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Date of Birth

16 February 2010




Chaotic Good





HAR-vee BUT-lur


Harvster (OOC only)
Harvles (OOC only)


"Eager for battle; strong and worthy"
"Bottle bearer"


Old English/French
Old English




Birth place



Domesticated Dog


100% Australian Shepherd




Current pack Cour des Miracles
Current rank Knight


Pack Ranks
Cheese? (I)
Puppy, Beta, Alpha

Harvey Shanon ('Stanton') Butler was the son of Gail and Mycroft Butler. He was a red merle Australian Shepherd, born into the East End of London, England. He arrived in 'Souls, after a short time involved in a gang in his hometown, settling in Halifax.
He was the mate of Aoves and lived as a Knight in Cour des Miracles with his family.
He died on January 10th, due to infection from a stab wound during the usurping of the Court.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Harvey Butler had a distinctly British accent, and though mostly comprised of a few different dialects, due to his time spent growing up being in the East End of London, he could be described as a Cockney.
His speech might have commonly been non-rhotic, so words like power or hover would be pronounced powah and hovah.
Harvey's speech also displayed t-glottalization, or glottal stop of the 't' sound. Because of this, words like butter or little become bu'er and lil'
The 'th' sound, depending on the word, ended up sounding like an 'f', or a 'v'. When saying the words paths or something, Harvey made them sound more like pafs and somefink. Bother becomes bovah and so on and so forth.
Harvey most often did not blend certain letters, such as the ones with the 'y' sound. For example, one usually pronounces music with a 'y' sound blending the 'm' and 'u' sound, so it is 'm-YU-zik', while Harvey would say it like 'MOO-zik'.
His dropping of 'h's in words such as here, making it 'ere, and handsome, pronouncing it as 'andsome was easily noticeable.
Grammatically, double negatives were a habit, and the use of the false word ain't was common, as well as Harvey saying me instead of my.


'Scoose me, did ya say somefink?
Excuse me, did you say something?

Tha' ain't no way t' talk t' me mum!
That isn't the way to talk to my mother!

Well, ain't ya jus' a pre'y lil' bird.
Well, aren't you just a pretty little lady.

An example of what Harvey sounded like can be heard in this video. (Craig Fairbrass, voice actor for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 characters, because Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley is a boss).

1.2  Abilities



Harvey Butler had learned many combat related techniques thanks to his being involved in a hierarchy sort of organization. He was capable of using knives well enough to attack and defend himself effectively, and his hand-to-hand fighting is at least better than average (though he'd much prefer have a weapon if he should ever find himself in a predicament leading to a physical dispute).


General Skills

Other than fighting, Harvey didn't have many other useful skills. He was a sort of spoiled child, so house work was something foreign to him, as he was often allowed to do as he wished with little chores to accomplish. Due to his inability to do much more than make a location appear clean, Harvey was initially uncomfortable with the fact of living on his own.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Triggered by his attack, Harvey had a mild form of PTSD. He was prone to violent nightmares, easily initiated moments of extreme anger/frustration/depression, and spaced out in which he often "relives" events of his past. During these episodes, he could be aggressive, and may not have recalled what had happened. This caused Harvey to become unpredictable and vulnerable, particularly in heated moments such as confrontations.

1.3  Residence


1.4  Inventory

Household Items

  • Bottle of Vodka left to Harvey from Rio. Used for medicinal purposes (mostly).
  • Despite not wanting anything to do with a violent past, Harv kept a found dagger in his home, for safety and utility reasons.


Other Items

  • derp derp

2.  Appearance

In every form, Harvey had markings of a Red Merle Australian Shepherd. His eyes were heterochromic, his left eye being blue and his right eye brown. He had various scars on his body from past conflicts.

Sizing Chart





60 lbs
(27 kg)

23 in
(58 cm)


145 lbs
(66 kg)

30 in
(76 cm)


175 lbs
(79.5 kg)

5ft 10in (70 in)
(179 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Though his four-legged form isn't top of the list preference wise, it did come second to optime. Harvey Butler resembled an Australian Shepherd with red merle markings. His hair was long in this form, and he was the usually found size of dogs the same species and age. Harvey had heterchromia, his left eye blue and his other brown. His scars were less noticeable in his quad form, due to his lengthy pelt, with the exception of the one on his muzzle and right front leg.


One will most likely (it would even be said without a doubt) NOT see Harvey in his secui form. He feels it is awkward an unappealing aesthetically. His spine is protruded and hunched while in the half-way form, and his movement is laboured due to heavy limbs and less pleasing posture. Harvey finds his secui form uncomfortable, and thus stays clear of being in it.


Harvey will most likely be seen in his optime form, if not, on only rare occasions, his quad stance. He is tall and of a stronger build, and his hair is longer in places such as areas around his cheeks, elbows, rump and tail. Harv's scars show themselves more clearly, raiding his legs, hips, chest, arms and face. His eyes are the same as in his other forms, his left being blue and the right brown. His hair is of medium legnth, and usually brushed back in a more mature fashion, fading from a reddish-brown to a darker shade at the tips. Harvey most prefers his optime form, and will stay as such.

2.2  Build & Species

Harvey's build is rather fit, but not overly muscular. This is due to his need to stay in shape while in the past gang, as well as the exercise he receives wandering about the land. He carries himself about confidently, despite his past, and can be seen standing with an air of pride.

Harvey is an Australian Shepherd, a type of herding dog.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

The majority of Harvey's fur is Sandal, with blotches of Millbrook and Brown Rust to create his red merle markings. His muzzle, underbelly, and half of all limbs, including the underside of his tail, are white. His nose is Cameo.
In Optime form, Harvey has Reno Sand hair that gradually grows darker, into black tips.
He has heterochromia, leaving his left eye Shakespeare and his right eye Walnut.

Harvey has long hair, especially on his cheeks, elbows, rump and tail. It's soft in texture, and thick.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Harvey has plenty of scars adorning his body, majority (unless listed otherwise) inflicted by his rapist during a past, tragic event.
      • Long scratch across his muzzle, near his right eye (gang related accident - scratched during a hand-to-hand dispute)
      • Scratch across left side of his nape (fight related - received by Raoth)
      • Claw mark across left pectoral
      • Scratch marks on right forearm
      • Cut across left tricep (gang related accident - knife fight)
      • Scratches on right side of his hip
      • Multiple small scars along his inner thighs
      • Long cut around and down right leg (gang related accident - leg was cut on a wire during a conflict)
  • Tattoos:
    • N/A
  • Piercings:
    • N/A
  • Other:
    • N/A

2.5  Accessories

  • During winter, a heavy grey button-up jacket.
  • A dark leather necklace with a silver ring in it's center, made for him by Aoves.

3.  Personality

Harvey is an ex-member of a British 'gang', trying to turn his life around. He's short tempered, especially around loud, obnoxious individuals, but he's trying to control his emotions. He has a soft spot for quiet, shy girls (or equally humourous, adventurous males), and treats them kindly and with respect.

  • Fears:
    • Gang tension
    • His attacker's return
  • Motivations:
    • Catharsis
    • Self-worth
  • Traits
    • Gentlemanly
    • Ostentatious
    • Secretive
  • Alignment: After arriving to Nova Scotia, Harvey could be described as having a chaotic good alignment, thought before, during his gang days in London, his personality probably leaned more toward neutral evil.

3.1  Demeanor

Harvey Butler is a very outgoing individual majority of the time. He prefers to be social, enjoying company and chatting with others to pass the time. When alone, his mind is allowed to drift off, and he often grows depressed or irritable, eventually leading to a fit of anger.

He is often gentlemanly, and strives to be as polite as possible, especially during first impressions. Though, after getting comfortable with another individual, Harvey may either continue his charm, or begin flirting, thanks to his usually cocky demeanor. He will compliment others obsessively, but all in honesty, and adores being given the same sort of attention just as much as giving it, and watching the reaction of the person he's encouraging.

Harvey has a strong sense of what man should act like versus a woman's role, though this has changed since his arrival to Nova Scotia. Initially, he figured men should be almost brutish with other men, asserting dominance in any situation, and making sure to act possessively in order to protect their belongings, that being friends, family, reputation and/or material goods. Woman, in his opinion, should be dependent of their providers (their male companion), acting docile and motherly. Children were expected as a result of mateship.

Now, however, after meeting women fully capable of managing even better than himself, and having encountered males that have not only beaten him with experience and force, but also showed to be just as friendly and amusing as himself (for the most part), his ideals have shown to be less strict, and not so much of a guidebook.

When handling a situation, Harvey doesn't think much on the subject. Unless he'd reminded (by himself or another factor/individual) to take his time and plan something out, he typically will react on impulse, more times than not regretting it afterward.

He doesn't think before speaking a lot of the time, and can't seem to detect when it is and isn't appropriate to keep talking, but it's a fault he has been trying continuously to work on correcting.

3.2  Outlook

Harvey has liked to keep his new outlook on life fairly optimistic. Though he may have depressing and bleak moods shifts from time to time due to his troubling past when triggers are present, he tends to prevent himself from acting in a way that would be provoked by those thoughts, trying to find the positive in whatever is bothering him.

He is very eager to meet other people, and will willingly walk right over to speak to another, but when it comes to opening up, his past is pretty much off limits until trust can be gained, and even then, Harv may still remain persistent to change the subject if his history is brought up.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

A big bias goes here, discussed in paragraph form

Other Biases

  • Species: Harvey is not one to judge a group based on the impression of one representatives actions, and even after meeting plenty of a particular species, he finds himself caring very little what the being is, and more about their individual personality. As for prey, however, he has the tendency to get cocky, thinking them below him, as they are on the food chain.
  • Non-Luperci: Harvey doesn't much matter what form is preferred (or bestowed) upon a creature, and as long as it's comfortable with it's stance, he finds it none of his business to try and convince them otherwise.
  • Human Behaviors: The gentleman himself performs plenty human-like actions, such as living in a home and occasionally bearing clothing. Others who do the same don't bother Harvey at all, and those who prefer a more feral or animal-like approach are just as welcomed.


Harvey Butler is sexually active and assuredly bisexual, though with a stronger preference for woman, considering their ability to bear his offspring. The cockney male is adamant on the topic of fidelity, and disapproves of those who cheat on their bona fide lovers. Though he does not frown upon those who sleep around (as he was prone to do so himself before finally settling down), he feels pity for children conceived out of a mateship. Upon arrival, Harvey was strictly bi-curious, accepting to flirtatious advances by males, but never engaging in actual intercourse. After growing comfortable with the idea of developing feelings for another of his same gender (particularly after his experiences with Sebastian Auditore), the shepherd was open to the idea of homosexual relations and his bisexuality.


Harvey isn't really one for drugs of any kind, including alcohol, but he is aware of their existence, and their impact upon usage. Though he isn't completely against them, either. It's a neutral sort of feeling, and therefore the Brit doesn't feel the need to judge those who pleasure themselves with the help of something such as smoking or drinking, and has actually tried his taste at some kinds of alcohol himself, though none seem to really fit his fancy.


Harvey Butler is not a religious individual, but isn't against the idea of hearing spiritual individuals out. He would most likely refer to himself as agnostic, as he neither believes the idea of a deity, but cannot be sure that something powerful does not, for a fact, exist. He doesn't fight for either side, and will often drop the subject if brought up, for he believes something like his possible ignorance of a god should not cause another so much distaste toward him; he avoids religious talk if it shows to hinting at his possibility of damnation (or other means of eternal punishment).

Specific Beliefs

  • Though Harvey is an agnostic individual, he does somewhat believe in the concept of action leading to a specific cause and effect, or believing that "what goes around, comes around", otherwise recognized as Karma/Golden Rule/etc. Despite his willingness to accept the idea (though he does still have doubt), Harv feels that the effect is carried out not by a higher being, but a mortal that may have either witnessed good/evil action, or knew of Harvey's past and personality.

4.  Relationships

Thanks to Harvey's traveling about Nova Scotia, he's met plenty of new acquaintances. Some have become closer friends, but he tries to treat all with politeness and respect.

4.1  Key Relations


Harvey and the lovely French wolfdog, Aoves first found each other right before the hurricane that his Nova Scotia. Since then, Harvey had developed strong feelings for the female, eventually asking her to be his mate. They have had two litters of pups together.


Though their meeting was short before Baird Byrne became part of the household, Harvey and the dingo had developed a close friendship. Harvey hopes to see Baird return soon from his travels.


Without the help of Rio Marino, Harvey would likely have had a much more difficult time adjusting to Nova Scotia. Thanks to her generosity and playful demeanor, they have become friends.


Harvey likes Sebastian Auditore's rump. Sebastian likes Harvey's man-parts. Both love snuggling. A night of wild sex might just lead to friendship of a sort developing between them.


A former crush and later friend, Harvey has much respect for Shiloh Dawnbringer. He hopes that they may continue to trust and care for one another, especially during times of need.


Being a fellow warrior as well as packmate to Skoll Haskel, Harvey has a high level of respect for the Knight. He admires Skoll as an example as he climbs the military tier of the Court, as well as becoming better friends.

4.2  Groups


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Maybe a different pack -- how do they feel about this pack?

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4.3  NPCs

Wren de Graaf

  • Species: Saarloos Wolfhound
  • Age and DOB: 11 March 2010 (3yr)
  • Description: Coming Soon!
  • Personality: Coming Soon!

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4.4  Family

What's their relationship like with their family? Do they like being part of it, are they indifferent, or do they dislike it?

  • Watson + Butler

Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

  • Great Grandparents: Kay Anton and Edmund Bishop
    • Grandmother: Ann Bishop
  • Great Grandparents: Lillie Cox and Hugh Watson
    • Grandfather: Samuel Watson
  • Mother: Gail Watson

Paternal Ancestry

  • Great Grandparents: Abigail Lynch and Basil Malahide
    • Grandmother: Natalie Malahide
  • Great Grandparents: Olivia Towns and Jack Butler
    • Grandfather: Colin Butler
  • Father: Mycroft Butler

Extended Family

  • Maternal Aunts and Uncles: Gabrielle and James Ashdown; Peter Watson
  • Paternal Aunts and Uncles: Alistair and Esther Butler;
  • Half Siblings: None
  • Nieces and Nephews: N/A
  • Grandnieces and Grandnephews: N/A
  • Cousins: Warren Ashdown, Malcom Ashdown, Monica Ashdown; Lyn Butler, Natalie Butler
  • Second Cousins: None

5.  History


He is mated to Aoves and is the father of eight pups.

5.1  Timeline



  • Occurrence [1]

5.2  Threads




Event Threads/LASKY