most likely isn't what one would call a classic beauty, at least she would never refer to herself in such a way. But then again what really was the true definition of beauty? While she is tall she isn't what one would really refer to as being statuesque. There is a defined mass to her body, leaving what slight curves there are to her body to be thick. Of course this leaves her far estranged from the personification of being a delicate and frail flower. Why should that be found to be bothersome when it gives her the appearance that she could easily hold her own? Perhaps not so much in a fight, as she hadn't that much formal training in that field, but most certainly when it came to a hunt. A number of large prey animals had fallen victim to her jaws as she had snuffed out their lives from her place of ambush. Or else there are the simplistic weapons (sling, kestros, kusarigama) that her mass helps her to propel, especially her wide shoulders and strong arms.

Her fur is already thick, growing thicker in the winter weather, which shows that she was built for northern living and able to easily survive the cold and harsh weather. Of course this thick coat makes her appear larger than she already seems to be. It was yet another thing to ruin the image that most seem to have of women being smaller and more delicate than there male counterparts. Because of that is it any wonder that lustful eyes generally aren't turned upon her? But that thick fur is good for hiding the scarring that mars her body, especially upon her back and to a lesser extent those upon her thighs.

Head, sides and back are coated in a silvery grey color (being flecked throughout with lighter and darker hairs) while from the bottom of her muzzle all the way down the underside of her body is a creamy white sort of color, the white being found inside of her ears as well. Her legs, backs of her ears, and a face mask surrounding her eyes and snout are tawny in coloration. Her tail is a mix of colors, the same silvery grey residing on the top with the underside being a tawny color that blends into a darker brown ring before finally become a black tip. A stripe of white hugs her body from behind one shoulder to the other across her back. It is the fur from this line down that becomes a darker shade of grey once the winter weather sets in and her coat thickens even more, given her the appearance of almost having a saddle. Her eyes are a hot cinnamon in color. When in optime form she keeps her hair short and choppy, hacking it away unevenly whenever it becomes a nuisance to her.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: 28 in (71 cm), 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm), 200 lbs (90.1 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 5 in (195.5 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

2.  Personality

Willam is devout. Once she pledges herself to something she sticks to it. She is also a firm believer in penance. If she even perceives that she has strayed the slightest amount from what it was hat she was meant to do then she is quick to admonish herself. Willam also believes that there has to be pain and suffering in order to be able to truly enjoy life's joys and pleasures. She is a bit awkward when it comes to conversations as she is used to only discussing religion or hunting.

3.  Family

4.  History

Willam was born in la Chemin, a place in Quebec that no longer exists. It was the only place that she had ever known. She grew up under their teachings and only left because of the fire that was set to the church and consumed her home. She was told to head for land's end as everyone rushed from the inferno. Willam has no idea if there were any other survivors or who they might even be.