Boreas Conflict

Boreas Conflict

Date22 March 2012 -- 1 May 2012
LocationInferni, Salsola
ResultBoreas defeat
Bay Horses established




Henrik Anders
Jannik Anders
Saule Anders

Ezekiel de le Poer
Sirius Revlis
Eris Eternity

The Boreas Conflict was a war between the Boreas wolves and the packs Inferni and Salsola.

Boreas Wolves

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  1.   1.  Timeline
  2.   2.  Deaths
    1.   2.1  Inferni
    2.   2.2  Salsola
    3.   2.3  Boreas

1.  Timeline

  • 22 March
    A lone scout is on his way to investigate the Inferni borders. He’s a young, scrawny looking wolf who will play dumb and try to avoid members. He is spotted by Ithiel de le Poer and Sepirah Lykoi, who are quickly aided by Valkyrie de le Poer.
  • 25 March
    Itachi Lykoi sighted a scout near Salsola; this occurrence was well-publicized within Salsola, spread around as a hot rumor in the pack.
  • 28 March
    Two Boreas wolves, Sindri Fannar (melee weapons specialist) and Ludus Voll (dual-wields swords) ride on horseback through Halcyon Mountain. They ride into Inferni through the eastern woods, penetrating nearly to the D'Neville Mansion. The attack is merely to test the clan's strength.
  • 28 March
    Emmanuelle Brenna is attacked as part of the above attack; Myrika Tears and Ithiel de le Poer tend to her.
  • 30 March
    Inferni sends a scout, Max Klein to Salsola to inquire about weird occurrences. The scout is greeted by Odessa D'Angelo and Foxglove Monroe,
  • 4 April (01 02 03)
    Eight Boreas wolves again travel on horseback around Halcyon Mountain, attacking Inferni through the eastern woods. They form two primary contingents, attacking simultaneously. Three Boreas wolves are killed.
  • 7 April
    Ezekiel de le Poer and Ithiel de le Poer discuss the events of the attacks.
  • 9 April
    Three Boreas wolves travel down Halcyon Mountain, attacking Salsola along the Pictou River. They also depart in this direction and ride in the river so their scent trail is untraceable. One Boreas wolf is killed.
  • 9 April (01 02 03)
    Just hours after the first attack, a second party of eight attacks Salsola. They penetrate deep into the pack's territory, quite near to the Borgata Coatl. They depart in the same manner as the previous attack.
  • 9 April
    Two Boreas wolves are killed in the attack; a third is found a few hours later, ensnared in one of the border traps. Although she is alive, no one is quite sure whether she can provide a bearing on the Boreas camp.
  • April 27 (01, 02)
    Salsola is attacked again, this time by a smaller, more heavily armed contingent of the wolves. Again, they travle through the Pictou to conceal their scent and are otherwise rather sneaky about their approach. However, a Salsolian spots them before they depart.
  • 28 April 01
    A group of three Salsola canines head to Inferni to discuss the attacks. A group of three Inferni coyotes return to Salsola with the original trio and the packs exchange information.
  • 29 April (01, 02?, 03)
    Various groups, consisting of both Inferni and Salsola canines in each group, scour parts of the Northern Territories for signs of the trail; one group picks it up and discovers the camp. They note its location and reconvene.
  • 1 May 01, 02, 03, 04
    Inferni and Salsola converge on the camp and destroy everything! The majority of wolves in the camp die; one or two may escape.

2.  Deaths

2.1  Inferni

2.2  Salsola

2.3  Boreas

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