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  1.   1.  Family Members
    1.   1.1  First Generation
    2.   1.2  Second Generation
    3.   1.3  Third Generation
    4.   1.4  Fourth Generation
    5.   1.5  Fifth Generation
  2.   2.  Influence and Influences
    1.   2.1  Families
    2.   2.2  Packs
  3.   3.  Characteristics
    1.   3.1  Luperci Virus
    2.   3.2  Species
    3.   3.3  Physical Features

The Moineau family originated in Mer Bleue, where there are still healthy populations of non-Luperci, and were originally Eastern Timber Wolves that only interbred with other species in later generations. It began with two brothers: Renard, whose line, beginning with his son Marcel Moineau, became hybridized with a healthy portion migrating to Nova Scotia; and Thierry, whose three daughters went on to mother several smaller families, mostly wolf and lesser-known.

Within 'Souls, there are two famous "heads" of the Moineau family: Vesper, leader of Inferni, who does not carry the family name; and Nivosus Moineau, who went on to have several progeny and founded Sapient on ideals that went against the Moineau family's origins. As a result, several coyote-blooded and more "feral" Moineaus (including Sparrow, Brumaire, and Kennedy) put down roots in Inferni, while Nivosus' brood of humanized, hybridized children dwell in Sapient, exclusively carrying the Luperci gene.. A third group of wolfish Moineaus lives quietly in Vinátta.

1.  Family Members

The parent that contributes the Moineau genes is bolded.

1.1  First Generation

  • Rose Nettletooth x Thierry Moineau

indicates littermates where it would cause an extraneous generation.

  • Lily Moineau
  • Summer Moineau
  • Wren Moineau

1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

1.5  Fifth Generation

2.  Influence and Influences

2.1  Families



2.2  Packs

3.  Characteristics

3.1  Luperci Virus

The Moineau family originated in Mer Bleue, an untouched wilderness where non-Luperci were the norm. Several Moineaus are non-Luperci or Luperci Verto, changed later in life, though with infection and birth this trend will quickly fade.

Due to the influence of living as or among non-Luperci, many Moineaus have a healthy respect for non-shifters and are most comfortable in their four-legged forms. However, there are exceptions -- notably, Nivosus Moineau has a bias against non-shifters, and founded the humanized Sapient with other Moineaus.

3.2  Species

Originally, the Moineau family consisted of pure-blooded Eastern Timber wolves, and so wolf blood runs strongly through Moineau veins. Later generations added smatterings of other blood, notably Northeastern Coyote and Dog. Marcel Moineau was especially indiscriminate when it came to interbreeding with other species and seemed partial to coyotes and coyote hybrids. Dog-hybrid Moineaus arose with Marcel's hybrid sons Nivosus and Brumaire, introducing doggish features.

3.3  Physical Features

  • Build & Size: Moineau characters tend to have proportionally long legs, appearing lanky though most individuals are medium-sized at most. Size is very dependent on species; coywolf Moineaus smaller and more slender than purebred wolves, and doggish Moineaus are often sturdier of build and tall.
  • Facial Features: Long muzzles are the norm for many Moineaus, but no one feature is particularly distinct. A healthy minority of dog-hybrid Moineaus have half-flopped ears.
  • Fur: Traditionally, Moineau wolves are black or timberwolf-patterned brown. Pale coat colors are uncommon and usually dappled with darker patterns; Vesper, Nivosus, and Kallistos are three such individuals. Black-furred Eastern Timber wolves lighten with age, sporting silver paws, chests, and muzzles after a few years and commonly washing out to grey.
  • Eye Color: Originally, fiery eyes were the norm -- and many characters still have eyes that are orange or gold. However, softer and cooler eye colors such as pale blue-grey have become more common with new blood.
Finch, timber wolf Moineau with traditional dark earthen-toned coat Dreyma, wolf-dominant hybrid Moineau with traditional peppered black coat Alouette, high-content wolfdog Moineau with traditional earthen-toned coat Briarblack, coywolf hybrid Moineau with traditional dark earthen-toned coat Máire, dog-dominant hybrid with traditional dark earthen-toned coat Vesper, coywolf hybrid Moineau with uncommon pale coat Nivosus, coy-wolf-dog hybrid Moineau with uncommon pale coat
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