Brumaire Moineau

Brumaire is the son of Marcel & Lydia, mate to Nathaniel and father of Tierney, Máire, Nimh, Dreyma, Kallistos and Damianus. Upon joining Inferni, Brumaire seeked to receive approval from his half-sister Vesper. After an escalation of events, when their brother Dartmouth used Brum and attempted to kill Vesper, Brumaire killed Dart.





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Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Brumaire around the armoury and other storage areas; checking stock, adding stock, organising, etc.
  • Brumaire around either the Great Village or the D'Neville Mansion doing non-descript things.




  • Species: Coming Soon.
  • Fur: Brumaire posses the dense coat of a wolf which he has inherited from his father, however all over his pelt is curly; ranging from tight ringlets to loose waves, creating an illusion that makes him appear a lot larger than he actually is.
    • Optime Hair: Coming Soon.
  • Facial Features: His muzzle is larger than an average wolf's, giving him a rather 'dappy' like expression regardless of the male's actual mood, with the scar across his muzzle splitting the upper lip along his right hand side a little. Enlarged ears flop anywhere from 3/4 to half and at times can be held up erect, making them rather expressive and a clear indication of both his coyote (their size) and dog (floppy-ness) blood. As if cut out of stone, he possesses a coyotes facial structure and the sharp lines that come with the coyote blood.
  • Build and Size: Coming Soon.
  • Humanization: Describe the level of humanization your character has, e.g.: Often wears Accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color
    • Secondary coat color (tertiary etc. continue below)
  • Markings:
    • One type of marking here: black-tipped tail, black-tipped ears
    • Second type of marking here: white throat
  • Eyes: Eye color
  • Optime Hair: Optime hair color
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color


Mandalay (#ad8118)
Tuatara (#282724)
Heavy Metal (#1B1C19)
Gondola (#16100e)
English Walnut (#413025)
Saddle (#4c3525)
Kabul (#624d3d)
Tan (#d0b189)
Geyser (#dfe5e4)


115 lb (52 kg)
36 in (91 cm)


Despite the mass of fur that makes him look like a walking bad hair day, as he has grown Brumaire has filled his frame and along with his thick, fluffy coat he appears well proportioned rather than gangly and all leg like his father. Instead, he looks slightly chubby, of which is a sore point of his and when summer comes and his coat thins out, he makes sure to flaunt his thinner appearing form to the fullest.

Curling up against his back (always onto his left hand side) his tail is a perfect ring and barely wags due the the nature of his heritage, which makes expressing his emotions through tail motions hard for the Moineau, often leading to his more lippy nature being taken the one way from poorly expressed body language.

160 lb (72.5 kg)
44 in (112 cm)


To some degree his pelt thickens, his long legs becoming more prominent, making him appear to be all legs and little body. At the end of his legs, his paws are over sized much like a pups would be, which makes balance and fine movement awkward in the form.

Along the back of his neck, his hair thins slightly whilst maintain it's thickness and length, growing abnormally curly and impossibly knotted. Some strands begin to flop down over his face, partially blocking his eyes and making the form even more irritable to be within.

250 (113.5 kg)
6 ft, 10 in (208 cm)


Typically found in optime form, Brumaire is a strange sight upon two legs; still possessing the thick fluffy coat and never ending legs, he stands moderately tall considering his heritage, each limb and part of his body filled out nicely, neither over or underweight, although it is hard to tell under his pelt; pale curls of fur coat his chest and a wild matted mane sprouts from his head, curling in every direction and left to it's own devices.

With time spent away from his father's pack, Brumaire has dropped consideration for others sensitivities and wears no clothing, aside from the choke chain collar around his throat, his posture however is more humanised than feral, with a straight back and light stance, something gained from his constant use of optime form.



  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday soon.
  • Tattoos: At the back of his neck he has a small simplistic set of bird wings; reflecting his family name. Although this tattoo is always covered by his hair and surrounding long-pelt.
  • Scars:
    • A large scar spreads across the top of his muzzle, deforming the right side of his upper muzzle a fraction
    • Multiple bite and scratch marks along his back/rump area from multiple canines he has accidentally insulted.
    • Small burn mark on the inside of his right wrist from a cooking accident.


Brumaire doesn't like wearing large amounts of objects, nor does he posses many.

  • A standard choke chain with a golden leaf dog tag
  • Brumaire has a rough short bow, which he brings with him as and when desiring to use it.


  • When left to his own device, Brumaire does not wear any clothes. However, if it is apparent that the other luperci is offended by his lack of clothing (and he is aware of this before leaving home), he can and does wear a large brown leather coat and a pair of grey/black cargo shorts; both of which are over worn and heavily tattered.



Colonel Kilgore, Brass Balls, While Rome Burns & Grey And Gray Morality

Laid back and aloof, Brumaire is one to take things as the come and assess matters with a realistic mindset; he has a pretty level head when an emergency comes about and does not grow overly emotional in bad situations, often leaving his break down to later when he is in private. This does tend to make him appear cold and withdrawn at such times, however Brumaire is no such ice prince- Loving, protective and strong willed, the agouti male is full of confidence and an easy smile. On the flip side he is also equally sarcastic, clumsy with expressing himself and renowned for being inappropriate all the time; or downright irritating to be around perhaps may be more accurate, with a notable penchant for innuendos and flirting with anything that breathes, more so if the canine is a red head. Whilst he may act like a complete playboy or one to always be at parties, he does feel at peace in solitude and has an appreciation for simplistic things. When confronted with an aggressive situation, he is more inclined to flee than fight, not wishing to have to deal with the never ending cycle of revenge and hate; as such it is pretty hard to ruffle Brum up and rare for him to initiate any form of hostility unless his friends or family are directly threatened. This is also due to the fact he is a non-combatant, lacking skills in any form of fighting aside from his own natural instincts, additionally he has little experience in the art of combat.

One of the biggest factors of Brumaire's personality is his compulsive need to be accepted by family, to have a complete family where everyone is happy. This perhaps is due to the fact he was raised under his older brother, Dartmouth's, shadow. Regardless of this fact, he loved and looked up to his brother greatly, although was often starved for paternal affection which lead to his more foolish tendencies to occur as he sought attention. Growing up surrounded by less mentally stable canines, Brumaire rarely is surprised by others behaviours and is more accepting of strange nuisances and traits, as well as having a knack for picking up on small nuances in behaviour, meaning that he can often tell when someone's mood is changing for the worse -- quite an important skill to learn when you're around maniacs and drunkards!

Loyal to a fault, once he dedicates himself to an idea or an individual he will not be swayed and will do everything he can to protect that which has earned his loyalty. For those who do not know him, the Moineau has a reasonable poker face, although once anyone spends some time around him it becomes evident how poorly his hides his emotions and how bad he is at lying.



  • Tattoos: He learned how to tattoo shortly after shifting (although the results weren't pretty in the beginning).
  • Archery: Whilst still a novice, the art of shooting things appeals to him and is something he is actively trying to improve himself in.
  • Psychology: Being around a group of maniacs and drunkards not only helped him develop a knack for reading moods, but also generated an interest in behaviour and how the mind works.


He is Sarcastic/Witty/Mouthy, Nurturing, Protective, Need to prove himself, Competitive

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Expression: Cheeky
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Rejection: Whilst he was deprived of the paternal affection he desired, he fears losing his father and family greatly, holding on tightly to the little affection he has and does receive.
  • Responsibility: Unreliable at the best of times, he prefers to have complete freedom over everything he does so that he can never not meet someone's expectations, a deadline, etc.
  • Infertility: It has always weighed upon his mind that despite his sleeping around, he has no children and fears that he never will.


  • Need to impress: Being overshadowed didn't make him depressed or hate his family, rather it made him competitive, made him need to show the world his talents, that he is the best and to win in everything.
  • Family: The only relationship he actually tries in, he is protective of his family and would quickly throw his life away to save any said member of his family.


  • Non-Luperci: It confuses him why some would limit themselves, deny themselves of the option to choose forms.
  • Gender: He's rather gruff and unfriendly towards strange women, because they are more often the ones that try to kill him later.
  • Form Choice: Brumaire disapproves of those who favour one form, believing that all three forms are natural and interchanging is a good thing.


  • Kinsey 3: "Equally heterosexual and homosexual"
  • Physical Relationships: Brumaire isn't romantic; all he cares about is physical pleasure. Concepts like flirting, leading up to something, dating, etc are lost on him. All he cares about is bedding them and leaving.
  • Kinks: Enjoys spontaneous love making, is happily either dominant or submissive. Likes being ordered around, pushed against the wall, passion.
  • Red-heads: Brumaire is a sucker for redheads; especially those with strong arms and amazing thighs.


  • Smoker: Brumaire smokes a lot; especially when agitated.

Whilst he lived a wild childhood, he has moderately mellowed out with time and currently only smokes occasionally when under great amount of stress (to which he would take to his Optime form to do).


  • Atheistic: Does not believe in god(s) and finds the concept of gods a waste of time.


* Does not know this person by name.



Key Relations

  • Vesper: Due to Marcel's drunken mutterings, Brumaire is aware of his sisters existence and is curious to seek her out and learn more about her. Through various means he tracked her and Sparrow down in May 2013, finding them in Inferni and was given a chance, to prove that he wasn't like their father - I don't believe in fairy tales. Brumaire has taken this opportunity seriously and often strives to be on his best behaviour, to gain his sister's approval.
  • Nathaniel King: Brumaire's best friend and mate... even if Nate is a bit of an air head. After a rather rocky start to their friendship, Brum finds Nathaniel stunning and longs for him. After the death of Dartmouth, his attachment to Nate greatly intensified and was late reciprocated by Nate.

Positive Relations

  • Avaiki Asylum: One of his close friends, to whom he often confides in and is a general bad influence towards. She is also his chief baby sitter!
  • Vicira Tears: Amused by the girl's nature, Brumaire is rather doting towards Vicira, treating her like a partner in crime/being a bad influence towards her.

Neutral Relations

  • Kyrios Lykoi: Brumaire has attempted to teach his nephew archery, whilst learning himself.

Negative Relations

  • Grace D'Angelo: He had a one night stand with Grace and knocked her up, resulting in Dreyma Moineau. In July 2014, Grace sent Brumaire to Shiloh, revealing the existence of his daughter Dreyma.
  • Sparrow:Brumaire is generally not fond of Sparrow and does not view her as family, due to her constant absences and lack of commitment to the family. No attempt to form any bond has been made on either party, although he is dispositioned to dislike her because she just ignores his existence back.

Minor Relations




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His father Marcel caught the eye of his mother Lydia, a young female coy-dog who absolutely adored and worshipped him. Their mating resulted in Brumaire, Nivosus and Frimaire. However, his mother's health began to die and she ultimately died of illness shortly after the litter was weaned. Following their mother, Frimaire died too and Marcel rejected Nivosus due to the pups unnatural eyes, assuming that he too was infected. Taking Brumaire only, Brum was placed with foster parents alongside Dartmouth, but Marcel taught him various life lessons such as how to hunt and fight. Unfortunately, Brumaire was often neglected in favour of his older half-brother Dartmouth, and when Marcel needed someone to go to Nova Scotia to spy, he chose Dartmouth over him.

Despite how one may assume, he didn't grow to hate Dartmouth nor did he resent his father for lack of affection, instead he admired his brother whom their father placed so much faith into and strived to improve himself and gain his fathers respect. Which often lead to the young Brumaire encountering sticky situations where upon he allowed his mouth to run off a little too much; although the less noble skills his father had taught him aided the lad in getting out of such situations.

Growing up he was the typical youth, participating in every substance and illicit thing he could get his nose into, he attempted to experience anything and everything as quickly as possible, growing bored of such things over time and becoming a rather mellowed out adult; whilst still retaining his ever sharp tongue.

Now that he is capable of surviving on his own, he wishes to experience more of the world, to encounter the rest of his family and meet more people and make the most out of his life, rather then sitting around waiting for his father's approval; although part of him hopes his strike for independence would gain said approval.

Gathering information, he is headed to Nova Scotia in an attempt to track down relatives (In particular Darthmouth) he believes to reside there.



  • March: Born to Marcel and Lydia, along with Brumaire and Frimaire. Frimaire was the runt of the litter.
  • April: Towards the end of the month, both Lydia and Frimaire begin to grow weaker and starts showing signs of being infected with an unknown disease.
  • May: In the first week of May, Lydia and Frimaire died. Marcel found his two sons, taking only Brumaire; Nivosus's was deemed to be infected too because of his eyes. Brumaire was placed in a foster family along with Dartmouth, within their father's newly claimed pack.


  • August: Dartmouth was ordered away on a mission for their father, leaving Brumaire alone.
  • November: Isolated without his brother, Brumaire began to party and waste his days away.


  • January: Marcel lets slip regarding the existence of Vesper and Sparrow.
  • February: Towards the end of the month, Brumaire encounters and has a one night stand with Grace D'Angelo.
  • May: Brumaire finally finds Inferni and joins his sister's pack. His daughter Dreyma, from his previous one night stand is born.

Post Log


  1. [M] Wholesome family values (LASKY)
    January 18, in a drunken state, Marcel Moineau lets slip to Brumaire about the existence of his sisters Sparrow and Vesper.
  2. [M] Booty rocks 'round the clock
    April 15, seeking information about his siblings and their whereabouts, Brum sleeps with Sebastian Auditore.
  3. Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
    April 21, by chance he meets the musician Brandy Mae, whom performs for him.
  4. Scatter the ashes
    April 26, meet and greet with Kadar Ibn-Tariq.
  5. Don't cry, mercy
    April 29, meet and greet with Ray Feminile.
  6. There's an art in seclusion
    May 5, out in neutral lands, he encounters Canttina and takes an instant dislike to her.
  7. I don't believe in fairy tales
    May 7, after finding Inferni and finally working up the nerve, he calls for Vesper, his sister offering him a conditional place within the pack.
  8. blooming possibilities
    May 15, he encounters Lola who is on a diplomatic stay within the pack.
  9. We're threading hope like fire
    May 19, idle wanderings lead him to Snapdragon Lykoi and her brother Odin Lykoi.
  10. Making every kind of silence
    May 21, general meet and greet with Kira.
  11. Was it something i said?
    May 21, Vesper stops by Brum's cave, along with his niece Vicira Tears.
  12. Dying for your love
    May 25, peddling his tattoo talents, he strikes a trade with Sky Rhiannon and gives her a tattoo upon her left arm.
  13. Lay me down on a bed of roses
    May 27, Along Inferni borders, out in the neutral lands, he meets a rather clueless Kou.
  14. Coyotes can't blush
    May 28, Timori de le Poer and Brumaire get chased up a tower by a angered stag, forced to use bows and arrows to strike the beast down from their tower.
  15. Pride before everything
    May 29, By chance he catches the lingering trail of Laina Radell, the female who had saved him from an attempt of flirtation turned attack upon him.
  16. The best of the best
    May 30, A large male with red in his fur, soaking wet from the river? Brumaire took an instant liking to Xander Eidebjorn.
  17. So let the memories be good
    June 3, Finally Brumaire encounters his other sister, Sparrow.
  18. I'm not taking this tonight
    June 6, Meet and greet with Alfhildr.
  19. Digging us a deeper hole
    June 8, Try as he might, he couldn't find an archery teacher... until he bumps into a rather good looking Priam Nothing.
  20. Stay here with my secrets
    June 12, Working on his archery, Peregrine witnesses his horrid attempts.
  21. [M] Let me love you when you come undone
    June 17, Out in neutral lands, he crosses paths with Nathaniel King; who is practically a walking wet dream for the Moineau.
  22. this is real bad
    June 20, Brumaire bumps into Attila Aston, who is disgruntled about his horse.
  23. [M] Still kill the old way
    June 21, Practicing his archery, he is surrounded by Ryo Itou & Ren Itou, who try to rob him. Only to be rescued by Nathaniel King.
  1. [M] The wasp
    June 23, With no finesses, Brum confronts Nathaniel King about the conflicting signals the other has been giving him.
  2. Put one paw in front of the other
    June 26, Meet and greet with Sierra Bianchi.
  3. The worlds on fire but we're all smiling
    July 3, Willam la Chemin teaches Brum about making arrows to add to the pack stores.
  4. The light of one more day
    July 4, Out in neutral lands, Brum is hunting down traders to get his hands on some arrows and conducts business with Finch Moineau.
  5. Something inside that pulls me beneath the surface
    July 8, Wandering around pack lands, he meets a rather upset Azucena Lykoi and comforts her.
  6. [M] I'm so cool, no wonder it's freezing
    July 19, Meet and greet with Miwa Itou.
  7. Let me start again
    July 21, Someone calls him at the borders and it turns out to be Dartmouth Moineau! Brum quickly calls for Vesper to ask for his brother to join the pack!
  8. [M] blackbird singing
    July 23, After a night of drinking withDartmouth Moineau, Nathaniel King bumps into the brothers outside of their shared cave.
  9. If only hearts didn't have to fall
    July 24, Practicing his archery out in neutral lands, he encounters Sledge Bower.
  10. Your subtleties, they strangle me
    July 26, His horrid archery skills are witnessed by Temeraire Stormbringer, who mocks them!
  11. [M] Life Is Good
    August 6, Meet and greet with Jade Nightwalker.
  12. if there is a god, he will ask for my forgiveness
    August 14, Ongoing thread with Dieter Köhler.
  13. Harbinger of something more
    August 18, Light flirting with Annabeth de Fonte.
  14. nor need i pine
    September 5, Brum and Nathaniel King spar in lupus form.
  15. i heard truth like the sounding sea
    September 23, Encountering Myrika Tears, the two finally get to speak to each other.
  16. we'll be together while the planet dies
    October 24, Inferni's birthday party pack thread.
  17. legendary heavy glow, sunshine, thunder roll
    October 24, Wondering around the party, Nate and Brum start chatting to the new face, Gehenna Asylum.
  18. after all the dust had settled
    October 24, A little drunk, Brumaire and Dart fight and Brumaire storms off to Vesper.
  19. [M] And no one thinks they are to blame
    December 1, Brumaire encounters a rather put off Domovoi Tarasova and things get a little.... heated.
  20. I'll never know divinity, so inadequately I carve
    December 2, Meet and greet with Darkness Hushhowl.
  21. I kneel because there are no words, an act will have to do
    December 3, Meet and greet with Kira Raine.
  22. You can't take me home
    December 14, Brum bumps into Priam Nothing who has returned to Inferni.
  23. This means nothing at all
    December 18, Meet and greet with Sylvia Odessa Mogotsi.


  1. I can't stop
    January 2, Growing irritated with Dart's questionable behaviour of late, he invites Vesper out to go hunting and complains about their half-brother.
  2. [M] so much more than ever before
    January 21, Nathaniel King and Brum are just relaxing and going about their daily business within the clan.
  3. [M] Devil's got a gun
    January 23, under the lie that Vesper & Dartmouth Moineau had fallen out, Brum unknowingly leads Vesper into a trap.
  4. [M] Walking after midnight
    January 25, still plagued by Dartmouth's death, Brumaire grows further depressed and suicidal. Nathaniel King turns up to look after him.
  5. [M] Never Let Me Go
    January 27, waking up to an empty room, he seeks out Nathaniel King, only to find the male passed out!
  6. ice, ice baby
    February 6, following Nathaniel King, a rather disgruntled Brum ends up skating on ice.
  7. dressed up sharp and felt alright
    February 7, ongoing thread with Asher Thompson.
  8. Monster you made me
    February 17, ongoing thread with Vesper.
  9. I cut my teeth on wedding rings
    February 24, Asher Thompson and Brum have a little fun messing with the new kid in the clan, Ehren Siegrist.
  10. [M] And the same ones that I ride with
    March 4, Bumping into Avaiki Asylum in the mansion's stables, the two quickly catch up and gossip some.
  11. I'm bleeding out for you
    March 7, Offering his tattoo services, he tattoos Lyris Stryder.
  12. Dust to Dust, Dreaming of Fire
    March 12, A call at the borders catches his attention, resulting in Brum greeting Annabeth de Fonte who is looking to join the clan.
  13. The real words seem to hurt you
    March 19, Answering a call at the borders, he takes a surprisingly disapproving stance towards to potential joiner Belial Massacre.
  14. A long way down to the bottom of the river
    March 21, Heading out late, he crosses paths with Agrippa de le Poer by chance.
  15. memorabilia
    March 29, Nathaniel King and Brum head out and do some trading.
  16. Incapable of making alright decisions
    April 6, Juniper, a long forgotten one night stand, turns up on Inferni borders carrying two small pups.
  17. 'Cause if it's trouble that you're looking for
    April 6, Vesper encounters Brumaire's son's pretty quickly, despite his best efforts to hide them from her!
  18. Our candle burns away, the ashes full of lies
    April 21, Brum brings his children over to meet Avaiki Asylum.
  19. Long absent, soon forgotten.
    April 23, Along the Riparian Moors, Brum helps Cartier Inferni get out of the mud.
  20. Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
    May 21, Vesper accompanies Brumaire on a trading trip, the two discussing various matters.
  21. Suit up!
    May 24, Asher Thompson and Brumaire (along with his two sons) work on the archery stands.
  22. we'll be counting stars
    June 19, Whilst looking after the pups, Nathaniel King asks to discuss something with him.
  23. All my supply, all your demand
    June 20, Following his discussion with Vesper, Brumaire, along with Annabeth de Fonte, Vesper, Vicira Tears and Marlowe de le Poer begin working on a training arena.
  24. the red pill's for duty
    June 25, Work on the arena progresses to the 'digging' phase; with Micah Sunrise Lykoi, Rosaline Cross and Messiah de le Poer lending a hand this time.
  25. [M] Hunger Of The Pine
    June 26, Frustrated with Nate's avoidance of late, Brum takes his sons out to explore the Dampwoods; only to be attacked by a deranged wolf.
  26. burdened bands gain strong hands
    June 29, Work continues on the arena, with the fencing being erected finally.