Ithiel de le Poer

Ithiel de le Poer is the son of Gabriel de le Poer and Jezebel. He is a coyote-wolf-dog hybrid, born into Scintilla. He lived there for the first year and a half of his life before heading east to Inferni with his brother Aemon de le Poer and Kastra Hunting.

Ithiel de le Poer

by Sie



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Date of Birth

July 26, 2010




Lawful Neutral







God is with me
of the Poor





de le Poer & Lykoi

Birth place



Wolf-coydog hybrid
62.5% C. latrans, 25% C. lupus, 6% C. rufus, 6% C. l. familiaris


50% Unspecifed C. latrans
12.5% Great Plains Wolf
12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
6.5% Red wolf
6.5% Dog




Current mate Alma
Current pack Scintilla
Current rank BADASS WAR GENERAL lol grunt


Pack Ranks
1 Dec 2011 - 4 Dec 2012
Tirones, Praeses, Vigiles, Caelum, Praetorian, Duplicarius

By Despi + Katie!

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1.  Appearance

Ithiel is a coyote-wolf-dog hybrid; he possesses primarily Canis latrans (coyote) blood and displays little outward appearance of wolf or dog, size aside. Ithiel is tall and large, almost willowy. He inherited his father's size and his mother's athletic, slim build.

Ithiel carries this well, having honed his body into solid muscular shape. He is deceptively heavy, carrying much of his weight in muscle mass. The most wolfish thing of Ithiel is his thick and shaggy coat -- his appearance is primarily coyote in feature and detail. His face, especially, is completely coyote and lacking in any wolf.

1.1  Coloration

  • Ithiel is primarily a tobacco brown (#695B44) in coloration.
  • The insides of his ears, the underside of his body, the tip of his tail, and the back of his forelegs are heathered gray (#B7AB93).
  • Various parts of his body -- his muzzle, ears, dorsal stripe, toes, forelegs, elbows, thighs, and tail patch -- are highlighted with birch (#312D20).
  • His eyes are cherrywood (#631515).

1.2  Forms




96 lbs (44 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

175 lbs (84 kg)
43 in (109 cm)

198 lbs (111 kg)
6ft 9in (81 in) (206 cm) )

Ithiel looks to be a very large, shaggy version of a coyote in his Lupus form.

Ithiel's secui form is large, like most Secui forms.

While in Optime form, Ithiel shears his hair short, and typically spikes it straight up in a short mohawk. He generally uses beeswax or other similar substances for this purpose.

1.3  Other


  • Scars: Left thigh, slash mark from wolf attack.
  • Piercings: Both of his ears are pierced. He generally wears dangly crosses in them. These were a gift from a girl in Scintilla whaat.


  • He wears a wooden cross around his neck, given to him by his mother.
  • He wears a rather large leather gauntlet for the protection of his arm, so Zedekiah can't tear his arm to pieces with his claws.

2.  Personality

  • Ithiel does not lie, and believes strongly in oath-keeping and keeping his word. He doesn't promise things unless he intents to fulfill the promise. His oath is his priority.
  • Ithiel doesn't really understand other people's social behavior, motivations, etc., but it's primarily due to his indifference rather than any social disability or anything. He tends toward stiff and polite unless extremely comfortable around someone (in other words, just Aemon).
  • Ithiel prefers practical subject matter to lofty discussion: he'd rather learn about the lay of the land than debate philosophy with anyone.

2.1  Demeanor

  • Basically, a stick in the mud. He's polite, but not very much fun. Kind of stuck up and faintly arrogant (though he's certain he is not arrogant) about his birthplace, heritage, family, etc. Outside of his seeming superiority thing, Ithiel is healthily self-confident. He has a good understanding of his own abilities and skills, doesn't tend to over/under-value self.

2.2  Ideals


Pessimistic and primarily introverted.


Practical subjects (scouting, information, knowledge), religion, secret super-awkward BDSM fetish (wat!)


  • Rather species-biased: he'll trust a bad coyote a lot quicker than he'll trust a good wolf. Ithiel generally won't attack wolves without strong provocation.
    • Ithiel really dislikes that he is part wolf, but he accepts it and does not waste time wishing it was different. He tries to keep his own wolf heritage on the down-low: he will admit if directly questioned (as per not lying), but does not publicize such information himself.
    • Ithiel has extensive experience with coyotes, coywolves, dogs, and wolves. He considers dogs beneath coyotes, but not to be hated as wolves. Rather, he pities them for years of human breeding making them "stupid" (his words).
  • Against the use of most mind-altering substances: Ithiel enjoys alcohol only in very small amounts, and finds excessive drunkenness extremely distasteful. He does not smoke and does not understand the habit, but he won't question others on their indulgence. Heavier substances and public intoxication would be strongly frowned upon by Ithiel.
  • Fears: Damnation, dishonor, purposelessness
  • Motivations:
    • Keeping his word
    • Keeping true to his faith
  • Traits
    • Polite, stiff
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral -- belief in order, etc


Strongly heterosexual. Does desire a woman in the sense that he wants a wife and life-partner. This is a pretty strong desire of his, and though he is not particularly fond of children, he does desire at least one strong son to see into adulthood. Pretty open with his idealized notions of romance and relationships.

Beyond that, he is not particularly desirous of sex or relationships, and views them in a procreative, relationships-only sort of sense. There is little degree of repression here, as Ithiel seems to have a naturally low sex drive -- he rarely engages in or seeking any sexually-pleasing behaviors. Virgin, too. Dear lawwwd. NOPE ALMA POPPED HIS CHERRY.

Ithiel doesn't know it yet but he totally has a BDSM thing.


Strongly religious -- vague Christian-like thing from Scintilla. Ithiel has a rather absolute belief in fate and a lack of personal choice in life -- he believes a soul is damned or saved from the beginning, and takes a strongly paternalistic view of God, believing he controls minute aspects of each canine's life.

  • Specific Beliefs:
    • Believes in charity -- helping the disadvantaged to a small extent, though he may not engage in such behavior where wolves are concerned.
    • Believes in essentially private religion -- hence his avoidance of any proselytizing behavior. He prays and reads his bible alone, and doesn't like to make a show of religion.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Alma: His maaaaaate. They had an extremely long awkward courting period, but it culminated in Ithiel getting some love, so it's all good. 8D
  • Myrika Tears: His Aquila -- Ithiel viewed Myrika as a naive kid when he first arrived in Inferni, but trusted her leadership upon Ezekiel's departure.
  • Aemon
  • Ezekiel

3.2  Family: Lykoi & de le Poer

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Polite, stiff, reserved. Ithiel rarely speaks more than he needs to, and is prone to pausing at length -- sometimes to the discomfort of his conversational partners -- before delivering an answer.
  • Scent: Infernian scent, primarily. Ithiel almost always, without fail, smells fresh and recently bathed. After he's been working on arrows, he frequently carries a scent of sawdust/cut wood.

4.1  Residence

  • Grimwell Caverns, Inferni
  • A few stitched-together pelts hang over a stick lodged in the entryway Ithiel often tucks this to the side to allow for fresh air to enter the cave. Zedekiah usually perches just behind this; the bird has a rock shelf virtually all to himself.
  • Ithiel uses the southernmost rock shelf as storage -- everything here is neat and orderly, though he has little enough. A lantern sits near to his bed on this same shelf; a second lantern sits on the northern rock shelf.
  • A third rock shelf, the largest and lowest to the floor, makes up his bed. He usually keeps his rosary and bible near to hand.

4.2  NPCs

4.3  Abilities


  • Falconry: Ithiel has trained with Zedekiah since he was capable of shifting. Ithiel does not know how to train his own birds, but he would be capable of using any similarly-trained falcon for his purposes.
  • Archery and Fletching: Archery -- especially mounted archery. He specializes in making arrows of stone arrowheads, often reusing points when he can recover his arrows.
  • Scouting: Ithiel isn't very stealthy in day to day actions, but he is an excellent scout and spy.


  • Socially stunted
  • Extremely orthodox, "in the box" style of thinking

4.4  Inventory


Ithiel is a lukewarm trader at best. He may be convinced to trade on a personal level, but is more frequently found trading for Inferni as a whole

  • Offering: See Myrika
  • Accepting: Items of a practical value only -- Ithiel cannot be convinced to trade for trinkets or "goodies" -- he will only accept things with some kind of use


  • Cross necklace, x1: Ithiel always wears this, as it was given to him by his mother Jezebel.
  • Leather pack, either tied to his saddle or slung over his back.
  • Horn, rarely used and hanging from his saddle. -- left in Inferni
  • Wooden bangle bracelets x2, traded from Hotaru of Cercatori d'Arte. -- Given to Alma.
  • Rosary x2 from Boreas Conflict -- left in Inferni
  • Lantern x2 from Boreas Conflict -- left in Inferni
  • Horn x1 from homeland -- left in Inferni

Horse Tack

  • Saddle x1: Equipped with an additional ridge on the rearmost part to accomodate Zedekiah.
  • Horse Tack: bit and bridle.


  • Bows x1. This is a large affair carried with him from his homeland.
  • Quiver x1.
  • Arrows x~100: Ithiel typically carries 25 arrows in his quiver; he may have a stash as large as 75 in his cave. He left all of his supply with Inferni when he left.
  • Dagger x1: He A short dagger from his homeland.
  • Sword obtained from Boreas Conflict Left in Inferni.
  • Spear obtained from Boreas Conflict Left in Inferni.

5.  History

  • 26 July 2010: Ithiel and his brother Aemon de le Poer were born in Scintilla to his mother, Jezebel. She had lived in Inferni prior to that, and returned to her home pregnant with Gabriel de le Poer's children.
  • 28 October 2010: Jezebel is wounded in a wolf attack on Scintilla. Ithiel and Aemon do not witness her wounding, but they do witness her progressive illness from infection, which the Scintillan medics are unable to treat. Jezebel dies of this infection a few weeks after the attack. Ithiel and Aemon are taken in by what serves as Scintilla's orphanage, raising the children of dead soldiers to fight the next generation's war. This environment instills within Ithiel a deep desire for and respect of structure, and he finds himself obedient to that which the "orphanage" provides.
  • 22 February 2011: Ithiel shifts for the first time. At this, he leaves the compound behind, intending to enlist in the soldier's ranks. He does so, but with difficulty, as he is very young. Once within the militarized ranks of Scintilla, Ithiel is exposed to violence, fighting, gambling, and all other manner of indulgences with which the soldiers amuse themselves. Ithiel does not partake of most, and finds his only true vice is gambling. Even then, this has but a weak hold over him, as he abandons the tables readily.
  • 16 April 2011: Ithiel finds himself attracted to a female soldier of Scintilla and befriends her. They train together, and Ithiel eventually becomes rather enamored with her. The girl, Vaniah, soon surpasses Ithiel in their military pursuits, and Ithiel awkwardly ceases pursuit of her.
  • 15 October 2011: Ithiel, Aemon, and Kastra are dispatched from Scintilla to find Gabriel and perhaps bring him back to Scintilla, if the man is willing. Ithiel embarks on this journey with pleasure.
  • 1 December 2011: Ithiel arrives in Inferni alongside Kastra Hunting; Aemon has scouted ahead and already joined Inferni's ranks.
  • December - February:
    • Ithiel's early time is spent settling into Inferni. He meets his cousin Myrika Tears and eventually the two become friends.
    • He also meets his half-brother, Alder, though the interaction is not a positive one and Ithiel is stunned to find he has a wolf half-brother.
    • He meets Alma, as well.
  • March:
    • Ithiel meets Hotaru of Cercatori d'Arte and engages in trade with the blind she-wolf.
    • Inferni comes under attack in the Boreas Conflict and Ithiel serves as scout and warrior both during this time. He interacts more with Alma, helping train her to fight with daggers. He also trains his cousin Myrika in staff fighting as well as throwing axes later.
  • April - May:
  • June:
    • Myrika Tears becomes leader of Inferni and Ithiel has to support her and comfort her and wahh.
  • August:
    • Alma and Ithiel become mates forever ♥♥♥
  • December:
    • Ithiel asks Myrika leave for himself and Alma to return to their homeland. He wantz to havez a famblee and he wants them to know his birthland.

5.1  Threads



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Legionnaire Crowns

Corona Pyropus, 6 Months IF Membership


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Socii 2166w, 1759w, 2201w
Amici (Unfinished) Sepirah
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