Messiah de le Poer

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Messiah de le Poer was member of Inferni. The son of Priest de le Poer and Symera Villisca, he was raised to believe wolves are enemies and sought to make them atone for their sins through blood. His abusive nature led him to attack his fellow Infernians, and he ultimately committed suicide at his trial under the stealthy instruction of Prophet de le Poer.





  • Date of Birth: 1 April 2013
  • Date of Death: 11 November 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Inferni
  • Rank: Bellum

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Messiah looks like an almost purebred coyote.
  • Fur: His fur is somewhat short but still thick, even if it lacks the double-coat of a wolf.
    • Optime Hair: His hair lengthens naturally from his nape, unstyled.
  • Facial Features: He has enormous ears and a long, narrow muzzle. His features are pointy.
  • Build and Size: Messiah is small -- perhaps smaller than the average coyote. He is slender and willowy -- but his pathetic weight is all bone and muscle rather than fit. He appears underfed but tough.
  • Humanization: No -- Messiah does not bother with humanization.


  • Eyes: Left Burnt Umber; right three-third Broom
  • Fur: Messiah is Antique Brass with a Medium Carmine dorsal stripe and Cameo underside.
  • Markings:
    • Medium Carmine darkens underneath his eyes and his bottom jaw.
    • His Medium Carmine dorsal stripe forms a cross marking.
    • Cameo socks all four legs.
  • Optime Hair: Antique Brass darkening to Medium Carmine tips


Medium Carmine (#A24932)
Antique Brass (#C28660)
Cameo (#D9B9A5)
Burnt Umber (#823527)
Broom (#FEF923)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Tattered lips at end of muzzle, right side
  • Notches in right ear
  • Scar crossing collarbone in Optime, hidden in Lupus
  • Various bite marks covered by fur on flanks and legs


  • Tattoos: Fire Red (#AA0000) chaos star between shoulder blades in center of "cross" marking



20 lbs (9 kg)— 21 in (53 cm)

Messiah is a small, willowy coyote with underfed muscle.


125 lbs (57 kg) — 36 in (91.5 cm)

His Secui form bulks out with muscle but remains very lean.


150 lbs (58 kg) — 5ft 3in (63 in) (160 cm)

He is short and willowy with rangy muscle, very awkward in appearance.


  • Speech: Messiah has a high voice and simple vocabulary -- when he is not threatening or guilting someone. He also snorts when he laughs, omg.
  • Scent: He smells of marshland, coyote, blood, and general "arousal" or excitement.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Oral fixation, so often found chewing on something -- bones, sticks, anything to occupy his mouth.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Messiah has constantly-changing posture depending on what he's feeling, from submission to aggression. One constant is that his posture is always very active, forward, excited, very expressive. For example, if happy, he might bounce a little on his paws or really perk up; if submissive, he'll go the full extent to show his belly.


2.  Personality

Messiah is an awkward, absentminded boy, uncertain of himself, who idolizes his parents as the ultimate authority on life. Unfortunately, his parents happen to be sadistic, wolf-hating rapists who neglected him much of his childhood and culled his wolfish siblings.

As a result, Messiah is rather messed up. Desperately longing to be worthy in the eye of his parents, he obeys their word. He follows consistent morals -- albeit twisted, violent ones. He is a shy, awkward young man at the best of times, but sadistic and aggressive at his worst. Even his uncertain, daydreaming persona inspires only disgust. He is not endearing or charming -- he is apparently "off," uncomfortable to be around.

But he is not all twisted innocence, a poor individual shackled by a neglectful childhood. It is hard to pity Messiah, as he will openly emotionally abuse those close to him, the few he is able to. He preys on the weak out of opportunity, destroying others' concepts of themselves with guilt and conditional affection. Many won't call him manipulative -- manipulation implies a level-head, a keen eye or empathy, an ability to understand motives and fears and take advantage -- but he is an abuser and he will manipulate those he can without a deep mastery or understanding of it.

2.1  Ideals


Excitable, awkward, nervous, shy, abusive, aggressive

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted -- Messiah feeds on others' energy though he is awkward and shy.
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • Wolves -- killing them so they can atone for their sins
  • Parents -- following in their footsteps and obeying them
  • Inferni -- becoming a cool warrior in the clan!
  • Nephilim( de le Poer -- controlling him


  • Sin: Messiah fears sinning in the eyes of his parents. His attempt to eradicate wolves is also an attempt to eradicate sin.
  • Banishment from Inferni: He worries he will be turned away from Inferni or not live up to the expectations they hold.
  • Birds & Fish: It isn't a fear, per se -- but they creep him out at best. Mobs of birds terrify him, however.


  • Likes: Fighting, Lupus form, stories, taking advantage of the weak, warriors, chewing bones, bloodied and raw meat
  • Dislikes: Weapons, bullies, fleas, ridicule


  • Species: Wolves are sinners and need to atone with payment of blood. Wolfish coyote hybrids should have been culled out of mercy.
  • Packs: Inferni is the home of great warriors and stories. All other packs let in wolves and are therefore full of sin.
  • Age: He may show a tendency to abuse the young and old and infirm due to his power over them.
  • Gender: His feelings for girls tend to dominate his thoughts about them. He is neutral toward men, but women may find themselves the object of his obsession.


  • Heterosexual, lascivious
  • Outwardly, Messiah is awkward and shy with his affections -- obviously tongue-tied around beautiful ladies, almost endearing. However, his affections quickly become more sinister. He becomes obsessive, a voyeur, jealous, possessive, not certain how to get his feelings across appropriately.
  • As his only exposure to sex has been violent, non-consensual couplings, his view on what sex is like is likely warped. He might be sadistic and abusive even in encounters with those he has "good" feelings for.


  • Inexperienced, yet to try but willing with little pressure
  • Messiah would likely retain zero control over himself when intoxicated, showcasing the worst of his traits.


  • Messiah is not spiritual in the sense that he actively worships a god, but he does use the concept of sin and atonement as a grounds for his beliefs -- namely, that wolves are the enemy and to be killed. He believes in expiation by blood -- helping wolves "atone" for the sin of being a wolf by spilling that blood.
  • He is also afraid of his own sin. Since his morals are different than others', his concept of self-sin is not obeying the morals that his parents have set down for him, though this might change.

3.  Family

  • Extended: Messiah comes from several large, twisted, and infamous families: de le Poer, Lykoi, Massacre, Holocaust, and Addiction. He is aware that he has hundreds of cousins and has some affinity toward his relatives.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Due to a violent lifestyle, Messiah learned to fight almost as soon as he learned to walk. His education involved fighting his littermates, tutoring from his parents, and attacking random wolves as a family pasttime.
  • Lupus (Journeyman): Messiah is adept on four legs, quick-hitting and violent in his attacks -- he relies on sheer ferocity more than skill most of the time.
  • Blades (Apprentice): He cannot handle a knife well yet, but he likes to shadow-spar and stab things.
  • If one can catch him or slow his brutal attacks, his small size makes him fragile.
  • His fighting style is obviously reckless -- any skilled fighter could take advantage of this, so he picks exclusively on the weak.

5.  History

5.1  Thread Archive


  1. Like the Tugging of My Veins to Feed
    Messiah and his brother rest in the Bathurst trainyard on their way to Inferni.


  1. [M] Oh, What Went on in Your Head?
    Messiah and Harlow Fontaine play with shiny weapons.
  2. Remember When They Said That What We Want Can Never Be Done
    Messiah and Nephilim join Inferni.
  3. Before Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair Arise
    Messiah meets Sparrow -- a nice coyote!
  4. Incisors and Exoskeletons
    Marlowe de le Poer disdainfully helps Messiah with his flea problem.
  5. New Dirt
    Messiah and Singe bond over pyromania.
  6. [M] I'm Not Calling You a Thief (Just Don't Steal from Me)
    Messiah finds a "sinner" in neutral lands -- Anu, whom he attacks. Anu is saved by packmates Florina and Farina, who drive Messiah off.


  1. Are You Down for This Much?
    Messiah meets Kára Lykoi while investigating the horses.
  2. Deep as Any Burial
    Messiah and Agrippa de le Poer play chase until Messy comes across a potential risk -- a wolf quick to apologize and submit. Agrippa sees no threat and will let him go -- but Messiah has other ideas.
  3. He Maketh Fire Come down from Heaven on the Earth
    Messiah reunites with his brother, Stigmata de le Poer.
  4. [M] As Regal and Red as Blood
    Messiah and Olivia Tarasova meet and are utterly charmed by each other -- at least until Messy convinces her to let him hurt her so she can be "forgiven of her sins."
  5. [M] Cause We Are the Fallen
    Messiah ferociously fights to save his brother Nephilim from wolves attempting to kidnap him.
  6. The Red Pill's for Duty
    Messiah helps dig out an area for the new training arena.
  7. [M] Your Beauty on the Run from Me
    Vicira Tears teaches Messiah a little about the horses. Misinterpreting her friendship, Messiah seeks to touch her -- but is rejected firmly and sent off.


  1. Shark bait ooh ha ha
    Messiah spars with (and creeps out) Avaiki Asylum.
  2. The Great Destroyer Sleeps in Every Man
    Stigmata de le Poer preaches to the coyotes about the sins of wolves. Messiah supports his brother and brings along Sparrow to the chapel.
  3. The Breath I've Taken and the One I Must to Go On
    Messiah insults Nathaniel King for being wolfish. Nate calls him out, using his (rightfully earned) dominance -- but Messy informs Nate he's just an untrustworthy wolf as he flees.
  4. [M] Kill Your Prayers for Love and Peace
    On a patrol for sinning wolves, Messiah comes across Tolbin Milos Parhelion?. He tries to be sneaky and subtle, which fails -- but Milos' wild reaction to being called a sinner spurs Messiah on. Luckily for Milos, his companion, Sorcha, comes to his aid.
  5. [M] It Only Takes Just One Card
    Hurt and angry, Messiah attacks Mullica Leeds for no real reason. Skoll Haskel rescues her.
  6. The Game Has Changed
    Messiah sneaks into Salsola and assaults Blair Eternity. Salvia and her lynx come to the puppy's aid, driving Messy injured from the borders.


  1. Midnight Feeder, Beggar Pleader
    Sparrow finds bleeding, half-conscious Messiah when he returns home. She brings him to Harosheth for treatment and visits him when he wakes. Messiah is quick to control their conversation, and he refuses to let her leave when it gets late, playing on her guilt for "abandoning" the hurting, lonely patient -- the beginning of an emotionally abusive friendship.
  2. When All Men Say You Are an Ass It Is Time to Bray
    A prancing, excited-to-have-a-friend Messiah helps his clanmate Cartier Inferni move some wolf skulls for the territory expansion.
  3. [M] The Tongues of the Creatures Wait
    Messiah, upset and frustrated and feeling like an outcast, reunites with Olivia Tarasova. She comforts him and tries to convince him that he's good at heart and should stop the violence. He makes a promise not to hurt anybody else so he can be with her. They spend time together in acknowledgment of their strange feelings.


  1. Choking on a Rattlesnake Bone
    Messiah confides in Prophet, who just joined the clan, that he has sinful feelings for a wolf. Prophet offers to pray with him to overcome this temptation, and Messy is left feeling ashamed.
  2. I Don't Wanna Feel What I've Felt
    While dragging Sparrow around Amherst, Messiah insults a wolfish-looking Azucena Lykoi, unaware she used to be an Infernian.
  3. [M] A Country House, a Liar and a Louse Live There
    Tired of Messiah's emotional abuse and manipulation, Sparrow calls him out on it. Messiah breaks down and attacks her, verbally berating her to the point of tears and throwing things at her face. Micah Sunrise Lykoi comes to Sparrow's aid, managing to stay long enough to convince Messiah to leave.


  1. [M] Daylight Sleeper, Bloody Reaper
    A mob of opinionated coyotes forms as Vesper calls for a trial, accusing Messiah of betraying the clan. He screams and argues at the mob, claiming that they're wolf-lovers and that he only did his duty as a soldier of the clan. However, his mood changes when his sister, Prophet, approaches him to tell him that he has sinned, and must atone. In an apparent psychotic break, Messiah kills his brother Nephilim -- and dies as a result of the white baneberries Prophet gave him, full of confusion, fear, and regret for what he's done.