Leon Bloodmane

Leon Bloodmane

by Vaas

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Date of Birth22 of May, 2010


Birth placeNorth America,YellowStone
SpeciesWolf-Coyote Hybrid
Subspecies25% Northeastern Coyote

25% Plains Coyote
25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Red wolf



Current PackCurrent Rank

Leon Bloodmane is a member of Inferni

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1.  Appearance

Note: This description describes Leon in general, his Secui and Optime form have a few different features then this.

Though Leon's lineage is made of many types of coyotes and wolves that came and went within his birth pack, the most notable of his subspecies is the Mackenzie valley wolf, having pure black fur from the top of his muzzle, moving across his back and side and covering his tail. The sides of his muzzle and bottom of his mouth start a dark to light gray blending that works its way down to his chest and his underbelly. Leon has bright yellow eyes unlike his parents and siblings, indicating an unknown trait along his line. Leon is usually seen slightly squinting despite lighting conditions

Leon does inherit some traits of both wolf and coyote when it comes to size, his full grown size being between the average height of a coyote and wolf. Coming from a pack that did generations of sneaking around and through other packs territories, Leon may seem to have a bulky upper body due to his large lengthened mane, and a bit thinner legs and paws then most wolves to help have a light step when crossing through foliage to reduce noise, larger ears taking after his coyote mother, and slightly thinner and sharper teeth and claws meant for quick and precise strikes against threats and prey alike, usually to severe critical artery’s, though the difference is usually unnoticeable. The most noticeable and memorable features of Leon though, is his blood red eyeliner, blood tears, and his wolf fang earing.

Permanently marked on his body, his eyeliner and two blood tear tattoos are what separate’s Leon from other Black Canines, and something he takes personal pride in. Birth pack related, Leon got his eyeliner tattoo when he was fully grown to show that he was part Bloodmane, it was a mixture of permanent dye as well as some herb remedies to keep out eye infection. The same mixture was also used for his Blood tears, a Bloodmane tradition. Blood tears were meant to show other canines in the pack how many rival pack members they killed, also meant as a symbol of rank within the Bloodmane pack. Leon also has a chest harness which holds his Dagger sheathe to his chest, a tomahawk holster on the side, and a small pouch to store items, and is usually adjustable if Leon changes forms. Wolf fang earing (see history/ Biography)

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus:prefered form due to its smaller appearance, less noticability when sneaking.
  • Secui:In his Secui form, he has no visual difference except the basic anatomy and usually cannot sneak in this form due to this forms enlarged paws. Though when brute force is needed, will use it.
  • Optime:Leon, in his optime form has no significant visual appearance except for the basic anatomy of a werewolf, a nice even and lean muscular build, and black hair which he usually leaves alone or when in this form for long periods of time, will pull back behind ears to avoid it from getting in his eyes, usually uses this form for long extensive weapon fights and crafting.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Left ear, A simple wolf fang tied with a thin string to his ear, holds personal meaning to Leon(see history).
  • Both eyes, Blood Red tattoo outlining the eyes
  • Bottom of left eye, two blood red tear tattoos, hold personal meaning to Leon(see history)

1.3  Items

  • Adjustable chest harness with dagger sheathe, tomahawk holster (not loose) and small chest pouch
  • Bone Carved Dagger
  • Bone Tomahawk

2.  Personality

Leon has a somewhat varied personality, though kind hearted and protective to the people that he knows well. He is equally as cruel and unforgiving to the ones that try to harm him or his friends, family and fellow pack members. To him, Death is irrelevant, and is willing to die for anyone that he can safely call Family. Though due to his somewhat shadowed attitude, he is slow to trust at first, and is a little unpredictable in what he might say in conversation, and is always eerily calm despite dangerous or otherwise deadly situations. Insults and sarcasm meant to emotionally wound him he very rarely responds too, preferring to ignore then to actually care. Showing submission is something that Leon hates, seeing himself as cowardly and weak when doing so, and only ever really may do so to people that has earned his full trust and respect.

As calm as Leon might appear, he is always staying aware of his surroundings; taking in every detail he can to stay a step ahead. When faced with certain disagreeable individuals, Leon might convert to a somewhat Insane or psychopathic dialogue to confuse, manipulate or frighten the individual, though only does so if severely emotionally hurt or angry. In other cases he just might come across insane to amuse himself and hear the others response to his somewhat strange views on life, everyone has a sense of humor, and Leon’s is particularly unpredictable

Leon’s mental state is somewhat, in question even to himself. Ever since the incident with his own pack, whatever little sleep he got was bombarded by strange and violent nightmares of his sister and sometimes other family members. After about two weeks the nightmares have all but slowed, popping up on occasion. Leon tries to avoid any conversation having to do with it or his Family though does not mind talking about his Birth pack in general.

Though slow to trust at first, Leon is very respectful of people with different point of views on Life, lifestyles, religion (Though not religious himself), and has no strong opinion on coyote, Wolf, Dog supremacy, seeing the debate as a waste of thought. Leon is also a natural born shadow. Since he was a pup, hes been trained in the arts of stealth and ambush, making him adept at scouting, guerrilla warfare, sabatoge, spying and many other aspects involving stealth and precision. but only ever puts these skills to use when hunting, and or has sneaked into another packs territory (which he only does if instructed or has some meaningful goal to it). Leon if attacked, is no stranger to upfront combat and is not afraid to defend himself, and has been taught to ignore minor pain in stressful situations(ex.cuts, bruises, minor bites, small gashes, small blade stab wounds in non critical areas)though will definantly feel it like any other wound later on. Though he’s not with his pack anymore, Leon still practices his former packs traditions in private (ex. Adding tattoos, Bone carving)

Though Leon might not seem like it, he is an adept at reading body movements and expressions, making him somewhat of a wild card to people manipulating or decieving him. Though he may seem to think little of it at the time, he will sometimes try to turn the tables against the individual if he sees their dishonesty as a threat to him or his pack

2.1  Detail

  • Fears: Deep Dark water (is fine in shallow or clear water), Nightmares of his family, the death's of people he knows
  • Dislikes: Attacking without reason, murderers, rapiests, boasting (to a certain extent), moochers (with some exceptions), Canines that believe themselves to be above mortality or "special" (not including ranks)
  • Motivations: Redemption for past mistakes, Search for purpose, the protection and welfare of his pack
  • Traits: Calm, Quiet, Patient, Independant, Protective, Insane (when the mood strikes him)
  • Alignment: Varies depending on interaction with individual or pack

2.2  Combat and Hunting

In most cases when Leon's skills fail to hide him from the eyes of others, he will almost always resorts to combat once attacked. When in his lupus and Secui form, instead of using brute force Leon will try to use his enviroment to his advantage, whether itd be kicking snow or sand into ones eyes from swinging the flimsy branch of a tree into ones face, when finally caught he will try to go in for quick and precise strikes with his razor sharp teeth in attempts to severe arteries or get critical hits, jumping back afterwards and will usually continue this process while circling his opponent. Only when he is protecting another will he resort to a more up close fight against the assailant, ignoring any consequences that might follow his up front challenge. When in his Optime form, Leon is alot less shy, getting up close and personal while dual wielding a dagger/knife and tomahawk, sometimes even able to kill or subdue his opponents without effort.

Leon tries to avoid killing as much as possible, preferring to take prisoners instead of heads. But has no qualms about it if constantly harassed by the individual.

2.3  Language and Speech

Leon usually speaks in a low and dark manner unless otherwised stated. Besides knowing fluent English, Leon also speaks Sioux or Lakota, sometimes refering to it when saying something he doesnt want the other to hear or understand, though at times unconsciously refers to it in conversations

Understands owl dialect as well as how to speak in low speech. can rarely understand other dialects

3.  Relationships

4.  Family

Cairne Bloodmane Relation: Father Location/Health: Unknown

Seronna Bloodmane Relation: Mother Location/Health: Unknown

Luna Bloodmane Relation: Sister Location/Health: Deceased (or is she?)

Five Older Brothers Location/Health: Unkown

Immediate Family

5.  The Bloodmane Pack

Famous for being nomadic, Bloodmane is a quick and quiet pack, able to sneak in, out, and around other packs territories without leaving a single scent trail. Bloodmanes are also known for their exquisite and sometimes morbid body art as well as their ritualistic ability to carve bone tools, weapons, and jewelry.

Before the extinction of humanity, Bloodmane had control of a small portion of what was known as Yellowstone national Park, or what the pack called, The Angry Earth due to its many geysers which sprayed heated water. After humanity faded away from the area, the rival packs around the Park and beyond started to grow and so did their demand for territory. Soon, Bloodmane territory was being threatened and due to being a small pack and vastly outnumbered by rivals that continued to grow, the Bloodmane were soon pushed out of their territory, forced to wander through other packs territories which usually ended in a fight and loss of life.

Over time the pack began to adapt to their new lifestyle, being able to sneak in and pass through territories quietly. But not before stealing some of the rival packs game. As time went on, the pack began to dwindle in numbers and started allowing any canine to join to help keep their numbers strong. Occasionally there was the stray wolf or coyote that needed shelter but never stayed more than a few days within the pack, though not without passing on their genes, resulting in the packs infection of Luperci and hybrid offspring. Pups, when able to leave their mothers, are put into training right away. Usually by their fathers who felt it necessary to get them prepared as soon as possible due to the pack being in constant danger of attack. When luperci became common amongst the pack, It opened many doors of possibility to them. The most notable of their luperci traditions would be their unique way of carving bone tools. Though anyone could pick up the bone of an elk and carve it into a dull blade. The Bloodmane instead decided to improve on the simple carving process and experimented with different ways to strengthen and sharpen them. After many failed attempts, a process was developed to make bone weapons and tools more durable, sometimes adding symbol of meaning to the hilt and a desighn onto he blade itself. The practice is only known to the ones with the patience to do so since it was considered a lengthy process, but was always rewarding in the end. Bloodmane though still based off of other wolf hierarchys, is strongly held together by the packs understanding of companionship, every canine relieing on each other, needing each other, depending on each individual to keep one another alive in a world thats ever changing. This understanding has usually kept individuals within the pack from fighting each other, though when arguments did arise. The pack leader would call on the code of silence, both individuals not allowed to speak to eachother, and secluded from the pack until both accepted the others way of thinking. Today, Bloodmane has no known territory but stays strong by feeding off of other packs game, never staying in one place longer than a day, and has an open door policy. Though any canine that doesn’t abide by the rules are run out. Any murderers and or Rapiests are executed on spot.

5.1  Name Origin

Though many consider the name Bloodmane as a self explaination for the packs rather morbid tattoos, they earned the name the day they were officially driven out of their territory. The Day the River Ran Red. As the pack would refer to it. It was an end to a bloody and short war against a rival pack much larger then their own. Their territory though small, was a prime grazing ground for elk and other wild life, and was right on top of a river that flowed clean spring water from a nearby mountain. It was this river that held the most skirmishes between both sides. As the war came to a close with a clear victor in view, the surviving pack members came together to make a last and final desperate push to earn back what was theirs. Using a former battle ground with plenty of bodies to build a dam. The pack covered themselves in the blood of their fallen and posed as just more of the dead. When the main war party of the rival pack walked through to check for survivors. The disguised rised and ambushed, killing off most of the war party before signaling a retreat. It was from this final act of defiance that the pack derive their name, Bloodmane

6.  Leon's History

Leon was born May 22, 2010 in a pack known as Bloodmane. Born to a coyote mother named Serrona, Leon was by all rights, the runt of the litter, being the last one out of the womb as well as the weakest amongst his six siblings. When Leon came of age to walk and see the world for himself, his father, Cairne Bloodmane the pack leader, trained him and his Siblings in the art of stealth and combat. As was Bloodmane tradition to start training young. When Leon wasn’t training, he would occupy himself in honing what his father taught. Anywhere from sneak attacking small prey in the wild to avoiding his over competitive brothers Though Leon had a respectable relationship with them, he had more of one with his only Sister, Luna. Usually very naive, Luna was a constant target of criticism due to the fact she took on more traits of a wolf, being a lot more bulky in size and unable to be as quiet as her smaller coyote brothers. Leon was very protective of her, usually ending up ambushing his brothers as payback.

At the age of 11 months, Leon was undoubfully a natural born ambusher. Sneaking up and scaring all but the most experienced of the pack, usually making his own family paranoid about keeping track of him. When Leon finally started to shapeshift, his father gave him his first weapon, a bone dagger. Though Leon preferred to use his claws when fighting in his Optime form, he quickly grew an attachment to it when he made his first kill.

It was winter when the pack was closing in on the borders of another. Leon was moving along with Luna when a white ball of fur caught the side of his eye. A small rabbit, frightened by the pack of canines heading its way, fled into some nearby foliage. Leon thought he could easily sneak up and flank it, when Leon finally got behind where the rabbit fled, instead of finding a rabbit Den, he found a fully grown gray wolf, watching the pack prepare to enter the territory. Startled, Leon yelped and fell backward, gaining its attention. The wolf quickly took action, and attempted to pounce on him. Just as the giant wolf was about to land on Leon. Leon managed to pull out his dagger and jab it straight through the air. The sharp end of the blade quickly dug itself into the lone wolf's chest, who was unable to stop the momentum of his attack. When Leon finally returned to his pack, his blood stained fur wasn’t questioned, and Leon earned his First Blood Tear, a symbol of respect amongst the pack. After, Leon strived to learn everything he could about using the dagger. Later, teaching himself the dagger and tomahawk dualwield technique. Coming up with the idea over the course of a few days

As months turned into years, Leon kept his skills sharp while also picking up a few more along the way. Taking up His packs traditional Bone carving Technique as well as learning how to understand and speak low speech with owls who were and still are regarded highely amongst the pack. When not scouting himself, Leon would practice his newly developed Dagger and Tomahawk dual wield technique on makeshift dummies, as well as maintain his own leather chest harness. Sometimes adding on to it.

By the time Leon was 25 months old, he was highly respected by the pack and was an exceptional hunter, able to pin point prey and rivals before their in visual range, and was able to craft simple leather equipment as well as carve and craft tools and trinkets from bones of various animals. From time to time, Leon advised and helped his Father keep order within the pack. Soon after became his fathers right hand wolf

Everything was as it should be. Until one day the pack was forced to stop in the middle of rival territory. it was the dead of winter and the pack had two new mothers ready to bear children. But unfortunately one started to excessively bleed and the pack had no choice but to stop in a small overgrown human ruin, or risk losing both the pups and mother. Though this wasn’t the first time this has happened, Leon was still restless, keeping a sharp eye on every corner of the streets and buildings. Later he debated about setting up a perimeter with his father, having the feeling that this wasn’t going to end well. Cairne, who already had his hands full keeping the rest of the pack calm, gave in to Leon’s Request. Satisfied that the pack will be moderately safe, Leon went to go scout the small buildings of the town to see if any would suffice as a lookout.

When night fell, Leon's suspicions were correct. The rival pack noticed the Bloodmane presence and sent a war party to drive them out. As howls, growls, and yelps filled the empty overgrown street, Leon was trapped, his exit blocked by 3 wolves seeking blood. Though Leon had the up most confidence in his combat abilities. he left nothing to chance. Running through the building with 3 canines in hot pursuit. Eventually Leon hit a dead end. Somewhere deep within a human warehouse. Everything around was either broken or very unstable making it a death trap for most. One wolf attempting to quickly gain an upper hand, leaped at Leon. Though in its overconfidence, overshot it. Leon was easily able to duck and the Wolf hit a rusted out wooden Support Beam. Crackling of wood and bending metal echoed through the building, deafening and disorienting both Leon and his pursuers. Before they he knew it, Leon was enshrouded in a cloud of dust produced by the collapsed human structure, barely able to see his own paws. Any scent was drowned out.

Just as he was recovering from the now collapsed Ruin deafening noise. The rival wolves didn’t hesitate to attack. Leon was easily able to side step most their uncoordinated attacks and slash with his claws at the same time. Just as the dust cleared a little, Leon saw his chance to strike, seeing a lone canine with his back turned to him. Leon charged and pounced on the unsuspected victim, at the same time Leon dug his teeth into its neck. Its body went limp shortly after.

When the Dust finally Settled, Leon was drowned with shock, sorrow, regret, anguish and confusion as he finally saw who he killed. There, lying on the floor was his own sister, Luna. The sides of her neck pouring out blood from Leon’s aggressive bite, her eyes dilated but lifeless. When Leon finally got some sense of where he was. He looked up to see his five brothers, staring at him. The three wolves that were chasing Leon were long gone. And the ground on which he stood as well as his muzzle and mouth were soaked in blood leaking from his sister’s body. Unable to find the words or let alone speak. Leon ran, pushing past his brothers and anyone from the pack that got in the way. Regret and pain still burning inside him. Leon kept running, and running, till finally he collapsed on the edge of a small river bank. As the night went on, the howls of his pack were heard, calling, beckoning to him. Leon did not heed them, guilt still heavy in his chest.

When Leon awoke the next morning, his packs howls could no longer be heard. He was alone, unable to move for hours until an irritating pain from his shoulder caught his attention. Leon then pulled out a Wolf fang, A fang possibly from one of the wolves that got that first hit in. Forcing himself to stand, Leon set out, in the opposite direction of his packs destination. Not looking back

Leon later made the fang into an earring for himself that now hangs on his left ear. Though some stray wolves and dogs he encountered on the road thought it as a trophy, reward or symbol of death. Leon didn’t see it as any of those things, only stating, "When I bear this tooth, I shall now, and always remember what I did, and why I may never go back”.

7.  Prior to Souls

When Leon exiled himself from the rest of his pack, he spent 5 months moving east and traversing the Appalachian Mountains surviving off of small prey and the few edible flora he knew were safe. In all honesty, Leon took his time since he didnt have a precise destination, and most of the life he encountered ran away from him or saw him as an afternoon snack. During this time, Leon grew largely independant, though the lacking of a pack did make him nervous when sleeping.

Dec. 3rd 2012: Leon quietly takes his first steps into Nova Scotia, Miramichi Wilderness

7.1  Timeline



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