Wraith Creed

Wraith Creed

Wraith, by Sam

Image by Random Truth

Name MeaningGhost, belief
Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthMay 21, 2011
Age> 2 years
Subspecies95% Plains Coyote
5% Common Gray Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeInferni
Current packInferni

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateMay 21, 2011
MeaningWarrior Specialist
SignificanceBirthpack; member
Previous RanksTirones Minor, Tirones, Praeses, Vigiles, Vicarius, Primi Lumius

Wraith Creed is the daughter of Aeron Ganesa and Hybrid Holocaust, born in Inferni on May 21, 2011. After her mother's departure from Inferni and her father's death early in her life, Wraith was raised predominantly by her sister, Valkyrie de le Poer. She has one littermate: Lucilla Key, and believes Nathaniel King to be her littermate as well. Wraith currently holds the top rank in the war tier as the Bellator and also holds a co-rank as a Hunter.

In 2012, she participated in the Boreas Conflict by learning to use a bow and arrow and in the final attack of the camp.

Wraith Creed is the mother to Havoc Creed, Aether Creed, and Vendetta Massacre through Mido.

In early March 2016, she departed from Inferni.

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1.  Personality

She has a strong desire to do well and has a very strong work ethic. She is very determined and dedicated to her work, especially as a scout. Although she would like to have been a warrior like her father, she does not think she is good enough. Although she does take pride in her work as a scout, she has some self-image problems when it comes to her fighting ability.

Although seemingly naive, she also has a great deal of knowledge, both from what her father taught her and what she has learned on her own. She is quick to pick things up and many things, such as tracking and patrolling, come easy to her. Through what she has witnessed in her life, especially the incident with Chapel, she is highly conflicted on notions of good and bad. Further, since it was a coyote that tried to harm her, her perception of wolves as bad and coyotes as good is beginning to erode.

She is very close to her sister, Lucilla, and her brother Nathaniel. She also looks up to her older half-sister Valkyrie and greatly admires her sister's owl. She is enamored with the concept of legacies and loves that both her parents were warriors. She is always trying to find out more about her family because the little she knows about her father does not satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

2.  Relationships

Since her mother's departure, Wraith has looked to her half-sibling, Valkyrie, and her cousin, Talitha, as mother figures. Since her father does not play the part of a father very well, these two are the closest things she has to a real 'family.' She considers Valkyrie, Talitha, Lucilla, Nathaniel, and even Hybrid to form her family and her home.

2.1  Family

2.2  Extended Family

2.3  Groups


Wraith thinks very highly of Inferni and most of the packmembers.

  • Ezekiel: Wraith was initially somewhat conflicted on her opinion of Ezekiel, since she could tell that her father did not particularly like him. However, since he never voiced these concerns and instilled in her a strict respect for leadership, she is curious as to why he disliked Ezekiel. Through her own personal interactions, she likes and respects Ezekiel.
  • Vesper: Wraith is proud to be a scout with Vesper to watch over her. She wants very much to impress Vesper not only with her skills and dedication to Inferni, but also with her heritage. She very much wants Vesper to recognize her and Nathaniel as typical Massacre coyotes, indicative of their fine breeding.
  • Myrika: Wraith likes Myrika and finds her to be very pleasant and nice.
  • Halo: Although Wraith was initially terrified of Halo after she reprimanded Wraith, she now just pities the old warrior and wishes she had been allowed to die rather than live without her sight, unable to do what she loves. She is mostly indifferent to Halo now.
  • Max: Wraith respects Max and thinks he is a very good hunter. She wishes to learn more from him so she can improve her hunting skills.
  • Ithiel: Wraith doesn't really know Ithiel too well, and although she thinks he's kind of a prude, she's slowly starting to warm up to him. She respects him as a warrior and head scout of Inferni and as her archery instructor. She also took a perverse delight in making fun of a rather dim-witted member of Inferni with him.
  • Nathaniel: Wraith loves her brother very much and is very excited to be a scout alongside of him. Since she was ranked as an Immunes before him, she thinks she is probably better at scouting than him and thinks her determination is better than his. She thinks her brother is very smart!
  • Chapel: Wraith is terrified of Chapel and isn't sure what to make of her. She feels betrayed, since she thought Chapel was her friend, but also hates her for hurting her father. She blames Chapel for her father and Kesho's deaths and feels guilty that they had to save her and lose their lives in the process.
  • Valkyrie: Wraith looks up to her sister in just about every way. She admires Valkyrie's skill with low speech and thinks Valkyrie is the coolest because of her owls.
  • Symera: Wraith liked hunting with Symera and is sad she didn't get to know her better before she disappeared.
  • Sparrow: Wraith really likes Sparrow and thinks she's very funny and nice.
  • Dusk: Wraith doesn't have much of a bad opinion of him. Since she was the one who found him at the border and called for a leader to assess him, she feels somewhat responsible for him. After sparring with him, she feels like she's a little closer with him and doesn't think he's as business-like as she initially thought.
  • Dieter: not too great of an opinion of him. Thinks he's stubborn, which can be good, but Wraith was annoyed that he was bring stubborn to her.


Wraith somewhat dislikes and mistrusts Anathema simply because it's the pack to whence her mother moved. In an odd way, she considers the pack to be a part of the thing that 'stole' her mother from her and resents it for that.

  • Aeron: Wraith dearly wants to love her mother, but resents her for leaving the clan. She considers her to have betrayed her clan and her family. Despite this, she wants to reconcile her relationship with her mother, but isn't sure if she can forgive her.
  • Mido: She thinks he is weird! Though she may also sort of consider him a friend in a mean sort of way.
  • Pride: She isn't quite sure what to think of Pride. She is bitter that her father had a second litter and didn't tell her about it, but she isn't certain if he knew that he had more children. She wants to dislike Pride and is upset that her mother is keeping her sister in Anathema. After talking to her, Wraith realized that they had more in common than she'd thought and wants to be friends with her, but is worried about what her other siblings will think.
  • Kentaro: thinks he is haughty, but has potential. Sees his as a dorky little brother and hopes that they might be able to get to know one another as family one day.


Wraith dislikes Salsola because they captured her and held her as a captive for almost a month. But worst, she didn't find out very much about the pack, so she automatically dislikes it.

  • TaeKyung: Wraith is very embarrassed that she was beat by this wolf so easily, but also somewhat admires her fighting skills.
  • Wisteria: Wisteria held Wraith captive for almost a month and was generally rather boring, so Wraith found her to be quite irritating.
  • Salvia: Wraith dislikes Salvia just because she's the leader of the Salsolan pack and gave the order to hold her.

Cercatori d'Arte

Wraith hasn't had much contact with members from Cercatori d'Arte, so she doesn't generalize them as a group and tends to evaluate their members one-on-one.

  • Micah: very low opinion of him; sees him as annoying, weak, and incapable. Sees Mistral as equally annoying.


She is untrusting of loners and generally thinks they're a bunch of murderous psychopaths. She doesn't really consider them to be individuals, but rather, faceless omens.

  • Machidael: She couldn't understand his accent (and didn't realize he had an accent) and really did not like him. She thought he was stupid.
  • Belial: She's curious to know more about who he is and how they're related to one another, but isn't quite sure if she's ready to trust him as a loner.

Ichika no Ho-en

Wraith isn't really sure what to think of Ichika no Ho-en. She knows that as wolves, they can't be good, but is confused as to why Sage joined them if they're so bad.

  • Sage: Wraith respects and likes Sage, so she feels betrayed that Sage would have left Inferni (especially because Wraith loves her home so much).

3.  Skills

4.  Appearance

Colour reference, by Courtney

Wraith is mostly coyote and her appearance reflects this. She is of average size and betrays none of her miniscule wolf blood in her appearance.


She has bright honey-golden eyes. Her coat reflects her parents appearances as an almost equal blend: she inherits her mothers' streaks of citrine and a dark yellow buff near her throat, but also has a reddish, tawny hue down her neck and her shoulders, similar to her father. The majority of her coat is a rich redwood colour. Her fur darkens increasingly around the nape of her neck and shoulders, where it is a bistre colour. At the bottom of her muzzle and the very underbelly, she has light beige fur, which darkens into a streak of bistre extending partway up her muzzle from her nose.


Like her parents, Wraith has a sleek coyote build. She has large ears, a tapered muzzle, and long legs. Her duties take her on long patrols around Inferni, so she is thin and wiry and has a great deal of stamina. Unlike her father, she does not look lanky or malnourished.


Although Wraith has since learned to shift, she prefers her lupus form and only uses her optime form for exploring human settlements, such as the D'Neville Mansion. She has not to date used her secui form.

5.  Possessions

  • 1 dagger
  • 1 combat knife
  • 1 bow and 1 quiver of arrows
  • 1 staff
  • 1 modified staff, with nails hammered into it for extra pointy
  • 1 scout's horn
  • 1 oil lantern
  • 1 necklace: gold leaf with medallion

Icons from Inventory Icons thread

6.  History

Wraith was born in Inferni to Aeron Ganesa by Hybrid Holocaust on May 21, 2011 alongside her sister Lucilla Key. She spent the first two months of her life living with her mother and sister and only met her father when she was nearly two months old.[1] She immediately discovered that he was a grumpy and nasty fellow. However, she was quickly entranced by him and wanted to know more. She grew up with her sister and her "brother," Nathaniel.

She was deeply hurt when her mother decided to move to Anathema and sees it as her abandonment. Nonetheless, due to her desire to learn more about her father and her love of Inferni, she elicited to remain in Inferni with her extended family. She currently resides with her aunt, Talitha de le Poer, and is also taken care of by her half-sister, Valkyrie de le Poer. As she aged, her home has become somewhat ambiguous because she believes both females to be her big sister mothers of sorts. After Talitha's children were born, Wraith and her siblings began spending more time with Valkyrie.

For a detailed history, please refer to her post log.

7.  Thread Log


  1. grown for a minute. (Jul 29) with Halo @ The Forest of Nod
    Wraith wants to go on an adventure and meets Halo. Halo is super mean and scares the bajeebers out of Wraith and makes her go back to her parents. :c
  2. sometimes i wish for falling, wish for the release (Aug 4) with Sage @ D'Neville Mansion and River Acheron
    Wraith gets to have her adventure! Finally, she sneaks out and finds her way into the Greenhouse. She eats a pot leaf, but spits it out because it's gross. She meets Sage and parrots a lot of what Hybrid, Talitha, and Halo had told her about wolves. Eventually, Sage leads her outside and teaches her how to swim!
  3. all the other kids (Aug 20) with Chapel @ Hade's Beach
    Wraith makes sand wolves and attacks them! Chapel pops up and helps her build the wolves to destroy them. The two chat for a bit before Chapel has to leave for her grown-up duties.
  4. That's when I told you that 'I love you now' (Sep) with Valkyrie @ Grimwell Caverns
    Wraith and Valkyrie bond! <3 Val calls for her siblings and Wraith pops up. Valkyrie suggests Wraith visit her mother in Anathema, but having been abandoned by her once already, Wraith fears a second rejection, so she isn't too thrilled at the idea.
  1. The Final Showdown (Sep) with Chapel, Lucilla, Nathaniel, Hybrid, Alma, and Kesho
    Chapel brings Wraith, Lucilla, and Nathaniel to the beach to play. Her real intentions are to kill them. Alma, Kesho, and Hybrid intercept Chapel before she can succeed and Alma summons Ezekiel. Kesho and Hybrid kill Alma, but Kesho dies in the process.
  2. Sorry just doesn't count (Nov) with Aeron @ The Forest of Nod
    Aeron returns to Inferni to check up on her children. Wraith is bitter and upset that her mother left her, but at first, doesn't want to tell her that. Aeron suggests that Wraith live in Anathema with her and Wraith panics, thinking that Aeron will steal her from her home. Aeron consoles her and offers her a gift, which calms Wraith down. Wraith asks why her mother left in the first place if she loved her children so much.
  3. still the days stay the same (Dec) with Inferni @ the D'Neville Mansion
    Ezekiel calls a clan meeting. He announces that Sage has left Inferni and is no longer welcome in the clan. He also details relations with Salsola and AniWaya.


  1. trying to make it right again. (Jan) with Valkyrie @ Bass River
    Wraith and Valkyrie talk about what Valkyrie could do now that she's ranked as a Tirones. She also hopes to ask Valkyrie about what happened to their father.
  2. another round, on the house (Jan) with Carrion and Aemon @ D'Neville Mansion
    Wraith finds a coyote in his optime form sitting on the roof of the mansion. Naturally, she inquires as to what he is doing. She is joined by another coyote and they are invited up on the roof to share a drink. When Wraith is contemplating how she can get onto the roof, she begins to shift. She then crawls over and joins her new friends.
  3. i like your outfit mr polarbear (Jan) with Omni, Ithiel, and Symera @ Drifter Bay
    Wraith joins in a hunting party with Ithiel and Symera. They pursue and fell a cervidae.
  4. Dawn's Debauchery (Jan) with Symera @ Riparian Moors
    Wraith hunts for rabbits with Symera.
  5. vaporous (Feb) with Vesper @ Grotto dei Avernus
    Wraith does some 'patrolling' and heads to the mansion in search of a hunting party. Instead, she finds Vesper in the hotsprings and decides to join her.
  6. the only world they left us (Feb) with Myrika @ Folly Lake
    Wraith joins Myrika to go hunting with the youth of Inferni.
  7. monax (Feb) with Ezekiel @ Forest of Nod
    Wraith tracks Ezekiel with the intention of talking to him about her future in Inferni.
  8. the conditions from which they spring (Mar) with Inferni @ the D'Neville Mansion
    Ezekiel calls a meeting.
  9. sleeping in the sand (Apr) with Ithiel @ the D'Neville Mansion
    Ithiel teaches Wraith and Col how to shoot a bow. Col is decidedly petulant, so Ithiel and Wraith make fun of him. Wraith is somewhat successful at stringing her bow, but struggles to actually hit a target. The verdit: more practice is needed!
  10. The wrath of women (May) with Zana, Emanuelle, and Valkyrie @ Boreas Camp Base, Quartz Shoreline
    Wraith joins in the attack to sack the Boreas camp.
  11. You can't have peace without a war (May) with Sparrow @ the Garden of Eden
    Wraith practices her archery, but looses her only arrow. Sparrow helps her look for it and they chat a bit.
  12. street's like a jungle (June) with Valkyrie and Aeron @ The Dampwoods
    Wraith and Valkyrie go to Anathema to visit Aeron. When their mother arrives, she is accompanied by a young coyote.
  1. with trembling eyes (Jun) with Mido @ Halcyon Mountain
    Wraith wanders out to Halycon Mountain for some thinking time. There, she meets Mido, and inquires as to why he's wearing leaves on his legs. He informs her that they're pants, but Wraith still thinks that they're stupid, so she is mean to him.
  2. a podium built on generations bleeding (Jun) with Inferni @ D'Neville Mansion
    Myrika calls a meeting. She informs the clan that Ezekiel has left and Myrika is the new leader of Inferni, with Vesper still serving as the sub-leader.
  3. i am fueled by filth fury (Jul) with Machidael @ Colchester Quarter
    Wraith finds Machidael breaking bottles. She offers to help, but they quickly get into an argument when Wraith can't understand Machidael's accent. They almost get into a fight and Wraith leaves after they come to a swearing standstill.
  4. time finally caught up with me (Sep) with Alyssum @ Ethereal Eclipse
    Wraith wanders near Casa di Cavalieri territory hoping to find someone who will tell her about the pack.
  5. the raven king part 1, part 2 (Sep) with Nathaniel @ Hallow's Ruin
    Wraith and Nathaniel go hunting.
  6. so tense under false pretense (Sep) with Dusk @ Sal Palus
    Wraith greets Dusk, who is inquiring to join Inferni.
  7. all out of love. part 1, part 2 (Oct) with Pride @ Forest of Nod
    Wraith chases after Pride after her siblings are mean to her.
  8. dark soil, dark earth (Oct) with Io @ AniWaya
    Wraith decides to visit the southernmost pack.
  9. Coming Home (Nov) with Terra, Ananse, Loki, and Helotes @ Inferni
    Terra and her puppies come to Inferni to join.
  10. Investigations (Nov) with Terra @ the Great Village
    Wraith and Terra find a wolf stuck in a trap on the borders of Inferni territory.
  11. Sister Dear (Nov) with Pride @ the borders
    Pride calls for Wraith.
  12. sparring in the snow (Dec) with Dusk @ D'Neville Mansion
    Dusk teaches Wraith how to spar in the snow.


  1. Multiplatform Paradise (Jan) with Rémy @ Archery Stands
    Wraith practices her archery.
  2. Brother of mine (Jan) with Nathaniel @ Grimwell Caverns
    Wraith finds Nathaniel hoping to learn more about fighting. She slips and is offended when Nathaniel tries to show mercy. This sparks an argument and Nathaniel reveals that he is not her brother by blood.
  3. Family doesn't end with blood (Jan) with Vesper @ Inferni
    Wraith leaves Nathaniel angry and confused and confronts Vesper, who tries to help.
  4. M leaving, to the north (Jan) with Mido @ Halcyon Mountain
    Wraith smashes her way through the snow and finds Mido. They try to hunt, but can't find anything on the inhospitable mountain. Still upset over her argument with Nathaniel and Vesper, Wraith needs to expel some energy. She and Mido have sex.
  5. too far north (Feb) with Fayne @ Halcyon Mountain
    Wraith finds some seals on Aelcrest Shore and tries to go hunting. She finds some walruses and obsesses over them. A member of New Dawn tries to shoo her away, but Wraith doesn't clue in that New Dawn is a pack until she pisses off the border guard.
  6. you see me, I see you (Mar) with TaeKyung @ Salsola
    Wraith heads south in search of water, but finds Salsolan borders instead.
  7. inescapable (Mar) @ Salsola
    Wraith shifts into her optime form and re-opens her wounds from her fight with TaeKyung.
  8. on foot. (Mar) with Salvia and Myrika @ Inferni borders
    Salvia returns Wraith to Inferni.
  9. odd look. (Mar) with Nathaniel @ Inferni borders
    Nathaniel finds Wraith shortly after she returns to Inferni. Nathaniel is worried that Wraith was still upset at him over his heritage, but Wraith is just exasperated with her silly brother.
  10. Out of place in your own home. (Mar) with Kadar @ D'Neville Mansion
    Wraith finds a staff and tries to practice with it.
  1. J obviously here to join (Apr) with Wynter and Basilio @ Inferni borders
    Wynter tries to join Inferni.
  2. run boy run, this world is not made for you. (May) with Lowry @ Shattered Coast/ Halifax
    Wraith heads south to find out more about Casa di Cavalieri.
  3. Quick! Suck the poison out! (May) with Kára @ Drifter Bay
    Wraith finds her niece getting into trouble.
  4. just to survive. (May) @ Shattered Coast
    Wraith breaks down.
  5. slow change may pull us apart (Jun) with Rémy @ Sticks and Stones
  6. Dear Sister (Jun) with Kentaro
  7. M you did what now? (Jul) with Nathaniel @ Inferni
  8. Hard knock life (Jul) with Riot @ Spear Headlands
  9. M Enough to feel contagious (Aug) with Mido @ The Dampwoods
  10. sag mir ich bin nicht alleine (Aug) with Dieter @ Inferni
  11. it's why we can't rely (Sep) with Belial @ The Dampwoods/ Arachnea's Revenge
  12. Walls Up and Teeth Bared (Sep) with Nadia @ Arachnea's Revenge
  13. sound of revelry by night (Sep) with Nathaniel @ Inferni
  14. M the bitter taste (Oct) with Micah @ the Dampwoods
  15. Ordered Hierarchy (Dec) with Leon @ Inferni
  16. Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run free (Dec) with Sylvia @ the Dampwoods
  17. Livin' in ruins of a palace within my dreams (Dec) with Attila and Mido @ Halcyon Mountain
  18. fill our hands with wood and steel (Dec) with Gehenna @ Inferni
  19. M Felling any foe with my gaze (Dec) with Domovoi @ Inferni
  20. When we bleed, we bleed the same (Dec) with Domovoi, Lorelei, and Gehenna @ Inferni
  21. A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes (Dec) with Valkyrie and Lucilla (NPC) @ Grimwell Caves




  1. Returned. (Feb) (LASKY)