Pestilence was briefly a member of Inferni in 2013. He was assaulted by Priam Nothing and his companion Ryver Bangett[1], and ultimately died of his wounds.[2]




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27 December 2009





a deadly or virulent epidemic disease;
something that is considered harmful, destructive, or evil




Birth place

Mount Tyus




50% Mountain Coyote
50% Arctic Wolf




Pack Ranks
Mar 2013 - May 2013
Tiro Lumius
27 Dec 2009 - 03 May 2011

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family: Lesath
  4.   4.  History

1.  Appearance

A scant and leggy mongrel whose most defining feature would be a pair of uninviting, mustard-yellow eyes, there is a feral manifestation about the way he looks and moves, whether it be on two legs or four. Tall, wild-furred, and intense, his notably long legs and tapered extremities do little to reinforce his slim stature or miniscule masculinity; but what he lacks in weight and sheer bulk, he makes up for in dexterity and swiftness.

Black in his entirety -- accents of charcoal frosting his mane -- Pestilence's only personal item would be a burgundy bandana, tied around his foreleg in Lupus, and around his head or neck in Optime. In the latter form, his head of hair is mostly spiky and unkempt, slicked only when it rains.

2.  Personality

Quiet, mistrustful, and ultimately a tad savage, Pestilence was not raised with etiquette or even in a setting that could be considered social. Deprived and shorn of a decent life before he could even see or hear, not much good was promised to a child bearing an ominous coat of black in a clan where only white wolves bred. He is not one to be trifled with, given his unpredictable and mostly antipathetic behavior. Although, because he genuinely knows very little, he's commonly quick to fall victim to his curiosities or his thirst for interaction.

3.  Family: Lesath

  • Parents: Ink the coyote & Minosa Lesath
  • Littermates: Freida, Sultan, Kale & Cathia Lesath
    • Nieces & Nephews: Higo, Diell & Jolitin Lesath-Vintell

4.  History

Born the literal black sheep of his family, the unfortunately-colored cur was cruelly named Pestilence and treated as such among the Ienoya clan's strictly superstitious wives and traditional husbands. The children shied from him or were kept away; the adults snapped and marred him from time to time; and he learned from a young age not to trust anyone except his mother, who was his only savior. But even she had disappointment in her eyes, despite her motherly attachment to him.

His only friend was his littlest sister, Cathia, who made a habit of sneaking about to spend time with her bony, forbidden, outcast of a brother. By the time he and his siblings were a year old, he had become a full-fledged rogue and was starved for company -- especially since he'd been going through the shifting phase of his life alone for the past few months. When his emotions got the better of him and he tried to force himself on Cathia one night, she howled for help and he was chased from the territory. Pest remained alone ever since.