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Eris Eternity is the daughter of Kaena Lykoi and Salvaged Eternity. She is a wolf-coyote-dog hybrid, born into Inferni prior to the 2008 fire in Bleeding Souls, although she did not remain long before being transported southward into Mexico, where she remained for some years before returning to Nova Scotia and 'Souls in 2010. She founded the Salsola pack in 2011 with her relative, Sirius Revlis. She has had several children by her mate, Larkspur D'Angelo.







  • Date of Birth: 30 Jul 2007
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Ruins, Salsola
  • Mate: Pandemic (6 Dec 2012)
  • Pack: Salsola (5 May 2011)
  • Rank: The Confidant (~2012)
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —
  • Minor NPC:



  • darp

Salsola members may assume the following:

  • Seeing Eris around Salsola: especially the Ruins

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Eris is certainly a hybrid, but to the untrained eye she would easily pass for a full-blooded wolf. Her ears are just slightly too large and her features show the faintest hint of coyote, with a slightly more tapered, elongated muzzle and a more lithe body than the usual wolf. The most obvious evidence of her hybridization exists in her Lupus form's gait; it is quite graceful and appears to be closer to a coyote's trot rather than a wolf's lope. There is little, if any, evidence of dog blood in her aside from her very dark coat, which is unlikely to fade even as she ages.
  • Fur: darp
    • Optime Hair: Her hair is not styled in any manner, merely chopped rather short and left to dangle behind her head.
  • Facial Features: darp
  • Build and Size: In her four-legged form, she is large for a female. In werewolf form, she is short and rather stocky, her largeness in Lupus form failing to translate to height.
  • Humanization: Yes, moderate-heavy; she is often seen wearing Accessories


  • Fur:
    • Black all over.
  • Markings:
    • There are very, very sparse hints of Deep Charcoal throughout her fur.
  • There are hints of Dark Chocolate along her sides.
  • Eyes: Chartreuse Yellow.
  • Optime Hair: Black.
  • Nose, Paw Pads, Skin: Black.


Black (#000000)
Deep Charcoal (#1E1E1E)
Dark Chocolate (#1D110D)
Chartreuse (#ECF503)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings:
    • Her ears are pierced three times each -- twice in the lower "lobe," and once in the upper "cartilage." Eris owns both silver and gold hoops but only wears one metal type at a time.
    • Her septum was pierced at one point, but the piercing has since closed up—the only indications this ever occurred are a slightly weaker nose, given to bleeding more easily if struck too hard. This was an indication of her slavery in the Eternian culture.
  • Scars:
    • On each wrist, parallel to the armbones, the Salsolian Hand of Eris mark was etched into her flesh.
    • On her left shoulder, a thick spiral has been intentionally scarred into her flesh. This was part of the Eternian practice of Tecocol, purification by scars. The process took several months, and the scarring is very thick, raised, and shiny, indicative of numerous wounds traced over the same path.
    • Along her back, on both sides of her spine, starting just below her shoulderblades and ending shortly above her buttocks, are two large, thin scars. These are least apparent in her Lupus form, most apparent in her Optime form.
    • On her right thigh, just above the knee, there are a variety of knobby scars from the Sequoia attacks on Salsola.
  • Tattoos: No.




  • (View Image) In July 2011, Eris obtained her shaman getup: various silver/white fox pelts stitched together to form a long cloak. The foxes were capture by Sirius, and sown together by Rowan Bissette. The mask is a bear skull, fitted with various leather straps (though obviously, she can't whip her head around wildly while wearing it, lest it fall off). Given to her by Larkspur as part of their mateship ritual.
  • (View Image): a white leather dress and cape, along with a fur bag. Given to her as a gift by Siv Helsi -- she wears this only when specified.
  • (View Image): her "disguise" as Discordia

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Eris always wears a black leather cord necklace about her neck. The charm of this necklace is a black spiral, attached to the cord by a single black bead; both the bead and the charm are obsidian. She owns other necklaces, but is most frequently seen wearing her spiraled necklace.
  • Eris always wears tiny hoops in each of her piercings. Occasionally, they may be silver hoops; however, she prefers gold.
  • Eris has a necklace given to her by Magnolia Takekuro, as well as a few rings.
  • Cross necklace obtained from the Boreas Conflict
  • Earrings obtained from the Boreas Conflict
  • Driftwood staff, procured from Salsola's territory. She carries this sometimes when walking, especially if her travels take her outside of Salsola's territory.
  • Of particular importance to Eris is the black opal ring given to her by Sirius after Larkspur's fall Freetown trek.


107 lbs (48 kg)
32 in (82 cm)


Eris's figure and size are nothing short of perfectly wolfish. She prefers this form primarily for distance travel, though she isn't averse to simply hanging around as a four-legged canine.

154 lbs (70 kg)
38 in (96 cm)


Eris rarely uses her Secui form -- she does not fight and she hardly sees a use for this form, thus, she has rarely, if ever, shifted into it.

180 lbs (82 kg)
5ft 11in (71 in) (180 cm)


Her lupus form largeness doesn't translate to her Optime form at all, and she is rather short in the shifted werewolf world. Eris is somewhat voluptuous, possessing an obvious bust and round, feminine hips.


  • Speech: Eris does not have a deep accent by any means; her voice has some slight elements of Chicano English, picked up in Eterne, but as she was raised in Nova Scotia and learned to speak English, there is generally very little flavor to her speech. She knows a few Spanish words, but she does not speak the language beyond being able to pick out phrases here and there. Eris tends to talk a lot, though she won't prattle on emptily about subjects no one cares about -- if nothing needs be said, she is comfortable with silence, and rarely finds it awkward. She doesn't really have any favored expressions, but one of her mannerisms is to occasionally speak in incomplete sentences -- e.g., rather than "it's always like that" she will say "always like that."
  • Scent: Disguised when outside of Salsola.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: DERP
  • General Posture and Body Language: DERP


2.  Personality

Eris Eternity is a Neutral Evil character, possibly a (TVTROPES WARNING) Magnificent Bastard. She is arrogant and self-serving, and loyal primarily where it serves her best interests. She is generally charismatic and outgoing, though quite capable and willing to manipulate others to her own ends. She is not particularly violent, sadistic, or cruel -- outside of her rituals, which often involve blood, guts, and gore. She respects intelligence, physical strength, and ability above all. Her primary motivation is herself and her own pleasure; she does not mind trampling others in the process of obtaining such things.

2.1  Demeanor

During her time in Eterne, Eris was quite arrogant and conceited. Her sudden ejection and violent treatment toward the end of her stay in the clan traumatizes her to some extent; she lost a great deal of her swagger, though she gained a particular acerbity she had previously lacked. During her time in Inferni, she became withdrawn from the pack, preferring to spend her time wandering outside of it rather than associating with her clan-mates. While an Anathema, Eris began to regain some of her old swagger -- this is primarily fueled by her relationships with Larkspur D'Angelo and Ouija D'Angelo, as well as the appearance of one of her closest (genetically speaking) relatives, Sirius Revlis, along with the birth of her children.

Eris can be rather outgoing; she is extroverted and thrives on interaction with others, though she is selective in who she chooses to associate with. She is not a particularly cruel or sadistic canine -- however, she is unsympathetic toward the plight of most, and thus will thoughtlessly engage in ritualistic behaviors at the detriment (and sometimes mortality) of other canines. The only exception to this is slaves or those she considers clearly beneath her -- e.g., slaves, Omega-ranked individuals or trespassers. When it comes to these canines, she is generally harsh and derives a fair bit of pleasure from their punishment.

2.2  Ideals


Arrogant, self-serving, charismatic, manipulative, perceptive, amoral

  • Outlook: Optimist
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Eris is neutral evil -- that is, she is primarily concerned with her own gain. She cares little for rules and tradition, and will bend or break them to suit her own needs; however, she does not seek to create disarray and disorder. While not completely lacking in loyalty, she will readily betray most others for her own profit. She has an extremely flexible moral system, subject to change at whim or necessity.


  • Profit and pleasure-seeker.


sFaithlessness, evil as personified by deities or magic, powerlessness, isolation


  • Species: Generally indifferent to species. Coyotes and Inferni are a bunch of jerks, though.
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks they are weak and silly.


  • Completely heterosexual

Substances & Vices

  • While in Eterne, Eris often participated in religious ceremonies involving the use of hallucinogenic substances, primarily peyote with occasional mushroom and marijuana use. She will continue to use drugs, but generally in a religious and almost ritualistic sense, maybe with some scorn for people who are way into recreational use (though she'll still have to play generally nice to keep her connects up or something).
  • Alcohol is a more recreational drug to her, though she is more of a “few glasses of wine with dinner” drinker.


  • Likes: cats, Salsola, religion, spirituality, attention, flattery, shiny jewelry
  • Dislikes: probably your face


Eris's religion is primarily influenced by the Atototzli of Eterne, though her fervor for much of the official Eternian doctrine has faded. However, her belief in the inherent power of others' blood and body parts as well as other minor beliefs derived from the Atotozli have not faded.

Specific Beliefs

  • She still rather fervently believes Tezcatlipoca, the belief that the liver of sacrifices or prey is especially important and able to work powerful sorts of magic, including divination and providing backbone for numerous potions and concoctions. She has acknowledged as truth, however, various other means of divination, including lithomancy, geomancy, and pyromancy.
  • Belief in curses and hexes.
  • She believes in the power of bodily modification to have a power over the wearer -- e.g., her spiral scar and piercings. They are used to enhance one's natural power or ward off the evils of others.
  • She believes sacrifice appeases the spirits and has the power to ward off evil spells and curses, as well as provide power for one's own magic; this is as close to worship as Eris treads these days.
  • She believes in spirits and something of reincarnation.


When it comes to the beliefs of others, Eris is generally respectful -- she enjoys appropriating from various sources, and thus practices something akin to chaos magic, adopting beliefs as she sees fit and twisting them to fit her current set of beliefs, if they intrigue her or seem to have some basis in ‘reality.’ She is apt to deny or blaspheme against things she ‘knows’ to be incorrect, and disrespects the gods of other religions more easily than she might disrespect that religion's deity-irrelevant beliefs or rituals.


Eris is technically a pantheist; she readily accepts the existence of gods and higher powers, but she refuses to acknowledge any god(s) as omnipotent, and will readily blaspheme against even gods she has accepted as real and factual -- her mortal, live power supersedes that of deities, essentially, and she refuses to bow her head in worship of any god/goddess.


In Eterne, she was trained as a Tezcatli (a shaman; Eris specifically was a haruspex). One of the means of shamanism for Eris is sacrifice. At the turn of particularly good (or bad) events, she may sacrifice a small creature for appeasement or gratefulness. In the face of death she views as sacrificial, she becomes near-reverent, driven to a frenzied state that can be likened to religious ecstasy. She also engages in the use of hallucinogenic substances to catapult her into a state of ecstasy.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Lykoi, Eternity

  • Extended: Eris is pretty far removed from most of her family. Although she has a number of relatives, both close and more distant, she is not familiar with the vast majority of her family, and would not recognize them based on appearance or name. She is more familiar with the Lykoi side of her family than the Eternity side, though she shuns the former and is intrigued regarding the latter. She is the only daughter of Salvaged Eternity to take his name, though she did not inherit it, but rather appropriated it in late 2010.
  • Other: It's worth noting that Sirius Revlis is doubly related to her -- on both maternal and paternal bloodlines. He is her grand-nephew on her paternal side, and her nephew on her maternal side.

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

  • Salsola is of primary importance to Eris. She considers members of her pack her Family in a way that blood is not. She tries to "mother" the pack -- or used to. This has been occurring less since her removal from the position of Auxiliary.
  • Her children are also of the utmost importance, though she maintains a strained relationship with Salvia and a ... stranger one with Pandemic. Her third eldest, Wretch is viewed as a borderline traitor: Wretch had multiple opportunities to return to Salsola, but did not. She has a more normal relationship with Ataxia, Artemisia, and Harrow. She does not know her son Basilaris as he was taken from the pack.
  • Ouija and Eris have met several times, and they were packmates together in Anathema for a time. Ouija presented Eris with a gift of a cougar. Eris believes Ouija's blood has the very same magic as Larkspur's -- she takes no stock in Larkspur's idea that Ouija's strain of D'Angelo is ‘tainted’ and where it comes to Ouija, she positively adores him. She finds him utterly sweet and able to fulfill her needs; however, she laments that she became pregnant with Larkspur's children first rather than Ouija's, and secretly wishes she might have borne his children instead.
  • Eris dislikes Inferni, mistrusts all within its borders, and generally avoids the hell out of them. She carries no grudges and no desire for vegenance, primarily because her half-brother, Gabriel, treated her with respect and a small amount of kindness while she was a member there. She is less fond of the Lykoi family specifically; her half-niece, Halo Lykoi, as well as her mother, are two of the Lykois for which she holds a particularly strong dislike.
  • Although Eris only met Haku Soul once, the pair engaged in some particularly gruesome sex -- they murdered his daughter, Noir Aston, and then proceeded to have sex on top of the corpse. Thereafter, Eris has become somewhat obsessed with the dead man's blood; she has shown herself to have a peculiar interest in his descendants. She participated and assisted Itachi Lykoi during Conor Soul's murder; although not an active participant, she ‘read’ the presence of Haku and the demon-shadow in Conor and Itachi both. Though Haku himself is dead, Eris retains an affinity for descendants of Haku.

Positive Relations

  • Larkspur Eris primarily values Larkspur for his physical strength and what she believes is his ‘magic’ blood -- she is primarily concerned with Larkspur's ability to provide her with children and care for herself and those children. She does not think he is particularly intelligent, and greatly underestimates him in this manner. She is also particularly unfulfilled by him, socially -- despite these misgivings, she intends to make him her mate at the earliest convenience, so her children might be born into Salsola as legitimately.
  • Enkiel was met in Inferni. He was one of her closer companions during her time within the pack, although she was hesitant to trust him. They shared with on another small knowledge of some healing plants and techniques.
  • Sepirah and Eris met in Inferni; the pair hunted invading rodents in the D'Neville mansion. Sepirah stopped Eris while she was leaving Inferni, but left Eris with kind parting words, which surprised Eris.
  • Axelle was met once in Halifax and once again later -- Eris is quite fond of Axelle, finding her odd coat patterning alluring and a possible indication of magic.
  • Sirius Eris met her nephew Sirius when he joined Anathema in January 2011. They became friends quickly, and eventually, they decided to found a pack together. Sirius has educated Eris in the ways of hunting and survival, and he has assisted her perhaps more than any other canine. She adores Sirius and respects him, and is utterly loyal to him as a sub-leader, possessing no ambition of her own to lead, and no experience in leadership, either. She is also ridiculously attracted to Sirius, though she has been quiet on this front with him and everyone else.
  • Gabriel is respected; during her time in Inferni, he was nearly kindly toward her. She feels basically dead neutral about her half-brother.
  • Samael was met once nearby to Anathema. Eris was intrigued and frightened of Samael.
  • Silas was met once in Inferni; Silas found her making a doll of Halo. She finds Silas attractive, though she doesn't know him well.
  • Cotl was met once in Inferni; he gave her food. She likes Cotl, though she finds him physically unimpressive.

Neutral / Negative

  • Kaena Eris severely dislikes her mother, though she feels no need to exact vengeance. Primarily, Eris's dislike stems from the fact that her mother ostracized and outcast her for the simple fact that Eris was fathered by Kaena's great enemy. Eris feels that if she had been accepted and loved as any other child should be, she might not have ended up where she was; she might have been a ‘regular’ Lykoi, an idea positively abhorrent and strangely alluring to her at once. Though she holds no love in her for the Lykois and their ilk, Eris does want a place to belong, more than anything, and the idea that such a place was wrenched from her on virtue of her birth circumstances and who contributed her blood sits very sourly within Eris.
  • Halo is hated by Eris. They fought while Eris was a member of Inferni, resulting in Eris getting battered and beaten bloody.
  • Tayui was met first in the Anathema pack while Eris was heavily pregnant; unbeknownst to Eris, Tayui is the mother of the pale girl Eris helped to murder upon first returning to 'Souls, Noir Aston. Thanks to Tayui's outer appearances of friendless, Eris likes and trusts Tayui, though not to a great extent. Eris believes Tayui dead as of the 2011 Sequoia plot.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Sex: oh god who DIDN'T she have sex with
  • Friendly: Salsola
  • Enemies: your face
  • Murders: someone

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Charisma and Social Skill

  • Education and Learning: Eterne
  • Charisma and Social Abilities (Master): Eris is very socially skilled -- she has a comprehensive understanding of most social situations. She is charismatic and charming, too, when she wants to be.
  • Short-sighted, indifferent to consequence, arrogant, jerk


  • Education and Learning:
  • Felines (Apprentice): Eris is somewhat experienced with felines -- she did not raise and train Itzcitla entirely on her lonesome, but his obedience and closeness to her is partially as a result of her own efforts. In late 2010, she attempted to tame a cougar cub brought to her as a gift by Ouija D'Angelo, only to have this backfire when the cat grew too large to be controllable easily. In winter of 2011, she found a lynx kitten on an excursion to Halifax and raised it.
  • darp


  • Education and Learning: darp
  • Reading (Dabbler): Eris learned how to read in Eterne.
  • Eris never bothered to hone her reading skill skill or do anything with it after learning, and so the skill has rusted considerably in the years since her instruction.
  • Eris was never really taught to hunt until January 2011; she survived on the good graces or kindness of others, scrounging her meals where she could or having them provided for her, either by her cat Itzcitla or another provider. Sirius Revlis teaches her how to hunt, though she is still quite the rudimentary hunter.

4.2  Inventory


The Ruins

by Sie

  • She has an underground den where she and Pandemic sleep. It is large enough for both of their Optime forms to kneel with a crouch or stretch out comfortably.
  • A lean-to shack was constructed against the rocks.
  • A leather covering extends over the open parts of the ruins to provide a roof.


She resided in the Anatheman caves previously, as well as the D'Neville Mansion.


Eris is almost always open for trade. She is not above attempting to swindle another canine or get more out of them, etc. She desires:

  • Offering: Animal products (leather-working, pelts, rawhide, parchment, etc.), horse training, horse rider training, writing/reading, her own inventory, Inferni communal inventory
  • Accepting:
    • Religious and spiritual items, anything from books to artifacts, etc. She specially values entheogens (psychoactive substances used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context).
    • Cats -- Eris loves cats, cat products, cat bones, cat furs, anything to do with cats, Eris is totally all over that. ;_;
    • Items of a practical value -- books, paper, spices (especially salt), weapons, and anything else Salsola might consider useful.
    • Shiny items (jewelry, etc.)


Household Items

  • She has a large supply of wood matches, as well as a 3-4 candles.
  • In the shack, she keeps 2-3 large pelts for comfort.
  • She has a mirror, pried off a car, which she uses to make herself feel purdy.
  • She also has a gris-gris, made for her by Ouija D'Angelo. She keeps this in her residence, wearing it in times of exceptional strife and need.
  • Dagger given by Alessandra Von Sin, runes on the black leather sheath, bone handle, with sturdy plexiglass-type handle. Blood in the hollowed center of the handle, sealed off from air contact.
  • In December 2011, Eris obtained a black bow, made in her likeness. This was given to her as a gift by Hrafn Erastus.

Spiritual Accessories

  • 2-3 chunks of shattered amethyst obtained from the Anathema caves as a result of an encounter with Nyx de Jinx. She usually keeps them situated at random spots around her altar in her cave, though they don't have a whole lot of significance.
  • Bone "dagger" made of a wolf's femur (Noir Aston), sharpened to a blunted and brutal tip.
  • Skull Cauldron, generally used to burn small things.
  • Canopic jars given by Imhotep Aabt as part of his joining process for Salsola.


  • Small stash (10+ doses) of Indian Tobacco -- grown in Salsola.
  • When she takes anything with her outside of Salsola, it's put into an intricate cloth bundle.

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


Rank and Service

Coatl: 3 Months Sotto Capo
From 20 June 2012–20 September 2012.
Zopilote: 3 Months Inner Rank
From DD Month YYYY–DD Month YYYY.
Tocatl: 3 Months Central Ring
From DD Month YYYY–DD Month YYYY.
Coztic: 3x NPC Slave Interaction
1, 2, 3
Tocatl: Co-Rank Usurper
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Colotl Tliltic
Colotl Tliltic: Earned Job
Reclutadore: 1, 2


Ocelote: Pack Projects
Organized fishing weir project.
Tenzontli Iztac
Tenzontli Iztac: 3x Last Supper
1, 2, 3
Tenzontli Nextic
Tenzontli Nextic: 3x SL Plot
1, 2, 3
Tenzontli Tliltic
Tenzontli Tliltic: 3x Associates
1, 2, 3
Coatl Coztic
Coatl Coztic: 15x Salsola Member Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Coatl Chiltic
Coatl Chiltic: 10x AWs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Mayate Xoxoctic
Mayate Xoxoctic: 25x SL Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
Mapache: 10x Thread Prompts
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Mayate Chiltic
Mayate Chiltic: SL Territories
The Ruins, Millstone, The Peninsulas, Lesser Forest, Isle Haute, Pictou Delta, Pine Barrens, Shulie Farmland, Tantramar Marshes, Western Coast, Marrgerd


Matzatl: Earned Mate
Became mates with Larkspur D'Angelo on 14 June 2011.
Tenzontli: Legitimate Children
Had children with Larkspur D'Angelo on 24 July 2011.
Tecolotl: Punished
Was punished for ACTION on DD Month YYYY. [1]
Xicohtli: 3x Recruited
Esmeralda Acidic[2], Jeremiah Ezekial[3], Reykr Helsi[4]


Coatl Tliltic
Coatl Tliltic: 10x Anicombs Earned
Earned (1) Tlitic, (2) Boreas
Tecolotl Tliltic
Tecolotl Tliltic: SL Spotlight
Chosen for spotlight on DD Month YYYY.
Colotl: Exceptional Service
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Boreas: Plot Participation
Participated in the 2012 Boreas plot.


Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Larkspur D'Angelo on 14 June 2011. [5]
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Larkspur D'Angelo on 15 December 2010.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Characters on DD Month YYYY.[6]
Lose a Fight
Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Halo Lykoi on 27 July 2011.[7]
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Tayui Aston on 03 January 2012.[8]
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci on DD Month YYYY.[9]
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
AniWaya, Vinátta, 1,
Playable Territory
Light Green: Every Territory
The Waste, Drifter Bay, The Dampwoods, Arachnea's Revenge, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Ethereal Eclipse, Shattered Coast, Shiloh Hills, The Trenches, Serena Reserve, Yarmouth and Barrington, Fellmoor Swamp, Halcyon Mountain, Aelcrest Shore, Withered Realms, The Blacklands, Concrete Jungle, Isthmus of Chignecto, Wabanaki Coast, Miramichi Wilderness, Saint Croix Highlands
Playable Subterritory
Forest Green: Every Subterritory
Sunflower Sunsets, Millstone Village, Musquodoboit Valley, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Moonstone Lakes, Hydrostone District, Thornhill District, Spring Heights, Greater Halifax, Berwick & Wolfville, Flander's Fields, The Witch's Cauldron, Rabbit Lake, Blackmoor Castle, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Clements Park, Wolf's Peak, Des Reveurs, Highway 103, Vapor Sound, Spear Headlands, The Ashlands, The Oasis, Serene Sands, Howling Caverns, Stellarton Mines, Pictou Falls, Phosphagos Foothills, Colchester Quarter, Wentworth Valley, Arsiag Shoal, Cobequid Foothills, Ames de la Mort, Moaning Wood, Yawrah River, Haunted Forest, Death Mountains, Devil's Shoreline, Skeletal Sanctuary, Amherst, Black River Reserve, Fort Cumberland, Fundy National Park, Commune of the Salmon, Grand Lake, Miramichi Valley, Camp Gagetown, Mount Oromocto, Cape Hopewell, Saint John

Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
IF: 6 May 2010–6 Aug 2010

AT: 07 Dec 2010–07 Mar 2010 SL: 12 May–12 Aug 2011

6 months
Sea Blue: 6 Months
IF: 6 May 2010–6 Nov 2011

SL: 12 May–12 Nov 2011

One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
SL: 12 May 2011–12 May 2012
Two years
Shock Blue: 2 years
SL: 12 May 2011–12 May 2013
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
SL: 12 May 2011–12 May 2014
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation
Aided in the foundations of Anathema and Salsola.[10], [11]

Pack Participation

Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
Salsola: 12 May 2011–20 June 2012
Pack hunt
Cream: Pack Hunt
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
New member threads
Goldenrod: New Members
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Pack member threads
Chocolate: 5 Packmembers
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Earn a Co-Rank
Purple: Co-Rank
Earned Recludatore co-rank in Salsola.
Pack Thread
Magenta: Organized Pack Thread
Organized Salsola Tezcatli ritual. [12], [13]
Leader Special
Cadmium: Leader Special
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5.2  History



Tirones Minor

Inferni (I) (July–Oct 2007)

Tirones Minor

Inferni (II) (6 May–7 Dec 2010)

Tirones, Equites

Anathema (7 Dec 2010–5 May 2011)

Zepar, Tuyul

Salsola (5 May 2011–Present)

The Auxiliary, The Crone

Eris Eternity was born to Kaena Lykoi in Inferni in summer of 2007. She was kidnapped by Astaroth Kimaris and brought to live in Eterne until early 2010, when she made her way back northward toward Nova Scotia. She joined Inferni once more, although she stayed only six months before moving to Anathema with Larkspur D'Angelo to have her children; it was another six months within this pack until she formed Salsola with her closest non-ancestor relative, Sirius Revlis.



  • July: On 30 July, Eris was born in Inferni to her mother, Kaena Lykoi, who was the Aquila of the clan at the time. She had three littermates—Arkham Lykoi, Andrezej Lykoi, and a sister, Rachias Tears de Ame—but no whole-blooded siblings, though this fact was not made clear to Eris herself. At first, Eris was raised no differently than the rest of her siblings. However, in her earliest memories, her mother was always distant, progressively more so as time wore on. As Eris's eyes began to change from baby blue to their adult colors, her heritage became undeniable, at least to Kaena. Eris spent most of her time in Hell's Coast, convinced she was a princess, as her mother was leader of the clan, although by two months, she had begun to notice the coldness emanating from Kaena, and how different she was from her siblings in coloration and size.
  • October: When Eris was approximately two and a half months old, her mother's coyote consort, Astaroth Kimaris, kidnapped her. Astaroth immediately told Eris that he was her real father, and she believed him readily, since they were roughly the same coloration. Eris didn't realize she is far more wolf percentage than coyote, and that Astaroth—a pureblood coyote—couldn't possibly have been her father.
    He filled her head with tales similar to those he'd spun for Kaena, though he was actually rather kind to Eris, and treated her very much like a daughter. Astaroth told her they were headed for the desert, but that they'd be drifting there lazily rather than returning in a direct line, as he'd wanted her to grow up some. They loop down through the Appalachian mountains, though Kaena Lykoi had realized the absence of her daughter, and she had begun to pursue Astaroth, out of a desire for vengeance for the insult as well as the kidnapping of Eris.


  • March: Kaena tracks them down and kills Astaroth, though Kaena herself is almost killed in the process. Eris abandons them both, knowing Astaroth was a corpse and believing Kaena would be one soon enough. Eris continued to Eterne on her own, finding the coyote settlement he spoke of somewhere in the Mexican wilderness through sheer luck: she encounters a coyote heading south for Eterne himself, Tonalli Miztli. She tells him who she is, and he agrees to transport her south and keep her safe, figuring for a boon of some sort from the Kimaris family.
    Eris was an anomaly among the Eternians -- stark black and unlike any of the other brown, tawny, and golden canines within the area. Even the wolf slaves were mostly of dusky and dingy pelts -- few solid colored wolves, black or white, existed among the Eterne canines, and most of the dogs were of a peculiar yellow breed, short of coat but almost wolfish in size and appearance.
    The Kimaris family itself welcomed her, and did reward Tonalli, though not with the grandeur he might have liked. Mantus Kimaris, the eldest male and head of the family, welcomed Eris as a precious gift; his son Metetzili welcomed her as his niece warmly, along with his sister Dieriel Kimaris?. She brings news of Astaroth's death, and therefore inherits all of his Eternian possessions. Outside of the Kimaris family and their slaves, however, Eris is not so respected; she hears snickers and whispers of her overly wolfish appearance, and she undergoes the Tecocol scarification ritual, choosing a spiral mark so that it might purify her. She does make a few friends, although they are mostly hybrids of wolfish stature and appearance -- many pure coyotes offer her only the barest, icy courtesies.
    Her ‘uncle’ Baphomet was less kindly to Eris, though he was never quite cruel; he simply educated her indifferently, being of the religious order of priests and priestesses, the Xochitl, in the ways of the Eternian religion. He taught her to read so she might understand their Quauhtli. Although he attempted to educate her in Spanish, Eris never picked up on it, and the lessons ceased quickly; Baphomet resorted to copying the Quauhtli down in English for her to read. She received basic writing lessons, although she did not practice these skills once the lessons ceased.
    Thanks to Baphomet's direction and with the encouragement of Mantus, Eris gets rather into the Atotoztli religion of Eterne. Though she is barred from the Xochitl sect for her hybrid blood, she is nonetheless able to become a Tezcatli shaman, undertaking various rituals—peyotl (peyote), Zacatapayoli (bloodletting), and others.
    Among the gifts bestowed upon her during her time in Eterne, she obtains Itzcitla, a young trained Ocelot. She assists in continuing his training with her father figure, Mantus. Also among them is Vieira Lykoi. Though the woman is her half-sister, her status as a slave reduces her importance greatly in the Kimaris family's eyes; Eris does not think anything of subjecting her supposed half-sister to the usual treatment of a slave—beatings, punishments, and the advances of male and female guests alike. Eventually, Eris tires of Vieira, and almost as a joke between herself and several of her Eternian friends, she sends the young coyote off into the wilderness with vague directions to Inferni. Eris had never expected Viei to actually arrive in Inferni, and the fact that she was specifically for Kaena was even funnier to the sable-furred woman: she was sending Vieira off to die for a ghost.


  • August: One day she lets it slip to an especially perceptive coyote of Eterne that Kaena was actually a hybrid herself—prior to that point, the Eternian coyotes had believed Kaena to be a full-blooded wolf. This coyote figures out that a part-coyote and a whole-blooded-coyote were highly unlikely to produce a child so remarkably wolflike. The Kimaris family, already previously damaged from the failure of Metetzili to succeed on his Ehecatl journey and Astaroth's failure to return with his tiacapan, was immediately thrown into complete disgrace, and Eris is enslaved by the family instead.
    Her former uncle, Metetzili Kimaris, takes her as his personal slave; the rest of the family readily seems to readily acknowledge and accept this, and Mantus begins looking for a new woman, his hopes of continuing the Kimaris bloodline within Eris lost. She's forced to do lots of stuff for the family all the time and so on and so forth. One day, Mantus gets it in his head that Eris might provide an heir for him; he attempts to have his way with her, but Dieriel interrupts and suggests Eris's high wolf percentage would make her unsuitable anyway; Mantus abandons his conquest, to Eris's relief.
  • November: Mantus falls into illness shortly after this incident, and Mete takes over as her captor. However, he is less watchful of Eris, and she manages to escape with the help of her fake aunt Dieriel, who risks a whole lot helping out Eris. Dieriel provides Eris with a few provisions and her pety kitty, knowing Eris would never survive anywhere outside of civilization without someone to hunt for her. Eris runs and heads north, completely broken-up and confused about her own heritage and everything that happened to take her from her pedestal, traumatized by her family's vicious turnaround, and with some serious questions for her surviving family. Eris has progressively forgotten the things that happened to her near the end of her time in Eterne as a result of disassociative amnesia; the entire timespan of her enslavement has been blocked by her mind as a result of dissassociative amnesia.


  • January: Eris departs from Mexico and heads northward; she survives only due to the hunting abilities of her ocelot Izcitla and the kindness of various strangers. Among them are the Holt canines in Appalachia, Bastion Hallow and Janos Russo, and various others.
  • May: Eris arrives in Inferni; she seeks out her mother and is accepted to the clan, though they are extremely standoffish with one another. She meets Larkspur D'Angelo [14] and Haku Soul [15]. She does eventuallyspeak with her mother regarding Astaroth; however, her mother does not inform her about her real father [16].
  • July: Eris is attacked by her niece, Halo Lykoi -- not without provocation, as Eris had just killed one of Halo's pet rats. [17]. The event serves to sour Eris toward Inferni quite a bit, and she proceeds to spend the next several months floating in and out of the clan, primarily interacting with her half-brother Gabriel within the clan, along with her half-nephew Enkiel.
  • October: Eris has sex with Larkspur D'Angelo, who she had been meeting a few times on her jounries outside of Inferni, and she becomes pregnant [18]. She also meets Ouija D'Angelo around this time [19]. She also happens upon a meeting of canines in Halcyon Mountain forming a pack; while she listens in, she isn't certain whether she wishes to join [20].
  • December: Eris makes the decision to join Anathema with Larkspur to have their children [21]. She tells her mother, however, that she will have her children in Inferni and name them Lykoi; in return, the woman finally relents and tells Eris about her father [22]. This is the point that Eris begins referring to herself as Eris Eternity rather than Eris Lykoi, adopting her father's surname rather than her mother's. In Anathema, Eris gives birth to Pandemic D'Angelo, Salvia Eternity, and Wretch D'Angelo [23]. Eris spends the next few months raising them. In early January, her distant nephew (and double-relative, though she is unaware of it) Sirius Revlis joins Anathema. Eris and Sirius become friends quickly, and Sirius begins to educate Eris on how to hunt and provide for her family.


  • February: Despite the young ages of her children and her initial indifference toward motherhood, Eris expresses a desire for more children [24]. Eris, Larkspur, and Misery, Larkspur's aunt and mother figure, perform rituals for Eris's fertility and good fortune in child-bearing [25]. Shortly thereafter, however, Larkspur's distant relative, Harlowe, attacks Larkspur, Eris, and the children in a feverish rage [26].
  • April: Sirius expresses a desire to form a pack with Eris [27]. Eris also finds a slave, washed ashore from a shipwreck; the woman just so happens to be from Eterne, and her septum piercing is Eris's means of recognition [28]. Eris also witnesses and “participates” in a murder -- the victim is Haku Soul's son, Conor Soul, and the perpetrator is his grandson and Conor's son, Itachi Lykoi. [29]. Tlantli Kimaris of Eterne joins Anathema, along with her nephew Citlali, and Eris is startled to learn of their presence, although she learns Tlantli is not a threat sent specifically to her from Eterne [30].
  • June: Eris and Sirius form a pack together; they call it Salsola [31]. Larkspur and she decide to become mates after Eris learns she is pregnant again; however, this isn't quite a happy decision, nor an egalitarian one [32]. Eris asks Tlantli if she will grant their mateship good blessing; the coyote agrees, albeit relucatantly [33]



  1. Oh, the Fires of Hell are Glowing
    Salvaged Eternity.


  1. Die Young and Sell My Soul (6 May)
    Kaena Lykoi. Eris returns to Inferni and is greeted by her mother.
  2. I Want You More When You're Afraid (7 May)
    Vieira Lykoi. Eris finds Vieira and mocks her, telling her the only reason she sent her away from Eterne was for the woman to die, as Eris believed Kaena was dead at that point.
  3. [M] Daydream Milk and Genocide (8 May)
    Noir Aston, Haku Soul. Eris attacks Noir Aston and then watches Haku Soul kill her, using the dead girl's blood and liver to “see” Haku. The two have sex afterwards.
  4. Malleus Maleficarum (8 May)
    Larkspur D'Angelo. Larkspur D'Angelo starts following Eris home on her way back from her fun with Haku the previous night. Although she is standoffish at first, Eris relents when she learns Larkspur knows a little bit about Haku. Larkspur tells her to come back when the moon is half-full.
  5. Tell Them She's Not Sacred (17 May)
    Snake. Eris meets her clanmate, Snake. She takes a liking to him and ends up spilling the whole sordid tale about her parentage and how many times she was lied to, essentially coming off as a whiny emo. Eris learns what Haku did to her mother through Snake's, though he does not explicitly state what happened and claims not to know definitively.
  6. Like Fire (21 May)
    Daenys Sgiathatch.
  7. You and Me and the Devil Makes Three (21 May)
    Larkspur D'Angelo. Eris returns to the Arachnea's Revenge on the half-moon as Larkspur instructed.
  8. Like Niobe, All Tears (24 May)
    Niobe Lykoi. Returning from hunting with Itzcitla, Eris comes across a newcomer on the borders quite accidentally; this is her half-niece through her brother Andrezej, Niobe Lykoi.
  9. Wicked World on the Way to Hell (25 May)
    Cotl Ulrich. On a rainy day, Eris sits on a porch with Itzcitla being moody and emo.
  10. The Same Bad Dream (4 June)
    Sepirah Lykoi. Eris and Itzcitla head to the first floor's western wing in the Inferni D'Neville mansion, intent on eradicating the family of raccoons that has taken up residence there.
  11. Dirty Word Witchcraft (20 June)
    Kaena Lykoi. Kaena and Eris discuss Astaroth and the reasons behind Eris's original disappearance.
  12. They Will Bite the Hand (21 July)
    Yuki Miyako. Following her discussion with Kaena, Eris disappears from Inferni for a while. She hangs out mostly down near the southern end of 'Souls, and is a creeper. Yuki Miyako greets her here.
  13. [M] Burn the Devil Out (27 July)
    Halo Lykoi. Eris returns to Inferni, only to be “accosted” by one of Halo's rats. In a fit of rage, Eris kills the rodent, and Halo beats the crap out of her for it, only stopping when Gabriel interrupts the fight.
  14. Smoke on the Breeze (29 July)
    Silas Agata. Eris crafts a voodoo doll out of Halo's hair in the presence of Silas Agata.
  15. A Dangerous Shortcut (17 August)
    Bindu Epals. Eris finds a trespasser on Inferni, ohnoes!
  16. If the Right Shows Mercy (I'll Use the Left) (6 Sep)
    Enkiel Lykoi, Gabriel de le Poer. Eris and Enkiel are discussing things relative to plants, healing, and their various other uses; Gabriel happens across them, and directs them to the forest up on Goldsglen Peak.
  17. Stop the Bleeding Before it Starts (25 Sep)
    Riot Kavaler. Eris meets Riot Kavaler.
  18. [M] I Smell a Massacre (18 Oct)
    Larkspur D'Angelo. Eris goes and meets up with Larkspur again.
  19. I Am the Storm (7 Nov)
    Kaena Lykoi.
  20. [M] A Zombie with No Conscience (26 Nov)
    Ouija D'Angelo.
  21. I Believe in Nothing (27 Nov)
  22. I Hope You are Dead (I'm Already Digging) (30 Nov)
    Misery D'Angelo.
  23. Fired His Rifle into the Sky (1 Dec)
    Larkspur D'Angelo.
  24. Dark Paths Crossed (1 Dec)
    Sepirah Lykoi.
  25. Mother's Crying Blood Dust Now (9 Dec)
    Tayui Aston.
  26. You Won't Ever Save Your Soul (15 Dec)
    Larkspur D'Angelo, Pandemic D'Angelo, Salvia Eternity, Wretch D'Angelo
  27. Beneath the Rocks (28 Dec)
    Nyx de Jinx.


  1. I'll Believe in Anything (1 Jan)
  2. A Single Cell on a Serpent's Tongue (1 Jan)
    Ouija D'Angelo.
  3. Across the Shoreline She Plodded (24 Jan)
  4. I'm Drunk and So is Everyone Else (27 Jan)
    Naniko D'Angelo.
  5. Saw the Wave of the Future (14 Feb)
    Larkspur D'Angelo.
  6. [M] I Want to Believe (17 Feb)
    Larkspur D'Angelo, Naniko D'Angelo, Pandemic D'Angelo, Salvia Eternity, Wretch D'Angelo.
  7. And If I Sold My Soul for a Bag of Gold (26 Feb)
    Axelle Napier.
  8. So Put On Your Best Dress (02 Mar)
    Samael Lykoi.
  9. The Crowd Screamed, "Sacrifice the Liver!" (07 Mar)
    Scorpius D'Angelo.
  10. This is My True Freedom (19 Mar)
    Larkspur D'Angelo, Misery D'Angelo.
  11. Leave Your Mouth Talking (Apr 4)
    Sirius Revlis.
  12. Pilgrim Beside the Fire (Apr 4)
    Larkspur D'Angelo.
  13. One for the Slaughtered Lamb (Apr 6)
    Molcaxitl Yocatl.
  14. Sometimes Our Dreams, They Float Like Anchors (Apr 6)
    Torrent Fault.
  15. [M] Please be Soft and Sweet to Me (Apr 6)
    Conor Soul, Itachi Lykoi.
  16. One Saw Mud But the Other Saw Stars (Apr 8)
    Tlantli Kimaris.
  17. All of This Can Be Broken (Apr 10)
    Citlali Kimaris-Etalpalli.
  18. Up and Up The Smoke Will Roll (Apr 15)
    Ouija D'Angelo.
  19. Forty Six and Two (Apr 22)
    Alae Sidhe.
  20. Bust Through the Firewall and Into Heaven (April 25)
    Larkspur D'Angelo.
  21. Get Me Out of Here (Apr 27)
    Darkness Castor La-Rue.
  22. The Ragged, Noxious Weed (May 5)
    Sirius Revlis.
  23. The Sky Above Us Shoots to Kill (May 7)
  24. The Ruins of the Past (May 12)
    Janos Russo.
  25. Time Like Pennies in a Jar (May 13)
    Denver Mathis.
  26. To Plant a Seed (May 14)
    Felix Tihomir.
  27. Tin Man (May 15)
    Quintus Septimus.
  28. Each Step I Take (May 21)
    Sky Katruk.
  29. Because He Grants Me a Dream (May 24)
    Pandemic D'Angelo.
  30. Filling Jars Full of Silence (May 25)
    Tlantli Kimaris.
  31. Mourning in the Warning (May 26)
    Jeremiah Ezekial.
  32. What's a World Without Enigma? (May 28)
    Axelle Napier.
  33. Cult Logic (June 11)
    Magnolia Takekuro.
  34. Dust on Your Fingers (June 12)
    Ouija D'Angelo.
  35. [M] The Places I Could Not See (June 14)
    Larkspur D'Angelo.
  36. [M] The Last Supper (June 16)
  37. Retracing Footprints (June 16)
    Eclipse Soulstorm.
  38. Turn Blood Into Gold (June 26)
    Sirius Revlis.
  39. Hand Covers Bruise (June 29)
    Denver Mathis, Magnolia Takekuro, Jeremiah Ezekial, Citlali Kimaris
  40. [M] Painted Sun in Abstract (July 1)
    Salvia Eternity
  41. Conquered Country, Crown, and Throne (July 4)
    Jaden Ohanzee
  42. [M] Time to Bring the Fire Down (July 8)
    Unknown NPC
  43. [M] I Broke a Smile (July 12)
    Itachi Lykoi
  44. I Am, I Will (July 18)
    Magnolia Takekuro
  45. The Spark Before the Blaze (July 24)
    Larkspur D'Angelo
  46. New Possibilities (Aug 12)
    Xochime Kimaris
  47. Spider in the Ditch, She Hears Everything (14 Aug)
    Molcaxitl Yocatl.
  1. To Live Without Hope is to Cease to Live (21 Aug)
    Liliya Russo
  2. The Tide is Coming In (21 Aug)
    Liliya Russo
  3. An Attitude I Would Like to Devour (Aug 22)
    Tayui Aston
  4. Left All My Kinder Parts Rusting and Peeling (Aug 25)
    Citlali Kimaris
  5. [M] The Blackest Hole in All of Space (Aug 25)
    Larkspur D'Angelo
  6. The Skin I Can't Wait to Shed (Sept 18)
  7. Viral is the Truth (Sept 24)
    Bastion Hallow
  8. The Wealth of the Sea at Our Fingertips (Oct 5)
    Liliya Russo, Cassius Arphralos
  9. sometimes, you forget where the heart is (Oct 26)
    Clover Love Lykoi
  10. Fill Your Journals (Nov 4)
    Odessa D'Angelo.
  11. [M] There Will Be No Violins When You Die (Nov 5)
    Esmeralda Acidic joins Salsola.
  12. Come Fire, Come Water (Nov 18)
    Eris acquires Omitl.
  13. Hearts of Steel (Nov 19)
    Siv Helsi joins Salsola.
  14. Untested Waters (Nov 19)
    Anann Kelevra brings a gift to Salsola.
  15. Femur and Stone (Nov 20)
    Hrafn Erastus joins Salsola.
  16. The Heaven is in Sight (Nov 20)
    Chione Keisari trading thread.
  17. Heavens Made with Black Fire (Nov 20)
    Salsola sacrifice capture.
  18. [M] A Dog Among Kings (Nov 20)
    Salsola sacrifice ritual.
  19. Infinity Spirals Out Creation (Dec 2)
    Reykr Helsi
  20. I'll Become the Sky & I'll Become the Sea (Dec 7)
    Liliya Russo
  21. My Fur Stretched Across Your Door (Dec 15)
    Eris receives a gift from Hrafn Erastus.
  22. Sail (17 Dec)
    Wretch D'Angelo, Salvia Eternity
  23. The Last Supper (28 Dec)
  24. [M] The Flower in a Desert Sea (Dec 29)
    Basilaris Eternity is born.
  25. Tear Gas Riot Song (30 Dec)
    Siv Helsi


  1. Tells of Time (2 Jan)
    Bastion Hallow
  2. For the Seeker Who Found the Purest of Hearts (03 Jan)
    Tayui Aston
  3. The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men (03 Jan)
    Vesper, Liliya Russo, Verusha Agata
  4. It's a Pirate World (7 Jan)
    Khirot Marae
  5. Duty and Family (11 Jan)
    Regner Vilhelmsen
  6. No Bones, No Ghosts (15 Jan)
    Sirius Revlis
  7. [M] Det er ei Fantekjerring (22 Jan)
    Vesle Soul
  8. Slowboat to Hades (30 Jan)
    Liliya Russo
  9. A Secret Written in the Skies (05 Feb)
    Lana Realm
  10. Russian Roulette (11 Feb)
    Siv Helsi
  11. In the Arms of Undertow (26 Feb)
    Khirot Marae, Gjalda, Imhotep Aabt
  12. Our Blood, Our Grace (Will Never Leave This Place) (1 Mar)
    Artemisia Eternity
  13. The Last Supper (6 Mar)
  14. Homecoming (7 Mar)
    Lucia Marino
  15. The Divine Separated from the Swine (10 Mar)
    Khirot Marae
  16. Gaming the System (15 Mar)
    Ezequiel joins Salsola and is accepted by Eris, who also grants legitimacy to Tlantli and Ezequiel's mateship; however, Tlantli does not receive a promotion, which she ought to have for recruiting two to Salsola (Ezequiel and his sister Anita? and gaining a mate. Tlantli makes angry faces because Eris is a jerk.
  17. The Blackest Sea (And it Runs Deeper Than You) (22 Mar)
    Eris Eternity, Miqui Kimaris, Draugr Helsi, Gjalda, and Darijus Ostroszek help boil, fry, and eventually jar the products of a beached whale.
  18. Casting Shadows, Throwing Sparks (28 Mar)
    Ezequiel Isoko
  19. You Should Have Known The Price Of Evil (1 Apr)
    Reykr Helsi joins Salsola.
  20. The Engine's Rusting in Deep, Deep Sleep (~8 Apr)
    Magnolia Takekuro
  21. Return Again (~8 Apr)
    Amy Sunders
  22. [M] The Devil's in My Coat (12 Apr)
    Inocencio Kit Victor
  23. Starless and Bible Black (13 Apr)
    Larkspur D'Angelo's funeral.
  24. You Can't Lose Something You Never Had (22 Apr)
    Athanasios Pace joins Salsola.
  25. You Used to Hold Me (25 Apr)
    Alessandra Von Sin joins Salsola.
  26. Sorrow is Like a Dying Rose (23 Apr)
    Imhotep Aabt
  27. Do Not Pray for Me (28 Apr)
    Isabella Heiwa
  28. I Tread Where I Please (28 Apr)
    Zeneca Qi'Vaex
  29. Eyes Like Stormy Seas (28 Apr)
    Skye Collins
  30. Once Upon a Time in a Daymare (1 May)
    Lilin Soulstorm
  31. [M] The Screaming in the Calle (That a Star's About to Fall) (4 May)
    Salvia Eternity
  32. Ten Thousand Days in the Fire (8 May)
    Alessandra Von Sin. Slave capturing!
  33. [M] Make Your Mother Sigh (13 May)
    Ataxia D'Angelo
  34. Fresh Blood to be Spilt (14 May)
    Bain Inuzuka
  35. The Beauty of the Breaking (24 May)
    Isabella Heiwa
  36. Power is Power (20 June)
    The Ruins, with Salvia Eternity.
  37. Flame Reduced to Ash (3 July)
    Eris's House, The Ruins, Salsola, with Draugr Helsi.
  38. All You Need is a Spark (17 Jul)
    The Ruins, Salsola, with Pandemic D'Angelo.
  39. Stranger in a Strange Land (25 July)
    The Ruins, with Magnolia Takekuro.
  40. The Ashes and Debris (And All That's Left of Me) (DD Mon)
    Drifter Bay, with Chael Kyan.
  41. Through Mushroom Clouds and Black Fields (25 Aug)
    The Ruins, with Siv Helsi.
  42. [M] From the Fire We Return (8 Sep)
    Borders, with Draugr Helsi and Harrow D'Angelo.
  43. Something Pure to Burn Away the Darkness (9 Sep)
    The Ruins, with Harrow D'Angelo.
  44. This Holy Crow Above Me (12 Sep)
    Pine Barrens, with Miqui Kimaris, Harrow D'Angelo.
  45. I'm Trying to Set My Mind Free (14 Sep)
    with Tyko Amini.
  46. This Broken Wheel is Coming Undone (20 Nov)
    The Ruins, with Siv Helsi.
  47. Flesh in the Age of Reason (6 Dec)
    The Ruins, with Salsola.
  48. Whatcha Know About the Ways on the Underside? (18 Dec)
    Pictou Falls?, with Whispers Neonite.
  49. Shake my Ash to the Wind (3 Jan)
    The Ruins, with Siv Helsi.
  50. [M] Taxidermy Dreams (5 Jan)
    The Ruins, with Pandemic D'Angelo. NEVER RE-READ THIS THREAD.
  51. Object to the Evil Eye (15 Jan)
    The Ruins, with Tyko Amini.
  52. I Am the Weaver, a Seer and a Believer (22 Jan)
    The Dampwoods, with Valkori Messa.
  53. Sweating Out My Secrets in the Temazcal (11 Feb)
    The Ruins, with Draugr Helsi.
  54. Doute dans le cœur (?? Feb)
    The Weir, with Isabella Heiwa.
  55. Doute dans le cœur (?? Feb)
    Borders, with Sebastian Auditore.

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