Vicira Tears

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Vicira Tears was the last Aquila of Inferni. She was the daughter of Myrika Tears and Vesper, both prior leaders of the clan; her father was Cirael June Lykoi, who was murdered for betraying the Legatus.

Raised in peacetime, Vicira experienced relatively little strife during her first two years of life. She aspired to become a horsewoman, scholar, and scout, and trained in these skills as she kept to herself. However, she began to come out of her shell with the influence of cousin and crush, Marlowe de le Poer, and as tensions formed within and outside the clan, she prepared for it.

With the Inferni and Cour des Miracles Conflict, Vicira got her first taste of war -- and betrayal. A pregnancy (later discovered false) drove a rift between herself and Marlowe before he was exiled, and Vicira came out of the war changed and at odds with Vesper, who usurped Myrika as Aquila. Drug addiction and lack of faith in Vesper, who she saw as a weak and paranoid leader, led Vicira down a dark spiral until she fought to claw herself out. This became necessary when Vesper was terribly injured during the Second Boreas Conflict; when it seemed uncertain Vesper would recover, Vicira acted as commander for Inferni and led the clan into its final battle against Boreas.

Later that autumn, Vicira gave birth to her first two children, Merari Tears and Boone Lykoi, the result of a fling with her friend Redtooth. A few weeks later, the Inferni-Salsola War began as a result of Vesper's thirst for vengeance. When Salsola struck a final terrible blow, burning down the D'Neville Mansion, Vicira usurped her mother and sought to repair the damage. Her first action was to move Inferni to their ancestral homeland in the Eastern Realms. The winter was harsh, an indication of the struggles to come.

Terrible summer storms darkened Inferni, during which Vicira birthed two new sons: Eli Winthrop and Rhodes Lykoi. Torn between her duties as leader and mother, she was forced to watch the clan suffer from illness and starvation as the floodwaters rose. Eli died of sickness at two weeks old, and Rhodes was later violently killed by a loner when Vicira collapsed from hunger near the unprotected borders. With her clanmates dissenting or outright deserting, this was the final blow for Vicira, who withdrew from the clan for several days.

On the first day of August, Vicira announced the disbandment of Inferni. After promising to leave for better hunting grounds with her remaining family, Vicira departed instead in the dead of night.






  • Date of Birth: 08 Mar 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner (01 Aug 2018)
  • cNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs:

Previous Pack Info


  • Pack: Inferni (08 Mar 2013)
  • Rank: Aquila (08 Nov 2017)
    • Regulus, Fera, Sciens, Tirones, Evocati
  • Mate: Redtooth (29 Nov 2017)
  • Vicira is traveling west with her horse. Anyone can reference non-plot intensive encounters with her, e.g. briefly spotting her, asking for directions, swapping brief stories. She would be tight-lipped about her personal past, but would gladly point strangers in the direction of 'Souls, as well as trade for food, gear, and information.
  • For plot-intensive encounters (e.g. someone recognizing her and asking about Inferni), please PM me first.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Vicira is clearly identifiable as a coyote-wolf hybrid. Her scent and features are dominantly coyote, but her mostly-monochrome coat and her height are wolf-like.
  • Fur: Short, thick, and plush.
    • Optime Hair: A feminine bob of thick locks around her face, cut to barely above her shoulders.
  • Facial Features: Coyote-like features with a long, slim muzzle and large ears. However, her face is more soft-featured than a purebred coyote. She has a striking scar above her left eye.
  • Build and Size: Vicira is slim with a long torso and legs. She is slender but not dainty, with muscular legs and a deep chest; she looks obviously toned in Optime form. She is larger than the average coyote and about the size of a wolf.
    • Lupus: 80 lbs (36 kg) — 25 in (63.5 cm)
    • Secui: 154 lbs (70 kg) — 31 in (79 cm)
    • Optime: 170 lbs (77 kg) — 6ft 3in (75 in) (190 cm)
  • Humanization: Moderate -- Vicira wears few accessories and often uses her Lupus form, but her mannerisms are unmistakably "humanized."


Cod Grey (#181614)
Flint (#6F6A64)
Cloudy (#B2ACA5)
Cumin (#8C4A22)
Powder Blue (#C1DEEB)
Oil (#1E1610)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scar above left eye.
  • Minor scrapes and calluses formed from working with horses.
  • Thin line across collarbone, mostly hidden by fur.


  • Wooden pendant in the shape of a chaos star, stained reddish-brown; always worn.
  • Rex toolbelt, leather with red-dyed streaks; plain leather bag belted there.


  • Speech: Low in pitch but feminine. Betrays little emotion, and often comes across as harsh or cold.
  • Scent: Inferni, Lykoi, horses, forest and field.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Emotes strongly through the set of her ears.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Neutrally dominant posture, often cold and apathetic. Purposeful and strong body language, cautious.


2.  Personality

  • Proud, cold exterior with flashes of quick temper and harshness; a pragmatic but not necessarily gentle leader.
  • Direct and to the point, she dislikes unnecessary pomp and is less tactful the older she gets.
  • Good-natured and at ease around companions, not very emotive (e.g., rarely expresses strong happiness but may smirk or laugh).
  • Enjoys socializing with others despite a cool exterior; genuinely likes to be "among her people."
  • Motivated strongly by Inferni and her children; sees these as an extension of herself and her own success.
  • High expectations for her children or comrades may drive a wedge in relationships; on the other hand, she is very enthusiastic with (well-earned) praise.
  • Disdains any signs of her own vulnerability and cultivates a collected persona based on this; feels more deeply than she lets on.
  • Softer, more uncertain side is shown only to very close individuals; she has few friends she would reveal this to.
  • Critical of others, with unreasonably high expectations of most; often hypocritical regarding her dislike for impulsiveness, etc.
  • No qualms with violence against outsiders (non-coyotes) if it suits her needs; strong segregationist views, "us" versus "other," morally justifies this.

2.1  Details


  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Dominant, strong-willed, harsh
  • Alignment: Lawlful Neutral
    • Considers public service in a leadership role an honor.
    • Will not aid family members in need if personal discomfort is required.
    • Has few close friends and would never betray those she has.
    • Is not concerned with those less fortunate.


  • Inferni
  • Shaping her children into people she can be proud of, as well as providing them the best opportunities in life
  • Knowledge, betterment of herself and her skills, improvement, strength


  • Weakness and dependency
  • Failing Inferni or its legacy
  • Harm befalling her children and loved ones
  • Addiction, disfigurement, loss of sanity


  • Likes: Inferni, history, culture, horses, coyotes, her family, knowledge, books, history, horses, forests, scouting, power, control.
  • Dislikes: Arrogance, cruelty, stupidity, weakness, complacency, ravens, cannabis (oh but she likes it).


  • Packs: Strongly pro-Inferni.
  • Species: Strong separationist views; coyotes should be with coyotes, and non-coyotes with non-coyotes. No belief of species superiority.
  • Non-Luperci: Indifferent, sees them as no less able to contribute to clan life. Dislikes closed-minded views on either side; a non-Luperci should never be forcibly infected, but they shouldn't entirely shut out the possibility it might make them happier.
  • Sexuality: Accepting of various sexual orientations and views them as normal.


  • Heterosexual (and attracted to coyotes almost exclusively)
  • Attracted to confident and outgoing individuals, as well as "bad boys."
  • Seems to have no issue using her sexuality to get what she wants.


  • Marlowe let her try marijuana and Vicira seems to like it a bit much. :|
  • Shows signs of addiction and withdrawal, including: insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and cravings. She turns to marijuana frequently to relieve her stress and, while she denies that it affects her, a lack of marijuana is most evident in her worsenened temper.
  • Indifferent toward other substances, and doesn't seek them out; may drink or smoke tobacco socially.


  • Agnostic leaning toward atheist.
  • Some openness toward idea that something is out there -- unexplained phenomena, origin of the world, etc.
  • Interested in why others believe in certain things, but disdains preaching. More interested in how morals motivate others.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Extended: Vicira is related to half of Nova Scotia through the Lykoi family, her father's Kimaris and Nothing families, and her distant Sadira relatives. Her extended family is immense, though she is only aware of Inferni Lykoi connections.
  • Vesper: Once the protector and provider of the family, a figure Vicira adored and sought comfort in when she was small. However, Veper's growing paranoia and usurpation of Myrika soured their relationship, and they were at drastic odds until the conclusion of the Inferni-Salsola War "broke" Vesper. Vicira treats her retired mother with great care now, and mostly just feel sorry for her.
  • Myrika Tears: Vicira's biological mother. When she was young, Vici emulated Myrika, shared her interests, and confided in her with most problems that needed something other than Vesper's rough touch. When Myri was usurped, she was very defensive of her; however, when Myrika subsequently left the clan, Vicira felt betrayed. Vicira currently views Myri in an overall fond, nostalgic light -- but she can't help but feel things would be different were she still around.

Pack Relations

  • Redtooth: Vicira’s baby daddy! ;) Their relationship began as friends-with-benefits when Vicira was amused and charmed by the tobacco farmer, but it evolved over time into something more romantic. Redtooth's humor, thoughtfulness, and unwavering support weakened Vici's shell over time. She lurves him.
  • Nazario del Bosque: An adoptive son/nephew of sorts whom Vicira has taken under her wing. She adores Nazario and wants to groom him into a confidant and a coyote to be reckoned with. (She probably will love him more than her own bio kids, tbh.)
  • Versace Inferni: Her adoptive sister's religious views alienated Vicira somewhat, but since the birth of her own children and Cartier's death Vicira hopes to mend their relationship.
  • Fang Espinoza: Her second-in-command and mother's lover -- though Vici will never see her as a "stepmother." She respects Fang for her experience and because she takes care of Vesper, but appointed her to her position largely because she hopes Fang will offer opposing views for her to consider.
  • Antioch de le Poer: Bellator, someone Vicira deeply trusts as loyal to the clan.
  • Shikoba Whiplash: A charming, loyal friend. Vicira had feelings for him (and still thinks he's hot and funny), but nothing became of their relationship when Shikoba left the clan. Now that he's back, Vicira really wants to be friends again; she misses Shikoba's companionship.

3.2  Outsider Relations

  • Cartier Inferni: Adoptive brother, but the sibling Vicira was always closest to. They share several interests and duties, and Vicira always encouraged and defended him (if often losing patience when he became [literally] self-flagellating). They had a falling out when Vicira convinced Vesper to demote Cartier following a crippling injury, and remained bitter for some months. They were not able to entirely reconcile before Cartier's death.
  • Marlowe de le Poer: Exiled cousin, formerly a friend (with benefits). Vicira was attracted to Marlowe's roguish charms, and he managed to bring her out of her shell -- an influence both good and bad. However, his relationship with her turned nasty with the discovery of her (supposed) pregnancy, and he subsequently betrayed the clan. Vicira was badly hurt by this, but she has since hardened herself against thoughts of him. His influence on her character is immense, no matter which way she goes.

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Vicira learned much of her skill with horses from her mother, Myrika Tears. She has gained experience through working with the clan's animals as well as her own ornery horse, furthering her skills.
  • Maintenance, Care (Journeyman): Vicira is capable of providing horses with proper care, seeing to their basic needs -- from feeding to grooming, exercise, and very basic hoof care. She can recognize common illnesses and problems in horses (such as thrush).
  • Riding (Master): She is a confident rider who can put all but the most difficult horses through their paces. She is adept at controlling her spirited, dominant horse.
  • Training (Journeyman): Vici knows the basics of training horses for different purposes, such as breaking wild horses or training them for the purposes of pulling carts, etc.
  • Vici doesn't have knowledge on more advanced horse issues, such as dental care. While she can recognize problems, she is better at preventing maladies than treating them.
  • She has little experience training horses for very specific purposes, such as war or fancy herding; she's better at training them for the basics.
  • While she has experience, Vicira hasn't dealt with very, very aggressive or fearful horses.


  • Education and Learning: Vicira has taken the initiative to explore these skills on her own. Her current knowledge is through experience only -- including her mistakes.
  • Diplomacy (Journeyman): Because she chooses her words carefully and has a naturally mild nature, Vicira is naturally very diplomatic. She can remain calm in many tense situations.
  • Trading (Apprentice): Vicira is no craftsman, but she sometimes trades on behalf of the clan. She is a very cautious trader, careful about receiving good trades.
  • Reading, Writing (Journeyman): Vicira learned to read and write from her mother Myrika. She can read simple text very quickly, and she has large, neat handwriting that is readable by most Luperci standards.
  • While usually level-headed and well-spoken, Vici sometimes fumbles when in new or distressing situations. She also has little motive to conceal her opinions.
  • Due to lack of familiarity with the goods she trades, Vicira cannot always talk up their qualities accurately. She isn't given to embellishments other "salespeople" employ.
  • Vici comprehends texts best when they're relevant, and struggles with large words and concepts. She is also far better at copying text than writing it her own; her grammar and spelling can be awkward.


  • Education and Learning: Vesper has been Vicira's primary teacher in hunting and scouting, and set a foundation for her fighting skills. Marlowe has also trained her in fighting.
  • Scouting (Journeyman): Vicira is a keen observer thanks to her quiet nature; it's hard for her to miss oddities in the environment around her. She is a decent tracker and knows Inferni intimately enough to pick up on when something is amiss. She can read signs of prey and danger well.
  • Hunting (Apprentice): Vicira has a decent success rate at hunting small-medium prey, such as rabbits, raccoons, or groundhogs. She has hunted in a group before and, thanks to her wolfish side, is an asset when taking down large prey like deer.
  • Fighting (Dabbler): She has been taught a smattering of self-defense, mostly feral fighting styles that take advantage of her height, long reach, and fast strikes.
  • Vici is usually vigilant, but she can get inside her own head -- focusing on a problem and ignoring her surroundings, for instance. She isn't as familiar with the territory outside Inferni.
  • Vicira's hunting skill comes predominately from choosing her prey carefully. She is less adept at hunting big prey on her own, relying on direction from others instead.
  • She has no real experience in battle. Her long limbs make her occasionally clumsy, and she relies mostly on instinct.

4.2  Inventory


D'Neville Mansion

A re-purposed (full-sized) mattress lies in the far corner, just below a grimy, coverless window, and a stack of books and miscellaneous belongings sit in the opposite corner. The most eye-catching thing about this room is the bronze, three-pronged candelabra sitting beside these things.


Though Vicira has the Tradesperson co-rank, she has little herself to offer. However, she will happily make deals with outsiders and peddle the wares of others. She often trades with Inferni's communal items and will happily arrange a trade for a clanmate (with some compensation, of course). She is most interested, for herself, in the trade of new knowledge (especially in the form of books) and gear relevant to horses.

  • Offering: Inferni goods, horse training, horse riding lessons, her skillset
  • Accepting: Goods for Inferni, horse gear, medicine, books, new knowledge




5.  History

Vicira Tears was born to Inferni leaders Myrika Tears and Vesper in March, the result of a tryst Myrika had with distant cousin Cirael June Lykoi.

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  1. We Drunk Up All the Water and the Blood
    Vicira comes across an unconscious canine, Lou Frost, at the borders. She brings her to Harosheth along with Vesper.
  2. To Breathe Once More
    Vicira accompanies Vesper to the borders, where Leon Bloodmane rejoins the clan.
  3. Our Blood is the Same yet Different
    On patrol, Vicira and Vesper come across Annabeth de Fonte. Vici takes a liking to the girl though she is defensive about her parents.

Note -- Vicira is a yNPC for the duration of 2013.

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  1. Lead Your Lambs (yNPC)
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  1. [M] Your Beauty on the Run from Me (yNPC)
    Vicira saves new member Messiah de le Poer from a horse. She tries her best to encourage and be kind to him, since he's obviously nervous about being so new in Inferni, and teaches him a little about the horses. However, a misunderstanding leads Messiah to touch Vicira inappropriately -- and while he departs at her firm "no," Vicira is left shaken.


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  1. [M] Daylight Sleeper, Bloody Reaper (NPC)
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    Vicira offers grieving mother Prophet condolences after the death of one of her pups.
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  3. We Grow Forests in Our Bones (so Our Memories Can't Find Us)
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  3. You Walk Along the Stream, Head Caught in a Waking Dream
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  1. Summer Blockbuster
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  2. There Are No Wrong Turnings
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    Vicira patrols with Kennedy Fisher after recovering from a faux pas about his gender.
  4. Ain't No Sunshine Where She Goes
    Vicira meets Basilio Lykoi.
  5. I'll Give It as Fast and High as the Flames Will Rise
    Vesper calls Inferni together for a meeting to address the conflict and warn her clan to prepare for war.
  6. Stone Wall, Stone Fence
    Various coyotes in Inferni gather in the training grounds to spar and train. Basilio Lykoi gives Vicira some pointers.


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    Marlowe bumps into Vicira as she trains a young horse, but she gets freaked out and rejects his usual come-on.
  4. A Pitch in the Dark in the Ear of the Lamb
    Pensive Vicira meets newcomer Abigaël Shepard; they talk sheep and livestock.


  1. Made Real, Planted in the World Like a Tree
    Checking on the Bay horses, Vicira runs across Salvia Eternity -- who informs Vici that she is pregnant.
  2. [M] With Ash in Your Mouth You'll Ask It to Burn Again
    Vicira tells Marlowe that she is pregnant with his children; he does not take this well.
  3. Every Rider Has Their Limits
    Snapdragon Lykoi comforts Vicira as they train horses.
  4. When the Grass Dries
    Vicira informs a "loner," Jessa, about the war.
  5. There's a Light upon This House on a Hill
    Vicira helps greet Inferni's returning warriors.
  6. In Our Days We Will Live Like Our Ghosts Will Live (Pitching Glass at the Cornfield Crows)
    Vesper calls a meeting to address the end of the fighting -- and her abrupt ascent to Inferni's Aquila.
  7. [M] There Was the Thinnest Wind Dying Away
    An angsty Vicira smokes weed with Kallistos Moineau and talk about their familial problems.
  8. Northern Boundaries
    Vicira meets AniWayan leader Claudius Aston and discusses a possible livestock breeding program with him.
  9. To Preen and Play in the Palace Gardens
    Vicira and Resurrection? chat with Crucifix de le Poer and help her water the garden.
  10. Filled It up with Novocaine and Now I'm Just Numb
    Vicira meets Ahote Makya on the beach; his charm makes her defensive.


  1. I Can See No Way, I Can See No Way
    Vicira and Abigaël Shepard relax in the hot springs to relieve their stress.
  2. Washed off the Chalk from Your Weathered Skin
    Vicira tracks a lost horse and tentatively shares a snack in the cold with Aro Marino.


  1. Baby Bones and Broken Lock on the Garden
    Vesper hesitantly approaches Vicira to discuss the puppies that have not yet been born -- getting Vici to realize that her pregnancy is false.
  2. Oh Glory, I'm a Believer
    Vicira greets joiner Rhoswen Warwick.
  3. Grey Weather, Just Fool Me, Just Tell Me I'm Right
    Vicira and Covenant get snowed in with Kennedy.
  4. A Feast for All
    Crucifix offers a meal to Vicira and Covenant, but then reveals Basilio Lykoi has made advances on her.

2016 Threads


  1. Just Listen, Then We'll Talk
    Antioch de le Poer is victim of an "accidental" rockslide. Vicira comes to his aid.
  2. Muscle Connects to the Bone
    Vicira takes a midnight run with Saut Asylum.
  3. A New Broome Sweepeth Cleane
    Vicira and Cartier's hunt goes south when their quarry breaks through the ice.
  4. [M] The Pain Has Never Been Better
    Vicira and Covenant attempt to stop Nex de le Poer from self-harming.
  5. Wanderers This Morning Came By
    Ahote Makya runs into Vicira and her companions, much to her embarrassment.
  6. Shining Like Gunmetal, Cold and Unsure
    Vicira greets joiner Theresa St Pierre.


  1. Lost in Sand and Lost in Snow
    Vicira and others attempt to track down the delirious, paranoid Denise Bellamy.
  2. The Oak Tree and Its Resurrection Fern
    Vicira checks out the burned Border Tree of Cercatori d'Arte.
  3. A Sun to Maybe Dissipate
    Vicira and Basilio try to deal with the encroaching Bay horses.
  4. I Went down Among the Dust and Pollen
    Vicira approaches AniWaya to discuss the breeding program she proposed.
  5. Domingo En Fuego, I Think I Lost My Halo
    Vicira greets joiner Javier Santiago.
  6. [M] The Angels, All Pallid and Wan
    When Resurrection de le Poer? has a seizure, Izual Massacre, made paranoid after Denise Bellamy's rabies was revealed, accuses him of carrying the illness; Vicira and Covenant jump to his defense.
  7. Drink Your Sorrows Away
    Vicira and Sybil Moineau share alcohol and complaints about their parents.
  8. Punishments and Lessons Learned
    Liir Altav comes to the stables to work as ordered by Vesper. Vicira keeps him company; they test one another.
  9. Come down from the Mountain, You Have Been Gone Too Long
    Exploring "old" Anathema lands, Vicira is accosted by Nyx Greyfire, who reveals that the pack is reclaiming their mountain territory.
  10. While the Grasses Sleep
    Vicira meets a coydog from Vinátta, Edraia.
  11. Killing Snakes with a Sharpened Stick
    Vesper calls a meeting for Osprey Fleurine's trial; he is sentenced to death. Vicira watches his execution.
  12. Till Our Wide Eyes Burn Blind
    Vicira greets joiner Liliarys Ven'detta.


  1. [M] But I Won't Be Your Glass Figurine
    Smoking and watching the red star, Vicira is visited by Liir Altav. They flirt and sneak off to sleep together -- an experience Vici finds unsatisfying.


  1. [M] The Red Letter
    Kallistos Moineau gripes about his demotion to an amused Vicira.
  2. There's an Old Voice in My Head That's Holding Me Back
    A newcomer, Bluethroat Versailles, helps Vicira train a horse.
  3. But Scared to Ask, How Can Nothing Seem to Last?
    Vicira and Cartier open up to each other.
  4. While Flames That Only Fan Her, Rise and Fall
    Vicira crosses paths with Linden Aatte; they decide to breed their horses.


  1. [M] She Smells Like Smoke and Tastes Like Desire
    Vicira sics Basilio on a loner -- lying so she can steal his cannabis afterward.
  2. Black and Bay, Sorrel and Gray
    Vicira meets up with the spunky Shikoba Whiplash; they flirt and race horses.
  3. Three Bags Full
    Vicira, Izual, and Virue work on shearing sheep.
  4. Dust Gets Dead the Sun Goes Down
    Vicira discusses the Bay horses with Salvia Eternity.
  5. Get out of the Road If You Want to Grow Old
    Vicira trades a ram to Osrath Eternity.
  6. [M] If Not, If the Shell's Shocked, If There's No Angels Near
    Vicira catches Liir Altav sneaking in the woods and confronts him.


  1. Twenty Dollars in Your Hand That You Hold So Tight
    Vicira trades sheep to Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. As Faithful as the Sun Just Knows to Rise
    Vicira gives some (not so) friendly advice to shy Magister Crucifix de le Poer.
  3. Little Children Laughing at the Boys and Girls
    When Vicira, Covenant, and Kennedy meet Beckett Moineau, things get tense.


  1. I Breathe Irresponsibly
    Vicira warns Belle de le Poer when the woman rejoins Inferni.
  2. Let Me Be the First to Shake a Helping Hand
    Vicira finds Tansy Brier carrying a chair in the rain.
  3. Growing Pains
    Haughty Vicira versus bratty Elisabeth de le Poer; they come away from their meeting with a healthy dislike of the other.
  4. Pinpoints Pressed Between My Lips
    Vicira meets Idrieus while watching the Bay Horses.
  5. [M] You! You're Another Sh*t-Talking Punk to Me
    When Clover and Covenant get in a fight, Vicira and Belle de le Poer try to stop it.
  6. Mother Don't Worry
    Vicira meets the timid diplomat Camellia Amaranthe.
  7. As I Want You to Be
    Vicira finds an old Inferni member, Lucilla Key, in The Dampwoods.


  1. A Crowded Way of Life
    Vicira snaps at Ignacio Rivera for panicking about his donkey, then decides she likes him.
  2. Every Sentiment Hangs Around No Longer Than a Minute or Two
    Shikoba shows a frustrated Vicira the proper technique for skinning a rabbit.
  3. Hated Every Gorgeous Coffee Cup
    Vicira helps Annabeth de Fonte make charcoal, acting haughty and obnoxious along the way.
  4. Just Like I Promised
    Vicira breaks the news to Sybil that her mother Snapdragon has left Inferni.
  5. The Crown Felt Far Too Tight to Slip from Sight
    Vicira meets Axelle Napier in the Eastern Realms. Axelle reveals that she was raped by Basilio Lykoi.


  1. If They Fill the Dirt with Water Make Them Drink
    Vicira trains communal warhorse Ares.
  2. Wrangled
    Coming across an inexperienced loner, Albina?, attempting to capture a wild stallion, Vicira gives her lip.
  3. A Tar Pit Like a Heart Exposed
    Vicira runs into a wolfdog in Drifter Bay.
  4. [M] Once upon a Sinkhole
    Vicira and Izual Massacre team up to teach a bloody lesson to some trespassers.
  5. She Smiled as If Forever High
    Vicira takes Kallistos out for a wild ride.
  6. [M] Hornet Nest Built in the Big Church Bell
    Vicira, Sinech, and Trinidad Casales oversee communal horse Granya giving birth.
  7. A Desire to Enjoy the World
    Nacho and Diego come see Granya's new foal. Vicira is proud.
  8. A Fair Day's Work for a Fair Day's Pay
    Vicira helps Cartier breed a pair of horses. Serenity tags along.
  9. [M] Afternoon Rinse
    Coaxed by the smell of weed, Vicira has a rendezvous with Eros Damaichu.


  1. [M] Good, Bad, Worse, Terrible
    Vicira brings Clover to the medics after a suspicious border altercation. Suffering from withdrawal-induced anxiety and aggression, Vici confronts Fang Espinoza, who is having none of it.
  2. Kept Like Jewelry Kept with Devotion
    Vicira meets with Sapient leader Nivosus Moineau.
  3. [M] Everything That's Broken Had to Be
    At the clan's anniversary bonfire, Vicira shamelessly flirts with Shikoba until she becomes ill.


  1. The Crazies, They Make Me Feel Sane
    Vicira disparages Anathema when she meets Evangeline Lykoi.
  2. While I Breathe, I Hope
    Vicira welcomes former Vináttan Edraia into Inferni.


  1. Cares Nothing for the Sheep
    Amariah Eld discovers that Vicira has the "missing" Boreas pamphlets. She orders him to keep his silence.
  2. The Scars That Come With the Greenness
    Vicira, Covenant, and Kennedy chase a wayward turkey through the D'Neville Mansion.
  3. There's a Bad Man in Everyone, No Matter Who We Are
    Vicira meets loner Redtooth and encourages him to join Inferni.

2017 Threads


  1. Turn Me on to Phantoms
    Vicira flirts around with Redtooth.
  2. Do You Got Room for One More Soul?
    Vicira accepts Tacet Calico into Inferni, but refuses to permit her lynx companion entry.
  3. I Don't Think Life Is Quite That Simple
    Vicira calls Anna out on her recent erratic behavior, and learns that her father has died.
  4. Father, Give Me the Portion of Goods That Falleth to Me
    Vicira meets Silence and Prodigal de le Poer after chewing out the former for trying to feed a horse fish.
  5. Daylight Robbery
    Vicira accuses Diego's coati of thieving her belongings, only for Candela Espinoza and her own coati to appear.
  6. The Ashes Just Look Pretty on Your Eyes
    Sharing a smoke, Vicira and Dove Reverie discuss war and family.
  7. [M] Hiding It All Behind the Smiles
    Izual Massacre finds Vicira taking a smoke break.
  8. A Wary Eye Fixed
    Vicira meets with members of Salsola to discuss the recent attacks.
  9. [M] When Times Are Tough the Bars Get Greased
    Shikoba rescues Vicira from a pair of Boreas wolves.
  10. It Is the Courage to Continue That Counts
    Vicira meets with Salsolan leadership to discuss their plans for the Boreas Conflict.
  11. [M] With Their Feathers Stripped Away
    Vesper returns to Inferni changed after her torture.
  12. [M] Without Beauty, Love, or Danger It Would Almost Be Easy to Live
    Vicira rides into the final battle of the Boreas war.


  1. Play So That You May Be Serious
    Vicira meets Joaquina del Bosque and her maned wolf pups.


  1. Sticky Fingers
    Vicira catches Elisabeth de le Poer stealing her Chaos Star necklace.
  2. Pallid Animals in the Snow Tipped Pines I Find
    Resurrection de le Poer? returns to Inferni with Briarblack, Vesper's niece, in tow.
  3. The Dead Mouths It Costs to Be Alive
    Vicira learns that Joaquina is missing. She and Diego set out to find her.
  4. And the Fourth for Madness
    Vicira and Diego find Joaquina, kidnapped by her brother. They kill him and save her.


  1. Kissing Time Goodbye
    Vicira comes across a pair of loners outside clan territory.
  2. [M] This Song Is for the Rats
    Redtooth courts Vicira with a dick-shaped birdhouse.
  3. The Plenteous Moss
    Vicira and Annabeth save a horse stuck in the mudflats.
  4. [M] The Seed of Everything Is in Everything Else
    Joaquina dies in childbirth.
  5. The Bite of Avarice
    When the sickness makes prey scarce, Vicira teams up with a wolf to hunt.
  6. [M] And Bait Me and Bay Me, Far Sorer I Vow
    While culling sheep, Vicira hints to Basilio Lykoi that she knows his dark secret.
  7. For I Did Not Bring Home the River and Sky
    Vicira and Versace Inferni explore the old burned lands.
  8. We'll Be Crying for Mercy, We'll Be Crying out Loud
    Vicira harshly pulls Diego out of his sickness-induced funk.


  1. If He Than His Groom Be Better or Worse
    Cartier discovers Vicira is giving secret lessons to his daughter Serenity.


  1. [M] On the Day of the Black Plague
    Basilio threatens Vicira when she attempts to blackmail him.
  2. When the Wind Works Against Us in the Dark
    Vicira talks to Eire Lykoi about her father.
  3. A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath
    Vicira saves Cartier when he accidentally overdoses.
  4. Born Green We Were to This Flawed Garden
    Vicira teaches Nazario del Bosque.
  5. Your Children Grow From You Apart, Afar and Still Afar
    A lone coyote pup stumbles across Vicira -- followed by her wolfdog mother. Vici talks up coyotes to the pup, much to the mother's frustration.
  6. I Should See Memphis
    Vicira, Redtooth, and Virue set out to trade, and end up thieving some food from a loner in Amherst.
  7. Not Even Looking for Trouble
    Vicira tells Inca the secrets about his dastardly father.
  8. Like Ripples in a Pond
    Vicira reunites with Shikoba Whiplash.
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